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阅读理解 In today's throwaway society,dealing with the city's growing mountain of waste is an increasing challenge for the city council(市议会). Recently, Edinburgh is faced w ith the problem of disposing of(处理)about 250,000 million tons of waste a year. Despite different ways to dispose of much of it in a green manner—largely through encouraging recycling—its aging facilities such as the Powderhall landfill do not have the ability to deal with it. The European Union(EU) has issued a new policy,regulating how such mountains of waste are to be disposed of.The five councils (Edinburgh,East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlothian and Borders) face fines around £18 million a year from 2013 if they don't increase recycling levels and rely less on landfill.With this in mind,the councils got together with the idea of building a large incinerator plant (垃圾焚烧厂)to burn half of the waste produced in their districts.But this plan fell apart after the change of target levels by a new UK government waste policy which required that no more than 25% of the city's waste should be disposed of in this way by 2025. After the plan was abandoned,a private company which already transported millions of tons of the city's waste by train to a landfill site near Dunbar,offered an alternative solution when it suggested opening a huge waste site near Portobello. Since Powderhall is supposed to close in 2015,it seemed necessary for the members of the Edinburgh Council to accept the suggestion.But soon they turned it down—after 700 local objections reached them—because it would have meant hundreds of lorries a day making loud noise through heavily populated areas. That still leaves the council with a problem.By 2013,only 50% of 1995 levels of waste will be allowed to be sent to landfill.Even if recycling targets are met,there will still be a large amount of rubbish to be burnt up.Due to this, Edinburgh and Midlothian councils have now decided to work together to build an incinerator plant as time to find a solution is fast running out. 回收利用曾是最绿色的垃圾处理方式。 但是,这种处理方法却不能短时间内满足 欧盟对于及时解决废物的政策需求,因此,在回收利用的同时,他们还是得重建 一所大型的垃圾焚烧厂。


1.The main way of handling waste in a green manner in Edinburgh is ________. A.recycling C.burying B.restoring D.burning

答案:A。细节判断题。第二段中的信息词“largely through encouraging recycling” 可以断定选项 A 的说法是与原文保持一致的。 2.The five councils worked out a plan to build an incinerator plant to ________. A.reduce the cost of burying waste C.speed up waste recycling the EU requirements D.replace landfill sites

答案:B。细节判断题。在第三个段落的开头提到了“The EU has issued a new policy...”便可以断定他们制定这个处理垃圾的计划也正是这个政策的出台,所以与 选项 B 的说法是相符合的。 3. The city council of Edinburgh rejected the suggestion to open a huge landfill site near Portobello because ________. came from a private company was not supported by EU B.the council was not interested in it D.the local people were against it

答案:D。细节判断题。根据倒数第二段最后一句“...700 local objections reached them...”,可以断定市民是反对的。 4.What is the final decision of Edinburgh and Midlothian councils? A.To open a new landfill nearby. B.To close the Powderhall landfill in 2015. C.To set up a plant for burning waste. D.To persuade people to reduce their waste. 答案:C。细节判断题。根据文章最后一句话中的“set up an incenerator plant”,即: 建一个垃圾焚烧厂,就可以断定,选项 C 与本信息句是相吻合的。

完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中, 选出最佳选项。[记叙文型完形填空(一)] Yesterday I was returning from Boston by bus. My wife was planning to leave the work to __1__ me up from the bus station. I called her to say not to bother. I would just __2__ the local


bus to see her. While I was sitting on the bus, a young woman with a dog __3__. She was carrying several

bags of heavy books. I noticed the dog was an emergency dog, one that was trained to __4__ the owner of a possible seizure. I __5__ the young woman mention to someone else that she __6__ had two miles to walk with the __7__ books after she got off the bus. I thought maybe I should ask if she wanted a ride but I wasn't sure at which __8__ she was getting off so I __9__ and didn't ask. I got off the bus at the stop where my wife was __10__. As we were driving home, all of a sudden I saw the __11__ young lady with her dog. I asked my wife to __12__ an d I asked the young lady if she would like a __13__. She said she would love a ride but she was __14__ about the dog who was quite big. I asked if the dog could get in the __15__. He tried to do it by himself but in the end I had to lift him in. __16__, the dog's name was Sam. The young lady got in a nd I __17__. There was Sam, sitting very proudly in the back seat with his __18__. It was quite a sight! We took them both home and the lady was very appreciative. When reflecting on this __19__, I was a little sad that I didn't act the first time on the bus. But I was very happy to have had the second __20__ to do what I should have done the first time. 1. A.cut B.pick C.turn D.bring 2. A.urge C.take D.expose 3. A.relied on B.put on on in 4. A.impress B.guess C.cure D.warn 5. A.heard B.saw C.touched D.listened 6. A.even B.then

