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? 单词

1.accessible adj.可使用的;可接触到的;可到达的;易理解的

[教材P2原句] They also make TV accessible to people who
live far away from cities, and satellite dishes can o

ften be seen distributed throughout the countryside and remote areas. 它们也使远离城市的人们可以收看电视,在农村和边远地区经 常可以看到卫星天线。

(1)be accessible to sb.

容易为……理解的;容易 为……接近的

(2)access n.[U]

(使用或见到的)机会/权利; 通道

give (sb.) access to


get/have access to


1.据说公众无法看到这些文件。 It is said that the documents are not accessible to the public
2.地球上有很多人喝不到干净的饮用水。 There are many people on earth who do not have access to

clean drinking water.
3.The website also gives access to a large number of tools

that can be used to analyze these data.

2.distribute vt.使分布,分散;分发,分配;分销

(1)distribute sth. to/among...
把某物分配给……/在……之 间分配某物 distribute sth. over... (2)distribution n. 使某物分布于…… 分发;分配;分布

②The mother distributed candies among children. 母亲给孩子们发糖果。 ③This species of butterfly is widely distributed over our country.


3.wind (wound, wound) [教材P3原句] The first record players had to be wound up by hand and only played records that were two minutes long. 最早的留声机必须手摇上发条,而且只能播放两分钟长的唱片。

wind up wind sth. into a ball wind sth. around sth. 上发条;结束(讲话、会议等) 把……绕成一团 把某物缠绕在某物上

①He reminded his wife to wind up the clock. 他提醒妻子给钟上发条。

②I put on my coat and wound a scarf around my neck.
我穿上外套,在脖子上围了一条围巾。 (2)v.蜿蜒,曲折 wind one's way 蜿蜒前进

③The stream winds its way through the village.


4.reject vt.拒绝,拒收;不予考虑,不予录用 [教材P14原句] The Amish reject cars because they like having tight communities where everyone lives close together. 阿曼门诺派教徒拒绝汽车是因为他们喜欢生活在关系很亲

He has been rejected by all the universities he applied to. 他申请的所有大学都没有录取他。

reject an argument/a claim/a decision/ an offer/ a suggestion/proposal 拒绝接受一个论点/一项要求/一个决定/一项提 议/一条建议

I made it clear to him that I rejected his proposal/suggestion .


reject, refuse, decline, deny 强调拒不接受或拒不考虑没有价值或不合标准的意见、

reject 计划、请求等;也可表示拒绝相信,摒弃、厌弃。其后
跟名词或代词作宾语,但不能跟不定式 表示坚决甚至无礼貌地拒绝接受某物或做某事。此外, 作及物动词时,可表示拒绝给予,后可跟不定式作宾语 指有礼貌地拒绝,或婉言谢绝邀请、建议、帮助等。其

decline deny

否认,拒绝承认或相信某个事实。其后跟名词、代词或 动名词作宾语

[自填助记] ①She declined to have lunch with her friend, saying that she wasn't

feeling well.
②The idea that the earth is flat was rejected centuries ago. ③He denied having seen these watches before. ④I wonder why he refused to discuss the problem at the meeting.

5.oppose vt.反对,抵制,阻挠;与……竞争

[教材P14原句] Since the Amish value seeing each other face to
face, they oppose having telephones in their houses. 因为阿曼门诺派教徒重视彼此面对面交流,所以他们反对在住 宅里装电话。

(1)oppose (doing) sth./sb. doing sth. 反对(做)某事/某人做某事
使……与……对照或对抗 (2)opposed adj. 反对的;相对的 be opposed to... 反对……;与……对立(to是介词)

1.He told you not to oppose your will to/against your parents. 他叫你不要违背父母的意愿。

2.It seems that she is opposed to your going abroad.

6. typical adj.典型的;有代表性的;平常的;特有的 [教材P15原句] For some reason, a typical mobile phone call is nearly always given greater importance than a facetoface

由于某种原因,一个典型的手机电话受到的重视程度几乎总是高 于面对面的交流。

①Since I'm here, I'd like to try a typical dish of this country.

②It is said that this painting is typical of his early works. 据说这幅画是他早期的代表作。 ③It is typical of my grandpa to forget things. 我爷爷老是爱忘事。

④be typical of


⑤ It's typical of sb. to do sth.某人一向做某事

? 短语 the last few decades


2.keep in touch with
3. over time 4.contribute to 5. make a breakthrough

逐渐地;慢慢地 贡献;有助于 取得重大突破

6.benefit from 7.wind up 8.keep pace with 9.rely on made up of

受益于,从……中受益 上发条 与……齐头并进;

依靠 由……组成

11.a large amount of 12.ahead of 13.turn to

大量的 在……之前 转向;求助于

14.answer for
15.decide against


to 16.adjust 17.aboveall particular shaped like 20. on sale

适应 首先;最重要的是 特别,尤其 形状像…… 正在销售

21. in truth
22.face to face absorbed in 24.focus on 25. rather than 26. in general 27. for good measure

面对面地 全神贯注于 集中于 而不是 总体来说 额外

28.rid... of ...


