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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语必修三(外研版)强化练习:Module 6 第1课时]

Module 6


1.Many more villages have been________(淹没)by flood water following the earthquake. 2.He worked in one of the twin towers and________(勉强地)escaped the building before it collapsed. 3.Even after recovery,the________(全球的)economy may not produce as much as it did before the crisis. 4.Peter,who had been driving all day,________(建议)stopping at the next station. 5. We must________(提供)food and clothes for those who have suffered from the heavy floods. 6.As often as not the buses are late on________(多雾的)days. 7.The hotel,which was built in 1984,is able to________(容纳)up to 500 guests. 8.The bridge ahead is under________(建设).We have to choose another road to the town. 9.The visitors were attracted by the________(历史的)sites in Beijing. 10.Our office has________(搬迁)to Shanghai from Beijing. 答 案 : 1.submerged 7.accommodate 9.historical 10.removed Ⅱ.完成句子 1.他想成为一名足球运动员的梦想已经实现了。 The dream he wanted to become a football player________________________. 2.目前那些正在建设中的楼房是给地震灾民的。 The buildings________________at present are designed for the victims of the earthquake. 3.他们用了五年的时间才建起了这座大坝。 ________________________five years________________the dam. 4.这个项目的目的是给大学毕业生提供工作的。 The project is designed to________jobs________new graduates. 5.台风终于离开了,没有对当地的庄稼造成损害。 The typhoon finally left________________damage to the local crops. 答案: 1.has come true 5.without causing Ⅲ.语法填空 1.She held________her tears,not letting others know what happened. 答案:back 句意:她忍住流泪,不让别人知道发生了什么。hold back 控制(情感),根据 2.under construction 3.It took them; to build 4.provide ; for 2.narrowly 4.suggested 5.provide 6.foggy

题干中的信息 not letting others know,可推断她应该是 hold back one's tears“忍住眼泪”,不 想让别人知道。 2.A great many visitors come to visit the church________(date)from the 13th century,which has brought large income to the local people. 答案:dating 句意:很多游客来参观这座追溯到 13 世纪的教堂,这给当地居民带来了 很高的经济收入。分析题干可知所填部分在句中作定语修饰 the church,所以需要一个非谓语 形式或者是定语从句来充当。 date from“追溯到……”是一个不及物动词短语, 没有被动语态, 作定语时只能用 doing。 3.That salesman________(suggest)me buying his MP4,but it doesn't work well now. 答案:suggested 考查动词辨析。句意:那个男推销员建议我买他的 MP4,但是它现在 不好用了。 suggest sb.doing sth.=advise do sth.建议某人做某事。 由句意可知用一般过去时。 4.—Is that hall big enough?We have at least 300 guests. —Sure.That is a hall which a________500 people. 答案:accommodates 句意:——那座礼堂够大吗?我们至少有 300 位客人。——当然。 那是一个能容纳 500 人的礼堂。accommodate 容纳。 5 . We should consider the request________the library________(provide)more books on science. 答案:that;provide 考查 provide 的用法和虚拟语气。句意:我们应该考虑一下这个要

求:图书馆应该提供更多科学方面的书籍。request 后的从句是同位语从句,从句中的谓语动 词用 should+动词原形,should 可以省略。 6.Ben dreamed________becoming________electronic engineer when he was a child. 答案: of; an 句意: 本还是个孩子的时候就梦想着当一名电子工程师。 dream of/about doing sth.梦想着做某事,又因为 electronic engineer 是以元音音素开头,所以应该用 an。 7.The British boy,Oscar Wrigley,aged 2,has an IQ of over 160,________to that of Albert Einstein or Steven Hawking. 答案: equal 句意: 两岁的英国男孩奥斯卡· 瑞科雷的智商超过了 160, 相当于阿尔伯特· 爱 因斯坦或者斯蒂芬· 霍金的智商。 equal to...是形容词短语作定语, equal to...=which is equal to...。 8.With the help of volunteers,we finally made so many children's dreams________true. 答案:come come true 实现。 9.What a nice meal!I've never had________delicious food. 答案:more 句意:多好的一顿饭呀!我以前从来没吃过如此美味的饭菜。never 与比较 级连用表示最高级的意思=This is the most delicious food that I have ever had.。 10.Nowadays the power of the wind is being________to generate electricity. 句意:在志愿者的帮助下,我们最终让如此多的孩子的梦想得以实现了。

