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高中英语必修4-Unit3 词汇和短语教案

高中英语必修 4 Unit 3 词汇和短语教案 A taste of English humour 单 元 学 习 目 标 导 航 类别 话题 2.a taste of English humour 重 点 词 汇 词 be content with badly off 组 1 ….find it funny to see some one sliding on a banana skin. 2. While telling the story, use the expression on your face. 句 语言 型 知识 目标 4.First he picked out the laces and eats them as if they were spaghetti. 5. They are so hungry that they have to boil a pair of leather shoes in a pan and eat it. 动 词 的 –ing 形 式 作 表 语 、 定 语 和 宾 语 补 足 语 的 用 法 (The –ing form as the predicative, attribute & object complement) Their job is “panning for gold”. 语 法 That was the problem facing Charlie Chaplin. He sat down at the table with his plate and drinking cup. Do you find it funny to see someone sliding on a banana skin, bumping into someone else round a corner, or falling down a hole in the road? 3.It happened that the flower was a new species. pick out cut off star in knock into slide skin cruel content astonish particular entertain entertaining throughout homeless worn-out failure overcome difficulty boil fortunate snowstorm bottom chew mouthful direct star(v.) outstanding Switzerland fortune swing pancake mountains whisper vast sense 新课标要求掌握的项目 1.different types of humour

情感(Emotions) I enjoy this very much because ﹍﹍ I laugh at that kind of thing because ﹍﹍ This is fun because ﹍﹍

功 能

How wonderful/surprising! It surprises me that ﹍﹍ I?m pleased we were both amused at ﹍﹍ I felt happy because ﹍﹍ It?s amusing that ﹍﹍

情 感 文 化 目 标

1.由于中外文化的差异,不同地域和不同国家对幽默的理解、表现幽默的形式不同, 但其实质一样:把缺陷和完美、荒唐和合理、愚笨和机敏等两极对立的属性不动声色地 积为一体,在这种对立统一中,见其深刻的意义或自嘲的风貌。 2.发现幽默,感受幽默,让我们的生活轻快、美好。

Period I Break through vocabulary and expressions Teaching aims: Teach and study the language points to grasp and use them freely I. Let’s students make a thorough inquiry before class ★重点单词 1. prep. 遍及;贯穿 2.vt.&vi. 滑动,滑行 ,adv.到处、始终、全部 ,n.幻灯片

3.n.失败;破产;不及格 _____ 4.磨破的;穿旧的 adj. 5.adj. 突出的;杰出的;显著的 6.Vt.&vi 克服;战胜 7.adj.多山的;山一般的 _______ 8.特别的;特殊的,adj. 9.使欢乐;款待,vt.&vi.. adv. adj._______;n.______




12. direct vt.&vi__________;n.______;n.__________ 13.fortune n._________; adj._______;adv._____ 14.adj.迷人的;有魅力的 ___________ 15.vt. 使惊讶__________n.________;adj._____ ★重点短语 1.玩文字游戏 _________ 3.跌倒;跌下________ 5. 情况比﹍﹍更差 _____ 7.遍及全世界____________ 9.克服困难 _________ 11. 以﹍﹍为背景 ___________ 13. 拿起 ____________ 15. 主演____________ 2. 4. 6. 8 10 12. 14. 16. knock into be cruel to become famous for a homeless person be kind to in search of cut off outstanding work

II.Make a thorough inquriy during class Teaching aims: Master the new words and expressions. STEP 1. Pronunciation correcting Read after the teacher or the tape twice. Then the teacher asks the students to read words by themselves. STEP 2.Skills in memorizing the new words The teacher analyses the structure and usage of the new words briefly. STEP 3.Summary Teacher pay attention to the important ones. STEP4.当堂达标 ★单词竞猜 Discovering useful words and expressions(PART 1) ★单词拼写 1. 2. Don?t be _________(满足于)with your little success. It?s so _________ (残忍)of him to kill his own son.

3. clothes. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

It took her quite a while to buy a new dress, for she was __________(挑剔的) about

The traveller gave us an ____________(逗人的)talk on the journey. He?s a complete ___________(失败者)in his marriage. ___________(整个)the summer and autumn he continued to go to the office work. I was ____________(幸运的)to catch the train at the last minute. He succeeded in his efforts to ____________(克服)his fatal weakness. He?s quite amusing, and has a good _____________(感觉)of humour.

