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Film Review
BOOK 2 Module 6

Films andTV Programmes(Reading)
宜宾市第六中学校 廖丽英

How much do you know about this film

Choose Best Summary
? It takes place on Peking rooftops and in the deserts of western China. ? It is a martial arts film that tells the story of a stolen sword, and the fight to get it back.
? It tells the story of two people who love each other.

Listen and choose


1. T

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a masterpiece of martial arts films. F 2. Now wuxia films are well received only in China. F 3. Chow Yun-Fat played wonderfully in the film and the part Li Mubai interests the audience most.

? ? ? ?

1. What happens to Xiulian’s sword? A. Xiulian loses it in the desert of western China. B.It is given to Mubai as a present. C. It has broken when Xiulian fights with Jiaolong. ? D. It is stolen by someone
? 2.Wuxia films are now_____. ? A. popular in China, but not acceptable in the west. ? B.popluar neither in China nor in the west. ? C. popular both in China and in the west. ? D.popular in the west ,but Chinese don’t like it any longer.

? 3.Mubai thinks he cannot marry Xiulian because____. ? A.Xiulian’s fiancé was his good friend ? B. Xiulian fiance has died ? C. he doesn’t love Xiulian ? D. he had a fight with Xlilian’s fiancé . ? 4 Which of the following is true? ? A. Few martial arts films have succeeded like this one. ? B. Only children enjoy martial arts films. ? C. You can see many good films in the cinema. ? D.Usually , in martials arts films , male characters interest people most.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5.The last paragraph aims to ____. A. introduce the film B. introduce some actors C advise th cinema to put on thefilm D.advise you to go to see the film 6.The film review mainly tells us ___. A. how to make the film B.the advantage of martial arts films C. the general story of the film D. the develpoment of martial arts films

Talk about characters

? Yu Xiulian and Li Mubai’s relationship

They are in love with each other, but …

? Zhang Ziyi
She is a beautiful actress who plays…

? Chou Yun-Fat
He is the actor who plays…

Fall in love , a good friend , get the stolen sword back


in the early 1800s, Peking rooftops, western deserts of china



Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Li Mubai (by Chow Yun-Fat) Yu Xiulian (by Michelle Yoeh) Yu Jiaolong (by Zhang Ziyi) a masterpiece of martial arts film, exciting.

my opinion

? ? ? ? ?

This story takes place…. It tells of… They fell in love with each other, but… Later, someone steals … and they try to… The action takes place … and the characters leap through… ? Unusually, it is … that… ? The most romantic scene is …

Retell the story

Enjoy the film

Language points

1.character ①性格,特性 a determined character 果断的性格 He has a strong character. 他个性刚强. ②特征,特质,特色 poetry of religious character 带有宗教色彩的诗集. ③角色,人物 Who are the main characters in the play? 那出戏的主要角色是哪几个人?

④文字,记号;字体 print in big characters 用大的字体印刷. He described the character of the character he played with two Chinese characters. 他用了两个汉字描绘他所扮演的角色的性格. 2. Now, to everyone’s surprise, Ang Lee, director of a number of excellent films, has made a martial arts film called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 现在,令大家惊讶的是, 曾经拍了许多优秀的 影片的导演李安, 拍了一部名为《卧虎藏龙》 的功夫片。

①to everyone’s surprise 使大家惊讶的是…… 也可以表达成to the surprise of everyone to someone’s joy/delight令某人高兴的是…… to someone’s horror 令某人恐惧的是…… to someone’s excitement 令某人兴奋的是…… to someone’s sadness 令某人悲伤的是…… ②director of a number of excellent films 作同 位语时, 在表示头衔,官衔的名词前不加冠词. Mr Zhang, headmaster of our school, gave us a lecture. John , captain of the team, has a strong character.

