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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修7 unit1

选修 7
Unit 1 Living well 能力演练
一、语法填空 ? Nowadays bargains are a 1 sight in our society.Almost every shop is

full of bargains.In fact,nearly all kinds of commodities can be sold 2 a discount,which ranges 〖JP+3〗 from 10 percent to even 90 percent,? 3 your wildest ? imagination.? However,let,s have a closer look and see it in its true colors:it is nothing other than a dirty 4 to cheat some silly people out of their the price 6 some

money.Shoppers will lose nothing because they already 5 before making discount.Furthermore,the real danger comes ?

people,otherwise seemingly clever fellow,burst into a kind of “purchasing impulse(冲动) ”.They buy a lot because it is offered at a low and advantageous price and there seems to be a hundred reasons 7 (back)the will.? Obviously,some measures must be taken to stop this dangerous ? 8 (tend).First of all you ? d better have an understanding of the nature of bargains,knowing it nothing else but a commercial trick.In 9 ,learn to 10

wait.Just leave the idea aside for a few days and see happens.You,ll realize later you,ve made a wise choice.?

二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? One afternoon,my son Adam asked me,“Are all people the same even if they are different in color?”? I thought for a minute,and then I said,“I,ll explain,if you can just wait until we make a quick 1 at the grocery store.I have something

interesting to show you.”? At the grocery store,we 2 some apples — red,green and yellow your question.”I put

ones.Back home,I told Adam,“It ? s time to 3

one apple of each 4 on the table.Then I looked at Adam,who had a 5 look on his face.? “People are like apples.They come in all different colors,shapes and sizes.On the 6 ,some of the apples may not 7 look as delicious as 8 each one carefully.? 9 them back

the others.”As I was talking,Adam was

Then,I took each of the apples and peeled 削皮) ( them,? on the table,but in a different place.? “Okay,Adam,tell me which is which.”?

He said,“I 10 tell.They all look the same now.” “Take a bite of each one.See if that helps you 11 which one is which.”? He took 12 13 ,and then a huge smile came across his face.“People are 14 the

like apples!They are all different,but once you

outside,they ? re pretty much the same on the inside.”? He totally 15 it.I didn,t need to say or do anything else.? 1.A.stop C.turn 2.A.bought C.saw 3.A.check C.answer 4.A.size C.shape 5.A.worried C.proud 6.A.outside C.table 7.A.still C.only 8.A.examining C.drawing 9.A.keeping C.pulling 10.A.mustn,t C.shouldn,t B.start ? D.stay ? B.counted ? D.collected ? B.mention ? D.improve ? B.type ? D.class ? B.satisfied ? D.curious ? B.whole ? D.inside ? B.even ? D.ever ? B.measuring ? D.packing ? B.placing ? ? B.can,t ? D.needn,t ?

11.A.admit C.decide 12.A.big bites C.a firm hold 13.A.just C.merely 14.A.put away C.hand out 15.A.made 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解?

B.consider ? D.believe ? B.deep breaths ? D.a close look ? B.always ? D.seldom ? B.get down ? D.take off ? B.took ? D.did ?

专题训练(七) 专题训练(


时文阅读是高考阅读理解的考查重点。 它所报道的都是国内外最新的 事物或趋势,内容新颖,语言地道。阅读时文可拓宽考生视野,使考 生了解国内外大事及最新动态,激发考生的阅读兴趣,增加考生的语 言积累,进而提高考生的语用能力,从而做到从容应考。时文多为记 叙文或说明文,或记叙某人某物, 或介绍某新生事物、科研进展、生活时尚等。此外,广告也可归为时 文范畴。 因此,要正确理解阅读材料,考生需灵活运用阅读技巧, 从而准确把握文章脉络,抓住文章主旨。? ◆ 活学活用 (2009 年湖南卷)阅读下列短文,按要求完成读写任务。?

RichardSolo 1800 Rechargable Battery In just minutes a day,plug in and charge your iPhone quickly!? Just plug RichardSolo 1800 into your iPhone once or twice a day,for fifteen minutes,and keep your iPhone charged up.At your desk,or at dinner,plug RichardSolo into iPhone to instantly transfer charge.No more battery worries.RichardSolo will charge iPhone to full 1.5 times,and it is good for 3~5 years of recharges.? Use the iPhone while charging it.Even charge the RichardSolo 1800 and iPhone together at the same time.Take only one charger when traveling and wake up in the morning with the RichardSolo and the iPhone charged.RichardSolo 1800 is the largest in its class and holds its charge for months.Works with almost all iPhone cases.? Your satisfaction is guaranteed,with our 30-day return priviledge.If you are not satisfied for any reason,we ? ll email you a pre-paid return lable. Actual customer comments:? To have your company exhibit such good service is unbelievably refreshing.-P.S.? This is what I call great customer support.I wish more companies would figure this out these days.Thank you so much.-D.C.? You have provided me with one of the the best services I have ever seen on any online/telephone shopping.-T.K.?

