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湖南省高考英语完形填空二复习指导[课件] (2)

2015年湖南高考英语 专题三 复习 完形填空(Ⅱ)应试方法与技巧

【2014年湖南高考】We can choose our friend, but usually we cannot choose our neighbors. However, to get a happy home life, we have to them as well as possible. get along with 48._____ An important quality in a neighbor is others . People should not consideration for 49.______ that/which do things 50.______ will disturb their neighbors unnecessarily. For example, television sets need not be played at full volume(音量) and 52._____loud pop music should not be played very late at night. By avoiding things likely to

a upset your neighbors, you can enjoy 52. ____ friendly relationship with them. An equally important quality is tolerance. Neighbors should do all they can to avoid but there are disturbing other people, 53.____ times when some level of disturbance is unavoidable. 54.______ If / Whenneighbors want to get along well with each other they have to show their tolerance. In this way, everyone in peace. will live 55.__

完型填空(II),本节侧重考查考生语感以及语 言的衔接、连贯、结构等语言知识运用的能力。 具体分为下面几个方面:

1. 从考查的内容来看,考查功能语法,侧重于考虚 词在篇章中的交际功能, 关键词是 “衔接, 连贯”。 2. 从题型的形式看,完形第二节只给出空缺,没有 选项,要求考生根据语境和自己已有的语法与词汇 知识来填空,这对考生的语言知识的提取和运用能 力提出了更高的要求。 3. 单词的拼写能力和词形变换能力也是一个很重要 的考查方向。 4. 文体选取以议论文、说明文为主。

共8个小题 每题1.5分 满分12分 7分钟内完成 短文长度150~240词 设空平均间距17词左右

1.考查语境,侧重运用 2.虚词为主,实词为辅 3. 答案不一定唯一 4.尽量避免名词和动词

48题 人称代词 them 49题 代词 others 50题 关系代词 which/that 51题 并列连词 but

从属连词 because 介词 within 人称代词 he 冠词 a

代词 we 情态动词 should 冠词 a 代词 others

冠词 an 数词 two 形容词 next 连接副词 why

52题 53题 54题


2014年 冠词 a 并列连词 but 从属连词 if/when 介词 in

2013年 2012年 副词most 介词 in 并列连词 并列连词 and and 代词 it 否定副词 not 连词 than 连接代词 what

2011年 代词one 并列连词 but 代词 I 介词 to

思考: 面对新完形填空如此繁杂的语法点,我们到 底该怎么入手呢?

“四步走”:1. 通读全文,了解大意 2. 分析句子,初填答案 3.重读全文,排除难点 4.仔细核查,细节保分
“三方面”: 词义、词性、词形

技巧 一:词性
根据句子结构和功能来判断是用形容词,还 是副词;用动词还是名词等。如修饰名词,前面 就要用______________ 形容词或名词 ;修饰形容词、副词、动 词或整个句子就要用_____ 副词 ;作谓语通常用动词; 作主语或宾语通常用名词或代词;连系动词后面 用________ 形容词 而不能用副词。


名词 动词 形容词 副词 代词

词性 虚词
冠词 介词 连词

e.g. (angry) angrily (1) He looked __________at the children. angry (2) He looked _________at the news on the radio.


英语和汉语最大的不同在于英语有词形变化。根 据语义,确定词形。 词形变化主要涉及动词、代词、 形容词、副词和名词。当确定所填的词是名词时,就 可数还是不可数名词,是单数还是复数名词 。 要考虑是_______________________________________ 形容词有_____________________ 原级、比较级和最高级 。如果是动词就要更 加小心。首先要判断是谓语动词还是非谓语动词,主 动还是被动,是现在分词还是过去分词,还是不定式。 主格 还是______ 宾格 ,是单数还是复数, 代词则要考虑是______ 是形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词。

bigger than Japan in size. ? 1. China is ______ ? 2. One of the_______ worst gift choices I ever made was for my high school English teacher, which made him very unhappy. ? 3. The little boy pulled ______ his right hand out of the pocket…

语前设空 The college entrance examination is coming, my parents promise: 冠词考点:冠词的基本用法、固定搭配以及抽象 1)If I get high marks in the exam, I shall have 名词的具体化。 ____ an I phone 6 as ____ a prize. a big surprise. 2)They will give me ____ 3) Of all the subjects, I like chemistry best because it gives us _____ a useful knowledge of it. 4) But my mood quickly changed when I saw the ____first question.

