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高考冲刺练习一 Ⅰ. 单项填空 1. The basketball coach, as well as the players, interviewed shortly after the match for their outstanding performance. A. were B. are C. is D. was 2. “Well done, John! Not a single mistake in your exam paper this time! ”says the teacher. A. you made B. did you make C. made you D. you have made 3. A terrible earthquake struck Ya?an, Sichuan Province, great damage to this area. A. to cause B. causing C. being caused D. having caused 4. The research is important it confirms the link between aggression and alcohol. A. that B. by that C. in which D. in that 5. Clearly, in a system every decision is made on the basis of tradition alone, progress may be difficult to achieve. A. in that B. where C. that D. which 6. —What are you going to do this afternoon? —I am going to the cinema with some friends. The film quite early, so we to the bookstore after that. A. finished; are going B. finished; go C. finishes; are going D. finishes; go 7. The physics teacher once said that we first the lightning followed by thunders because light faster than sound. A. see; traveled B. saw; traveled C. saw; travels D. see; travels 8. —Has Jenny finished her essay? —I don?t know. She it this morning. A. was writing B. had written C. wrote D. has written 9. With some technical problems to be solved, it may be a while the system is put into use. A. when B. after C. since D. before 10. the same mistake again made his parents very angry. A. His being made B. He had made C. He had making D. His making 11. He is writing a novel, so he shuts himself up, to receive guests. A. refuses B. to refuse C. refusing D. refused 12. —What have you learned from your experience in Thailand? —Well, understanding people from another culture be very difficult. A. must B. can C. should D. shall

13. According to the latest traffic rules, drivers who run red lights lose six points, double the previous punishment. A. shall B. may C. can D. should 14. But for these spelling mistakes, I a full mark in my last English examination. A. got B. had got C. would get D. would have got 15. I have always been honest and straightforward, and it doesn?t matter I?m talking to. A. who is it that B. who it is that C. it is who that D. it is whom that Ⅱ. 阅读理解 Surfing the Internet, playing games and hanging out on social networks are important for teen development, a large study of online use has revealed. More than 800 teenagers and parents took part in the three-year US project. “They are learning the technological skills and literacy needed for the contemporary world. They are learning how to communicate online, craft a public identity, create a home page, post links. All these things were regarded as sophisticated 10 years ago but young people today take them for granted, ”said the report?s author, Dr Mimi Ito. Geeking out Over the period of the study, researchers observed users for more than 5, 000 hours. The aim of the Digital Youth Project was to provide an“ethnographical(人种论的)view of how children use social media to socialize, learn and relax”. Dr Ito said that connecting online with friends via social networks such as MySpace and Facebook was where teens now“hang out”, compared to the usual public places like shopping malls, the street and parks. She also said the Internet provided a core group of teens with the opportunity to explore their own creativity and“take a deep dive into a subject”. The report referred to this behaviour as“geeking out”. Digital gap The researchers discovered a digital divide between those who have access to the web and those who do not. “The quality of access is what matters for some kids who have to just rely on the library and school to go online. It is often limited, has blocks put on access to certain sites and is only available when these institutions are open, ”said Dr Ito. As for parents and teachers, she urged them to get up to speed with what children are doing on the Internet. “At the more social?hanging out?layer, young people don?t want their parents or teachers on their MySpace or Facebook page. But in the interest-driven side, there is a more productive role for parents and teachers to play that will help them connect with kids and their lives, ”said Dr Ito. 1. The passage mainly tells us . A. children should spend more time on the Internet B. how children use the Internet C. the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet D. online time is good for teens 2. The underlined word“sophisticated”in the third paragraph probably means“ ”.

