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必修四《Unit5 Theme parks》词汇练习


Unit 5 Theme parks
一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组:translator, jungle, various, brand, sneakers , theme, volunteer, creature, amuse, equipme

nt 1 The plane crashed in the tropical _______and a few passengers miraculously survived. 2 What ________ of cellphone do you use? Moto. 3 The ________ of his lecture is to encourage young people to set goals in their life and try to achieve them with all efforts.
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4 As humans, we should show respect for all living ________. 5 This library is fitted with modern _______; it offers us a pleasant place to read and study. 6 We were ________ by his funny stories at the party. 7 Are there any ________ to help clean the classroom? 8 Father bought me a pair of world famous _______ at a sports shop. 9 You can see ________ kinds of animals in the zoo. 10 As a ________, you should know both Chinese and English quite well. 第二组:athletic, minority, advanced, shuttle, souvenir, cloth, profit, fantasy, technique, charge, experiment, admission 11 China is a country with a total of 55 ________. 12 We take the ________ to and from work every day. It is very co nvenient 13 She likes to make a dress herself with the ________ she chooses. 14 Stop da ydreaming and don’t live in a world of ________.

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15 How much do you _______ me for a single room per night? 16 For kids under 6, no ________ is needed to the park. 17 The scientist is _________ with mice to test how well the new medicine works. 18 The new athlete’s ________ has improved a lot in the past season(赛季). 19 The company doubled its _______ in the year of 2006. 20 While visiting a scenic spot people often buy some ________.

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21 _________ ways of management must brought in to improve the e fficiency(效 率). 22 I work out at the gym to build up an ________ build(体格). 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化): --------------------------------------------------------------------come to life get close to a variety of be involved in --------------------------------------------------------------------1 When I ________ the tiger, I became scared. 2 He resigned (辞职) for ________ reasons. 3 It is said that our manager ________ the bribe case. 4 After hours of treatment the patient ________.

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参考答案 Unit 5 一 第一组:1 jungle 2 brand 3 theme 4 creatures 5 equipment 6 amused 7 volunteer(s) 8 sn eakers 9 various 10 translator 第二组:11 minorities 12 shuttle 13 cloth 14 fantasy 15 charge 16 admission 17 experimenting 18 technique 19 profit 20 souvenirs 21 Advanced 22 athletic 二 1 got close to 2 a variety of 3 is involved in 4 came to life
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