C.still D.already 7. A.interesting B.heavy C.useful D.important 8. A.door B.stand C.stop D.direction 9. A.supported B.nodded C.moved D.hesitated 10. A.waiting B.building C.working D.repairing 11. A.same B.similar C.different D.equal 12. A.think up B.pull over C.think of D.shut up 13. A.solution B.helper C.ride D.reminder 14. A.embarrassed B.relaxed C.puzzled D.concerned 15. B.train C.bus 16. A.On the way B.In the way C.By the way D.In a way 17. A.looked back B.looked up[ C.looked down D.looked for 18. A.friend B.owner C.mother D.bags 19. A.mirror B.experience C.event D.trip 20. A.method B.approach C.luck D.chance (一)

【要点综述】本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了作者一次乘车的经历。通过自己的这次经历, 作者旨在告诉我们,要抓住机会做自己应该做的事情。 1.B 由第一段倒数第二句“我”打电话跟她说不要麻烦可推知, “我”的妻子正计划来 汽车站接“我” 。pick sb up 接某人;cut up 切碎;turn up 出现,到来,开大;bring up 提出, 教育,养育。 2.C 由第二段的“While I was sitting on the bus?”可知, “我”将乘当地的公共汽车到 她那里。乘公共汽车用 take。 3.C 由第三段 she got off the bus 可知,一位带着狗的年轻女士上了车。上公共汽车用 get on。rely on 依 赖,依靠;put on 穿上。 4.D 根据上文的 an emergency dog 可知,这个狗是用来警告、提醒主人的。 5.A 从下文的 mention 可知, “我”听见年轻女士跟其他人提到从公共汽车下来之后, 她还有两英里路要走。 6.C 下车后,仍然要走两英里,所以用 still。 7.B 根据上文的“She was carrying several bags of heavy books.”可知,是很重的书。 8.C 此处指“我”不知道她要在哪个车站下车。stop“车站” ,第四段也有提及。 9.D 根据上文的 I wasn't sure 可知, “我”犹豫了并且没有问。 10.A 根据下文的“As we were driving home?”和第一段可知,妻子在等“我” 。 11.A 根据上下文可知,作者又看到了在公共汽车上看到的那位女士。故选 A。 12.B 因为“我们”正开车回家并且“我”看到了刚才那位车上带着狗的女士,所以想 让她搭车,故要把车停到路边。pull over 路边停车; think up 想出,设计出;think of 想起;shut up 安静,闭嘴。 13. C 根据下文的“She said she would love a ride?”可知, “我”问她是否需要搭车。 14.D 根据下文可知,这位女士担心她的狗。be concerned about 担心,挂念。 15.D 根据上文可知,妻子是开车来接“我” ,故选择 D 项。ge t in the car 上车。 16.C 根据上下文可知,by the way“顺便说一句”符合文章意思。on the way 在路上; in the way 挡道,碍事;in a way 在某种程度上。 17.A 根据下文的 sitting very proudly in the back seat 可知,作者向后看(look back)。 18.B 因为 Sam 是狗,所以应是与主人(owner)坐在一起。 19.B 总结上文可知,这是作者的一次经历(experience)。 20.D 从上文可知,作者在公共汽车上时没问那位年轻女士是否要搭便车,而当再次看


阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 (2013· 陕西,A)

Joshua, Helmut, and Bethlehem Michelle O. Donovan ISBN 9781462058679 Life is not easy for nineyearold Joshua during World War II. Because of his family's Jewish background, they are sent to live in the concentration camps (集中营). Scared and alone, Joshua one day makes friends with a little mouse he calls Bethlehem who becomes his closest friend.

More Things in Heaven Encourage Me! Inspirational Poetry Bill Bosworth ISBN 9780595433582


Gloria Coykendall ISBN 9781412027854 It is an easytoread collection of poems originally written to encourage in faith and to be a cure for chronic depression(长期抑 郁) ... cure to strengthen identity and purpose.

In his More Things in Heaven, Bill Bosworth presents the highlights of his 83 years of life, including his trips to India and the study of the writings of several great spiritual leaders. More Things in Heaven will appeal to anyone who insists on finding the deepest meaning for their existence based on their own experience.