A. complicated B. difficult C. fashionable D. vague 3. “Geeking out”refers to . A. children?s hanging out B. children?s activities on the Internet C. communicating online D. children?s exploring their own creativity 4. Dr Ito suggested that . A. parents should surf the Internet with the children together B. parents should limit the children?s time online C. teachers should surf the Internet with the students together D. parents and teachers should speed to learn about what the students do on the Internet 5. It can be inferred from the passage that . A. parents and students should improve themselves with the development of new technology B. over 5, 000 teenagers and parents took part in the three-year US project C. in fact the aim of the Digital Youth Project is to encourage children to surf the Internet D. digital divide is caused by each other ?s understanding Ⅲ. 阅读填空 Directions: Read the following passage. Complete the diagram by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. By teaching your children fire safety you can make sure they know what to do when a house fire occurs. Making sure that your children know exactly what is required of them cuts down on the chaos of the emergency situation and helps keep your family safe and secure. All children should know about important fire safety procedures such as the need to stay low to the ground in a smoky room, which keeps them from inhaling smoke, as smoke always rises towards the ceiling. Also tell them that they can put a damp towel or a piece of clothing over their faces and breathe in through it in order to cut down on the effects of smoke inhalation even more. In addition, make sure your children know how to correctly stop, drop, and roll when their clothes catch fire. Because it results in lack of oxygen, which puts out the flames. Also your children should know to touch door handles before opening the door to see if they are hot. If they are, it means that there?s a fire in the next room, and they should leave the door closed and find another route out of the house. Make sure your children understand that they should never play with lighters or matches. Many children are fascinated by lighters and matches and want to experiment with lighting things on fire to see what happens. Hide lighters and matches in some places your children can?t reach. Do regular fire drills to practice your evacuation plan. Make sure everyone knows all the possible exits of the house and that all members of your family know your evacuation plan well enough so that they don?t have to waste time thinking if a fire starts. Quick, determined response to a fire will save your family members?lives.


Teaching Fire Safety to Children 1. for teaching children Children should know what to do in case of a house fire. fire safety It can help children to 2. of the emergency situation. Stay low to the ground and 4. with damp towels or clothing. To teach children 3. Correctly stop, drop and roll to put out the fire on the 5. . Don?t open the doors with 6. . with lighting things on fire. To forbid children from playing It?s dangerous to 7. with lighters and matches Keep lighters and matches out of 8. . Make all exits and the evacuation plan 10. . To do fire drills 9. Ensure everyone can respond to a fire quickly and determinedly.


答案解析 Ⅰ . 1.【解析】选 D。考查主谓一致。句意: 篮球比赛后, 教练、运动员们, 因优异的表现而被 采访。本句的主语是 The basketball coach, as well as 引导的部分表伴随, 按照主谓一致中的语 法一致原则, 此处为单数, 联系语境“被采访完了”推知答案为 D。 2. 【解析】 选 B。 考查倒装。 句意: 老师说: “做得好, 约翰! 在这次考试中你一个错误也没犯。 ”。 否定词置于句首要用部分倒装。 3.【解析】选 B。考查非谓语动词。句意: 一场可怕的地震袭击了四川省的雅安, 给这一地区 造成了巨大的破坏。causing 在此作结果状语, 因“造成破坏”这一动作并不是先于 struck 而发 生, 所以不选 D 项。to do 不定式常作目的状语或表示意外的结果, 所以 A 项不对; C 项表示 被动也不对。 4.【解析】选 D。考查状语从句。句意: 这项研究非常重要, 因为它证实了攻击行为和酗酒之 间的关系。此处 in that 相当于 because, 引导一个原因状语从句。 5.【解析】选 B。考查定语从句。分析句子成分可以看出, 从句缺少状语成分, 故排除 C、D 两项; 关系代词 that 不能置于介词后面, 故 A 项被排除。 【变式训练】 6.【解析】选 C。考查动词时态。句意: ——今天下午你要做什么? ——我要和一些朋友一起 看电影。电影结束相当早, 看完电影后就去书店。根据语境“要和一些朋友一起看电影”“去书 店”为未来打算, 用 be going to; 电影结束相当早是客观事实, 用一般现在时。 7.【解析】选 C。考查动词时态。句意: 物理老师曾经说我们先看到闪电随之而来的是雷声因 为光要比声传播得快。 根据语境 said 可知发生在过去, 按照宾语从句的特点用一般过去时, 但 后面的光比声音传播得快为客观事实, 用一般现在时, 由此可知答案 C 合适。 8.【解析】选 A。考查动词时态。句意: ——珍妮完成论文写作了吗? ——我不知道。她今天 早上还在写。根据语境“在写”是一个特定时间正在做的事情, 用进行时, 此处为过去, 故答案 A 合适。 9.【解析】选 D。考查状语从句。句意: 由于有些技术问题需要解决, 要过一会儿这个系统才 能投入使用。此处考查句型“It will be/may be +一段时间+before. . . ”意为“要过(多长时间)…… 才能……”。 10.【解析】选 D。考查非谓语动词。句意: 他又犯了相同的错误, 使得父母非常生气。分析 句子此处为动名词复合结构“名词所有格或形容词性的物主代词+动词-ing”作主语, 整个句子 的谓语为 made。 11.【解析】选 C。考查非谓语动词。句意: 他在写一本小说, 所以把自己关起来, 拒绝会见客 人。 根据语境“关起来”与“拒绝”为同时发生, 并且主语 he 与 refuse 之间为主动关系, 故答案 C 合适。 12.【解析】选 B。考查情态动词。句意: ——你从在泰国的经历中学到了什么? ——理解来自 不同文化的人可能是很困难的。 根据语境此处表示猜测为理论上的“可能性”, 语气不是很强烈, 故答案为 B。 13.【解析】选 A。考查情态动词。句意: 根据最新的交通规则, 闯红灯的司机会失去 6 分, 是 以前惩罚的双倍。shall 用在二、三人称的句子中表示“命令、允诺、劝告、警告、规则”等意 思。 14. 【解析】 选 D。 考查虚拟语气。 句意: 要不是拼写错误的话, 在我最近的这次英语考试中, 我

