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高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版必修5Module 1

高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版必修五 Module 1
知识详解 v. 比较,匹敌,比喻;相比 n. 比较 ( 回 归 课 本 P2)Prepositions , too , can be different : compare on the team , on the weekend(American)with in the team,at the weekend(British). 介词的用法也有所不同:比较一下 on the team,on the weekend(美式)和 in the team,at the weekend(英式)。 11 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① Don’t compare your disadvantages with others’ strong points. 不要拿自己的缺点与别人的优势相比。 ② Walking can’t compare with flying. 走不能和飞相提并论。 ③ Compared to/with her mother,she is tall. 和她妈妈比较起来,她算是很高了。 ④ The two men look over the papers,compare notes and make several telephone calls. 两人浏览文书,商量了一番,打了几个电话。 ⑤ (高考辽宁卷)Those with college degrees had watched an average of less than two hours of TV per weeknight during childhood,compared with an average of more than 2 hours for those who had no education beyond high school. 有大学学历的人在童年时代每周平均看不到两个小时的电视,相比较,没有大学学历的平均 多于两个半小时。 【即境活用】 1.(高考重庆卷)Michael’s new house is like a huge palace,________ with his old one. A.comparing B.compares compare D.compared 解析:选 D。句意是:与迈克尔的旧房子相比,他的新房子就像是一座巨大的宫殿。compare 与 house 是被动关系,故用其过去分词形式作状语。 2.(江苏苏北四市模拟)________ his grades with Arnold’s,George was quite satisfied. A.Compared B.To compare C.Comparing D.Compare 解析:选 C。从逻辑关系分析,此处的非谓语动词和 George 是逻辑主谓关系,所以使用表示 主动的 v.-ing 形式。 2.differ vi. 不同,相异 (回归课本 P2)The other two areas in which the two varieties differ are spelling and pronunciation. 另外两个不同之处是拼写和发音。 【归纳总结】 differ from=be different from 与……不同 differ in 在……方面不同 differ with/from sb. about/on/over sth. 关于某事与某人意见不同


【例句探源】 ① The conditions of our classroom have differed from what you saw five years ago. 我们教室的条件已经与五年前你看到的情况大不一样了。 ② The two girls are similar in appearance,but they differ in voice and disposition. 这两个女孩在外表上相似,但声音与性格却不同。 ③ Mary differed with her husband on whether to buy a new car.玛丽和丈夫对是否买一辆新车有不 同意见。 【即境活用】 3.Leaves are found on all kinds of trees,but they differ greatly ________ size and shape. A.on B.from 解析:选 D。differ in“在某方面不同”。 4.(烟台市模拟)They ________ each other in that they are both bareheaded with sunglasses. A.differ B.modify C.resemble D.classify 解析:选 C。考查动词辨析。句意:“他们的相似之处在于,他俩都光着头,戴着墨镜。”differ 后面要使用介词 from,表示“和……不同”。 3.present vt. 陈述,讲演;提出(观点,计划等) adj. 在场的;出席的;现在的 n. 礼物;赠品;现在 (回归课本 P8)Present your ideas to the rest of the class. 把你的观点陈述给班里的其他同学。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① There were in all 700 students present at the meeting. 总共有 700 名学生出席了这场会议。 ② (牛津 P1562)The committee will present its final report to Parliament in June. 委员会将于六月向议会提交最后的报告。 ③ (朗文 P1544)Ms.Hellman is busy at present,can she ring you later? 赫尔曼女士现在正忙着,让她过一会儿给你回电话好吗? ④ On Teachers’ Day,some students presented their teachers with some flowers. 在教师节那天,有些学生给他们的老师献了花。 【即境活用】 5.The worker ________ his ideas to the manager very clearly. A.preserved B.presented C.provided D.supplied 解析:选 B。present sth. to sb.向某人陈述……。 4.attempt v. 试图,企图 n. 企图,努力,尝试 (回归课本 P9)Can you see any similarities between Webster’s work and attempts to simplify Chinese? 你能看出韦伯斯特的工作和尝试简化汉语之间的相似之处吗? 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】


