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如东县马塘中学2013届高三英语M10U4 Reading 预习案

1)n. 违反,罪;不愉快的事物;攻击 例句:Offence is the safest form of defense. 先发制人是最好的防御形式。 2) offensive adj. 冒犯的,攻击的,令人不快的 例句:Traffic sounds are offensive to the ear. 交通的噪音很刺耳。 仿句:我并非故意要冒犯。_____________________________________________________. 3) v. offend 使…发怒, 伤害 (别人) 的感情例句: His misbehavior offended her. _____________. 5. hatred 1)n 憎恨;仇恨;憎恶; 恶意 例句:All the old and recent hatreds come to his mind.旧恨新仇一起涌上他的心头。 2)v. hate 憎恨,讨厌…. (不可用进行式) I hate asking any favors of her 我很不喜欢求助于他。 仿句:他不喜欢女人吸烟。__________________________. hate/ dislike/ appreciate it if/ when 讨厌/不喜欢/感激这种情况 我讨厌人们嘴巴包得满满的说话。_________________________________ 6. assess ___________ n.____________ 7.account n.① 账户 open an account __________ ② 账目 do the accounts ___________ 会计,会计师_____________ ③ 描述=description He gave a full account of the accident to the police. On account of 由于 on no account= by no means= in no case= at no time= under no circumstances 绝不 take sth. into account= take sth into _________________ v. account for ①是----的原因 It accounts for his being late. ②占据---百分比 There are 20 girls in our class, ____________ 40 percent of the students in our class. 8. ripe _______ ripen _________ 9. firm n_________ adj. __________ 10. suspect n._______ v._________怀疑某人犯了---罪________________ 提醒某人某事_________________ 通知某人某事_________________ 指控某人犯了----(2)______________ _________________ 抢劫某人某物_______________________ 11. cooperation ____________ v. _____________ 12. negotiate ____________ n._______________



1.近些年来 2.进行网络犯罪 3.理论的可能性 4.挣钱却没有被捕的危险 5.要求极大的努力和各国协力工作 6. 指与因特网相关的犯罪 7.把---分成四类 8.缺少适当安全 9.传播电脑病毒 10.骗别人的钱 11.帮助我们评估这个问题 12. 越来越多的这样的情况 13..2010 年进行的一项调查 14.安全系统遭到入侵/他的钱包遭窃 15.在前一年 16.使全世界工资付出几千亿美元的代价 17.阻止他们泄漏内容 18.保护他们的秘密信息 19.跟上技术发展 20.起草新法律商定国际标准 21.这一问题的唯一解决方法 22.是对付网络犯罪的关键 23.采取措施 24.共同合作阻止这个问题的蔓延

1. …as the Internet has expanded in recent years, the opportunities for crime have expanded as well. 此句 还可以说成: The Internet has expanded in recent years, __________ the opportunities. 仿句:随着人们生活水平的提高,人们的环保意识也在提高 expand----to become larger in size, number, or amount, or to make something become larger 20 世纪 60 年代, 这个镇子的人口迅速增加。 _________________________________________________________________________ 水结冰时会膨胀。 _________________________________ 2. A survey conducted in 2010 by the Computer Security Institute, a private organization in the USA, showed that 45.6 percent of the 351 biggest companies and government agencies had had their security systems broken into in the previous year. have sth done ①遭受不幸 摔断腿 have his leg __________ 钱包被偷____________ ②让某事被做 理发 ___________ 修我的电脑___________________ break into 破门而入 break away from _______________ break in _______________________ break down ____________________ break out _____________________ break up ______________________ break off _____________________ (1) The thief ______________ the police and ran into the woods. (2) Don’t _________ while others are speaking. (3) Then the car I was in __________, so I had to walk home . (4) A house was ___________ between midnight and 4 a.m. (5) We thought it was time to ________ the talk. (6) A big fire _________ in the town last night. (7) After ten years of hard work, his health is__________. (8) The meeting ___________ without result. (9) When does school___________? 3. Security consultants tell us that cybercrime is costing firms worldwide hundreds of billions of dollars every year. cost sb. Sth 使某人付出---代价 他的粗心驾驶使他付出了生命的代价。________________________________ 4. Considering how bad the situation with cybercrime against companies has become, many people wonder why so little is known about this. Considering= _________________________ 考虑到他的年龄,他是十分活跃的。 ___________ his age, he is very active. His age ________, he is very active. _______ his age into consideration, he is very active. His age ______ into consideration. he is very active Considerate _______________ considerable __________________ 5. The technical skills of these criminals are among the best in the world, which means that governments must join forces to keep up with the advances in technology used by the criminals. keep up with ________________ [考例] Would you slow down a bit, please? I can’t _____ you. (北京 2001 春) A. keep up with B. put up with C. make up to D. hold on to 6. One of the fathers of the Internet , Vinton Cerf, would no doubt agree that teamwork is a key to dealing with cybercrime, as he has said the problem of cybercrime is so huge that it requires the

United Nations to form a special agency to act. a key to doing_________ The problem of cybercrime is so huge that it requires the United Nations to form a special agency to act. 改成倒装句______________________________________________________________

③Multiple choice
1.When the Smiths came back from London, they found their houses _____ and many valuable things stolen. A. broken down B. broken off C. broken into D. broken through 2. Jenney hopes that Mr Smith will suggest a good way to have her written English ______in a short period. A improved B improving C to improve D improve 3. The computer system _________suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A broke down B broke out C broke up D broke into 4. _________the rough weather, we had put our plans off. A To consider B Having considered C Considered D Considering 5.With the development of science, my job requires me to _______ the changes in computer technology. A. hold up B. put up with C. give up D. keep up with 6. ______________ about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research A So curious the couple was B So curious were the couple C How curious the couple were D The couple was so curious

1.毫无疑问我们会成功的。 2.在篮球比赛时,Bill 的钱包被偷了。 (have sth. done) 3.关系到命运的事情不要想当然。(take ---for granted) 4.提高人们的守法意识是对付侵犯知识产权和违反版权法的关键。( intellectual property and copyright laws) 5.通过针对网络犯罪的法律是这个问题的唯一解决方法。




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