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外研版必修五 Module 1 测试题

Module 1

British and American English

1.—I forgot my mother’s birthday! —________Better keep it in mind next year. A.I’m afraid so. C.You did? B.So what? D.No wonder.

2.Having dinner together on New Year’s Eve has always been________big deal for my family and it gives us________pleasure. A.the;/ C.a;a B.a;the D.a;/

3.—What do you think of her speech last night? —Just so so.She gave us too much information,so that everyone got________. A.confused C.confusing confuse be confused

4.You can hardly imagine the difficulty the woman had________her children. A.brought up C.bringing up bring up have brought up

5.We firmly believe that war never settles anything.It only________violence. A.runs into C.leads to 6.—Does he know which team wins? —No,it makes no________to him which team wins,because he doesn’t care about it at all. A.different C.attention B.difference D.excuse B.comes from D.begins with

7.When we finally________to get home after the tring long journey,we could hardly move A.tried C.attempted a step further. B.succeeded D.managed

8.Many children seldom communicate with adults,________it difficult for their parents to know what they are thinking about. A.making C.made B.makes make

9.The visiting minister expressed his satisfaction with the task,________that
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he had enjoyed his stay here. A.having added C.adding add D.added

10.You’d better write down the phone number of that restaurant for future________. A.purpose C.progress B.reference D.memory

11.Pan said he has tried to restart his business seven times but each________has proved unsuccessful. A.time C.start D.attempt

12.It was obvious the moment I got in________something unpleasant had happened in the office. A.that C.whether B.which

13.—That’s a great sweater.I have never seen anything like it before. —You think so?My grandmother________it for me. A.makes C.has made B.made D.had made

14.—David is often absent from class. —Tell him he________answer for it if he goes on behaving like that. A.shall C.would B.will D.can

15.He was happy to have saved the bird________his left hand was hurt. C.since Ⅱ.完形填空 A man died and was on his way to another__1__,either the heaven or the hell.He saw an extremely__2__palace halfway and the owner of the palace__3__him to stay and live in the palace. The man said,“I have been working__4__during my life and now I just want to eat and sleep__5__any work.” The owner of the palace said,“__6__,there is nowhere else better than here for you.There is a wealth of__7__in my palace and you can eat whatever you want
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B.if D.though

without anyone__8__you.__9__,you can rest assured (放心) that__10__needs to be done by you.” Then,the man settled down in the palace. At the beginning,the man felt very__11__at the rotation (轮流) of eating and sleeping.But__12__ , he felt a bit lonely and empty.So he went to the owner and groaned,“It is very__13__to live by just eating and sleeping every day.Now I show no__14__in this kind of life any more.Could you help me find a__15__?” The owner replied,“__16__,there is no job here at all.” After another several months,the man could not__17__the present life and went to the owner__18__,“I really could not stand this sort of life any more.If you do not offer me a job,I would__19__to go to the hell instead of living here.” The owner of the palace smiled contemptuously (轻蔑地),“Do you think it is heaven here?It is__20__the hell!”, C.home 2.A.summer C.royal 3.A.asked C.forced 4.A.comfortably C.honestly 5.A.apart from C.without 6.A.If any C.If necessary 7.A.jewels C.books 8.A.stopping C.noticing 9.A.However C.Anyway 10.A.anything C.nothing 11.A.surprised C.mad 12.A.easily
第 3 页 共 10 页 B.fairy?tale D.splendid B.warned D.demanded B.hard D.happily B.besides D.with B.If so D.If possible B.tastes B.dropping D.meeting B.Otherwise D.Moreover B.everything D.something B.happy D.frightened B.carefully

C.confidently 13.A.strange C.boring 14.A.interest C.patience 15.A.partner C.meaning 16.A.That’s right C.Sorry 17.A.bear C.handle 18.A.indeed C.always 19.A.hope C.promise longer C.actually Ⅲ.七选五

D.gradually B.enjoyable D.relaxing D.curiosity B.way D.job B.Cheer up D.Never mind B.lose D.risk B.already D.again B.prefer D.expect B.also D.still

