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What does the word “volunteer” mean? A person who offers service or help to others in need without being paid or rewarded. What does the sign remind you of? help A hand: _________________ lov

e and care A heart:_________________ peace A dove: _________________ Y stand for youth A letter:_________________

A Letter Home
From Jo To Rosemary

What do you know about Papua New Guinea?

Independent State of Papua New Guinea
['p? pju?] ['ɡini]

There are many volunteers working in different mountainous areas or developing countries, among which Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one. Location: situated to the north of Australia Population: about 5.7 million

Language: English as the official language, Pidgin English洋泾浜英语 as the language for communication Economy: a poor country with most people

living in tribal villages and depending on Education: About 85% of children start school
but only about 60% of these reach Year 5

subsistence勉强维持生计 farming to make a living

PNG’s national flag and national emblem (国徽)

PNG’s paper currency

Houses are made of bamboo and grass.

the tribe (部落)

the villagers

巴布亚在马来语中意为“卷发人”。16世纪中叶, 葡萄牙人来到该岛时, 见当地居民和自然景观很像 非洲的几内亚, 故称之为新几内亚。


remote market

Jungle highway

cultural show warriors

hunting kids

village people

Beautiful & Modern

Papua New Guinea (PNG) (巴布亚新几内亚)

A Letter Home

From Jo To Rosemary

A Letter Home
--By Jo
Jo, a young Australian woman of Australian Volunteers International (澳大利亚志愿者国际组织), has worked as a volunteer teacher in Papua New Guinea for two years.

A Letter Home
Part 1 (para.1) An introduction
Part 2 (para.2-3)
the conditions of the high school

C Opening of the letter: 1.________________________

Para.2 Para.3 Para. 4

F Something about my high school: 2.___ B Poor teaching conditions: 3.____

My first visit to a village.

Part 3 (para.4-8)
a visit to a local village

Para. 5
Para. 6 Para. 7

4.____ E
A 5.____

6.____ G

Para. 8

7.____ D

Part 4 (para.9) the ending Para.9 The close of the letter. A. We had a meal together. B. The experiment frightened the boys. C. I am glad to receive Rosemary’s letter and I’ve included some photos. D. I left and I felt privileged. E. I saw the poor condition of the room. F. It’s a bush school and the students live far away. G. I saw a strange custom.

Detailed reading
Task I: Read paragraph 2-3 and finish the following exercises.

1. Describe their school.

3.Why did the boys start jumping out of the windows? A. Because the boys were naughty. B. Because the boys were not interested in chemistry experiment. C. Because they had never come across anything like bubbling and they were frightened. 4. Why does Jo wonder how relevant chemistry is to the kids? A. Because the kids there hardly came across anything of chemistry. B. Because she thought chemistry might make little difference to the kids’ life and most of them would live their lives as farmers. C. Because she thought chemistry useless for them.

My class

Students putting new grass on classroom roofs

Building a new science lab

Task II: Read paragraph 4-8 and finish the chart about the life in the village

Type of houses

Men’s house is a ______________ low bamboo hut with windows grass sticking out of the roof. No _________, small __________. doorway Floor was covered with fresh grass __________. Heat ______ stones first, and then place them in an empty oil drum with _______,______________. kau kau corn and greens Then ________ cover them with _____________ banana leaves and leave them to steam. leftovers attract The villagers believe that any ________ evil spirits in the night so the food is ________ dried up _________ in the can and the can is then thrown out of the hut.

Cooking methods

Introduce their school life and village life

Tombe’s mother was preparing vegetables

Cooking methods

Group work







B. The boys jumped out of the windows in the science lesson. C. Jo wondered how relevant chemistry was to the boys. D. Tombe’s mother cried “ieee ieee” when he say Jo. E. There were no windows in Mukap’s hut. F. The tin can was standing upside down on the grill.

Reason Because they were frightened; The 1. The boys jumped mixture was bubbling over out of the windows in everywhere; They had never seen the science lesson. this. 2. Jo wondered how Because most of them would live all relevant chemistry their lives as farmers. was to the boys. 3. Tombe’s mother cried “ieee ieee” when he say Jo. It was her way to welcome visitors to the village.


Facts 4. There were no windows in Mukap’s hut. 5. The tin can was standing upside


Perhaps in this way they can prevent flies苍蝇, mosquitoes蚊子 and other insects from coming in.
The tin can was standing upside down on the grill烤架

down on the grill.

in order to get the leftover dry
up quickly.

Learn them by your hearts

Give roses to others and the lasting fragrance will remain in your hand.
Share your happiness with others, happiness doubles. Share your sadness with others, sadness halves.

Share your love with others, love spreads.



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