10. It?s _____________(私下地说)that he is heavily in debt. STEP5. Homework .Learn all the words and expressions by heart.

Suggested answer: I.重点短语 on words 5.worse off 2. 撞到某人身上 3.fall down 4. 对某人残忍 8. 一个无家可归的人 12. 寻找

6. 因﹍﹍而出名 7.throughout the world 对某人仁慈 set in in

9.overcome difficulties 10. 13.pich out II.单词拼写 14. 切断

16. 杰出的工作

1.content\satisfied 2.cruel 3.particular 4.entertaining 5.failure 6.Throughout 7.fortunate 8.overcome 9.sense 10.whispered

PeriodII. Break through vocabulary and expressions Teaching aims: Teach and study the language points to grasp and use them freely I. Let’s students make a thorough inquiry before class. Try to finish exercises in the studying plan by themselves.(Following) II.Make a thorough inquriy during class Teaching aims: Master the new words and expressions. STEP1.Students work toghter;

STEP2.Teacher and students work together. Teacher and students make o thorough inquiry for useful words and expressions through the whole unit together. 1. What does humour mean? Is humour always kind? 幽默是什么意思? 幽默总是很友好的么? ⑴.meanv.意味着 ①.Being a student means studying hard. 作为一个学生, (意味着)你要努力学习。 Success means to work hard.. 成功意味着努力工作。 ⑵. v.打算做…… ②. What do you mean __________? 你打算把它怎样处理? ③. We mean to call on you tomorrow. 我们打算明天看望你 。 ⑶. What do \did you mean by…? 该句型的意思是“你……是什么意思?” ④. What do you mean by acting like this? 你这样做是什么意思? ⑷. be mean t for 打算给予;打算做……用 Success means working hard.

⑸. I mean 就是说;我是说 ⑤. What is this _________? 这准备作什么用? ⑥. These rooms__________ the children?s center. 这些房间是打算用作儿童活动中心的。 【实战演练】 In some parts of London ,missing a bus means_______-for another hour. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting

2. Do you find it funny to see someone sliding on a banana skin, bumping into someone else round a corner?

你看到有人被香蕉皮滑倒或者看到有人在拐角处撞到另外一个人身上时,你会觉得滑稽 可笑吗? (1). Do you find it easy____________ in this way? 你觉得用这种方法解决问题容易吗? (2). He made______ a rule___________ his exercise book carefully before handing it in. 他每次总是把练习仔细检查一遍才交上来。 it 在句中作形式主语 (3). It ?s no use_________________. 这么早去是没有用的。 (4). It?s important to learn English well. 学好英语很重要。 【名题赏析】 I like _____ in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright. A. this 3. B. that C. it D. one

Perhaps it makes us feel more content with our life because we feel there is someone

else worse off than ourselves. 可能这会使我们更加满足于生活,因为我们觉得有的人比我们更不济。 ▲make 此处为动词,“使成为,使变为”。常接复合结构,即 make+宾语+宾语补足语。作 宾语补足语的可以是名词、形容词、省略 to 的不定式、过去分词等形式。 (1). 名词作宾语补足语 All work and no play makes Jack_____________. ① 只学习不玩耍聪明孩子也变傻。 (2).形容词作宾语补足语 ②Sit down and make yourself ______________. 请坐下让自己舒服一下。 (3).省略 to 的不定式作宾语补足语 ③He makes me___________ it. 他让我重复一遍 ④He made us work from morning to night. 他让我们从早忙到晚。

(4).过去分词作宾语补足语 ⑤When I first come to America, I had a lot of difficulties making myself_____________. 我刚到纽约时,想让人听懂我的话很难。 ⑥I am afraid I can?t make myself ____________. 恐怕别人听不懂我的话。 【开放思维】 make up 编造,弥补,化妆 make out 写出,开出,辨认出,假装声称 make a fool of 愚弄 make great\little progress 取的巨大/一点儿进步 ▲ worse off 是 bad off 的比较级,意思是“境况比……更差”。 I went to his house and found his living conditions were worse off than mine. 我到他家一看,发现他的生活状况比我还差。 better off 境况比……较好 make up for 弥补,补偿 make fun of 取笑 make the beds 铺床