答案:harnessed 句意:现如今风力正在被用来发电。由句意可知,此处指“利用风力发 电”用 harness,指利用自然之力。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 A At noon,Shi Huizi received a text message.“This is Yuantong Express.Please come to the school gate and pick up your parcel.”The 22yearold girl at Beijing International Studies University rushed to the school gate,where hundreds of parcels lay waiting to be collected by their owners. This scene is not uncommon on China's campuses, as shopping online has become an important part of their lifestyle for many university students.But convenient as it is,online shopping among students is marked by impulse(冲动)buying and other risks.Students should be cautious to avoid them. According to Taobao,during last year's graduation season,250,000 graduate students from 116“211”project universities nationwide spent 846 million yuan on Taobao.Beijing Haidian Consumers' Association conducted a survey on the online purchasing behavior of students,which showed that nearly 54 percent of respondents had made irrational purchases. Yang Yi is one of them.The 23yearold business administration major at Beijing Wuzi University bought a limited edition Gundam model kit online for a small fortune, only to find that its appeal faded rapidly.“I did like it when I bought it,but it doesn't look so attractive to me anymore now.So I've decided to sell it to pay off my debts,”says Yang.Yang's experience reflects the consumption patterns of many university students.In an attempt to be unique,many of them turn to online shops to buy“exotic(奇异的)”items not easily found in the domestic market. According to Lei Li,a psychology professor at Renmin University,the impulsive buying patterns found among students have psychological roots.When shopping online is a campus trend, it's not only about convenience,but also about group identification(认可).“If everyone is doing something and you're not, you're less likely to be accepted by others, ”Lei says.The mentality of not wanting to be left out is fuelling impulse buying. As the Haidian survey indicates,online shopping is not always a satisfying experience.Of 848 respondents from universities based in Beijing,42 percent said they had received products that didn't match the online description or photos.Even so,72.5 percent of student buyers don't return unsatisfactory goods due to the inconvenience it causes and long procedures. Lei suggests that students who are enthusiastic about online shopping“pay attention to the consequences and develop a wiser way of consuming—namely,buying items within their budget and being aware of the risks of buying online.”

【语篇解读】随着网络在日常生活中的普及,网购在大学生群体中已逐渐成为一种消费 潮流。文章对在网购这股新浪潮中学生们的不理智消费提出了忠告。 1.How does the passage introduce its topic? A.By making comparisons. B.By giving an example. C.By making an analysis(分析). D.By showing the result of a survey. 答案:B 篇章结构题。文章开始以石慧子收到圆通快递的包裹为例,引入了网购这一话 题。 2.According to the passage,which of the following is NOT the reason why shopping online becomes a campus trend? A.Because of the mind of not wanting to be left out in a group. B.Because many students turn to online shops trying to buy rare items in China. C.Because it is convenient to buy online. D.Because the school hasn't teach them how to consume wisely. 答案:D 推理判断题。D 项关于如何合理消费这一问题在文中没有涉及,从文章及常识 分析来看也不是网购浪潮的主要原因,因此 D 项为本题答案。前三项文章已经明确地表明是 大学生网购潮流的原因。 3.What does the underlined word“irrational”in Para.3 mean? A.Unreasonable. C.Worthless. 答案:A B.Expensive. D.Priceless.

词义猜测题。画线单词所在的语境是:近 54%的受访者曾有过冲动性消费。

unreasonable 不理性的,符合句意。 4.What's the best title of the passage? A.The Risks of Shopping Online B.The Trend of Shopping Online C.Students Shop on Impulse D.Buying More Wisely 答案:C 主旨大意题。本文主要讲述尽管网购如此便利,但是大学生人群中,它却常常 与冲动消费和其他风险挂钩。因此 C 项最贴切。A、B、D 三项范围过大。 B Macao is only forty miles from Hong Kong and it is easy to reach.You can get there by sea.It is an interesting place and it has a long history.Macao is part of China and most people living there are

Chinese. The first Europeans to go to Macao came from Portugal.More than four hundred years ago the Portuguese went there to trade with China.Some settled and made their homes there.They built strong forts to guard the city and the harbor.They also built churches,schools,hospitals and other buildings.Slowly the city grew.People from many countries came to live and work in Macao. Today many people visit Macao.Some only go there to watch dogracing or motorracing or to gamble with their money.But Macao is a quiet and peaceful place.It is pleasant just to walk around and look at old buildings and forts.You feel you are back in the old days.Of course,some of the buildings are now in ruins.The Church of St.Paul has only the front wall with many steps leading up to it.But it is still interesting to see. When you are hot and tired,there are small cool gardens to rest in.When you are hungry,there are good restaurants with many kinds of food.Nearby there are some islands, which are also nice and are easy to get to.There is certainly a lot to do in Macao. 【语篇解读】本文是一篇说明文,介绍了澳门的历史、发展、特点和旅游景点。 5.Macao is easy to get to because________. is part of China and most people there are Chinese is an interesting place is very fast and cheap by sea is not far away from Hong Kong 答案:D 细节理解题。由文章第一句可知,澳门离香港仅四十英里,故 D 项符合题意。 6.Which of the following statements is WRONG? A.Portuguese were the first Europeans to go to Macao. B.Some Portuguese settled in Macao a century ago. C.The city Macao grew slowly. D.People there put up strong forts to defend the city. 答案:B 细节理解题。由第二段第二、三句可知,葡萄牙人最早定居澳门是在 400 多年 前,所以 B 项错误。由第二段第一句可知 A 项正确;由第二段最后几句可知 C、D 两项正确。 7.Where will you have a break when you feel worn out? A.In good restaurants. B.In small cool gardens. C.On some islands. D.In beautiful parks. 答案:B 细节理解题。由末段第一句可知当你又热又累时,你可以到一些凉爽的小花园 内休息,故选 B。

