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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语必修三(外研版)强化练习:Module 6 第2课时]

Module 6


1.The children climbed the hill,on whose top they picnicked. →The children climbed the hill,_________________________________they picnicked. 2.As we all know,bats come out only at night. →________________________to us,bats come out only at night. →________________________that bats come out only at night. →________________________________________is that bats come out only at night. 3.Crusoe's dog became ill and died,making him very lonely. →Crusoe's dog became ill and died,________________________very lonely. 4.We traveled together as far as Chicago,where we said goodbye to each other. →We traveled together as far as Chicago,________________we said goodbye to each other. 5.This is the best thing that we can do in memory of our beloved teacher. →This is the best thing________________in memory of our beloved teacher. 6.Yesterday we had a meeting which lasted two hours. →Yesterday we had a meeting________two hours. 7.The boy whose eyes are blue is my brother. →The boy________________________________are blue is my brother. 8.The plan which was discussed at the meeting last night is of great importance. →The plan________at the meeting last night is of great importance. 答案: 1.on the top of which 2.As is known; It is known; What is known to us him which do 6.lasting 7.the eyes of whom 8.discussed Ⅱ.根据汉语提示完成句子 1.昨天我碰见李萍了,她似乎很忙。 Yesterday I met Li Ping,________________________________________________. 2.他有很多朋友,其中很多都上过大学。 He has many friends,________________________had been in the universities. 3.伽利略生活在比萨城,那里有一个大约 180 英尺高的斜塔。 Galileo lived in the city of Pisa,________________________a leaning tower about 180 feet high. 4.这个会议将推迟到下一个月召开,届时我们将做好了一切准备。 The meeting will be put off till next month,________________________have made all the 3.which made

preparations. 5.屋子里有两个小房间,其中较小的那个当厨房。 There were two small rooms in the house,_______________________served as a kitchen. 6.正如上面所说,高中学生的数量正在增加。 ________________________above , the number of the students in senior high school is increasing. 7.那里的人们睡在他们称之为“炕”的地方,这对詹妮来说是很奇怪的。 The people there slept on what they called“kang”,________________________________to Jenny. 8.他做出了一个惊人的发现,我认为这对科学是极其重要的。 He has made a wonderful discovery,__________________________________to science. 答案:1.who seemed to be very busy 2.many of whom 3.where there is 4.when we will 5.the smaller of which 6.As is said 7.which was very strange 8.which I think is of great importance Ⅲ.语法填空 1.The doctor________the manager is talking to is going to Europe next year. 答案:whom 考查定语从句。句意:正在跟经理谈话的那个医生明年要去欧洲。定语从 句修饰的先行词是人,且在从句中作宾语,故用 whom。 2.At the end of August,another serious quake in Sichuan,________has affected 500,000 people,happened about 30 km southeast of Panzhihua City,near the SichuanYunnan border. 答案:which 句意:在八月底,四川省又发生了一次严重的地震,震源在攀枝花市东南 30 千米处,靠近川滇边界,50 万居民的生活受到了影响。非限制性定语从句修饰 quake,而 且从句缺少主语,只能用 which。 3.The sun heats the earth,________is very important to living things. 答案:which 考查 which 引导的非限制性定语从句。句意:太阳给地球以热量,这对地 球上的生物非常重要。定语从句对前面整个句子作补充说明。 4.His whole family don't like the car,________price is very high. 答案:whose 考查 whose 引导的非限制性定语从句。句意:他们全家人都不喜欢这辆价 格很高的车。whose price=the price of which。 5.He is a man of great experience,________much can be learned. 答案:from whom 考查关系代词。句意:他是一个有丰富经验的人,从他的身上可以学 到很多东西。learn from 从……学习。由于先行词指人,故关系代词用 whom,在本题中,介 词 from 提前了。 6. The Science Museum, ________we visited during a recent trip to Britain, is one of London's

