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外研社必修5 module3 introduction

Module3 Adventure in Literature and the Cinema





Mark Twai


马克· 吐温
美国批判现实主义 文学的奠基人,世 界著名的短篇小说 大师。


Who are they?
What do these books introduce?



Will it happen in our life?

The detective story was an account of why a murderer ran away with his companion on a raft.

The biography has no connection with fantasy.

Match the types of book with their meanings

adventure biography crime fantasy history thriller

1. the story of somebody’s life
_________ biography 2. a story which has no connection with reality _________ fantasy 3. a story in which there is lots of adventure action _________

adventure biography crime fantasy history thriller 4. an extremely exciting story, which is often frightening ______ thriller 5. a story in which a detective tries to solve a problem, such as crime identifying a murderer ______ 6. a true account of the past history ______



Are you frightened of Thriller / horror them?


Who are they?
What do these books introduce?



Will it happen in our life?

Language points 1. fantasy n. 想象, 幻想 Don’t live in a fantasy world

fantastic adj. 了不起的,极好的

You passed your test? Fantastic!
你测验及格了? 太棒了!

2. have connection with 和……有关系 in connection with 有关, 和…有关 be connected with 与……有联系, 有关

His dismissal _____________________the has no connection with quality of his work. 他被解雇一事与他工作好坏无关。 The police are interviewing two men in connection with the robbery. 警方正在查问与劫案有关的两个人。

3. identify v. 识别、认出、辨别 (身份, 物体) identify the criminal 认出罪犯

e.g1.I can identify that watch as mine .
2.His accent was difficult to identify.

3.She identified the man as the robber.

4. account n. 叙述,报道,描述;帐户 1.She gave him a full account of her conversation with the doctor. 2.Why didn’t you write your own account of what happened? account for 解释、说明; 导致,引起 3.Bad weather accounted for the long delay. 4.She could not account for her mistake.




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