8.The writer's idea seems to be that________. A.people from many countries came to live and work in Macao B.Portuguese were willing to do business in China C.people in Macao serve good food D.Macao is a quiet and peaceful place with a lot to see and to do 答案:D 主旨大意题。文章主要介绍了澳门的历史、发展、特点和有哪些可看、可玩的 去处。 Ⅴ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 【全国新课标卷题型】 Lin Hai, a junior middle school student, had a problem recently. He used to get marks of over 110 points (out of 120 possible points) on his math tests.__1__during last semester's final exams, his math score was only 90 points. It was a shock. “I didn't know what__2__(happen),” said Lin, who kept feeling nervous and frustrated (沮丧的) about math during the__3__(follow) month. Like Lin, many of us have setbacks in life. What would you do to deal__4__these setbacks? Would you just let them be and give up? Lin chose to face his problem. His parents and teacher also gave him help. After some hard work he now gets marks__5__100 and 110 points on his math tests.__6__he still isn't at his original level, Lin doesn't panic anymore. Chen Xing also has a story to tell. The 15yearold girl is not good at__7__(do) situps, which is necessary for the coming high school PE entrance exam.__8__has to do at least 35 situps in a minute to pass the test. Most of Chen's classmates can do 40.__9__ , Chen could only do 20.__10__(feel) worried, Chen decided to do something. She did situps for half an hour every day after school. Now, after a month, she can do 30 situps a minute. 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答案: 1.But 考查连词。前面讲他的分数过去经常在 110 分之上,下文讲只有 90 分,有转折 的意思。 2.happened 考查动词时态。根据句子结构可知,此处应当与前面时态保持一致,动词 用过去式。 3.following 考查形容词。此处做定语,修饰 months,所以用形容词形式。 4.with 考查固定词组。deal with 是固定词组,意为“处理,应对”。 考查介词。根据句子结构可知此处是 between...and...结构,意为“在……

5 . between 与……之间”。 6.Although


应用 although 引导让步状语从句。 7.doing 考查非谓语动词。at 是介词,后应用动名词。 8.One 考查不定代词。根据单数谓语动词 has 可知,此处的主语必须是单数,而且泛 指人,所以用 one。 9.However 考查副词。上下文之间有转折意义,而且此空之后有逗号,所以用表转折

意义的副词 however。 10.Feeling 考查非谓语动词。句意:因为感到担心,她决定采取措施来提高她的运动

成绩。现在分词短语做状语。 【辽宁卷题型】 Mr. White: Sir, you've been using the online catalogue for quite a while. Is there anything I can do to help you? Mark: Well, I have to write a paper on Hollywood in__1__1930s and 1940s, and I'm really__2__(confuse). There are hundreds of books, and I just don't know__3__to begin. Mr. White: Your topic sounds pretty big. Why don't you narrow__4__down to something like... uh... the history of the studios during that time? And you could cut that down even further by__5__(list) the specific years you want. Try adding “1930s” or “1940s” or maybe “Golden Age”. Mark: “Golden Age” is a good idea. Let me type that in... Hey, look, just 6 books this time. That's a lot__6__(good). Mr. White: Oh... Another thing you might consider... Have you tried looking for any articles in the magazine__7__newspaper? Mark: No, I've only been__8__(search) for books. Mr. White: Well, you can look up articles in the magazine in the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature. And we do have the Los Angeles Times available over there. You might go through their indexes__9__see if there's anything you want. Mark: OK, I think I'll get started__10__these books and then I'll go over the magazines. Mr. White: If you need any help, I'll be over there at the Reference Desk. Mark: Great, thanks a lot. 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答案: 1.the 考查年代的表示方法。此处表示“关于二十世纪三四十年代的好莱坞”,表示在 二十世纪三四十年代,应该用“in the 1930s and 1940s”。 2.confused 考查形容词作表语。此处表示“我真的感到很困惑”。形容词 confused 表 示“迷惑的”,一般用来形容人。 3.where 考查宾语从句。此处表示我只是不知从何开始。从句中使用了省略形式,此处 相当于“where I should begin”。 考查代词。根据上下文语境可知,此处表示你的话题太大,你应该缩小它的范 围,所以此处应用代词 it/that 指代前文的“Your topic”。 5.listing 考查非谓语动词。根据前面的介词 by 可知,后面的动词应该用动名词形式。 6.better 考查形容词的比较级。根据上下文语境可知,此处表示那就好多了。再根据“a lot”可知,此处要使用比较级形式。 7.or 考查连词。此处表示你有没有试过寻找一些杂志或报刊上的文章呢?根据句意可 知填 or。 8.searching 考查时态。此处表示没有,我只是一直在寻找书籍。根据句意可知本句应 用现在完成进行时。 考查动词不定式作目的状语。根据上下文语境可知,此处表示目的。此处表示来

看看是否有你想要的东西。 10.with 考查介词的用法。此处表示用这些书我就可以开始写论文了。此处介词 with



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