tourist attractions. 答案:which 考查关系代词。句意:这家科学博物馆是伦敦的旅游景点之一,在最近一 次去英国旅行的过程中,我们参观了它。根据句中的逗号可知此句是非限制性定语从句,而 从句中缺少 visited 的宾语,故用 which 引导。 7.Sam promised to hand in the term paper before this June,________,personally I doubted much. 答案:which 考查关系代词。句意:萨姆答应说在 6 月之前上交学期论文,我对此表示 相当怀疑。 which 引导非限制性定语从句, 指代前面整句话的内容, 同时在从句中充当 doubted 的宾语。 8.The clever boy made a hole in the wall,________he could see what was going on inside the house. 答案:through which 考查 through which 引导的非限制性定语从句。句意:这个聪明的 男孩在墙上凿了个洞,从洞里他能看到房子里发生的事。see...through...通过……看。 9.The West Lake,________Hangzhou is famous,is being visited by a growing number of tourists. 答案:for which 考查关系代词。句意:杭州以西湖闻名,而西湖正被越来越多的游客游 览。Hangzhou is famous 为非限制性定语从句,be famous for 为固定搭配,故 which 之前应用 for。 10.The club,________(found)25 years ago,is holding a party for past and present members. 答案:founded 考查定语从句的简化。句意:这家俱乐部正在为新老会员们举行宴会,

它建于 25 年以前。分析题干可知,所填部分为一个定语成分,俱乐部与 found 之间是被动关 系,而且动作发生在过去,所以要用过去分词表示“被动和完成”相当于一个被动的定语从 句:which was founded。 11.________has been announced,we shall have our sports meeting next week. 答案:As 句意:正如所宣布的,下周我们要举行运动会。as 引导非限制性定语从句, 代表整个主句的内容。 12.The old man had one son and two daughters,________treated him well,________made him very sad. 答案:none of whom;which 考查定语从句。句意:这位老人有一个儿子,两个女儿, 都对他不好,这让他很伤心。分析题干知道他有一个儿子,两个女儿,又因为 The old man had one son and two daughters 和________treated him well 之间没有连词 but,不是并列句,所以应 用 none of whom 构成定语从句。第二个空中 which 引导非限制性定语从句修饰前面整个句子 的内容。 13.The Eiffel Tower,________(date)back to 1889,________(situate) in the Mars square in Paris,France.

答案:dating;is situated 考查定语从句的简化和 situated 的用法。句意:埃菲尔铁塔位 于法国巴黎的马斯河广场,它追溯到 1889 年。分析题干可知第一个空是一个定语成分,date back 没有被动形式, 作定语只能用 doing 形式, 可以转化为一个非限制性定语从句: which dates back to 1889;第二个空是谓语部分,be situated in“位于……”,这里 situated 可以看作是形 容词。 14.Mo Yan became the first one to________(award)the Nobel Prize for Literature in China. 答案:have been awarded 句意:莫言成为中国第一个被授予诺贝尔文学奖的。the first 或 the last 后的定语应用 to do 充当,且 award 发生在过去,与 the first one 之间是被动关系, 故用 have been awarded。 15.The Voice of China is generally believed to be China's best TV show,________many potential singers have stood out. 答案:where 考查定语从句的引导词。句意: 《中国好声音》被认为是中国最好的电视节 目,在这里很多有潜力的歌手脱颖而出。先行词是 TV show,而非限制性定语从句中又缺少地 点状语,所以用 where 来引导。 Ⅳ.完形填空 I consider myself somewhat of a history buff(爱好者),but I must admit“tripping”over history on a recent trip to Nashville,TN.__1__ of myself is the best description. Having to arrive in Nashville,TN on Wednesday evening for an appointment for my knee replacement,we planned to __2__ the weekend.Now we are well __3__ to weekends in the __4__. in

Music City,however,a Saturday begged us to see something

I suggested we visit the Hermitage.During the many visits to this city we had not __5__ the Hermitage.We arrived at the visitor 到).Again,I fell in love with __6__

hesitant not knowing what to encounter( 遇

__7__.From the short film story of Andrew Jackson and family to __8__ of

walking the 1,100 acres of the farm,I was back in the 1700's.I am ashamed of my lack

this period of history.We began our walk __9__ gravel(砾石) paths to the home of President Andrew Jackson.The huge cedar trees(雪松) lining the walk were a real __10__.I would expect live oaks.However,the cedars grow __11__ and some are over 75 ft.tall.Many were __12__ in high winds a few years ago. We were greeted at the mansion(官邸) by two __13__ ladies in full dress.I could not resist __14__ my short experience as a docent aboard the Nina,Columbus ship.They __15__ quite impressed by my experience and dedication.I do have a newly volunteering for such guide duties. We __17__ the Mansion for the guided viewing.However,a faint ghost,like a __18__, appeared in the wavy window in the drawing room.I was __19__ into the 1700's.How I would __16__ respect for those

like to ask her about life here.I was __20__ by a slight,black woman of many years named