A major source of teen stress is school exams , and test anxiety is not uncommon.When you recognize your teen is under stress,how can parents help your teen stay calm before an exam? Be involved.Parents need to be involved in their teen’s work.__1__What they look for is your presence—to talk , to cry , or simply to sit with them quietly.Communicate openly with your teen.Encourage your teen to express her worries and fears,but don’ t let them focus on those fears. Help them get organized.__2__Together,you and your teen can work out a schedule in which she can study for what she knows will be on the test.Provide a calm environment.Help your teen set up a quiet place to study and protect his privacy (隐私).Give them a nutritious diet.It is important for your teen to eat a healthy, balanced diet during exam times to focus and do her best.__3__If this happens, encourage your teen to eat light meals or sandwiches.A healthy diet,rather than junk food,is best for reducing stress. __4__Persuade your teenager to get some sleep and/or do something active when she needs a real break from studying.Making time for relaxation,fun, and exercise
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are all important in reducing stress.Help your teen balance her time so that she will feel comfortable taking time out from studying to spend time with friends or rest. Show a positive attitude.__5__Your panic,anxiety and blame contribute to your teen’s pressure.Make your teen feel accepted and valued for her efforts.Most importantly,reassure (安慰) your teen that things will be all right, no matter what the results are. A.A parent’s attitude will influence their teen’s emotions. B.Exam stress can make some teens lose their appetite (a desire for food). C.They will only make the situation worse. D.Encourage your teen to relax. E.The best thing is simply to listen. F.Help your teen think about what she has to study and plan accordingly. G.Your teen may also make negative comments about themselves. Ⅳ.短文改错 My spare time is full of interested activities.I read all kinds of books in the reading room whenever I am free.I learn much in the library than in class in this

way.Meanwhile,I participated in many sports activities,of that my favorite is volleyball.I often play volleyball after the school.Sports and games keep me healthy and energetic enough to get across a variety of difficulties.Sometime I go in for social practice with my classmates outside school.Thus , I can gain much social experiences.Out?of?class activities are quite necessary for our students.Through these activities we can learn many things can not be learned in class. Ⅴ.写作训练 (日照市第一中学 2012-2013 学年度第三次质量检测) 最近,很多中学生都纷纷开起了自己的博客。一方面,博客可以作为展示自己的窗口, 可以释放学习的压力,因此已经被越来越多的中学生所接受。但是,另一方面,很多家长和 老师都认为管理个人博客要花相当多的时间和精力, 会耽误学习。 请对这一现象进行简要介 绍,并发表自己的看法。 注意: 词数 100 左右; 开头已给出, 不计入总词数; 参考词汇: 开博客 open one’s blog。 Nowadays,it is a common phenomenon that more and more high school students open their own blogs on the Internet.

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详解答案 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析: 句意为:——我忘了我妈妈的生日了!——你忘了?明年最好想着。根据

语境可知此处表达“吃惊”之意,所以选 C.You did ?=You forgot your mother’s birthday?你竟然忘了你妈妈的生日?A.我恐怕是这样;B.那又怎样呢?D.难怪呢/不足为 奇。 答案: C 2.解析: 句意为:除夕一起吃年夜饭一直是我家的一件大事,它带给了我们快乐。

第二空后的 pleasure 在本句中作“快乐”讲,为不可数名词,在本句中表示泛指,故用零 冠词,故排除 B、C 两项;a big deal 为习惯搭配,意为“一件大事”。 答案: D 3.解析: 考查非谓语动词。get confused 为被动语态结构,get 相当于助动词 be。 答案: A 4.解析: 句意为:你几乎想象不到那位妇女在养育孩子时所遇到的艰辛。have some difficulty (in) doing sth.做某事有困难。 答案: C 5.解析: 句意为:我们坚信战争永远不能解决任何事情,它只能导致暴力。lead to 导致,符合题意。 答案: C 6.解析: no 后接名词,排除 A;attention 要与动词 pay 搭配;make excuse to“向 某人道歉”,不合题意;make no difference to sb.意为“对某人没有影响”。 答案: B 7.解析: 句意为:当我们经过疲惫的长途旅行最终回到家时几乎一步也走不了了。

try to do sth.努力/试图做某事;succeed in doing sth.成功做某事;attempt to do sth. 试图做某事;manage to do sth.成功做某事。结合句意可知应选 D 项。 答案: D 8.解析: 句意为:很多孩子极少与成年人交流,这使得他们的父母很难了解他们在

想些什么。making it difficult...为现在分词短语,在句中作结果状语,表示顺其自然的 结果。 答案: A

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很开心。add 与主句主语间为逻辑上的主谓关系,且与主句谓语动词动作基本上同时发生, 故用现在分词的一般式,在此,非谓语动词作伴随状语。 答案: C 10.解析: 考查名词。句意为:你最好把那家餐馆的电话号码写下来以便将来查看。 reference“查看,查阅”,符合句意。 答案: B 11.解析: 句意为:潘说他曾七次试图重新开始他的事业,但一次次尝试均未成功。 attempt 意为“尝试,努力”,符合句意。 答案: D 12.解析: 句意为:显而易见,我一进办公室就发觉已经发生了不愉快的事情。 It

is/was obvious that...为固定句型,意为“显而易见??”。 答案: A 13.解析: 句意为:——那是件很漂亮的毛衣。我以前从来没见过这样的。——你这 么认为吗?我奶奶给我织的。根据语境可知 make 是过去的动作,所以用一般过去时。A.指 现在经常性或习惯性的动作;C.现在完成时用于强调过去的动作对现在造成的影响或结果; D.过去完成时表达在过去的时间或动作之前完成的事。 答案: B 14.解析: 句意为:——David 经常逃课。——告诉他如果他继续那样做他肯定要为 此付出代价。本题考查情态动词。shall 表示恐吓、威胁、警告、承诺等,常用于第二、三 人称。本题第二句话表示警告,B、C、D 三项均不符合题意,故选 A 项。 答案: A 15.解析: 句意为:虽然他左手受伤了,但是他很高兴救了那只鸟。though 虽然,

