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公共英语完形填空是河南专升本难度不小的一道题之一, 在做这道题的时候, 有些考生 在考试中读不懂这道题的时候就随便的乱选, 导致这一题的出错率很高。 这类题目只有多加 练习, 你才会找到其中的知识点和规律, 以下是精英专升本老师为大家准备的完形填空练习 题,希望大家认真的做一做,找找其中得规律,暑假的美好时光,也希望升本的你,坚持下 去,胜利就在前方!

At this time, a car 44 ______ Paul and Diane told Clay to 45______them to a service station near their 46 ______ They arrived to see that it had no suitable tires to 47______ with her car.

"Follow us home." said Paul. The couple called around to find a tire. No, "here," Paul said, handing Clay a over the holiday." Clay was 51 ______ "But I'm going all the way to South Carolina, and I'll be gone for two weeks." she 52 ______them. "We know." Paul said, "We'll be 53______when you get back. Here's our number if you need to 54 ______us." Unable to believe her eyes, Clay watched at the 55 ______ put her luggage into their car and then56 ______her off. Two weeks later she57 ______ to find her old car cleaned inside and out with three new tires and the radio 58 ______. "Thank you so much," she said. "How much do I 59 ______ you?" "Oh, no," Paul said, "We don't want any money. It's our60 ______" .Clay realized that while it might have been their pleasure, it 48 ______ They decided to let her use their own car, 50 ______be using it

49______ of keys, "Take our car. We

was now her duty to pass on their "do unto others" spirit. 41.A. Suddenly B. Finally C. Immediately D. Fortunately 42.A. afforded B. wanted C. allowed D. managed 43.A. spare B. free C. full D. empty 44.A. passed B. stopped C. paused D. started 45.A. help B. push C. take D. follow 46.A. garage B. house C. shop D. hotel 47.A. agree B. match C. go D. deal 48.A. way B. message C. success D. luck 49.A. set B. number C. pair D. chain 50.A. can't B. shouldn't C. mustn't D. won't 51.A. satisfied B. worried C. astonished D. disturbed 52.A. persuaded B. advised C. reminded D. promised 53.A. happy B. here C. away D. busy 54.A. get in touch with B. keep in touch with C. be in touch with D. put in touch with 55.A. repairmen B. cleaner C. friends D. couple 56.A. sent B. shook C. watched D. drove 57.A. shocked B. happened C. returned D. came 58.A. loaded B. fixed C. tied D. rebuilt 59.A. owe B. lend C. give D. offer 60.A. wish B. job C. duty D. pleasure

参考答案 41- 45 ADABD 46-50 BCDAD 51-55 CCBAD 56-60 ACBAD



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