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2015-2016学年外研社高中英语必修一Module 4 A Social Survey---- My Neighborhood语法学案(1)

Module 4 A Social Survey- My Neighbourhood Grammar
I Studying aims 学习目标
To learn and master the usage of the present perfect tense. 学习并掌握现在完成时态的用法

A)选用 have, has 填空: 1. I

_______ told him the news. 2. She ________ come back from school. 3. You ________ won the game. B)按要求改写下列各句: 4. They have bought a computer. (改成否定句) _________________________________________ 5. He has lost his book. (先改成一般疑问句,再作肯定与否定回答) _________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ C) 语法填空 1.My mother is a retired teacher. She _________(teach) in a high school in Xiamen for 30 years. 2. --- Has Sam finished this homework today? --- Yes. He _____________ (do)it this morning. 3. This is the third time I ______ (visit) Hong Kong. The second time I ______(came) here was on Christmas. 4. With the help of the technology, more and more new substances __________ (discover) in the past years. 5 --- ____ you _____ him around the museum yet? (show) --- Yes. We had a great time there. 6. When _________ you _______ to Shanghai?(go) 7. The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities______________ (be)rising steadily since 1990. D) 翻译下列句子。 1 .这本字典我已买了三年了。 _________________________________________________________ 2.他们已去了美国五年了。 _________________________________________________________ 3 你已经看过这部电影了吗? _________________________________________________________ 4. 自从 1999 年以来他们就认识。 _________________________________________________________ 5 我以前从来没去过那个农场。 _________________________________________________________

II Self-study guides 自学指导
1. Observe the following sentences and summarize the expression of the present perfect tense.

1) I have seen the film many times. 2) We haven’t finished our homework. 3) Has he lived here since 1990?
总结:现在完成时的表达方式:_____________________________________; 否定形式_____________________ 一般疑问句把_______或________提前。 2. Study the following sentences and summarize the usage of the present perfect tense. 1) I have taught English for 19 years. 2) He has been at this school since 1988. 3) I have lived here since I was born. 总结 1:现在完成时可以用来表示________________________________________________________; 常与_______和______ 连用,for 后面接________________; since 后面接_____________________. 此时谓语动词须为______________________.

1) I have been to that place three times. 2) We have already finished our homework.
3) The woman has never heard of that before. 4) We have learned 2000 words so far. 总结 2:现在完成时可以用来表示动作发生在_____________, 强调对现在造成的影响,可译成“已经做过/做过” 常与_________________________________________________________________ 连用。 跟踪练习: 1)----Oh, your bike is very cool. Is it new? ----- No, I ______ it for two months. A. had B. have had C. bought D. have bought C has dead D died 2) His grandmother ______ for over two years. A has died B has been dead 4. Think for a while and write out the sentence patterns which use the present perfect tense in this module. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Ⅲ Summary :Ask some students to summarize what they’ve learned this class. Ⅳ Exercises in class 当堂训练

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