1.contribute to 对……作出贡献;促成,有助于 [教材P2原句] Many different people contributed to the development of TV.

①Honesty and hard work contribute to success and happiness. 诚实加苦干有助于成功和幸福。

(1)contribute... to... (2)contribution n.

向……捐赠……;向……投稿 贡献;捐款;捐助;投稿 对……作出贡献

make a contribution/contributions to...

②Each worker contributed one dollar to the Red Cross. 每个工人都向红十字会捐献了一美元。

③She continued to contribute articles to sports magazines.
她继续为体育杂志撰稿。 ④Some public service advertisements mainly aim to make contributions to society. 一些公益广告的主要目的是为社会作贡献。


Many people contributed money to the Hope

Project, which contributed to many children returning to school. A teacher wrote an article about this and contributed it to a newspaper. 许多人给希望工程捐钱,使许多孩子可以重返校园。一位


2.answer for对……负责,因……受到谴责;担保(某人的品 质等)

[教材P9原句] If you continue to behave like this, you'll
have to answer for your behaviour. 如果你继续这么做,你要为你的行为承担责任。

①You'll answer for your rudeness one day if you don't follow my advice. 如果你不听我的劝告,总有一天你会因你的无礼行为而受到

②I will answer for it that he will accomplish the task. 我愿意担保他能完成这个任务。
can't answer for sb. 无法对某人作出保证

③I can't answer for my colleagues,but as far as I am

concerned, this is a great proposal.
我不能担保我的同事们也这样想,但就我来说,这是个非常 棒的提议。 particular特别,尤其 ①I love music in general and I love folk songs in particular. 总的来说,我喜欢音乐,而且我特别喜欢民歌。

②Is there anything in particular you'd like for dinner?
晚饭你想吃点什么特别的吗? [点津] in particular 通常不和句子的其他成分分开,且常放 在所强调的词的后面。
be particular about/over... 对……讲究/挑剔

③It is known to us all that she is particular about her dress.

3.rather than而不是 [教材P15原句] The use of technology for communication rather than talking face to face is one reason why this is true.

个原因。 rather than意为“而不是,而非”,在句中连接并列成分,并列 成分可以是名词、代词、动词、介词短语、动名词或不定式, 但要注意以下两点:

(1)连接的并列成分作主语时,谓语与rather than前的成分在

(2)连接并列的不定式时,其后的不定式可省略to,但rather than 位于句首时to必须去掉。 ①I think I'll have a cold drink rather than coffee. 我想要冷饮,不要咖啡。

②He decided to quit rather than accept the new rules.
他决定退出而不是接受新规则。 ③Helen, rather than Jane and John, is responsible for the


would do ...rather than do ... ? ? would rather do ... than do ... ?宁愿做……而不愿做…… prefer to do ... rather than ?to? do ...? ?

④I would rather stay at home than go to the cinema on Sundays. 周日我宁愿待在家里,也不愿去看电影。

1.John Logie Baird constructed the first colour TV in 1928, but it_was_not_until_1938_that the first colour TV programme was broadcast. 1928年,约翰· 洛吉· 贝尔德制造出第一台彩色电视机,但是直到

句中运用了not ... until的强调句式:It is/was not until ... that ...

①It was not until midnight that I could go to sleep. 我直到半夜才得以入睡。 ②It is not until you really lose something that you finally realize how important it means to you. [点津] “not until+时间状语(从句)”置于句首时,句子主句要用部 分倒装。


③Not until last week did they find the lost bike.
直到上个星期他们才找到失踪的自行车。 ④Not until he had graduated from university did he realize the importance of time.


2.Satellites allow TV to be broadcast live over

vast distances, with everyone receiving the same
broadcast at the same time. 卫星可以长距离地现场直播电视节目,每个人在同一时 间收到相同的节目。 [典例背诵]

With prices going up so fast, we can't afford luxuries.

3.I was at the dentist's last Sunday to have_my_teeth_checked. 上周日我去牙医诊所检查牙齿。 句中的have my teeth checked是have sth. done结构。在此结构


(1)“让别人做某事”,强调主语的主观意志,相当于get sth. done。

Mrs Smith had two of her bad teeth taken out last week.
上周史密斯夫人请人拔掉了她的两颗坏牙。 (2)“遭遇某事”,强调宾语客观遭受到某件事。 Many people had their houses damaged in the earthquake. 许多人的房子在地震中被损坏。

(3)“完成或解决某事”。 I've had all my mistakes corrected. 我已把所有的错误都改正过来了。 have sb. do sth. have sb./sth. doing sth. 让/请某人做某事 让某人/某物处于做某

事的状态 The teacher had us hand in our homework on time.
老师让我们按时交作业。 The night before the procession, the two cheats

had their lights burning all night long.

4. Not_everything that you hear is very important. 并不是你所听到的一切都很重要。 本句是部分否定。not everything ... 相当于everything ... not。英语中,all, both,every, everybody, everything, always,


①Not every man can do it. =Every man can not do it.

②All of the students don't go to play basketball after class. 不是所有的学生下课后都去打篮球。 ③They don't always make mistakes. 他们并非总是犯错误。



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