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A Lively City

Module 4
I. Teaching Objectives 1. Language Objectives (1) Important words and phrases

A Lively City

District,shopping malls,harbour,architecture,lively,attractive,

gorgeous (2) Important sentence patterns a.This is one of the most attractive places I’ve been to. b.It’s so lively, and everyone seems so friendly. c.Pretty hot and wet in the summer, but it can be quite cold in the winter. d.This is the business district. They have put up a lot of high-rise buildings recently. And there are some great shopping malls. e.It’s a gorgeous island with some really interesting architecture. f.We are entering the western district,the most interesting part of the city.It ’s got some pretty parks…… 2. Ability Objectives (1) learn about the ability of self-learning. (2) learn about the ability of listening and grasping the information. (3) learn how to introduce a place by using some informations. 3. Moral Objectives (1) Help students to raise their cooperation awareness. (2) Help students to cultivate their love for their hometown and motherland. (3) Help students to foster the ability of communication. II. Important Points 1. How to grasp the main information of the text. 2. How to introduce a place. 3. How to improve reading ability. III. Difficult Points 1. How to analyze the text and grasp the information of the text. 2. learn how to describe a place. IV. Teaching Methods 1. Communicative Approach(pair work,conversation,discussion)

2.Task-based language teaching approach(listening ,reading,asking and answering) 3. Teaching Aids: a tape recorder, a computer. V. Teaching Procedures Step I Lead-in (5mins) 1.Play the music《鼓浪屿》and ask students to guess which city does it song. T: Now ,I have a question to ask you.Dou you like listening to music? S: Yes.we like... T: Ok,let’s listen to a music and guess which city it is according to the beautiful song? ( play the music to students ) S:..... T: can you tell me which city does it song ? who wants to try? … please! S: It is xiamen. T: Yes, you are so clever. 2. Ask students to talk what they have known about Xia Men and show some pictures about Xia Men. T: Look at the map of China, where is Xiamen?

S: …. T : Yes, it is located in the southeast of Fujian Province.What do you know about XiaMen? S : It is.. T: Xiamen is a seaside city, and it has a famous island - Gulangyu Island.

T :Now,let me show you some beautiful picture about Xia Men. ( show the pictures) Besides, Xiamen has many famous scenery spots, such as: Gulangyu Island, Xiamen University, South Potalaka Monastery and China's Xiamen's Haicang Bridge. Step III While-reading 1. Review words. Find the following words and fhrases in A Lively City.( Exercise 3 - Choose the correct answers on page 33 ) 1) fortunate means______. 2) pretty hot means______. 3) bother you means______. A sad A too hot A amuse you B lucky B very hot B give you problems (15 mins)

4) shopping mall means______. A shopping centre 2. Fast Reading.

B small shops

Listen to the tape, and then answer the following questions. ( Exercise 1- on page 33 ) 1) J ohn Martin is visiting ___________. A. Xiao Li’s hometown B. a town near where Xiao Li lives C. a shopping mall

2) Xiao Li lives _________. A. on the island of Gulangyu 3) John and Xiao Li are_____ A. at Xiao Li’s home B. driving around the city in a car C. on a train 3. Careful Reading Ⅰ Li sten to the tape again, and then choose T or F. ( Exercise 2-on page 33 ) 1) J ohn and Xiao Li haven’t seen each other for six years. ( 2)John has never been to China before. ( 3)Xiao Li enjoys living on the coast. ( ) ) ) ) ) B. in Xiamen C. in a town near Xiamen

4)There are very few tourists in the northwest of Xiamen .(

5) There are a lot of new high-rise buildings in Gulangyu Island. ( 6) There are some interesting buildings on Gulangyu Island. ( )

Ⅱ Read the passage carefully, and then fill in the blank on the screen. Eg. The city →attractive, lively and interesting 1) The people → _______ 2) ______ →Wet in summer, _____in winter

3) ______district→Put up a lot of high -buildings and _________ 4) Western district→there are some________ 5) ______→gorgeous, with some interesting architecture

Step IV Practise (group work) (20 mins) 1. Diacuss how to discribe a city. Area population location places of interest climate scenery

local product

well-known figures ……

2. Ask students to introduce their hometown.

Useful expressions: Location: lie in the east/west/north/south of……; Area: 1) 2) It covers an area of ……square Its area is……square kilometers; kilometers;(1878)

Population: 1)It has a population of ……;(90 万) 2) Its population is……; Climate: In summer, it is…; In winter, it is… …is famous/well-known for……;

Special product:

Places of interest: It has many places of interest such as…; Summary: StepV I love …;welcome to...

Summary(3 mins) T: Well,this class we get some informations about Xia men .and from this we know how to descibe a city.


Homework(2 mins)

Write a short passage of your hometown or your favorite city to us! VI. Blackboard Design Module 4 A Lively City (1) Important words (2) Important sentence patterns: a.This is Homework:

and phrases: District,shopping malls,friendly,lively,attr active,gorgeous

one of the most 1. Finish the exercise 4

attractive places I’ve been to.

b.It’s so lively, and everyone 2. seems so friendly. write a composition to

c.pretty hot and wet in the introduce your favorite summer, but it can be quite cold in the city winter.


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