① He attempted to become a volunteer for the 16th Asian Games,but failed for his poor English. 他曾试图成为一名第 16 届亚洲运动会的志愿者,但因英语差没能实现。 ② (牛津 P110)Two factories were closed in an attempt to cut costs.为削减费用,关闭了两家工厂。 ③ His parents made an attempt to send their son abroad for further education.他父母曾试图送他出 国深造。 【易混辨析】 attempt,try,manage (1)attempt 常含有希望成功,但并不一定取得预期的结果之意。 (2)try 意为“尝试,试用”,含有通过各种方法,尽力把事情做好或达到目的之意。 (3)manage 强调成功做成了某事。manage to do sth.=succeed in doing sth.。 ① The campaign has certainly managed to raise public awareness of the issue. ② I’ve tried really hard but I can’t persuade him to come. ③ He attempted a joke,but no one laughed. 【即境活用】 6.Shelly had worked hard for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it at her first________. A.practice B.risk C.attempt D.act 解析:选 C。句意是:Shelly 努力学习,准备生物考试,她相信她第一次就能通过这次考试。 此句要用 at one’s first attempt 表示“第一次尝试”。practice 练习;risk 冒险;act 行动。 7.(安徽合肥高校附中联考)The young man is being questioned by the police in relation to the ________ murder last night. A.advised B.attended C.admitted D.attempted 解析:选 D。句意“这位年轻人就昨晚的未遂谋杀案接受警察询问。” common 有相同的特点 (回归课本 P1)We have really everything in common with America nowadays,except of course, language. 当然,除了语言外,如今我们确实在所有方面都和美国一样。 【归纳总结】 common n.共同点 adj.大量的;类似的;通常的 have a lot/much/a great deal in common with 与……有很多共同之处 have not much/nothing/little in common with 与……没多少/没有/很少有共同之处 in common 共有;共用 in common with sb./sth. 与……一样 out of(the)common 不寻常的 be common for sb. 对某人来说是共有(同)的/常见的 【例句探源】 ① This dish is very common in my hometown. 这道菜在我的家乡很常见。 ② (朗文 P394)All these companies have one thing in common:they deal in small,inexpensive consumer items.


所有这些公司都有一个共同点:他们都经营廉价的小商品。 ③ We found that we had a lot in common and got on well. 我们发现彼此有很多共同点,很合得来。 ④ In common with a lot of other countries,we’re facing a lot of economic challenges. 同许多别的国家一样,我国也面临着经济挑战。 【即境活用】 8.In ________,the northerners are keen on dumplings while the southerners are fond of rice. A.common C.general D.particular 解析:选 C。in general 一般来说;in common 共同地;in total 总共;in particular 特别地。 9.Experts warn that global warming will cause dramatic climate changes including more ________ floods,heat waves and droughts. A.frequent B.usual C.ordinary D.common 解析:选 A。考查形容词辨析。句意:专家警告说全球变暖将导致显著的气候变化,包括更频 繁的洪水、热浪和干旱。frequent 频繁的;usual 通常的;ordinary 普通的,平凡的;common 共同的。根据句意,可知此处用 frequent。 6.lead to 引起,导致;通向;相连 (回归课本 P3)But it has also led to lots of American words and structures passing into British English,so that some people now believe that British English will disappear. 但是这也致使许多美国英语单词和结构传入英国英语,以至于现在有一些人相信英国英语将 要消失。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① The street leads you to the station. 你沿这条街走就可以到达车站。 ② (牛津 P1146)Eating too much sugar can lead to health problems.食用过多的糖会引起健康问题。 ③ Our English teacher has a strange way of leading us to study English actively. 我们的英语老师有一种奇特的方法促使我们很积极地学习英语。 ④ The evidence leads me to a different conclusion. 这个证据使我得出一个不同的结论。 【即境活用】 10.We firmly believe that war never settles anything.It only ________ violence. A.runs into B.comes from C.leads to D.begins with 解析:选 C。句意:我们坚信战争永远不能解决任何问题。它只能导致暴力。 11.I was ________ to the conclusion that eating too much fat can ________ heart disease and cause high blood pressure. A.led;lead B.leading;lead to C.leading;lead D.led;lead to 解析:选 D。“得出结论吃太多脂肪可引起心脏病”。 7.make a difference 有影响,使不相同 (回归课本 P1)It doesn’t make much of a difference whether a teacher speaks British or American English.


