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北京市海淀区一模 21.She calls back whenever someone her a message. A. left B. leaves C. had left D. will leave 22. The purpose of the article is to draw public attention the problem. A. to B. on C. in D. for 23. the task in time, we had to work late into the night. A. finish B. Finishing C. To finish D. Having finished 24. I know little about the accident because not much about it up to now. A. has said B. has been said C. had said D. had been said 25.She have attended that meeting, for she was doing paperwork in the office then. A. shouldn’t B. mustn’t C. wouldn’t D. couldn’t 26. We are advised not to leave the water after using it. A. run B. running C. to run D. having run 27. Mr. Smith couldn’t open the door because his naughty boy it from the inside. A. would lock B. was locking C. has locked D. had locked 28. ---Jeff, what’s up? You are not yourself today. ---Oh, mom. I really wish I the chance but I failed. A. had got B. would get C. will get D. got 29. This kind of cell phone is very common and I also have . A. one B. it C. that D. another 30. The paintings from the National Gallery last week have been found. A. stealing B. to steal C. stolen D. to be stolen 31. You cannot take back your words they are out of your mouth. A. before B. whether C. once D. while 32. The App WeChat provides a networking platform communication is faster and easier. A. which B. where C. when D. why 33. ---Did you sleep well last night? ---No, the loud noise from the street me awake for hours. A. Had kept B. is keeping C. has kept D. kept 34. ---Have you told your parents about you decision? ---Not yet. I can hardly imagine they will react. 35. I think the biggest problem in banning smoking is people can buy cigarettes easily. A. that B. whether C. where D. how 答案: BACBD BDAAC CBDCA

北京东城一模 21.There are plenty of vegetables in the fridge.You needn't buy A.some B.any C.few D.little 22. The pianist ______ a love for music when he was a little boy. A.was developed B. developed C.has developed D.has been developed 23.You ______ take photos inside the museum; it is forbidden. A.wouldn't B.needn't C.mustn't D.mightn't 24.The editor got an E-mail from a reader, asked him how to submit articles to the magazine. A.when B. who C.whose D.where 25.It is usually cheaper to have the goods _____by sea than by air. A.sent send C.sending D.being sent 26.—Your computer is working again! —Yes, there was something wrong with its screen, but it _____ A.had been being repaired C.has been repaired D.would be repaired 27.Ken s next-door neighbor had a party last night, the noise kept him awake all night. A.but B.or C.for D.and 28.______ the Internet, we are able to get up-to-date information from a variety of sources. A.Use B.To use C.Using D.Used 29.Joe looked closely at his car if it had been damaged. see B.seeing be seeingD.having seen 30.—Where is Jack? I haven’t seen him recently. —He his holiday in spending B.spent C.has spent D.will spend 31.______ Nancy likes best about college is that she can meet people from all over the country. A. Where B.When C.That D.What 32.I can remember my first day of school ______ it were yesterday. case B.even though if that 33.In many big cities in the world, the overuse of cars is considered one of the A.for 34.One strong public opinion in the USA is _____ government should control the use of gun. A.that B.where C.why D.whether 35.—Betty, why are you here? Don't you know the meeting has been cancelled? —No.I don't.Someone me. A. could tell B.might tell C.would have told D.should have told


北京市朝阳一模 21.In China, you vote when you are 18. A.must B.might C.can D.would 22.I've been away for only three years, I can hardly recognize my hometown. B.or C.for D.yet 23.This article is well written because special attention to the choice of words. A.has paid B.has been paid C.had paid D.had been paid 24.They always give the vacant seat to comes first. A.anyone B.whom C.whomever D.whoever 25.In some countries,friends kiss both cheeks when they say goodbye. A.on D.of 26.It is hard to imagine makes a top—level athlete. A.which C.that D.what 27.The movie Gravity won seven awards at the Oscar night, was beyond the director's wildest dream. A.which B.that C.where D.what 28.----Did he get the job finally? ----Though he well before the job interview , he failed to answer some important questions. A.was preparing B.would prepare C.had prepared D.has prepared 29.When about one of the biggest concerns today,many citizens mentioned the sharp rise in housing price. A.asking ask C.asked D.having asked 30. Time, the teacher had us do half of the exercises in class and complete the other half for our homework. A.To save B.Save C.Saving D.Having saved 31.Remember me to your parents when you them. A.are calling C.will call D.have called 32.----What’s that noise? ---- There’s a truck stopping outside.It’s someone something. A.deliver deliver C.delivering D.delivered 33.Quietness seems impossible everyone takes their seats and begins to write. A.until B.after C.for D.once 34.---How long have you been here,Susan? ---Only about five minutes.Alisa here with me. A.walks B.walked C.has walked D.had walked 35.I didn’t know your mobile phone number; otherwise I you the moment I got to Canada. A.would ring B.would have rung C.had rung D.rang



