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【优化方案】(浙江、江苏)2016高考英语二轮复习 第二部分 题型突破 专题一 完形填空典题在线知能提升

专题一 完形填空

A She was only about five feet tall and probably never weighed more than 110 pounds.However,Miss Bessie was a(n)__1__ presence in the classroom.From 1938 to 1942,when I at

tended Saint Bernard’s High School,she taught me a lot __2__ I realized. There was never a(n)__3__problem in Miss Bessie’s classes.We didn’t dare to trouble a woman who knew about the Battle of Hastings and could also play the piano and__4__Shakespeare and Milton. Miss Bessie knew that my family couldn’t afford to buy a newspaper.She knew we didn’t__5__own a radio.Still,she __6__me to look out for my__7__and find some ways to__8__what’s going on in the world.__9__I became a delivery boy who delivered newspapers.I__10__made a dollar a week,but I got to read a newspaper every day. Miss Bessie noticed things that had nothing to do with schoolwork but were vital to a youngster’s __11__.Once a few classmates made fun of my __12__overcoat.As I was leaving school,Miss Bessie__13__me on the back of that old overcoat and said, “Carl,never worry about what you don’t have.Just make the most of what you do have—a(n)__14__.” Among the things that I didn’t have was __15__ in the little wooden house.But because of her__16__,I spent many hours beside a kerosene lamp(煤油灯) reading Shakespeare’s works.Miss Bessie introduced me __17__a wonderful world of poems and stories.She led me to__18__that I could write poems as well as Shakespeare. So I read __19__Miss Bessie told me to,and tried to remember the things she insisted that I store.Years later,her encouragement finally led to that lovely day when Miss Bessie dropped me a note __20__“ I’m so proud to read your article in The Times.” 【解题导语】 本文讲述了“我”上高中时,深受 Bessie 老师的启迪和鼓励,最终实 现梦想,成为一名作家的故事。 1.A.amusing B.towering C.interesting D.exciting 解析:选 B。然而,Bessie 在教室里很高大。amusing 意为“好笑的”;towering 意 为“高大的”; interesting 意为“有趣的”; exciting 意为“令人激动的, 激动人心的”。 根据空格前的“However”的转折可知,此处与前文中的“only about five feet tall”形 成对比,故选 B 项。 2.A.more than B.less than C.better than D.worse than 解析:选 A。在 1938 年到 1942 年期间, “我”在 Saint Bernard 高中就读,她教会了 “我”许多多于“我”意识到的东西。more than“比??多”,符合语境。故选 A 项。 B.homework


C.race D.discipline 解析: 选 D。 academy 意为“学术”; homework 意为“作业”; race 意为“赛跑, 种族”; discipline 意为“纪律”。根据下文中的“We didn’t dare to trouble a woman who knew about the Battle of Hastings and could also play the piano and ______ Shakespeare and Milton”可推知,Bessie 很博学,学生们都很佩服她,她的课上从来就没有纪律的问 题,故选 D 项。 4.A.make use of B.make fun of C.make sense of D.make light of 解析:选 C。我们不敢找这样一位女士的麻烦,她了解 Hastings 战役,而且还能够弹 钢琴,理解莎士比亚和弥尔顿。make use of 意为“利用”;make fun of 意为“取笑”; make sense of 意为“理解”;make light of 意为“对??等闲视之,轻视”。故选 C 项。 5.A.even B.still C.ever D.yet 解析:选 A。Bessie 知道我们甚至连台收音机都没有。even 意为“甚至”;still 意为 “仍然”;ever 意为“曾经”;yet 意为“还,然而”。根据上文中的“Miss Bessie knew that my family couldn’t afford to buy a newspaper”可知,作者家里当时很拮据,收 音机对作者家来讲是奢侈品,因此此处表示递进的概念,故选 A 项。 6.A.allowed B.forced C.turned D.encouraged 解析:选 D。她仍然鼓励“我”寻找自己的未来,找一些办法了解世界上正在发生的事 情。下文中的“Years later,her encouragement finally led to that lovely day when Miss Bessie dropped me a note ______”也是提示,老师鼓励“我”去做那些事情,故选 D 项。 7.A.happiness B.future D.mistake 解析:选 B。与下文中的“what’s going on in the world”相呼应,老师鼓励“我” 通过一些途径去探索自己的未来,不要被自己的家庭条件所限制,故选 B 项。 8.A.catch up with B.come up with C.keep up with D.put up with 解析:选 C。catch up with 意为“赶上”;come up with 意为“想出”;keep up with 意为“熟悉,了解”;put up with 意为“容忍”。根据下文中的“read a newspaper”可 知,通过报纸人们可以了解到世界上正在发生的事情,与时俱进,从而不落伍,故选 C 项。 9.A.So B.And C.Because D.As 解析:选 A。于是“我”成了一个送报纸的报童。根据语境可知,上下句表示逻辑上的 因果关系,本句是结果,故选 A 项。 10.A.always B.merely C.sometimes D.almost 解析:选 B。根据空格后的“but I got to read a newspaper every day”的转折可 知,当时“我”去送报的报酬很低,故选 B 项,merely 意为“仅仅” 。 11.A.appearance C.development D.performance 解析:选 C。Bessie 注意到一些与课堂作业没有关系,却对年轻人的发展至关重要的一 些事情。appearance 意为“外貌”;health 意为“健康”;development 意为“发展”;


