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编号: 43 编写人: 宗东珍 审核人: 导学内容与程序 课题: Module 6 Films and TV Programmes ( Grammar1)
导学目标:Understand the grammar better. 导学重点:know the adverbs of frequency and place better. 导学难点:Do those exercises correctly. I.自主学习 副词是一种用来修饰动词,形容词,副词或全句的词,说明时间,地点,程度,方式 等概念。副词在句中可作状语,表语,短语。一般的副词除固定副词外,其他副词加 后缀-ly,但有些如 ugly、friendly 则不是副词。本模块主要介绍频度副词和地点副 词: 一.常见频度副词由高至低分别是 Always( 总是 ),usually( 通常 ),often( 时常 ),sometimes( 有时候 ),seldom( 很少 ),never( 从 未),问句中用 ever。 频度副词词组 every week, every two days, once a year, three times a month 等。 注意:1.频度副词一般放在行为动词之前,助动词、情态动词或 be 动词之后。如: He sometimes goes there on business. ________________________ He has__________ been late. 他从未迟到过。 I was_______ very good at maths. 我的数学从来不好。 2.sometimes 位置最灵活,句前,句中,句尾 3..often,若有 very,quite,修饰时,必须是 very often,quite often. 4.always,never,表强调时,放句首。 Always lock the door whenever you leave._____________________ Never be late for school again._______________________________ 5.当否定副词 never,/seldom/hardly/rarely/scarcely/not/ no/ few/ little/ 否定副词短 语:by no means/ in no way/ under no circumstances 在句首时,句子半倒装 如:Never in my life have I seen such a horrible thing.________________ 6.频度副词的疑问句,用 How often.... 你父亲多久开车送你上学一次?______________________________ 二. 常见地点副词: ? (here, there) (in, out) (up,down) (inside, outside ) (upstairs, downstairs) (above, below) ( (back, away) *Here, there, out, in, up, down, now, then 等副词放于句首,句子全部倒装. Here comes the bus = The bus is coming


执教日期: 导学方法 与预设

Out rushed the students on hearing the cry for help in the darkness. II.合作探究 a. Do the exercises on page 54 of our textbook. b. Finish the exercises on page97 of our workbook. c.语法练习: 1. It is always difficult being in a foreign country, ___if you don’t speak the language. A. extremely A. rarely B. naturally B. fairly C. basically D. pretty D. especially 2. It was a nice house, but ______ too small for a family of live. C. rather 3. -- Do you think it's a good idea to make friends with your students? -- ______, I do. I think it's a great idea. A. Really B. Obviously C. Actually D. Generally 4. The questionnaire takes _____ten to fifteen minutes to complete and can be used along with the assessment interview. A. mainly B. punctually C. approximately B. came voices D. did voices come D. precisely 5. For a moment nothing happened. Then ____all shouting together. A. voices had come C. voices would come III. 作业检测


1. We ________________ (偶尔) meet for a drink after work. 2. An accident happened on hour ago ____________ (在街道拐角处). 3. Students ____________ (不经常) go camping, as they don’t have much free time. 4. I __________ (很少) go shopping, and I prefer staying in bed reading something. 5. You ____________ (不必总是) help Tom with his lessons. 6. He ____________ (住在别处) during the summer months. 7. From the top of the hill we could see ____________ (下面的城市). 8. ________________ (隔多久) do you go to church? 9. The two families used to visit each other ____________ (频繁地). 10. My father ____________ (总是) finding fault with the way I do things.




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