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table tennis





one of the most valuable gold medals







Tennis--Australian Open

Venus Williams

Wimbledon championship

Serena Williams

U.S Open 2003 Tennis Championship

Wimbledon ? the final of French Open ? the quarterfinals of the Australian Open single and double ? semifinal ? the U.S. Open ? the Grand Slam Cup

Sports stars
Ⅰ.Listening/reading ( T or F ) 1.The elder sister is above younger sister in rank(排名). F 2. They had a bad situation to practise playing tennis. T 3. The sisters visited the place where they once lived after they moved to another area. F 4. Both sisters decided to work in design while they were players. F

5. Both of the sisters have won the Wimbledon. T 6. The younger sister is very humurous.T

7. Their mother home- schooled them so that T they could continue their tennis careers.
8. Their father helped them to succeed. T

Ⅱ.Follow the tape while listening

Qs: 1. Why are sisters unusual? They played each other in the final of a tennis tournament.
2. What kind of background are they from? A poor background. They lived in a poor area in California, full of violence and drugs. 3. How do the two sisters get on at home?

They get on very well.

4. What does the passage mainly tell us? The story of the sisters’ road to success. 5 Which of the following shows the right order of what happened to the sisters? a. Venus first played in a big tournament b. Richard started to train them. c. The sisters and their family moved to a safer area. d. The sisters were prarctising on a local tennis court and they had to protect them from bullets. e. Serena won the women’s singles champion at Wimbledon. A. b, c, d, a, B. c, b, d, a, e, C. D. c, b, d, e, a √ b, d, c, a, e

Extra information about the sisters: The American sisters who are the best tennis players in the world are the Williams Sisters .Venus and her 15-month younger sister, Serena are both top-ranked players, Venus in the Top Ten and Serena in the Top 50 by 1998 and moving ahead. Venus won the Wimbledon Championship in twothousand and two-thousand-one. She also won the United States Open championship both of those years. And the two sisters also won the women’s doubles match at Wimbledon earlier this month.

The girls were brought up in a supportive environment. Her father, Richard, is her manager and coach, He has been called both a genius who is keeping his gifted kids wrapped in the bosom of their family. Richard Williams is the main reason that his daughters are the two top players in women’s professional tennis. He taught them how to play the game and he taught them well. Both women say their father is the reason for their success. About fifteen years ago, he told Venus that she was going to be one of the best tennis players in the world.

He then told Venus and Serena that one day they would compete for the championship of professional tennis at Wimbledon. Off the court, the sisters are like teenagers everywhere, giggling about boys and talking about clothes and movies. The sisters have remained extremely close, even through competitions and are building a house not far from their parents to move into late 1999.


What are the main factors that lead to success? Why?

Fill in the blanks with the words or expressions in the passage. 1.He likes football while his younger brother expresses a keen interest in basketball. ______________________ 2. He is a strict teacher, and is always very ___________ strict with his students. to an end 3. The year has come _______________; a new year is coming. made so great __________ progress in his 4. He has _____ studies that he was praised by the teacher.

5. There was fierce _______ rivalry between the two companies to get the contract. 6. I think the film “ 2046” is over-rated _________. look back on those days as the 7. I ____________ happiest time of myself. 8. England are playing ______ France at football tomorrow. 9.He didn’t go to school. His mother ________________ him . home-schooled 10. Don’t think about the worrying thing. leave _____ it behind _______ you.

11. We couldn’t get him to _____________his speak about war experience. came to an end at last. 12.The meeting ______________ improves before 13. Let’s hope the weather __________ Sunday. Compete with/ against, compete for, Competition, competitor, competitive.

1.The two teams compete for the championship.
2. He’s going to compete against/with his old rival in the second round.



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