Hanna Jackson. 1. A.Afraid C.Awaken B.Ashamed D.Worried

答案:B 句意:惭愧是最好的描述。tripping over history“没有搞懂历史”,让“我”最 近去田纳西州的纳什维尔的旅行非常尴尬,而 ashamed“惭愧的”表明了“我”当时的心情, 这也与下文中“我”在那个时间段对田纳西州的纳什维尔的历史匮乏感到羞愧的意思一致。 2. A.spend B.take D.cost

答案:A 句意:按约定必须在周三晚上抵达田纳西州的纳什维尔去更换我的膝盖骨,我 们计划在那儿度过这个周末。第一段已经提到了在田纳西州的纳什维尔的一次旅行,故我们 将在那里 spend“度过”这个周末。 3. A.addicted C.accustomed B.devoted D.related

答案:C 句意:现在我们习惯了在音乐城过周末,然而,在周六我们期望看到新的东西。 上句中的 my knee replacement“置换膝盖骨”,说明我们经常去田纳西州的纳什维尔,故 accustomed“习惯的”符合语境的意思。addicted 意为“成瘾的”;devoted 意为“献身于”; related 意为“相关的”。 4. A.old C.modern B.ancient

答案:D 句意:然而,在周六我们期望看到新的东西。下文所描述的“我”提议去参观 郝米提巨博物馆,是对 something new“新东西”的解释。这里的 new“新的”,指的是我们 虽然经常来田纳西州的纳什维尔,但在以前却没有看过的东西。 5. A.taken C.appreciated B.visited D.arrived

答案:A 句意:对这个城市的多次参观,我们没有考虑的是郝米提巨博物馆。take“考 虑”,说明了为什么“我”会在这个周末提议去参观这里的郝米提巨博物馆的原因。 6. C.reception D.beginning

答案:B 句意:我们到达游客中心时有点犹豫了,不知道能够遇到什么样的事情。我们 是第一次参观纳什维尔的郝米提巨博物馆,因此对于 visitor center“游客中心”的服务情况心 里没底。 7. C.history B.palace

答案:C 句意:同样,我爱上了历史。根据语境,下文主要是围绕着 18 世纪 70 年代的

郝米提巨博物馆的历史展开的,history“历史”符合语境的意思。city 意为“城市”;palace 意为“宫殿”;farm 意为“农场”。 8. A.information C.evidence 答案:D D.knowledge


意为“信息”;report 意为“报道”;evidence 意为“证据”。 9. C.withD.towards 答案:B 句意,我们开始沿着砾石路步行到总统安德鲁· 杰克逊的家。句中的 walk“表 B.along

明”,我们是步行,因此这里的 along“沿着”是对我们所走的路的介绍。by 意为“依靠”; with 意为“用”;towards 意为“朝着”。 10. A.surprise C.story B.wonder D.secret

答案:A 句意:路两边排列整齐的巨大雪松给人一个真正的惊喜,surprise“惊喜”,是 下句中 however 及对于雪松的描述而带给“我”的。 wonder 意为“奇迹”; story 意为“故事”; secret 意为“秘密”。 11. A.slowly C.rapidly B.strongly D.largely

答案:C 句意:然而,雪松能快速地成长,它们中的一些能高达 75 英尺。rapidly“快 速地”,可以从句中 over 75 ft“超过 75 英尺高”中得到提示。 12. A.injured C.harmed B.hurt D.damaged

答案: D 句意: 很多雪松在几年前的大风中受损了。 高的雪松在大风中很容易受到破坏。 damage“受损”,主要指对物的损害,强调对于价值、用途或外观等的损失,这种损失或因 自然或人为破坏造成。故 damage 符合句意和语境的意思。 13. A.pleasant C.lively 答案:B B.lovely D.happy lovely“可爱的”。句意:在官邸迎接我们的是两个可爱的穿着宽松衣服的女

士。pleasant 意为“令人愉快的”;lively 意为“有生气的”;happy 意为“快乐的”。 14. A.receivingB.admitting C.sharing D.telling

答案:C 句意:我忍不住与别人分享我在哥伦布的船“尼娜”号上作为一个讲解员的短 暂经验。作为讲解员,就是将有关事物的历史知识介绍给大家,“我”曾经做过短时间的讲 解员,所以 share“分享”符合该语境的要求。

15. A.seemed C.became

B.remained D.continued

答案:A 句意:他们似乎因我的经验和奉献精神而对我印象深刻。句中的 they 指的是那 两个迎接我们的可爱的女士,这里因“我”的讲解经验和奉献精神而使她们看起来对我的印 象深刻。 16. A.gained C.shown B.found D.accepted