老师讲英国英语还是美国英语并没有太大的区别。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① I don’t think what he said will make any difference. 我认为他说的话不会起什么作用。 ② It makes no difference whether you will come or not. 你来不来没什么区别。 ③ It makes much difference to us whether you can finish it on time. 你是否能按时完成它与我们有很大的关系。 ④ (朗文 P518)Having a good teacher has made all the difference for Alex. 亚历克斯有个好老师后情况完全不一样了。 ⑤ What difference will it make if she doesn’t come to help us? 如果她不来帮助我们,这有影响吗? 【即境活用】 12.You can ask him again if you like,but it won’t make any ________—he’ll still say no. A.adjustment B.difference C.contribution D.decision 解析:选 B。make some difference 为固定搭配,意为“有区别,有意义”;此处为否定句,故 some 应变为 any。 13.(江苏苏北四市模拟)—Tom,what a pity!I almost succeeded yesterday. —________.I told you to be careful before. A.One false step will make a great difference B.Where there’s life,there’s hope C.Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today D.One tree does not make a forest 解析:选 A。从语境分析,此处用 A,表示“一步失误,将造成很大的差别。”也可以理解成“一 失足成千古恨。” 句型梳理 1.【教材原句】A Londoner has more difficulty understanding a Scotsman from Glasgow than understanding a New Yorker.(P2) 伦敦人要听懂来自格拉斯哥的苏格兰人说话要比听懂纽约人说话更难。 【句法分析】 (2)There is (some)difficulty(in)doing sth.做某事有困难 (3)(do sth.)without/with difficulty 毫不费力/费力地(做某事) (4)类似的句型有: ① I have difficulty (in)telling the difference between the twin sisters.辨别这对双胞胎姐妹对我来说 很困难。 ② There is no difficulty for you in being admitted into a teachers’ college.对你来讲,被一所师范学 院录取没什么困难。 ③ (朗文 P519)With difficulty,we hauled it up the stairs. 我们费力地把它拖上了楼梯。 ④ I had to sell my sewing machine when we got into difficulty with an electric bill. 我们付不起电费时,我不得不把缝纫机卖掉。 ⑤ Wall Street has much difficulty in dealing with finance.


华尔街在财政方面遇到好多困难。 【即境活用】 14.(高考上海卷)I had great difficulty ________ the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant. A.find B.found find D.finding 解 析 : 选 D 。 句 意 : 在 那 个 餐 馆 , 我 很 难 从 菜 单 上 找 到 合 适 的 食 物 。 have difficulty/trouble/problems(in)doing...做……有困难,是固定搭配,所以选 D 项。 15.You can imagine the difficulty they have ________ such a large population. A.fed feed C.feeding D.been fed 解析: 选 C。 句意是: 你能够想象到他们供应那么多的人吃饭所遇到的困难。 they have ________ such a large population 是定语从句,修饰 difficulty。difficulty 是 have 的宾语。它们构成了 have difficulty (in)doing...句式。故选 C 项。 2.【教材原句】 The British use prepositions where Americans sometimes omit them.(P2) 英国人用介词的地方美国人有时候可能会省略。 【句法分析】 where 在此处引导的是地点状语从句。where 引导的状语从句位置较为灵活。 ① Springs are very short where she lives. 在她住的地方春天很短暂。 ② Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.不屈不挠者从他人失败的地方 获取成功。 ③ Where there is a life,there is hope. 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧。 where 引导定语从句和状语从句的区别: (1)where 引导定语从句时,where 是关系副词,在从句中作地点状语,其前面有表示地点的先 行词。 (2)where 引导状语从句时,where 是从属连词,where 引导的从句修饰主句的谓语动词,where 前面没有表示地点的先行词。 (3)有时,where 引导的地点状语从句兼有抽象含义,可放在主句的前面,而 where 引导的定语 从句则不能。 (4)在有些情况下,where 引导的定语从句可转换为 where 引导的地点状语从句。 ④ The bookshop where I bought this book is not far from here.我买这本书的那个书店离这里不远。 ⑤ Make a mark where you have any doubts or questions. 在有疑问的地方作一个记号。 ⑥ Where there is a will,there is a way. [谚语]有志者事竟成。 ⑦ Bamboo grows best in places where it is warm and where it rains often. =Bamboo grows best where it is warm and where it rains often.温暖而多雨的地方最适合竹子生 长。 【即境活用】 16.A forest is usually found ________ heavy rainfall is frequent. A.there B.which C.because D.where 解析:选 D。句意是:在经常下大雨的地方通常会发现森林。此句要用 where 引导地点状语从 句,表示“在……地方”。


17.(高考山东卷)The little girl who got lost decided to remain ________ she was and wait for her mother. A.where B.what D.who 解析:选 A。句意:那个迷路的小女孩决定待在原地等她的母亲。where 引导地点状语从句。



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