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Protecting the Yangtze River


1. Read the report and find the main idea of each paragraph
Para. 1 The of the Yangtze River has raised concern. Para. 2 Many people have recognized the of protecting the Yangtze River, and and have been set up. Para. 3 Two special government projects are also to protect the river. The first project is the and preservation project. Para. 4 The second project includes for white-flag dolphins Para. 5 The environmental situation on the Yangtze River is .

2.Read the passage again and answer the following questions.
① Why has the health of the Yangtze River raised concern both in China and abroad? Rapid and an increase in have meant that the amount of water taken from the river is , and that the waste being into the river has been increasing. ② What does the Green River organization do? It people the importance of protecting the Yangtze River. ③ What problems do the two government projects focus on? They focus on problems along the Yangtze River such as water and soil white-flag dolphins. ④What did farmers have to do under the water and soil preservation project? They had to replace their crops with or . ⑤What does the second project concern? The second project includes

and protecting

for white-flag dolphins.


3. Analyze the structure of the passage

Protecting the Yangtze River

P1(1): issue



P2(2-4): How to solve the issue

P 3(5):


The 2 of the Yangtze River have raised concern.

A lot of work has been done to protect the river

The 3 of the Yangtze River is improving

Environmental organizations

Water and soil 4


Nature 5 white-dolphins


4. Discussion
What else can we do to protect the Yangtze River? Some measures Educate people Urge the government to pass stricter laws Make strict laws and regulations Build a system to purify the waste and minimize the danger Set up protected areas and projects Punish those who hunt illegally

Part A Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks. T_________, many people have r__________ the importance of protecting the Yangtze River and e____________ organizations and projects have been set up to d______ with the problem. The Green River organization is a non-g____________ organization that educates and advise people on the importance of p________ this great river. The organization also watches the river and stops the i______ hunting of animals which had been a m_______ problem and which has e__________ the wild animals. Two government projects are also u_____ way to protect the river. The projects f____ on problems along the Yangtze River such as water c___________. Experts have a________ the river and are now trying to work out possible s_______ to the many problems. The river and soil p__________ project was set up in 1989.




Protecting the Yangtze River

1. 进一步加深对所学课文的理解。 2. 掌握一些重要词组、短语的用法。

在文中找出下列词组和短语,并把它们译成中文: 1.raised concern(L1-L2) 2.put back into (L4) 3.rely on (L5) 4. the wide range of(L6) 5. set up (L8) 6. deal with(L8) 7. illegal hunting (L10) 8. in danger(L10) under way(12) 10. resulted in (L13) 11.nature reserves(L16) 12. the number of (L17) 13. survived(L20) 14. have a long way to go (L21) 15. in regard to(L21) 16. will be appreciated(L25)

1. raise, raised, raised vt.(及物动词) 根据句子意思,写出下列各句中 raise 的含义。 raise your hands to answer the question raise one’s voice raise the worker’s salary raise a question raise money for the Red Cross He has a big family to raise. His job in the army is raising pigs. 比较并区别 rise, rose, risen vi. (不及物动词) 指太阳、月亮的升起,河水、价格等的上涨, 也指起立、起床,说明主语自身移向较高的位置 The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The water in the river has risen sharply. He is used to rising at six and reading English aloud. 即学即练 I can’t help_____ the goats because I am busy doing my work. A. raising B. rising C. to raise D. to rise


2. rely on 依靠,依赖,信任 rely on/ upon sb. for help 依靠某人的帮助 rely on/upon one’s own efforts 依靠自己的努力 rely on/ upon sb. to do sth. 指望某人做某事 rely on/ upon it that? 相信??(事情) Nowadays we rely increasingly on computers for help/to help us. I relied on you(r) coming early. You can rely on it that it will rain this weekend. You can rely on me to keep you secret. 3. be under way: 已经开始并进行着 The project is under way. Economic recovery is already under way. 知识拓展 under construction under discussion under investigation 与 way 相关的短语 all the way 一直,从头到尾 by way of 1)经过,经由 2)为了 in any way 不管怎样,好歹 in one’s (own) way 以自己的方式 lead the way 领路,带路 make one’s way(辛苦地)前进 no way 没门

under consideration under repair

by the way 顺便一说 find one’s way 找到路, 设法到达 in no way 决不 in the way of 妨碍,阻挡,挡路 lose one’s way 迷路 make way for 让路,让位 on one’s (the ) way 在途中

4. remain V. 1)作系动词“保持,仍是” 强调继续某种状态 The doctor ordered him to remain in bed for a few days. He remained silent. It remains a secret. 2)留待以后再说 remain to be done/ seen A great many things remain to be done. 这么多的问题有待解决。 3)remaining 是形容词形式,常作前置定语 “剩下的” She bought herself a gift with the remaining money. 即学即练 It is a good plan in theory, but it ____ to be seen if it works in practice. A. waits B. stays C. stands D. remains Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains __________ whether they will enjoy it. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen


5. in regard to 关于 汤姆问了很多关于汉语学习的问题。 Tom asked a lot of questions__________ Chinese learning. 6. effort n. 努力 make an effort/ efforts to do 尽力去做?? make every effort to do 尽力去做?? spare no effort 不遗余力去做?? without effort 毫不费力 ①我将尽一切努力去完成我的目标。 I’ll _____ _____ _____ to _____ my aim. ②他毫不费力地完成了这项任务。 He did the task______ ________. ③The rescue team made every____ to find the missing mountain climber. A. effort B. effect C. affect D. efforts 7. appreciate v. 赏识,欣赏,感谢 appreciate sth./ doing sth. 即学即练 ①我很赏识你的才华。 I __________ your ________. ②他们非常感谢我们的及时帮助。 They greatly ___________ our ______ help. ③我恭候佳音。 I shall _________ _______ ____ you. ④I really appreciate_____ to relax with you on this nice island. A. to have had time B. having time C. to have time D. to having time.

