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Michael was walking along the street other day.

the Then he felt someone shouted his name. He stopped heard shouting
and looked around. He was Jack Events were running after him. Michael and Jack went to the same school and then to the same university. So they hadn’t met each other since then. They decide to have lunch together. They went to the nearest restaurant and sat by the table near the window. Then they talked about that they had done since





what they graduated university. from

My aunt lives in a village far from my town. Last year she came to visit us brought me a little dog for as and my birthday present. It was a little black dog with

white spots on. It was so lovely that I liked it at once. it Every day after school I played the dog and it gave with me much more pleasure. I was glad to have it as my
company. One day the dog went away and never out came back again. All my families were out searching family for it but it was nowhere to found. How I worried be about it all those days. A week later a letter came saying from about my aunt say that the little dog had returned

Most families in China hoped their single children hope will have a happy future, so they are very strict in their children. So do teachers in schools! Many with are children are given so many homework that they have much hardly any spare time have sports. The children are to forbidden to do anything but to study. No wonder so many children are tired of lessons. Some even attack

or kill his parents and teachers! I believe many people their already read this kind of news in newspapers or have magazines. Shouldn’t we draw lesson from the a accidents? Now our government is carrying out a plan to solve the education questions. problems

Nowadays, almost every family has TV set, and a almost everyone likes watching TV. TV has become part of our lives. TV has many advantages, life for example, it informs us the latest news which is of happening in the world; it can open our eyes, that It has some advantages but it also has enlarge knowledge and also help us to see someour disadvantages more about the world.But, it also has some However disadvantages. People waste too much time in watching TV and his normal life and work are their affected. To the children who they spend too much time in watching TV, it can do harm to their sight and healthy. So we should control the time of health watching watch TV.

A few months after returning the US from Germany, I to took part in a college course in French. Since I have had learned to say German well in Germany, I thought it speak might be interested to begin studying another interesting language. At the first class, the teacher asked us to do a pronunciation exercise in it he would say a which word or two in French, and each student would do their best to copy.When he got to me,he kept having his me to say more words, and I finally asked him why. “I find it great fun,” she explained it. “In 25 years of he teaching at school, it’s the first time I heard an have American speak French with a German accent.”

Dear Xiaohua,

It is four days since Mother accepted the received operation. She is feeling much more better. The
doctors told me the operation was successful, but because her old age she had to stay in hospital for of other two weeks. The doctors also say it was quite another said necessary for her to do so. We expect to get a full report in two and three days. Please tell a good or the news to the rest of family as soon as possible. You the needn’t to come here. I’m able to look after Mother by myself. You’d better send flowers to Mother. She

will feel happily. happy

Yours, Xiaohui

Before I went to senior middle school, some

peoples told me. “A life of senior middle school is people the unforgettable.”While I first entered my senior middle When school, everything seemed unpleasant. Face all the facing strange things around me,I often miss my old friends missed and classmates. I didn’t want to talk others or make with friends with others. Little by little, my school record records went from bad to worse, especially my maths. I
couldn’t even pass the exam. I lost the heart and missed the happy times all day long. I told me, “I myself don’t belong it. I don’t like the life here.” to

While visiting France, we decide to do some decided shopping. Not far the hotel there was a shop with from all kinds of clothing hang up. When we went into hanging the shop, a woman came up and asked that she whether( if ) could help us, so we said that we would like to look but around on our own. She looked at us rather strange. strangely Not having found anything we needed, we thanked the woman and was left. Suddenly my husband started to laugh, pointing to the small sign in a English, that read: “DRY-CLEANING SHOP. As you which If are a smoker, please don't smoke here.”

Are the years you spent at school best years of your life?

Personal, I found most lesson rather uninteresting. We had
to sit at our desks in silence and paid attention to what the teachers were saying. They were used to write on the blackboard and ask us difficult questions. We also had to do plenty of homework, and hand it on time. We had to wear school uniforms and obey lots of rules. I left school as soon as I can and started work. I read books at the






public library, and late I decided to attend college. Now I
really enjoy study because I’m growing old and know what I want it.




Today I was having a PE lesson while I fell down when and hurt my foot. I was in greatly pain at that great moment, but I tried to act as if nothing has had happened until the class was over. Though I had difficulty walk back to my classroom, I still didn’t walking tell anyone but even refused the offer of help of and my classmates. As result, the hurt in my foot a became worse. Now I know I’m wrong. We can tell

others our need for help and accept his help. their Some day we can not help others in return. By this In way, we can get along to each other happily and with peacefully


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