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m4u3 reading Not just a movie(中英对照)

Not just watching a film ? 不仅仅是看电影?? ? RealCine—virtual reality for everyone ? RealCine——人人都能享受的虚拟现实电影 ? This presentation will give you some information about RealCine: how it works, why it is b ? 这次演讲将告诉大家有关RealCine的一些信息:它是如何应用的,为什么它比电影更好,它还有什么其 ? The RealCine experience will amaze you, and you will agree that this is an extraordinary t ? 感受RealCine将让你惊叹,你一定会认为这是一项卓越的技术,值得进一步发展。 ? The technology behind RealCine is virtual reality (VR). ? RealCine技术实质上是虚拟现实(VR)。 ? Unlike a film, where a passive audience watches and hears what is happening on a screen, R ? 电影仅仅让观众被动地看和听屏幕上发生的事,而RealCine与电影不同,它让你参与到剧情活动中,以 ? Imagine that a VR user ‘goes’ sightseeing in the Himalayas. ? 想象一下,一名VR使用者在“游览”喜马拉雅山。 ? Not only will he or she feel every step of climbing Mount Qomolangma, but the user will al ? 他/她不仅能感受到攀登珠穆朗玛峰的每一步的艰辛,还能体验到周围环境的寒冷、气味、景观和声音 ? he or she will enjoy a feeling of happiness and a sense of achievement upon reaching the t ? 到达顶峰时,他/她将会享受到一种愉悦感和成就感。 ? RealCine works by making the users feel that they are really in a new world—a world that ? RealCine的工作原理是让用户感到他们实际上是在一个新世界——一个只存在于电脑程序中的世界。 ? To achieve this, special VR headsets are designed to allow the users to see in 3-D and hea ? 为了达到这一目标,工程师们设计了特殊的VR头戴式耳机,它可以使观众看到环绕在他们周围的三维图 ? The movements of the headset indicate the direction in which the user wants to go. ? 耳机的移动表明观众想去的方向。 ? The user also wears special gloves so he or she can ‘touch’ the people and objects that ? 观众还会带上特制的手套,这样他/她就可以触摸到他/她看见的人和物体了。 ? To add to the virtual world of RealCine, the headsets even have small openings that give o ? 给RealCine虚拟世界锦上添花的是,耳机上甚至还有一些小孔,可以释放出与环境相匹配的气味。 ? Both the headsets and the gloves are connected to a computer network in the VR studio. ? 耳机和手套都与虚拟现实工作室里的电脑网络相联。 ? In scientific studies it has been shown that VR can be a good treatment for people who hav ? 科学研究已经证明VR技术可以用于治疗有社交障碍的人。 ? In one case, a teenager who was afraid of talking and playing with his schoolmates was tre ? 在一个案例中,科学家利用VR技术治疗一位害怕与他的同学交谈和玩耍的少年。 ? In the world created by RealCine, he became the captain of the Brazilian football team and ? 在RealCine创造的虚拟世界中,他成为巴西足球队队长,并在世界杯决赛中踢进了致胜的一球。 ? This encouraged him to become more confident around others. ? 这鼓励了他在与人交往时变得更加自信。 ? An argument has been put forward that some users will be disappointed by RealCine because ? 有人提出不同意见,认为一些用户可能会对RealCine失望,因为虚拟现实毕竟不是真的。 ? However, with VR we are able to do things that could never be achieved in real life. ? 但是,有了VR技术,我们可以做许多在现实生活中完全不可能实现的事情。 ? For example, with the aid of RealCine, a seventy-year-old grandfather recently took a trip ? 例如,在RealCine的帮助下,一位70岁的老爷爷最近到非洲去旅行了一趟。 ? In reality, he is disabled and can no longer walk, but he was able to see and touch a lion ? 在现实中,他因为残疾而不能行走,但是借助VR工作室里的便利设备,他能看见并触摸一头狮子。 ? Besides this, VR can be used to practise skills in a secure environment that otherwise wou ?

?此之外,VR技术还可以用来在安全的环境中训练一些技能,否则这些技能训练可能相当危险。 除 For example, firefighters could use RealCine to train safely, without the risk of getting ? 例如,消防员可以利用RealCine安全地进行训练,而不需要冒着受伤的危险,闯进着火的大楼。 ? It could be used in class as well. ? VR技术也能被运用在课堂上。 ? Teachers could bring history alive by placing students in an ancient town, or they could t ? 老师可以让学生置身于古代的城镇,从而让历史重现;也可以让学生作为鲸鱼或者松鼠来体验世界,用 ? Finally, RealCine provides fantastic technology for urban planning. ? 最后,RealCine为城市规划提供了绝佳的技术。 ? Engineers can enter the design of a neighbourhood into a computer, and then use VR to ‘wa ? 工程师们可以把某个街区的设计输入电脑,然后利用VR技术在街区中走走, ? see how it looks and make changes before construction is carried out. ? 看看这个街区怎么样,并在动工之前作出适当的调整。 ? This kind of urban planning is in the long term cheaper and more practical, compared with ? 长远来说,与现在大多数的城市规划方式相比,这种城市规划方式更经济、更实用。 ? I recommend the government use this technology in the future planning of this city. ? 我建议政府在未来的城市规划中运用这种技术。 ?

works, why it is better than a film, and how it can be used in other ways. 影更好,它还有什么其他的用途。 an extraordinary technology that deserves to be developed further.

ning on a screen, RealCine puts you into the action and connects with your senses of sight, hearing, 参与到剧情活动中,以一种主动的方式与你的视觉、听觉、嗅觉和触觉联系起来。

ut the user will also experience the cold, smells, sights and sounds of the surrounding environment; 冷、气味、景观和声音; upon reaching the top.

orld—a world that does not exist except in a computer program. 电脑程序中的世界。 see in 3-D and hear the sound all around them. 绕在他们周围的三维图像,听到周围的声音。 ants to go.

e and objects that he or she sees.

penings that give out smells to match the environment. 境相匹配的气味。 the VR studio. for people who have social problems.

schoolmates was treated with VR.

n football team and scored the winning goal in a World Cup final. 了致胜的一球。

y RealCine because VR is not real.

in real life.

ecently took a trip to Africa.

ee and touch a lion while still in the convenience of the VR studio. 并触摸一头狮子。 that otherwise would be quite dangerous.

可能相当危险。 he risk of getting injured in a burning building. 进着火的大楼。

wn, or they could teach biology by allowing students to experience the world as a whale or a squirre 者松鼠来体验世界,用这种方式来进行生物课的教学。

then use VR to ‘walk’ around the neighbourhood,

cal, compared with the way most urban planning is done today.

f this city.

of sight, hearing, smell and touch in an active way.

unding environment;

whale or a squirrel.

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