请用每小题第一个句子中的黑体单词对应的另外一种形式填写第二个句子中的空格。 1. Her opinion on the matter differs from mine. You can make a real __________ to someone’s life by helping them to go to university. 2. Smoking is a danger to your health. The factory has been releasing _________ chemicals into the air for years. 3. Parents should educate their children on what to do in case of a fire. No country can afford to overlook the value of ___________. 4. Thankfully, the documents survived the fire. His only chance of_______ was a heart operation. 5. Mike is responsible for designing the new model. I think we have a moral ___________to help those who are in need. 6. Please accept this present in appreciation for all you have done for us. I would_________ you letting me know when you will be home. ]




Protecting the Yangtze River

1. 加深并巩固对课文的理解。 2. 掌握一些重要句。 3. 学会分析长难句的结构。

将下列句子译成中文,大声反复朗读并背诵它们。 ①Rapid development and an increase in population have meant that the amount of water taken from the river is rising.(L2)

②Nor is it good news for the wide range of fish and wildlife that live in or along the river.(L5-6)

③It also watches the river and stops the illegal hunting of animals, which has put the wild animal population in danger. (L10-11)

④However, people have finally realized that it is their responsibility to protect this great river. (L22)

⑤The efforts of the Chinese government and people to protect this much-loved river will be appreciated for years to come. (L24-25)

①Rapid development and an increase in population have meant that the amount of water taken from the river is rising.(L2) 此 句的主 语是 ,谓语 动词 是 。句中的 that 引导 从句,从句中的 taken from the river 是 分词作 , 相当于一个 从句。


②Nor is it good news for the wide range of fish and wildlife that live in or along the river.(L5-6) 含有否定意义的副词如_________________________________________________________等位 于句首时,句子用倒装结构。 e.g. 他很少迟到。____________________________________________ Do you know where Kate is ? She isn't in her office. (她也不在)__________________________ in the canteen. ③It also watches the river and stops the illegal hunting of animals, which has put the wild animal population in danger. (L10-11) 句中的 which 引导的是 从句,用来修饰 。这 种从句通常放在 后面,用来修饰 或 ,如: Helen was much kinder to her youngest son than to the others, , of course, made the others envy him.(’04 天津,23) A. who B. that C. what D. which ④However, people have finally realized that it is their responsibility to protect this great river. (L22) 句中的 that 引导 从句,从句中的 it 作 主语,真正的主语是 。 ⑤The efforts of the Chinese government and people to protect this much-loved river will be appreciated for years to come. (L24-25) 这个句子的主语是 ,尽 管比较长,但它 (是/不是)主语从句。主语中最核心的词是 ,其它的 词都是用来作 语,修饰这个核心词。这个句子的主干(即最简洁的主谓宾)是 。

1. It is one of the funniest things on the Internet so far this year. A. finding B. being found C. to find D. found 2. “ Things never come back again.” I couldn’t help talking to myself. A. lost B. losing C. to lose D. have lost 3. Never in my life such a thing. A. I have heard of or seen B. I had heard of or seen C. have I heard of or seen D. did I hear of or seen 4. Seldom TV during the day. A. they watch B. are they watching C. have they watched D. do they watch 5. He was very rude to the officer, made things even worse. A. which B. whom C. what D. who 6. It rained hard yesterday, prevented me from going to the park. A. that B. it C. when D. which


Your body, which had close relations with the food you eat, is the most important thing you own, so it needs proper treatment and proper nourishment. The old saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is not as silly as some people think. The body needs fruit and vegetables because they contain vitamin C. Many people take extra vitamins in pill form, believing that these will make them healthy. But a good diet is made up of nourishing(营养的) food and this gives all the vitamins you need. The body doesn't need or use extra vitamins, so why waste money on them? In the modern western world, many people are too busy to bother about eating properly. They throw anything into their stomachs, eating hurriedly and carelessly. The list of illnesses caused or made worse by bad eating habits is frightening. 1. “Your body has close relations with the food you eat” really means that______. A. all kinds of food you eat can be made into your body B. your body is made up of the food you eat C. what you eat has great effect on your health D. the more you eat, the fitter you will feel 2. The old saying referred to in the passage tells us that ________. A. the apple is the best among all kinds of fruits B. apples can take the place of doctors C. eating apples regularly does lots of good to our health D. an apple is a sure cure for illness 3. In the second paragraph, the writer tries to let us know________. A. our bodies need food, or we can't live B. often eating apples is a good habit C. taking extra vitamin pills is completely useless D. a good diet is of great importance for our health 4. From the passage we can draw a conclusion that if we want to keep healthy, we should ____. A. only eat an apple a day B. eat properly C. take as many vitamin pills as possible D. eat slowly and carefully




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