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Unit 1 Festivals around the world Teaching aims and demands 1. topic: 1>Festivals 榆林教学 2. 2> how festivals begin 3>how to celebrate festivals 2.function: 1>Request Eg: Could you please…? Could I have …? I look forward to doing… 2>Thanks Eg: It?s a pleasure. /Don?t mention it. It?s very kind of you to… I?d love to … Thank you very much./Thanks a lot. You are most welcome. 3.vocabulary: 4.grammar: 情态动词的用法 Jin can speak English well. (ability) Could you please show me the way to …? (request) May we see the awards for the team? (permission) She might give you … (possibility) The whole family will come for dinner. (promise) Often he would dress up like a rich man. (pass habit) We would be there with our friends. (promise) II.Key points Period 1 Warming up and fast reading 1.Greetings 2.Warming up Step 1 discussing the following questions a.How was your holiday/spring festival? b.Did you go traveling? c.How much pocket money did you get? Step 2 talking 1). Name some festivals Spring Festival Dragon Boat Festival Lantam Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Army Day May Day Teachers? Day New Year National Day Mother?s Day Children?s Day Father?s Day Christmas Day Halloween carnival Easter Valentine Day Oben 2).Ss work in groups of four and list five Chinese festivals and siscuss when they take place , what they celevrate and one thing that people do at that time. Then fill in the blanks. Festivals Time of year/date Celebrate for Things to do Mid-Autumn Day Spring Festival Dragon Boat Day T



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