Seeking the Edge Dr. Joseph L. Rose ISBN 9781462031795 Seeking the Edge provides the tools and techniques to find that edge in one's life—driving readers to achieve success whether in your current job, finding a new job, in education, family, or even hobbies.

Creation or Evolution Michael Ebifegha ISBN 9781450289023 Were humans created, or did they evolve? How old is the Earth? The debate between science and religion continues to be heated. In Creation or Evolution, Michael Ebifegha examines these two opposed world views within the structure of empirical(实证的) science.

文章大意:本文是五则图书广告,介绍了书名、作者、书号及内容简介。 1.Who wrote the story about a little boy and a little mouse? A.Bill Bosworth. C.Dr. Joseph L. Rose. B.Michelle O. Donovan. D.Gloria Coykendall.

答案:B 细节理解题。由第一则广告可知介绍了一个九岁男孩及一只小老鼠的故事,故 选 B 项。 2.The ISBN for the book of poems is ________. A.9781462031795 B.9781412027854




答案:B 细节理解题。由第二则广告,可知是一本诗歌选集,它的书号是 B 项。 3.What kind of readers will probably like reading More Things in Heaven? A.Those who are searching for the meaning of life. B.Those who are trying to be spiritual leaders. C.Those who study the art of writing. D.Those who like traveling abroad. 答案:A 推理判断题。由第四则广告第二段可知此书会吸引那些坚持寻找人们存在的意 义的人,所以可以推断出那些寻求人生意义的人会喜欢这本书。故选 A 项。 4.Which of the following books explores the origin of humans? A.Seeking the Edge. B.Creation or Evolution. C.Joshua, Helmut, and Bethlehem. D.More Things in Heaven. 答案:B 细节理解题。由第五则广告第一句话 Were humans created, or did they evolved? 可知本书是探索人类起源的。故选 B 项。

阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 (2013· 全国Ⅰ,B) The baby is just one day old and has not yet left hospital. She is quiet but alert (警觉). Twenty centimeters from her face researchers have placed a white card with two black spots on it. She stares at it carefully. A researcher removes the card and replaces it by another, this time with the spots differently spaced. As the cards change from one to the other, her gaze(凝视) starts to lose its focus—until a third, with three black spots, is presented. Her gaze returns: she looks at it for twice as long as she did at the previous card. Can she tell that the number two is different from three, just 24 hours after coming into the world? Or do newborns simply prefer more to fewer? The same experiment, but with three spots shown before two, shows the same return of interest when the number of spots changes. Perhaps it is just the newness? When slightly older babies were shown cards with pictures of objects (a comb, a key, an orange and so on), changing the number of objects had an effect separate from changing the objects themselves. Could it be the pattern that two things make, as opposed to three? Not again. Babies paid more attention to squares moving randomly on a screen when their number changed from two to three, or three to two. The effect even crosses between senses. Babies who were repeatedly shown two spots became more excited when they then heard three drumbeats than when

they heard just two; likewise(同样地) when the researchers started with drumbeats and moved to spots. 文章大意:本文对刚出生一天的孩子做实验,看他们的视觉和听觉反应。 5.The experiment described in Paragraph 1 is related to the baby's________. A.sense of hearing C.sense of touch B.sense of sight D.sense of smell

答案:B 细节理解题,根据第一段内容可知,研究者把带有两个黑点和三个黑点的卡片 交换放于婴儿面前,看他有何变化,此处是在研究婴儿的视觉。 6.Babies are sensitive to the change in ________. A.the size of cards B.the colour of pictures C.the shape of patterns D.the number of objects 答案:D 细节理解题。根据短文第二段倒数第三句话中的“Babies paid more attention to squares moving randomly on a screen...”可知,D 项正确。 7.Why did the researchers test the babies with drumbeats? A.To reduce the difficulty of the experiment. B.To see how babies recognize sounds. C.To carry their experiment further. D.To keep the babies' interest. 答案:C 推理判断题。根据短文最后,研究者一边用图片做实验,同时又敲鼓,引起婴 儿的注意,这样做的目的就是进一步研究婴儿的视觉及听觉。故 C 项正确。 8.Where does this text probably come from? A.Science fiction. C.An advertisement. B.Children's literature. D.A science report.

答案:D 推理判断题。本文是对婴儿感觉的实验,是科普文章,故 D 项正确。




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