4. His entertaining silent movies are still popular today.他那逗乐的无声电影至今也仍然 爱欢迎. ▲entertain ⑴Vt.使有兴趣. ⑵Vt.热情款待 ①He entertained friends at dinner.他招待朋友们吃饭. ②They are much more entertaining than half the novels that are written. 他们比创作的半数小说更能使人得到快乐 [思维拓展] entertainment n. 娱乐;文娱节目;表演会. entertaining adj. 愉快的,有趣的; n.招待,款待. entertainer n.. 款待者,表演娱乐节目的人,演艺人员. 5.He played a poor and homeless person, who wore large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round black hat and carried a walking stick.他扮演的是个穿着长裤子,破鞋和头顶着黑 圆帽子,手里拿着拐杖的贫穷且无家可归的人. ▲worn-out

⑴adj.磨损的,损坏的,穿破的. ①He wore a pair of worn-out shoes.他穿着一双破鞋. ⑵筋疲力尽的,耗尽的,穿破的,用旧的. ②I was worn-out after the long journey.我在长途跋涉后感受到筋疲力尽. ▲walking stick 此处为“拐杖”,walking 为动名词作定语。 (1) a sleeping car = a car for sleeping (2) a waiting man =a man who is waiting (3) a sleeping child =a child who is sleeping 6..The film is set in California in the middle of the nineteenth century when gold was discovered and thousands of people rushed there in search of it.这部电影的背景是 19 世纪中叶 的加利福尼亚州,那时(在那里)发现金子,成千上万的人涌向那里去淘金子。 ▲in search of; look for 寻找 ①They are ________________ the lost boy in the forest.他们在森林里寻找丢失的小男孩。 ②I am in search of the lost necklace in the room.我在屋子里寻找丢失的项链。 search of 搜寻…… in case of 一旦;万一 in course of 在……过程中 in front of 在前边 in place of 代替 in time of 在……时候 7.They are so hungry that they have to boil a pair of leather shoes in a pan and eat it. 他们如此的饥饿以至于把他们的皮鞋放在平底锅里煮了吃。 ▲ so﹍that 意为“如此……以至”,在句中引导结果状语从句。 so 为副词,后跟形容词或 副词。 (1) I was_______________ that I can?t say a word.我如此生气以至于我说不出一句话来。 (2) It is _________________that I dare not go out alone.外面黑的我不敢独自外出。 (3) It is ________________that it can?t run fast.它是一只小绵羊,它不能够跑的快。 (4) She is ______________that we all love her. = She is such a good teacher that we all love her.她是一位好老师,我们都爱她。 (5) It was __________that they went shopping.那是个好天气,他们都去购物了。 search someplace for sth. 搜寻某地寻找某物 in charge of 负责;主管 in favour of 支持

in need of 需要 in possession of 拥有

(6) They are ____________that we would like to eat them.它们是如此好的香蕉,以致我们 想吃他们。 [实战演练] Roses need special care ______ they can live through winter. A. because B. so that C. even if D. as

8.Then he cuts off the leather top of the shoe, treating it as if it were the finest meat. 然后他把鞋上端的皮子割下来,就像割下一块香喷喷的肉。 ▲cut off (1) 分离,隔离 ①When the city was cut off, every one knew that the total defeat was certain.当城市被包围 时,大家都知道失败已成定局。 (2)中断 ② they cut off our food supply.他们中断了我们的食物供应。 ③The telephone operator cut us off.电话接线员把我们的线路切断了。 【思维拓展】 cut across 取捷径;走近路 cut back 剪枝;修剪;减少;缩小;削减 cut down 砍倒;砍伤;砍死 [实战演练] He was in hospital for six months, He felt as if he was _________from the outside world. A. cut out ▲treat vt. 对待 ①he treated me all right. 她对我还不错。 ②He treated the matter as a joke. 他把这件事当作一个玩笑。 ③Don?t treat this serious matter as a joke. 不要把这件严肃的事情当作笑料。 9.Chaplin produced, directed and wrote the movies he starred in.卓别林的电影是自导自 编自演的。 direct (1) vt. 导演 ① Who directed the new Indian film? 谁导演了这部印度大片? B. cut off C. cut up D. cut through cut in 插嘴 cut out 剪除;切掉;割掉 cut up 切碎

(2) vt. 给予权威性指导 ②He directed the students to answer. 他指导学生回答。 (3) vt. 指引 ③The driver directed us to the airport. 司机给我们指引机场方向。 [思维拓展] director n. 指导者;导演;理事 in the direction of 向……方向 direction n. 方向,方位 directly adv. 直接的 in all directions 向四面八方 under the direction of 在……指导下