21. With a school built in the village, the children needn't climb -------the mountain for study.

A. at B. for C. over D. in 22. —It has been so foggy recently. —Cheer up! The fog ------to clear up from tomorrow. A. expects B. is expected C. will expect D. will be expected 23. I had wanted to visit the gallery before I -----Florence, but it' s closed on Sundays. A. left B. has left C. leave D. would leave 24. When in trouble, many teenagers go to their friends ---for advice. A. to ask B. asking C. ask D. asked 25. You should consider carefully ---the car you want to buy is worth the money. A. that B. which C. whether D. what 26. The earthquake victims were given clothes and food, without which they -----of cold and hunger. A. would die B. will die C. have died D. would have died 27.—Are you free tomorrow? I was wondering if we could have lunch together. —No, I'm afraid not. I ---John then. A. am meeting B. met C. have met D. was meeting 28. Shila doesn't speak our language, ------ she seems to understand what we say. A. and B. yet C. so D. or 29. Living in a fast-paced world, we ---get left behind if we stop learning. A. should B. dare C. may D. need

30. Ever since the patients moved to the new hospital last year, they -------better medical treatme nt. A. have received B. had received C. will receive D. received 31. Carl hopes to win the tennis game one day. That is ------he has been practicing hard. A. why B. how C. because D. where 32.—Have you found a new job, Jim? —Not yet. I really regret -----the IBM's offer. A. to turn down B. turning down C. turned down D. turn down 33. The woods are remains of a huge forest ---once covered the whole area. A. where B. which C. whose D. when 34. There will be no going back ----our decision is made. A. until B. unless C. once D. before 35.—Sorry, Madam. Any problem? —Yes. The fish is served undercooked and with nothing A. to add B. adding C. added D. adds 北京西城区二模 21. — You look great! — I ______ out. Check out my muscles! A. will work B. was working C. have been working D. had been working 22. ______ Stephon Marbury is an American, he has become a role model among Beijing basketball fans. A. As B. Although C. When D. Since 23. It’s been discovered in the study ______ people are more relieved after forgiving others. A. that B. what C. which D. whose 24. Grandpa was shocked by the news. Rarely ______ him so quiet. A. do I see B. had I seen C. I had seen D. I saw 25. The report aims to explain how these conclusions ______. A. were reached B. had been reached C. have reached D. had reached

26. Sometimes, ______ a patient a get-well card is better than visiting him. A. to be sent B. being sent C. having sent D. sending 27. It’s always hard to remember a name when one doesn’t have a face to go with ______. A. him B. it C. her D. one 28. It was unusual that such close neighbors ______ not know one another. A. could B. would C. must D. should 29. The agent promised to keep the family members fully ______ of any developments. A. inform B. informing C. informed D. being informed 30. — The professor gave a really good speech. — I suggest you ______ him some specific questions about his work experience. A. have asked B. will ask C. asked D. ask 31. A person who has never tasted bitter won’t know ______ sweet is. A. which B. what C. when D. why 32. The landlady prefers to have women in the apartment rather than men. She thinks women take ______ care of things! A. well B. good C. better D. best 33. Based on a true story, the film shows a hero racing ______ time to get back the stolen papers. A. behind B. against C. about D. at 34. I’ve made several travel plans for our vacation, but I’ll leave it to you ______ one. A. choosing B. chosen C. to choose D. choose 35. Paris has some great museums ______ visitors can see fine works of impressionist painters. A. where B. which C. that D. when




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