答案:B 句意:我对那些对这种志愿服务指导工作有了一个新的发现的尊重。这里是对 “我”自己作为解说员对这里的历史进行解说而言的,表明了“我”对于让参观者自己当解 说员的新的认识。gain 意为“获得”;show 意为“显示”;accept 意为“接受”。 17. A.saw C.entered B.discovered D.reached

答案:C 句意:在导游的引导下,我们进入了这个官邸。上一段中是 greet“迎接”,而 这里则是我们 enter“进入”了官邸,而下面的描述也是对该官邸内部的介绍。saw 意为“看 见”;discover 意为“发现”;reach 意为“到达”。 18. A.shade C.night B.darkness D.shadow

答案:D 句意:然而,一个模糊的重影就像一个阴影出现在客厅的波浪形的窗口。这里 是对“我”进入大厅时,光线的暗淡而造成的模糊的重影,“我”把它比作一个 shadow“影 子”。shade 意为“阴凉处”;darkness 意为“黑暗”;night 意为“夜晚”。 19. A.pulled C.dropped B.knocked D.arranged

答案:A 句意:我被拉进了 18 世纪 70 年代。这与上文中 I was back in the 1700's.“我回 到了 18 世纪 70 年代”的意思一致,体现出了这个官邸的年代久远,而 pull“拉”更是形象地 表达了“我”当时的心情。 20. A.called C.led B.met D.greeted

答案:D 句意:迎接我的是一个纤细的名为汉娜· 杰克逊的黑人妇女。这里的 woman 与 上句中的 her“她的”,指的是同一个人,即是这座官邸中的雕塑。用 great“迎接”较为形象 地表达出了官邸中的人物的情况。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 Scientists have shown that Mozart has a positive effect on many things,but the great composer himself might be surprised that his music helps bananas ripen (使成熟).A Japanese fruit company, Toyoka Chuo Seika,claims its bananas taste better after being exposed to Mozart's music for a

week.It is mostly easy listening to Mozart' music and it does work on bananas.The company has special“ripening rooms”that play walltowall(整个的)Mozart to its Philippine bananas nonstop for a week.Company officials say“String Quartet No.17”and“ Piano Concer to No.5 in D major”are particularly good at sweetening the fruit. The company is very confident in its work.It has started selling its fruit as“Mozart Bananas”in local supermarkets.A spokesperson believes Mozart bananas will become a hit throughout the rest of Japan once word gets out. Toyoka Chuo Seika is not the first Japanese company to experiment with classical music to produce better tasting food.The“Japan Times”newspaper reports this is the latest in a trend spanning ten years.It writes,“Over the past few decades,a wide variety of foods and beverages (饮料)have been exposed to classical vibrations(振动),such as soy sauce in Kyoto,udon noodles in Tokyo, miso in Yamagata,maitake mushrooms in Ishikawa and ‘Beethoven Bread' in Nagoya,to name a few.” The paper reports on a 1973 study into music and plants by botanist Dorothy Retallack.It says, “After playing various kinds of music to plants for three hours daily,she found they ‘preferred' relaxing classical music,which made them flourish (茂盛).Rock and country music,on the other hand,had either a weakening effect or none at all.” 1.What can we infer from the passage? A.Mozart didn't expect his music could sweeten fruits. B.“String Quartet No.17”is Mozart's rock music. C.Bananas need 7 days to ripen with Mozart's music. D.People had a preference for Mozart in Japan. 答案:A 推理判断题。第一段说莫扎特看到自己的音乐能帮助香蕉成熟的会感到惊讶, 由此可以推断出莫扎特没有预料到他的音乐会有这种效果。 2.The underlined word“hit”in Paragraph 2 has the closest meaning to“________”. A.example C.difficulty B.problem D.success

答案:D 词义猜测题。第二段说这家日本水果公司坚信音乐在香蕉上所起的作用,他的 发言人说消息一旦传出,莫扎特香蕉便会在日本的其他地区风行开来。hit 在此意为“成功而 风行一时的事物”,与 success 意思最为接近。 3.What can we learn from the passage? A.Mozart liked playing music for plants. B.All Mozart's music has the same effect on bananas. C.Some companies have tried music to make better food before D.Mozart bananas are well received all over the world.