performance 意为“表现”。结合下文中的例证可知,Bessie 更重视学生的内在发展,故选 C 项。 12.A.colourful B.modern C.informal D.used 解析: 选 D。 曾经有几个同学嘲笑“我”的旧外套。 根据下文中的“that old overcoat” 可知,此处选 D 项,used“旧的”。 13.A.patted B.hit C.struck D.pulled 解析: 选 A。 当“我”要离开学校时, Bessie 拍拍“我”背上的那件旧外套说: “Carl, 永远不要担心你没有的东西。 充分利用你所拥有的东西——你的头脑。 ” pat 意为“轻拍”; hit 意为“撞击”;strike“碰撞,击打”;pull“拉,拽”。根据语境可知,老师在安慰 作者,故选 A 项。 B.overcoat D.brain 解析:选 D。与穿着形成对比,而且是“我”所拥有的,也是老师所看重的应该是人的 头脑,故选 D 项。 B.electricity C.water D.gas 解析:选 B。“我”家那个小木屋里还没有电。根据下文中的“a kerosene lamp(煤油 灯)”可知,此处应选 B 项。 16.A.inspiration B.anger C.curiosity D.sponsorship 解析:选 A。但是由于她的鼓舞, “我”就在煤油灯下花几个小时读莎士比亚的作品。 inspiration 意为“鼓舞”;anger 意为“生气” ;curiosity“好奇心”;sponsorship“资 助”。根据下文中的“her encouragement”可知,此处选 A 项。 17. C.of D.about 解析: 选 A。 Bessie 让“我”了解了诗和小说的世界。 此处是固定词组搭配: introduce sth.意为“使某人初次了解,使尝试”,故选 A 项。 18.A.imagine B.believe C.dream D.insist 解析:选 B。她让“我”相信“我”可以写得和莎士比亚一样好。故选 B 项。 19.A.whenever B.wherever C.whichever D.whatever 解析:选 D。于是“我”读了 Bessie 让“我”读的所有的书,并尽力去记住那些她坚 持要“我”记住的事情。whatever 引导宾语从句,在从句中作宾语。本句是一个省略句, 补充完整是:So I read whatever Miss Bessie told me to read,故选 D 项。 20.A.writing B.printing C.saying D.speaking 解析:选 C。多年后,她的鼓励最终使“我”有这样的一天。那天 Bessie 给我一张便 条,便条上写着:“我很自豪能够在《泰晤士报》上看到你的文章。”报纸或信上写着,经 常用动词 say 或 read 表示,故选 C 项。 B Almost every woman wants to be a good mother,but there are a lot of unexpected


difficulties in the process.You want your children to be educated in all areas of life so that they know__1__about the world.You never stop worrying if you are doing a good job as a(n)__2__ . I always took my daughter to museums and theaters at a(n)__3__age.I thought she would learn more about the__4__around her.I wanted to teach her all I could.I__5__her to be a smart,kind and lovely girl. One day I took her to the Natural History Museum.This was her first__6__to a museum.I hoped she would have__7__and learn new things.When we walked into the area where the whale hung,my daughter__8__at me, “Mom,why does that man over there keep__9__?”I__10__my head and saw a disabled man with problems with his back and legs__11__to walk.I was so__12__that I knew I had to answer her__13__she yelled again.I was hoping he did not__14__her.I simply replied, “He loves to dance,because it just makes him feel__15__.”He did hear us and headed toward her.I was lost for words.I was going to__16__to him for my daughter’s words.He approached us and I saw a__17__on his face.He said happily that that was the nicest thing anyone had ever said about him as people always__18__him because of his problems.He turned to my daughter and said, “Yes,little angel,I love to dance.It makes me happy.” I knew that day I did something__19__as a mom.My daughter taught me a lesson that day that the best thing you can do for your child is teach by__20__.If you are good to others,your child learns to be good to others. 【解题导语】 本文是夹叙夹议文。每一个妈妈都想成为一个优秀的母亲,但如何成为 好母亲,在实际的教育过程中却是个难题。作者通过描述带女儿去博物馆的一次经历,使自 己明白父母的行为才是孩子的榜样。 父母友好地对待别人, 孩子就会潜移默化地学会友好地 对待别人。 1.A.a lot B.a little C.a bit D.lots of 解析:选 A。根据上文中提到母亲想让孩子受到所有领域里的教育可知,此处是要让孩 子对世界了解很多。a lot 意为“许多”;a little 和 a bit 意为“一点儿”;lots of 意 为“许多”,但后要接名词。设空处作 know 的宾语,只能选 a lot,故选 A 项。 2.A.teacher C.parent 解析:选 C。根据文章第一句 Almost every woman wants to be a good mother...可 知,此处应该是做好作为家长(parent)应做的事情。 3.A.busy B.late C.different D.early 解析:选 D。根据下文孩子认为残疾人是在跳舞可知,作者的女儿年龄应该很小,所以 此处是说作者在孩子很小的时候就带孩子到博物馆和剧院。故选 D 项。 4.A.people B.friends C.nature 解析:选 D。根据第一段第二句中的 about the world 可知,作者认为她的女儿会更多 地了解她周围的世界。故选 D 项。 5.A.demanded B.remembered C.wanted D.ordered 解析:选 C。根据上文可知,作者一直想让她的女儿变得更优秀。want do sth. 意为“想让某人做某事”,C 项符合语境。