③called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. called 被称作过去分词作定语,表被动. A man called Tom visited you yesterday. 3.The film belongs to a type of Chinese story called wuxia. 这部电影属于中国的武侠片。 belong to 属于,不用于被动语态。 e.g. This medal belongs to my father. 奖牌属于我的父亲。 4. These stories tell of nineteenth-century martial arts with unusual abilities. 这些故事讲述的是19世纪那些有着非凡才能 的功夫大师。

tell of 讲述,关于 He told of his worries. 他讲了他的烦恼. 5. Wuxia films are popular in China, and they are now popular in the west too. 武侠片在中国很受欢迎,在西方也很受欢迎. be popular with/among sb e.g. Chinese food is becoming popular with/ among Americans. 中国菜逐渐受美国人的欢迎。 be popular in +place e.g. Chinese Kongfu is popular in America. 中国功夫现在美国很受欢迎。

6. A man and a woman , Li Mubai (played by Chow Yun-Fat ) and Yu Xiulian (played by Michelle Yeoh), both maters of the martial arts, were in love with each other. 一男一女两位功夫大师,李慕白(周润发饰)和 俞秀莲(杨紫琼饰),相爱了。 be in love with 和某人相爱,表示一种状态。 “爱上某人”是fall in love with sb,表示动作 类似的短语有: be asleep 睡着了 fall asleep 入睡 be in trouble 处在麻烦中 get into trouble 陷入麻烦

have a cold 患感冒 catch a cold 得感冒 keep in touch with sb 和某人保持联系 get in touch with sb 和某人取得联系 7.Mubai feels that he cannot marry Xiulian.

慕白觉得他不能和秀莲结婚。 marry sb 与某人结婚 e.g. It is said that she married a man with a lot of money. 据说她嫁了一个很有钱的人。 marry …to…把……嫁给…… e.g. He married his daughter to a foreigner. 他把女儿嫁给了一个老外。

be married to 表状态 get married to 表示动作 He has been married for ten years. 他结婚十年了。 8. As in the old wuxia stories, characters leap through the air every now and then, with beautiful, graceful movements, while audience shout in surprise. 正如在古代武侠故事中一样,影片中的人物 不时在空中跳跃并做出许多优美的动作,观 众看到这些时都发出了惊叫。 ①as …正如,像……一样 人所共之,章子怡现为这个世界所知。

不时地 ②every now and then/again e.g. Every now and then she went upstairs to see if he was still asleep. 她不时地到楼上看看他是否还在睡觉。 ③ while 然而,表转折 e.g. I’m busy with my work everyday while I’m happy. 我整日忙于工作,然而我很高兴。 ④ in surprise 吃惊地 他吃惊地看着我。 He looked at me in surprise.

9. Unusually, it is the female characters that interest us most. 跟以往不同的是,女性角色让我们更感兴趣。 ①unusually adv. “与往常不同的是”,副词可以 单独放在句首。 e.g. Unluckily, he failed in the examination. 不幸的是,他考试没有及格。 ②interest 1) vt.使感兴趣 The 2006 World Cup interests me. 我对2006年世界杯感兴趣。 2) n. 兴趣;爱好的事物、嗜好;利益 He doesn’t have much interest in the 2006 World Cup.

他对2006年世界杯不怎么感兴趣。 They looked after their own interest. 他们只顾自己的利益。 Tennis is one of his main interests. 打网球使他的主要爱好之一。 have/take/show an interest in对……感兴趣 lose interest in 对……不感兴趣 其结构为: ③此句式为强调句型。 It is/was + 强调部分+that(指人或物)/who (指人)+句式其他部分。 It was Xiao Ming that got the first place in the speech contest.

在演讲比赛中获得第一名的是小明。 被强调部分可以是地点、时间、人物等,对 这部分进行提问就形成特殊疑问句。 It is the female characters that interest us most

What is it that interest us most? 10. Brave, good and strong, Xiulian is the character we care about most. 我们最关注秀莲这个角色, 她勇敢、善良、 坚强。 brave, good and strong 为形容词短语作状语。 care about 关心在意 I don’t care about what he’ll say.

我不在乎他说些什么。 care for 喜欢,希求.I don’t care for baseball. 我不喜欢棒球。 11.Beautiful Zhang Ziyi plays the part of Yu Jiaolong, a young woman who is not as good as she seems. 美丽的章子怡扮演玉娇龙,一个并不像外表 看起来那样善良的年轻女子。 play the part of =play the role of 扮演…角色 Chow Yun-FAT played the part of Li Mubai. a young woman 是Yu Jiaolong的同位语

12. He romantic scenes with Yu Xiulian are very moving, as their eyes show all the love that they must not express in words. 他和俞秀莲之间的浪漫戏很感人,他们的眼 神传递了所有的爱意,这种爱是不可以通过 语言表达的。 moving 令人感动的 moved 受感动的 Mum, love me again! is moving film. We were all moved to tears. 《妈妈再爱我一次》是部感人的影片,我们 都被感动得流泪了。


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