引导让步状语从句,符合句意。as 因为;if 如果;since 由于,因为。 答案: D Ⅱ.完形填空 语篇解读: 男子在冥冥之中来到了另外一个世界,实现了自己的夙愿,然而却无法忍 受那样的生活,这是怎么回事呢?让我们一起从文章中寻找答案吧。 1.解析: 本句前半部分提到男子去世,由此可知他在去另外一个“世界”的路上。 答案: A 2.解析: 第三段中提到男子可以在宫殿中尽情享用自己喜欢的食物,由此可推知他

在半路上看到的是一座极其“辉煌的”宫殿。splendid“辉煌的;华丽的”。 答案: D 3.解析:
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宫殿中。ask do sth.“邀请某人做某事”。 答案: A 4.解析: 根据本句后半部分的内容可知,男子生前一直都在“努力”工作。 答案: B 5.解析: 男子一生都在努力工作,现在只想吃和睡,“不”想做任何工作。 答案: C 6.解析: 听完男子的要求,宫殿的主人回答道:“如果是这样,再没有其他地方比

这儿更适合你了。”If so“如果是这样”。 答案: B 7.解析: 根据“you can eat whatever you want”可知,宫殿中的“食物”非常丰 富。另外,上一段中的“ I just want to eat...”也是线索提示。 答案: D 8.解析: 男子可以在宫殿中吃他想吃的任何东西,没有人会“阻止”他。 答案: A 9.解析: 任何事情。 答案: D 10.解析: 参见上题解析。此处表示的是否定含义,故用 nothing。 答案: C 11.解析: 男子实现了自己的愿望,吃了睡,睡了吃,起初感到非常“高兴”。 答案: B 12 . 解 析 : 但 是 , 随着 时 间 的 流 逝 , 男 子 “逐 渐 ” 感 到 有 点 儿 孤 独和 空 虚 。 男子不但可以在宫殿中尽情地吃,“而且”还可以放心地休息,不需要做

gradually“逐渐地”。 答案: D 13.解析: 男子向宫殿的主人抱怨,说每天只是吃、睡,这样活着太“乏味”了。 答案: C 14.解析: 男子厌倦了每天只是吃、睡的生活,对这种生活不再感“兴趣”。show

interest in sth.“对某事物感兴趣”。 答案: A 15. 解析: 根据下一段中的“job”可知, 男子希望宫殿的主人能够帮助他找一份“工 作”。 答案: D 16.解析: 结合本句后半部分的内容可知,宫殿的主人回答的是“抱歉”。 答案: C
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17. 解析: 又过了几个月, 男子无法“忍受”当前的生活。 下文中的“I really could not stand this sort of life any more.”也是线索提示。 bear“忍受, 经受住”; handle“应 付,处理”。 答案: A 18.解析: 此处与第四段中的“So he went to the owner...”相呼应,说明男子“再 次”去见宫殿的主人。 答案: D 19. 解析: 如果你不给我提供一份工作, 我“宁可”去地狱, 也不愿住在这里。 prefer to do sth.“宁愿做某事”。 答案: B 20.解析: 你以为这里是天堂吗?它“实际上”是地狱! 答案: C Ⅲ.七选五 1.E 2.F 3.B 4.D 5.A Ⅳ.短文改错 My spare time is full of interested activities.I read all kinds of books in the interesting reading room whenever I am free.I learn much in the library than in class in this more

way.Meanwhile,I participated in many sports activities,of that my favorite is participate which volleyball.I often play volleyball after the—— school.Sports and games keep me healthy and energetic enough to get over/through across a variety of difficulties. Sometime I Sometimes go in for social practice with my classmates outside school.Thus,I can gain much social experiences .Out?of?class experience activities are quite necessary


our us

students.Through these activities we can learn many things learned in class. Ⅴ.写作训练

can not be

Nowadays,it is a common phenomenon that more and more high school students open their own blogs on the Internet.There are advantages and disadvantages about this matter. For one thing,it provides them a colorful window to show their talents and a way for them to relax , which makes it more and more popular among high school students.But many parents and teachers are worried about it.They fear that managing a blog will take a lot of time and energy,which will have a side effect on their lessons.
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In my opinion,I do approve of this activity because the Internet is playing a more important and essential part in our daily life.In an age of information, we high school students have to learn and make the most of this useful tool to communicate and display ourselves.More importantly , opening and organizing an eye?catching blog needs various abilities such as writing, designing, being skillful at computer and so on.Only if we master those abilities can we make a successful blog,thus we improve ourselves during the course of maintaining our blogs.

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