6.A.attention B.visit C.barrier D.admission 解析:选 B。attention 意为“注意”;visit 意为“参观”;barrier 意为“障碍”; admission 意为“准许加入”。上一句提到作者带她去了自然历史博物馆,也就是去参观博 物馆。故选 B 项。 B.freedom C.success D.luck 解析: 选 A。 带孩子去博物馆应该是希望在玩的同时能学到新的东西。 have fun 意为“玩 得开心”,为固定短语。故选 A 项。 8.A.greeted B.cheered C.complained D.screamed 解析:选 D。根据第二段第六句中的 she yelled again 可知,女儿的声音很大,和 yell 应是同义词。greet 意为“问候”;cheer 意为“欢呼,喝彩”;complain 意为“抱怨”; scream 意为“尖叫”。故选 D 项。 9.A.running B.climbing C.dancing D.jumping 解析:选 C。根据下文 He loves to dance...可知,小女孩认为远处的那个人一直在跳 舞。故选 C 项。 10.A.turned B.touched C.raised D.lowered 解析:选 A。根据句子结构可知,本空和下文的 saw 是并列的两个谓语动词,所以应是 作者转过头看到一个残疾人。turn one’s head 意为“某人转过头”。故选 A 项。 11.A.requiring B.struggling C.devoting D.learning 解析:选 B。该空所填词作 saw 的宾补,宾语是一个背部和腿都有问题的残疾人,所以 他应该是艰难地(struggle)行走,故选 B 项。require 意为“要求”;devote 意为“致力 于,献身于”;learn 意为“学习”。 12.A.frustrated B.proud C.confident D.embarrassed 解析:选 D。女儿把残疾人本来的艰难行走说成是在跳舞,作为家长当然是感到尴尬。 frustrated 意为“懊恼的,沮丧的”;proud 意为“骄傲的,自豪的”; confident 意为 “自信的”;embarrassed 意为“尴尬的”。故选 D 项。 B.before C.after 解析:选 B。为了避免女儿再犯同样的错误,所以是要在女儿再次叫嚷之前去回答她的 问题。before 意为“在??之前”,符合语境。 14.A.hear B.recognize C.obey D.identify 解析:选 A。作者不希望自己女儿的言语对这位残疾人造成伤害,所以是希望他没有听 到(hear)女儿所说的话。 recognize 意为“认出; 承认”; obey 意为“服从; 遵守”; identify 意为“辨认,确认”。 15.A.important B.joyful C.generous D.proud 解析:选 B。通常情况下,跳舞会让人快乐,所以作者就用这个理由来搪塞自己的女儿。


根据本段最后一句 It makes me happy.也可推断该空所填词是 happy 的同义词。 故选 joyful, 意为“高兴的,快乐的”。 16.A.react B.apologize C.introduce D.appeal 解析:选 B。根据上文可知,作者认为女儿说的话不合适,所以想要为此向残疾人道歉。 react 意为“反应”; apologize 意为“道歉”; introduce 意为“介绍”; appeal 意为“吸 引;呼吁;上诉”。故选 B 项,apologize to sb.for sth.意为“为某事向某人道歉”。 B.tear C.sorrow D.surprise 解析:选 A。根据下文 He said happily...可知,这位残疾人脸上带着微笑(smile)。 18.A.looked after B.agreed with C.laughed at D.cared about 解析:选 C。残疾人认为小女孩所说的话是他听到的最好的评价,原因是她和别人的观 点不一样,可以推断出别人都是嘲笑(laugh at)他。look after 意为“照顾”;agree with 意为“同意”;care about 意为“关心,在乎”。故选 C 项。 19.A.honest B.right C.incredible D.strange 解析:选 B。根据上文可知,作者对女儿的解释正是残疾人想要的,所以作者认为自己 这次是做对(right)了。 20.A.explanation B.remark C.word D.example 解析:选 D。根据下文 If you are good to others,your child learns to be good to others.(如果你对别人好,你的孩子也会学着对别人好。)可知,作为父母要以身作则去教 育孩子。by example 意为“以身作则”。



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