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外研版高一英语必修3 module4 说课


Sandstorms in Asia

Analysis of teaching material Teaching aims Teaching strategy and methods
Important and difficult points Teaching procedures

Analysis of the teaching material
Teaching aims: 1) Knowledge aims 2) Ability aims 3) Emotional aims Teaching strategy and methods: 1) Communicative language teaching 2) Task-based language teaching

Important and difficult points: 1) Important point 2) Difficult point
How to help students to grasp the important point, and solve the difficult point? Important points: task-based teaching method; make some explanations about some difficult sentences Difficult points: every teaching steps are aimed the last task, especially the exercise of filling the blanks.

Teaching procedures:
Step I Step II Step III Step IV Step V Step VI Step VII Lead-in Skimming Scanning Intensive reading Post reading Discussion Home work

Teaching procedures:
Step I: Lead-in
Show students a video of sandstorm news. And then bring students some questions? 1) What is happening in the video? 2) What can you see from the video, for example, the sky, the traffic , and the citizen? 3) What would you do if you were caught in such situation?

Purpose: the video is real and impressive, so it will arouse students’ interest to learn more about sandstorm.

Reading for information skimming& scanning

Step II Skimming
Ask students to go through the passage, and match the main idea with each paragraphs. ? Para.1 a. the description of sandstorms ? Para.2 b. the causes of sandstorms ? Para.3 c. a major disaster in Asia ? Para.4 d. the effects of sandstorms ? Para.5 e. the government’s measures ? Para.6 f. the forecast and suggestions

Purpose: to grasp the general idea of each paragraph, and to have a clear understanding of the structure of the passage

Step III Scanning
Ask students to scan the passage to find the correct choice for each item. 3.What is the main reason for the increase of sandstorms in China recently? A. It is close to many deserts B. The worsening of the weather in China. C. It is a result of desertification. D. people’s cutting down trees and digging up grass.

Purpose: to help the students to have a correct understanding of details, and to train their ability to find out the answer quickly and correctly.

soil be blown away trees be cut down nothing to hold..

soil be washed into…

All the grass be Grass never eaten or digged up grow again

the land become desert

Step IV Intensive reading Read the text carefully and intensively, and then fill the blanks.

Sandstorms in Asia (key words)
description causes effects desertification ;________ changes ; ________ trees;_________ grass wake up to an_______ orange sky and _____winds, which cover the city in a strong thick brown-yellow ______,_________ dust. The traffic thick dust moves _____ very ______. slowly The _____ difficult to see. makes it ________

Purpose: to help students to have a whole suggestion understanding of sandstorm, and meanwhile measures make the students prepared for the next task.

Language is used for communication Post-reading & Discussion

Step V Post-reading
Ask the students to design a poster to popularize the knowledge to call on people to protect our environment. Demands: 1) work in groups 2) design an striking slogan for your poster 3) be impressive , clear, and persuasive 4) include the main aspects of sandstorms (description, causes, effects, suggestions, measures)

Purpose: to increase students’ sense of cooperative working and to improve students writing ability using what we learnt.

Sandstorms in Asia (key words)
description causes effects desertification ;________ changes ; ________ trees;_________ grass wake up to an_______ orange sky and _____winds, which cover the city in a strong thick brown-yellow ______,_________ dust. The traffic thick dust moves _____ very ______. slowly The _____ difficult to see. makes it ________

suggestion measures

Step VI Discussion As a citizen, every students should protect our environment, what should we do in our daily life? water, chopsticks for once; plastic; transport

Purpose : to increase students’ awareness of protecting our environment.

Homework 1. Make your poster more attractive and persuasive, and then show it next class. 2. Try to master the expressions related to sandstorms.


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