10.I think how short life is and how long the universe has lasted.我想到生命是多么得短暂 而宇宙是多么得漫长。 ▲think of :think about 考虑;思考 ①We are thinking of going to France. 我们在考虑到法国去。 ②I think of it as impossible. 我认为这是不可能的。 【思维拓展】 not think much of 看清 think better of sb. 看中

think better of sth. 改变……念头 think highly of 器重 think little of 看不起 think nothing of 轻视 ▲last (1) vi. 继续;持续 ①The war__________________. 战争持续了四年。 (2) 维持生命 ②The patient is not expected to last much longer. 这位病人活不了多久了。 (3)耐用 ③I wanted a car that ______________. 我需要一辆经久耐用的汽车。 (4)维持 ④We have enough food to___________________. 我们的食物足够维持三天的。 (5) adj. 最后的;最迟的 ⑤This is the last game of the season. 这是本赛季的最后一场比赛。 think well of 重视

think poorly of 不放在眼里

(6) 刚过去的;最近的 ⑥They?ve lived in the building for the last three years. 最近三年他们一直住在这幢楼里。 (7) adv. 最终的 ⑦I?m to speak last at the meeting. 我将在会中最后一个发言。 [实战演练] The evening news comes on at seven o?clock and ______ only thirty minutes. A. keeps B. continues C. finishes D. lasts

11. Pay special attention to intonation and try to bring out the humorous meaning. 尤其注意语调并努力产生幽默的意思。 ▲pay attention to You should pay much attention to your pronunciation. 你应该十分注意你的发音。 【归纳拓展】 belong to 属于 contribute to 为……做贡献 help oneself to 自取,自用 lead to 导致 refer to 提到,涉及到 see to 照看或处理某事物 turn to 求助于 ▲bring about v. 产生,改变方向 ①Science has brought about many changes in our life. 科学给我们的生活带来了许多变化。 ②If the wind changes, you have to bring the boat about. 风向若改变,你也应该改变航向。 【思维拓展】 bring about 带来,造成 bring in 收庄稼,提出,引进 bring to 使恢复知觉 [实战演练] Can you make a sentence to ________ the meaning of the phrase? bring back 带回来;使恢复 bring out 使显现,阐明,出版 bring up 教育;培养;使成长;呕吐 according to 按照 devote to 献身,致力于 look forward to 盼望,期待 prefer--- to 两者间更喜欢 relate to 与……有关 stick to 坚持,不改变或不放弃

A. show off

B. burn out

C. bring out

D. take in

III.Summary mastering skills and important words,expressions STEP3. 当堂达标 ★单项选择 1.Our supply of water has been ________ for 3 days. A. cut off B. shut down C. cut through D. turned down

2.She is perfectly ______ to live in a hut and paint pictures all dy. A. likely B. fit C. content D. Satisfactory

3.See what you have done! Don?t you have a ________ of right or wrong? A. feeling B. thought C. sense D. knowledge

4. _____ that I was not in London at the time. A. I so happened C.I was happened B. It so happened D. It was happened

5. He was in such a hurry that he almost ________ the old man. A. knocked at B. knocked into C. knocked off D. knocked on

6.— What?s the matter with the car? — It looks ______ the engine couldn?t work. A. as if B. like C. as D. that

7.Before doing shopping, you should ______ a shopping plan at home in advance. A. pick out B. work out C. give out D. carry out

8.Though there were too many people in the waiting-room, I had little difficulty ______ my friend, Jane, a pretty model. A. making up B. setting out C. picking out D. picking up

9.The _______ report is well worth ______. A. encouraged; being listening to C. encouraging ; listening to B. encouraging; listening to D. encouraging; being listening to

10.The explosion sent things _______)in all direction. A. to fly B. flying C. fiy D. flied

11.Mr. hill is very kind and friendly ___ his students, but he is also very strict ___ them. A. with; to B. to; with C. to; to D. with; with

STEP 4. Homework Preview useful words and expressions.

Suggested answer A.单元知识精讲精练 1. 2. 3. to do with it//meant for//are meant for // A. to solve the problem//it …to check//getting there early//C a dull boy // comfortable //repeat // understood //understood

6. in search of 7. so angry;so dark ;such a little sheep ;so good a teacher ;such fine weather ; such nice bananas B 8. B. 10. lasted four years // would last //last three days// D 11. C. B.单项选择 A CD B B A B C C B B



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