就会得满分了。根据语气此处句子用虚拟语气, but for 意思为“要不是……的话”, But for these spelling mistakes=If there hadn?t been these spelling mistakes, 表示与过去事实相反的假设, 主 句用 would have done 形式, 从句用 had done 形式。 15.【解析】选 B。考查强调句型的特殊疑问句。强调句型: it is/was+被强调成分+that/who+其 他成分。其特殊疑问句为: 特殊疑问词+一般疑问句。本题中的第一个 it 是形式主语, 真正的 主语是横线上的从句, 使用陈述语序。 Ⅱ . 【文章大意】过去有很多人认为上网浪费了孩子的宝贵时间, 浪费了精力, 没有一点好处, 但是最新的一项调查研究则证明上网对孩子的成长是有益处的。 1.【解析】选 D。主旨大意题。文章主要根据一项最新研究表明, 上网对孩子的成长是有好处 的。从短文第一段可以看出。 2. 【解析】 选 C。 词义猜测题。 从下文可以看出“communicate online, craft a public identity, create a home page, post links”这些事情在现代的孩子们看来是想当然的事情, 但是在 10 年前应该是 “很少见的、时髦的”, 故此处只有 C 项接近。 3.【解析】选 B。细节理解题。A 项未体现在网上; C 项只是一项活动, 带有片面性; D 项也未 体现在网上, 故这三项均被排除。 4.【解析】选 D。细节理解题。D 项与倒数第二段“As for parents and teachers, she urged them to get up to speed with what children are doing on the Internet. ”一句相符。 5.【解析】选 A。推理判断题。根据短文最后两段可以推断出 A 项正确。B 项与第二段“More than 800 teenagers and parents took part in the three-year US project. ”不符; C 项与“Greeking out” 下面的“The aim of the Digital Youth Project was to provide an?ethnographical view of how children use social media to socialize, learn and relax?”. 不符; D 项描述不准确, 未涉及网络问题, 故这三项均被排除。 Ⅲ .答案: 1. Reasons 2. reduce the chaos 3. fire safety procedures 4. cover faces 5. clothes 6. hot door handles 7. experiment 8. children?s reach 9. regularly 10. known to everyone



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