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Unit1 课文语法填空 Nobody before Jane fully understood chimps behaviour. recording(record) their daily She spent years observing and_1________ activities. Since her childhood she had wanted to work

with their own environment. _3__________, However this was animals in_2_____ not easy. When she first arrived in Gombe in 1960, it was to live (live) in the forest. Only her unusual for a woman_4________ for mother came to help her_5_____the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. Her work changed the way people think about chimps. For example, one important thing she that chimps hunt and eat meat. Until then discovered is _6_______ everyone had thought chimps ate only fruit and nuts. She hunting actually observed chimps as a group_7_______(hunt) a monkey it and then eating_8______ . She also discovered that chimps with each other, and her study of their body communicate _9______ out their social system. language helped her to work _10______

Unit2 课文语法填空 since graduated Dr. Yuan was born in Beijing in 1930. _1______he from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953, he has devoted his finding life to _2___________ (find) ways to grow more and more rice. increasing As a young man, he saw the great need for _3______________ a (increase) the rice output. At that time, hunger was_4______ serious problem in many parts of the country. Dr. Yuan for searched _5_________ a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of fields. In 1950, Chinese farmers could however only produce fifty million tons of rice. Last year, _6________, was produced nearly two hundred million tons of rice _7_________________ that 22% of (produce). These increased harvests mean _8________ the world’s people are fed from just 7% of the farmland in China. Dr. Yuan is now circulating his knowledge in India, Vietnam and other less developed countries to increase their rice harvests. Thanks to his research, the UN is trying to rid the of world_9_______hunger. Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests twice _10________large as before. as

Unit3 课文语法填空 Charlie Chaplin was a humorous actor. He entertained us with _1_____nonverbal humour. Born in poverty, he became famous by _2______using a particular form of acting in entertaining silent a movies. He was_3_____charming character, well-known throughout the world. He played a poor and homeless person, wearing _4_________(wear) large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round black hat and carrying a walking stick. The character but was a social failure in the movies, _5________he was loved by all the people. By overcoming difficulties, being kind to people unkind to him, making a sad situation entertaining and eating (eat) a boiled shoe, Charlie Chaplin made us _6_________ excited (excite). Charlie Chaplin produced, happy and_7_________ which directed and wrote movies in _8_________he starred. In 1972 he for lifetime outstanding was given a special Oscar _9______his in films. work of bringing humour to us all _10_____

Unit4 课文语法填空 to know (know) more international friends, I As I get_1___________ learn more about their cultural body languages. Not all cultures nor greet each other the same way, _2________are they comfortable in the same way with touching or distance between people. In the that spoken same way _3________ people communicate with _4___________ (speak) language, they also express their feelings _5_________ using (use) unspoken language through physical distance, actions or posture. English people, for example, do not usually stand very close (close) to others or touch strangers as soon as they _6________ meet. However, people from places like Spain, Italy or South closely (close) and American countries approach others _7__________ are more likely to touch them. Most people around the world shaking (shake) hands, but some now greet each other by _8__________ who cultures use other greetings as well, such as Japanese, _9_______ prefer to bow. These actions are not good or bad, but are simply which cultures have developed. ways in _10_________

Unit5 课文语法填空 There are various kinds of theme parks in the world with a specific theme for each. The theme park you are probably most with which familiar_1_____is Disneyland,_2 _______can be found in several a parts of the world, and it will bring you into_3_____ magical world and make your dreams come true, whether travelling visiting or through space, _4_________(visit) a pirate ship _5_____meeting your favourite fairy tale or Disney cartoon characters. As you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see Snow in White or Mickey Mouse _6________ a parade or on the street. Of exciting course Disneyland also has many _7________ (excite) rides, from toterrifying freefall drops. With all giant swinging ships_8______ these attractions, it is no wonder _9________ that tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland. If you want to have than fun and more _10________ fun, come to Disneyland!



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