You must have the fastest processing and shipping in the industry!-M.C. This is the best customer service experience I have had in a long time.-L.L.? I,ve read online about your amazing customer service,and I must say I ? m now a true believer.-B.L.? Ⅰ.根据所读短文,写一篇大约 30 词的摘要。? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择最佳答案。? 1.How long does it take the battery to charge up an iPhone?? A.15 minutes. C.1.5 hours. B.30 minutes.? D.3 hours.?

2.What is special about the battery?? A.It is built in an iPhone.? B.It is the smallest of its kind.? C.It can also be used as a charger.? D.It keeps power for about 30 days.? 3.Who mentions the transporting of the battery?? A.P.S. C.M.C. B.B.L.? D.T.K.?

4.The customer comments on the battery are mainly about its _______.?

A.quality C.function

B.service ? ?

一、? 1.解析: “廉价商品如今在社会上随处可见,非常普遍” 。? 答案:common 2.解析:近乎所有的商品都能“打折出售” a discount 为固定搭配。 。at 答案:at 3.解析: “打折的幅度大大超出了我们的想象。 ”? 答案:beyond 4.解析:从下文的“knowing it nothing else but a commercial trick”可 得知答案。 “打折是骗取钱财的肮脏把戏。 ”? 答案:trick 5.解析: “对店主来说没有什么损失,因为在打折之前,他们已经‘提 高’了商品的价格。 ”? 答案:raise 6.解析: “一旦当人爆发出购买欲时,真正的危险就来了。 ”when 引 导时间状语从句。? 答案:when 7.解析:考查非谓语动词。back 在这里作动词,意思是“支持” 。? 答案:to back 8.解析:dangerous 是形容词,形容词后接名词,所以填 tendency。?

答案:tendency 9.解析:上文提到“First of all you ? d better...” ,这应该是上文的延 续,因此用“此外(in addition)。? ” 答案:addition 10.解析:从句子“Just leave the idea aside for a few days and see ? 10 happens”可知 see 后面接了一个宾语从句,从句中缺少了主语,因此 应该填 what。? 答案:what 二、? 1.解析:所给名词与 make 构成固定短语,意为“作短暂停留” 。B. make a start 开始;C、D 搭配不当。? 答案:A 2.解析:由文中 grocery store 可知选 A。? 答案:A 3.解析:上文提出问题,现在当然应该“回答”了。? 答案:C 4.解析:根据句意“现在我从每种类型的苹果中拿出一个,放到桌子 上”可知选 B。A.size 大小;C.shape 形状;D.class 班级,等级。? 答案:B 5.解析: Adam 不知道我要做什么, 所以会 “好奇地” 看着我。 A.worried 担心的,烦恼的;B.satisfied 满足的;C.proud 骄傲的,傲慢的。? 答案:D

6.解析:根据倒数第二段倒数第一句中的“outside”可知。? 答案:A 7.解析:所填词修饰动词 look,意为“甚至” ,选 B。? 答案:B 8.解析:根据句意:Adam 仔细地检查了每个苹果。B.measure 测量, 衡量;C.draw 画,取出;D.pack 捆扎,打包。? 答案:A 9.解析:此处考查非谓语动词作状语,逻辑主语是句子的主语。? 答案:B 10.解析:此处情态动词 can 表能力,can ? t 意为“不能” 。? 答案:B 11.解析:根据上下文:看看是否能帮你辨别出哪个是哪个。A. admit 承认;B.consider 考虑;认为;D.believe 相信。? 答案:C 12.解析:根据文章倒数第三段第二句中“Take a bite”可知,选 A。 答案:A 13.解析:just 恰好,只是;B.always 总是;C.merely 仅仅,只不过, 通常用在否定句中;D.seldom 很少。? 答案:A 14.解析:根据句意:但是一旦去掉外皮,……,去掉,脱掉,起飞, 成名。A.put away 放好下来,写下, (to)着手做;C.hand out 分发题 意不符。可知选 D。?

答案:D 15.解析:本句句意:他完全理解了。get it 理解。? 答案:C 三、? Ⅰ.? The text introduces some advantages of a new battery which can charge and be charged.It also cited some customers ? praise for the new battery to convince the readers of its good service.(32 words)? Ⅱ. 1.解析:事实细节题。根据第二段第一句可知答案。? 答案:A 2.解析: 推理判断题。 根据第二段第四句 RichardSolo will charge iPhone to full 1.5 times 可知这种电池同时又是充电器, 这是它与众不同之处。 答案:C 3.解析:从 You must have the fastest processing and shipping in the industry 可得出答案。? 答案:C 4.解析:推理判断题。六条评论中有三条提到了它的优质服务。? 答案:B


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