技巧 1

缺冠词: 名词或名词短

技巧 2

缺代词: 谓语动词前;及

物动词和介词后 1). Let’s start not to pollute the environment any 代词考点: 人称代词(主/宾),(形容词/ 名词性) more, because “to protect the environment is to 物主代词, 反身代词,替代词 , it 的用法等,可 ourselves protect_________”. 在句中充当主宾,同位语等 。 the first prize in 2). ___ It is amazing that I won the competition. 3). Get in the habit of remembering people’s names and using them _____ often. 4). I want to a dress with long sleeves , but I one I like yet. still haven’t found ___

技巧 3

缺介词: 名词前设空

1)With _____ a lot of work to do, he left school very early. 2) In fact, choosing eco-friendly activities can also to our personal health… contribute ___ in size than his 3)At his thirties, he grew larger ____ father… of great use to keep a 4) In short, I believe that it is ___ diary in English.

介词考点:常用介词的基本用法及在语境中的活 用;固定搭配。

技巧 4


1)When we got there, to our disappointment, we found the worse than expected. situation was much ______ 2) Although he is a cleaner, he never _____ complains about the 形容词副词考点:形容词作定语和表语;比较级和最高 级。形容词修饰 ;________ 名词 副词 low payment and________ long working time . 修饰adj./ v.或整个 句子; most important--- it 3) It’s lightweight, it’s flexible, and ---____ holds its shape. (2013湖南高考) not 4) Every kind of communication is important. It is ___ important what kind of call we make or letter we send. What is important is that we let others know we care about them. (2012湖南卷)

技巧 5

缺从属连词: 句子和句子之间设
空; 找出句子之间的关系。

what you have done. 1) See ______
2) There are times _____ when some level of disturbance is unavoidable.(2014湖南卷)

连词考点1: 最常用的引导词有: wh- 连接词及其他各大从句引导词(从属连词) 3) After the war, a new school building was set up where ______
there has once been a theatre.

Because the areas used for playing fields are often 4) _________
rough and rocky, millions of real balls go flat(变瘪) within 24hours. (2013湖南卷)

技巧 5


that I couldn’t say a single word. 1) I was so nervous ______ that he realized how 2) It was only after graduation _____ precious those high school days were to him . 3) A nest is to a bird ______ what a house to a man . 4) I was on the point of leaving when ______ it rained. As an old saying goes, “no pain, no gain. ” 5) _____
As far as … /As long as As is known to all/ As is often the case As everyone can see …

连词考点2: 牢记特殊句式, 把握 语境特征,利用关键 词提示解题。

技巧 5

缺连接副词: 两个独立句之

however he failed in school 1) He has an high IQ, _________, 2) Do you feel a little sleepy after lunch? Well, that’s normal. Your body naturally slows down then. What should you do about it? Don’t reach for a coffee! Instead ______, take a nap growing so fast. (冲关练)

连词考点3:要仔细把握句子逻辑关系,利用暗 Some… others 含信息 ,作出判断解题;此外还要注意连接词组 Not only… but also… 在语境中的呼应对称特征。 Neither …nor… ,
either… or… 3) In some cases, competition for resources among Whether…or... animals led to extinction and in other cases, environmental changes caused extinction.

技巧 5

缺并列连词: 两个完整独立句之

连词考点4: 最常用的并列连词有: 1) This bacterial formboth…and… can cause brain and 同等关系: and,, 等 damage_____ even death . or,otherwise, either…or…等 选择关系: 2) The hope is that people in all 25 countries will be 转折关系: but (强调转折), yet , still, while (强调对比)等 but some experts protected against the disease by 2015, ____ 因果关系: so, doubt it.(周报练习 ) for等 3)Give it another try ,____ or you will regret. 4)Some people waste food _____ while others haven’t enough.

Group discussion:
小组讨论: 英语周报16-20期《完形二》练习 1. 核对答案,解决问题 2. 总结心得体会

提示:四步走归根到 底其实就是寻找依 据.每一个要填的空 格里所需的单词或短 语其实都可以在所在 的句子中或者上下文 中找到它的依据 检查搭配, 前后连贯 根据语义, 确定词形 分析句子,确定词性 通读全文,理解大意

【即时巩固】 《新动力》 P39-42 强化训练 B


1.掌握单词、词组 2.懂得分析句子结构 3.多听、多说、多读、多写,增强语感


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