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高中英语语法专项 复习之冠词

冠词的用法 一 不定冠词的用法 1. 指人或事物的某一种类 He is a student. He wants to be a doctor. 2. 指某一类人或事物的任何一个 A triangle has three angles.

3. 用于初次提到一个人或物时 There is a policeman on the street corner. A Mr Li is waiting for you at the school gate. 4. 用来表示 用来表示one这一概念但语气较弱 这一概念但语气较弱 They will be back in a day or two We live near the sea and we have fish about four times a week.

5. 用于表示单位,价格,速度,比率的单 用于表示单位,价格,速度, 位词中 We are allowed to drive at fifty miles an hour The medicine is to be taken three times a day. 6. 用在某些抽象名词前表示一阵,一场, 用在某些抽象名词前表示一阵,一场, 一种等 There was a heavy snow yesterday. I’d like a large coffee

固定搭配中 In a way In a word Put an end to At a loss Take an interest in… Take a bow Have a word with Make a study of at a distance as a rule as a whole with a will come to an end have a good time make a fortune have a rest

Once in a while As a matter of fact All of a sudden As a result With a view to In a hurry Make a fire Make a fool of

have a cold take a walk lend a hand have a try

定冠词的用法 1. 特指人或事物 Please turn on the light I’ve bought a watch. The watch cost me 1000yuan 2. 在单数可数名词前表示类指 The telephone is a most useful invention in human history.

3. 表示世界上独一无二的东西 The sun is shining brightly 4. 有形容词或分词连用表示一类人 I don’t know what has happened to the young today. To heal the wounded and to save the dying is our duty. 5. 用在序数词,形容词最高级前 用在序数词,

He was the first to speak against slavery. The book is very interesting, I want to have a second look. 7. 表示阶级,党派,方位,方向名词前 表示阶级,党派,方位, My brother joined the Party last year. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west

8. 用在西洋乐器名词前,中国乐器不用 用在西洋乐器名词前, She can play the piano. Play Erhu 9. 用在江河,海洋,湖泊,山脉,群岛等 用在江河,海洋,湖泊,山脉, 地理名词前 The Yellow River The Pacific The Hisha Islands The Tanshan Mountains (Mount Tai)

11. 用在由普通名词构成的专有名词前 The People’s Republic of China The State Council the times Beijing University 12. 用在姓氏复数前表一家人 The Greens are at tale 13. 用在年代,朝代名词及逢十的数词 用在年代, The Tang Dynasty in the 1980’s

14. 用在表度量衡单位词前 I have hired the car by the hour. Pencils are sold by the dozen. 15. 句型“动词 句型“动词+sb+介词 身体某部位” 介词+身体某部位 介词 身体某部位” Take sb by the arm Hit sb in the face 16. 用在普通名词前表抽象概念 What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave.

固定短语 Make the most/ best of beside the question In the habit of In the distance On the whole On the spot Not in the least In the way On the radio/phone go to the cinema

For the time being go to the doctor’s To tell you the truth on the increase To the point

定冠词使用口诀 沙漠,河流与群山,列岛, 沙漠,河流与群山,列岛,海峡与海湾 阶级,党派,朝代名,家族, 阶级,党派,朝代名,家族,名族与报刊 组织,团体与机关, 组织,团体与机关, 天体 组织会议船 习语,特指, 习语,特指,独有词 普通名词专有含 生物,种类,洋乐器, 生物,种类,洋乐器, 人或事物再次谈 方位,次数,最高级, 方位,次数,最高级, 名词均需用定冠

不用冠词的场合 1. 抽象名词和物质名词表一般概念,泛指时 抽象名词和物质名词表一般概念, Love glass water air Paper money bread music My eyes had to adjust to the darkness inside 2. 名词前已有 名词前已有this, that, my, whose some any no each, every等限定词修饰时 等限定词修饰时 Everything comes with a price; there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world.

3. 季节,星期,月份,和节日名词之前 季节,星期,月份, Autumn is the harvest time. The organization was founded in the spring of 2010. 4. 复数名词表一类人或事物或泛指数量不定时 Bicycles are still very useful nowadays. Computers are very popular to all kinds of people.

5. 在语言,学科,三餐,球类等活动名词前 在语言,学科,三餐, They began to learn English last summer. I usually have lunch at home. The English language The breakfast today was terrible. 6. 在人名,称呼语,头衔,职务名词前 在人名,称呼语,头衔, What color are Mr Green’s shoes? President gave a talk on TV. He wants to be an Einstein.

8. 在turn(变成)之后做表语的名词前 变成) 变成 LuXun was a doctor before he turned writer 9. 在 as/though引导的让步状语从句中 引导的让步状语从句中 Shortest though he is, he runs fastest in our class. Child as he is, he knows much about the world. 10. 作为专有名词的地名,国家,州名,街道, 作为专有名词的地名,国家,州名,街道, 城镇中主要建筑物名词之前

Beijing China Yale University

Broadway Downing Street Hyde Park

由普通名词构成的专有名词或含有of 由普通名词构成的专有名词或含有 的专有名词 The people’s park The United Kingdom The Summer Palace

固定习语 In face of In detail At hand in debt in press under cover of by way of at anchor in effect keep house in person

At random on purpose With child keep in mind

零冠词使用口诀 下列情况不用冠, 下列情况不用冠, 名词之前代词限 复数名词表泛指 专有名词不可数 国名语种和颜色 球类学科与三餐 星期月份季节前 头衔称谓习语前

冠词的位置 John is a diligent boy Many a student has failed This is too good a chance to miss 有无冠词的区别 It was up to me to get four of us moving. It was up to me to get the four of us moving .

Go to school Go to the school Go to sea Go to the sea Sit at table Sit at the table Be in charge of Be in the charge of

go to bed go to the bed in hospital in the hospital by day by the day take place take the place of

In open In the open In sight of In the sight of On watch On the watch In secret In the secret

out of question out of the question be of age be of an age take advice take the advice in class in the class

3. 某些特殊短语的特殊用法 1> be late for the meeting/ the bus/ the train be late for class/ supper/ work 2> have/ take/ get/ catch cold have a bad cold 3> 关系密切,成对出现的名词短语前常不用冠 关系密切, 词 Hand and foot sooner or later

right and wrong heart and soul

表语名词前有无冠词的区别 He was principal of our college. He was a principal of our college. She is a mother of three. She is more mother than wife



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