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2 Unit2 Reading2 The Story of Atlanta

She was NOT allowed to run or win glory for herself in the Olympic Games.


The king

the goddess of love

three gold apples



the Goddess of Love

1. Who was Atlanta?

She was a Greek princess.
2. What was she good at?

She was good at running.
3. Who did she want to marry? She wanted to marry a man who could

run faster than her.

4. How could Hippomenes win

He asked for help from the Greek

Goddess of Love. The Greek Goddess
of Love gave him three golden apples

to attract Atlanta’s attention and
make her slow down.

1. She practised running to compete in the Olympic Games. 2. At first Hippomenes understand why

men ran against Atlanta.
3. Atlanta was not sure she could win.

4. She was so angry about the fact that
she could not run in the Olympics.

5. She made as many men as she could

share her pain.
6. Her father did not understand her wish

to compete in the Olympics.
7. He did not refuse her wish to choose her

husband in a race.

1. marry 结婚, 嫁, 娶 A marry B e.g. Mary married a rich Frenchman last year. marry A to B 把A嫁给B e.g. He married both his daughters to rich businessmen. adj. married

A get / be married (to B)

e.g. She has been married for two years.
be / get married (强调状态) + to (不能用

with) sb. 和 …… 结婚
e.g. He’s married to his job.

n. marriage

2. amazed = surprised be amazed at sth. be amazed to do sth. be amazed that …

e.g. I was amazed at Zhang Zhan’s death. I was amazed to hear about his death. I was amazed that he had passed away.
amazing = surprising令人惊奇的

3. promise
vt. 允诺,答应 promise sb. sth. promise (sb.) to do sth. vi. 保证,有前途 e.g. 1) He promised (her) never to tell a lie. 2) The clear sky promises fine weather.

n. 诺言、字据。充当make, break, keep, carry out的宾语。 e.g. If you make a promise, you should keep it, you ought not to break it. 如果你作出允诺,就得守诺言,不应 该违背诺言。

promise sth. e.g. He promised a gift for my birthday.

promise sb. sth.
e.g. He promised me a gift for my birthday.

promise (sb.) to do sth.
e.g. He promised to buy me a mp3.

promise sb. that …
e.g. He promised that he would buy me a


make / give a promise 许下诺言 keep a promise carry out a promise break a promise 遵守诺言 履行诺言 违背诺言

Review the language

points in this lesson.


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