答案:C 细节理解题。根据文章第三段第一句话可知:日本曾有多家公司用音乐来使食 物美味可口。 4.According to the passage,plants exposed to(暴露在)country music may________. A.become stronger C.ripen earlier B.grow as usual D.taste sweeter

答案: B 细节理解题。 由最后一段最后一句话可知: 乡村音乐对植物的成长影响并不大。 Ⅵ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 【全国新课标卷题型】 It was really dark when Jennifer finally reached her front door. It seemed__1__(difference) to her. Nobody had taken care of the outside garden for a few days. She was__2__(surprise) as her father usually worked hard to keep everything clean and tidy. She couldn't understand what was going on. She entered the house. First, she went into the kitchen__3__she saw a note written by her father. It said, “Dear Ellen, here is some coffee. I am out searching.” Ellen was__4__mother, but where was she? She went to her parents' room. She found her there. Her mother__5__(lie) on the bed, fast asleep. Her face looked so tired, as if she hadn't slept for days. Jennifer wanted to wake her up but she looked__6__tired. So Jennifer just fell asleep__7__her. When Jennifer woke up, something was different: she wasn't in her mother's room anymore__8__she wasn't wearing the old clothes she ran away__9__. She was on her own bed. It felt so good being back home. Suddenly she heard a voice, “Are you feeling__10__(well) now, dear? You know you made us all very, very scared.” 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答案: 1.different 做表语,表示状态应用形容词 different。 2.surprised 表示“人惊讶”用 surprised。 3.where where 引导定语从句,在从句中做状语。 4.her Ellen 是 Jennifer 的妈妈。Jennifer 是女名,故用 her。 5.was lying 表示过去正在发生的状态用过去进行时。 6.too 想叫醒妈妈,但是妈妈看起来太累了。too“太,过于”。 7.beside 睡在妈妈的身边。beside“在……旁边”。 8.and 两个句子是并列关系,用 and。 故可省略。 10.better 暗含比较,用 better。 【辽宁卷题型】 she ran away in 是定语从句,修饰 the old clothes,定语从句中引导词做 in 的宾语,

Jim: Ming Yue, can I ask you a question? Ming Yue: Sure, what is it? Jim: I was just__1__(wonder) if many Chinese people take their leftover food home__2__the restaurant. Ming Yue: In most cities in China, doggy bags are quite__3__(common). The leftover food usually goes to the dustbin. Jim: That seems like an awful waste! Why don't people order fewer dishes__4__they don't have to throw so much food away? Ming Yue: __5__(order) a lot of food at restaurants is just a tradition in China. You know, in the past, people__6__not afford to eat out like they can today. Jim: I guess that makes sense. I just think__7__would make more sense to take the leftovers home. Ming Yue: Well, if you want, you can take the leftovers home. Jim, I was__8__( impress) by your trying trotters(猪蹄). I heard that many__9__don't like to eat them. Jim:__10__, many people in my generation don't eat trotters, but my parents grew up eating them, so I think they're OK. 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答案: 1.wondering 考查谓语动词。由空格前的 was 可知,此处为过去进行时,此处意为“我 刚才在琢磨是否……”。 2. from 考查介词。 此处表示“中国人是否从餐馆把剩菜打包回家”, 故使用介词 from。 3.uncommon 考查形容词。根据后面的“The leftover food usually goes to the dustbin.”可

知,此处意为“剩菜袋特别不常见”,故用 common 的反义词。 that 考查状语从句。此处意为“为什么人们不少点一些菜,以便他们不用扔掉那 么多剩菜”,故此处使用 so that 引导目的状语从句。 5.Ordering 名词短语作主语。 6.could 考查情态动词。此处表示在过去,人们没钱出去吃饭,动词 afford 常和情态动 词 can/could 连用,根据前面的“in the past”可知此处应用一般过去时。 考查代词的用法。结合语境可知,此处 it 作形式主语,真正的主语为后面的动词 不定式短语。 8.impressed 考查非谓语动词。此处意为“你吃猪蹄这件事令我印象深刻”。短语 be 考查非谓语动词。根据句子结构可知,此处缺少的是句子的主语,应用动

impressed by/with...意为“有深刻的好印象”。 9.foreigners 考查名词。此处表示“我听说许多外国人都不喜欢吃猪蹄”,且根据 many

可知,此处要用 foreigner 的复数形式。 10.Exactly 考查副词。根据后面的“many people in my generation don't eat trotters”可知, 此处表示 Jim 赞同 Ming Yue 的看法,所以用 exactly,意为“正是如此”。


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