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Hiking .PPT

Unit 10 Lesson 38 Hiking

Warming up
1. Can you guess where the singer’s home is? What about you? where were you born ?



2. Do you like living in the country ?
fresh air; beautiful view;

simple life;
quiet; free; relaxing; get close to nature


3. What do you think hiking is ?

traveling on foot; walking as a recreational activity and sport; a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness;

simply ['simpli] activity [?k'tiviti]

adv. 简单地 n. 活动

expensive [iks'pensiv]
basic ['beisik] equipment [i'kwipm?nt]

adj. 贵的
adj. 基本的 n. 装备,设备

forest ['f?rist]
spider ['spaid?] protect [pr?'tekt]

n. 森林
n. 蜘蛛 v. 保护

get close to


watch out


Scanning Why do people travel ?
see beautiful places; meet friends; try food; experience life;

get away from cold weather;
look for an unusual experience (adventure travel)

Careful reading
Hiking Places
in the mountains, in a forest, along a river, in the country

good shoes, clothes, map, water, hat, Equipment etc.

Cost Possible dangers

not very expensive (inexpensive) getting lost, hunger and thirsty, animals and plants (poisonous), sunburn

1. Where are you going on your holiday? How are you getting there? 2. Will you go hiking? Why or why not?


1. Read the text again after class.

2. Finish the exercises of L38 on your workbook.



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