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Lesson 1 hunt various

追捕,与搜寻 捐赠,赠送

各种各样的, 不同的


apply select object collect

申请 选择, 挑选 物体, 物,宾语 收集,聚集

value lack welfare calculate

价值,益处 缺少,缺乏 福利(事业) 计算,估计


项目,一件商品(物 品)



Lesson 1 Turn trash into exclusive design创意小店变废为宝 In Vienna’s design shop , customers can hunt through rubbish and pick various materials to DIY their own bags. The bags usually turn out to be unique in color, size, and applications. Customers can also select other beautifully-designed objects made out of “rubbish”. The shop collects used items donated by computers and then turns the “waste” into products to be sold in the shop. The project is different from recycling, for it sees the value of objects in a new manner instead of just reusing them. The project can also provide people who lack skills with jobs so that they won’t live just on welfare. It is calculated that about 20,000 people can benefit from this project.

Lesson 2 amaze





轮廓, 外形








把------奉献给 明确的,肯定的







值得------的 不顾,不理,忽视






Lesson 2

Baby Buddha Shaped Pears 现实珍品-----人参果

We are living in a world full of amazing inventions. For example, pears with Baby Buddha outlines have appeared now.

The unique-shaped fruit was developed by a farmer in Herbei. He devoted himself to creating the fruit after he noticed people paying extra money for strangely-shaped watermelons. It took him 6 years to develop the molds, inside which these pears grew. But it was definitely worth the efforts. Ignoring the price, many people came to buy these peculiar pears. This year, he has managed to harvest 10,000 ”Baby Buddhas”. The value of these pears was assessed at $100,000. He now hopes to export them to Europe and is currently awaiting the proper approvals.

Lesson 3 vivid

生动,鲜艳 倾向,趋势,癖好 除------外 反应,回应 冲动,力劝 生涯,职业,事业 改进,更新


工程,设计,方案 临时的,暂时的 保护,维护,保存 打击,打动,感动 变化,变动 出价,投标












Lesson 3

Dirty Car Art


We all tend to scribble ‘wash me ’ when seeing a dirty car. Scott Wade has a vivid imagination. He shows a similar tendency, except that he has the opposite reaction--- an urge to never wash the car. Scott’s career as a dirty car artist began years ago. Since then, he has improved his art skills day by day. Now he often gets his car dirty in order to begin new projects. Though his “works” are temporary , he preserves his striking creations by taking pictures. Since 2006, the artist has painted 50 pieces of art that range from ‘Mona Lisa’ to Santa Claus. Will you bid for his special piece of work?

Lesson 4 nutrition

营养,滋养 忧虑,焦急 重要性,意义 卓越,杰出 塑造,形状,外形


动机,动力,积极性 成功,成就 可怕的,糟糕的 经常的,规则的 充足,丰富,大量















Lesson 4

Cartoon Inspired Meals


All parents have tried hard to make their children eat vegetables , which Provide all the nutrition people need. Like all parents , Mark northeast was anxious about his children’s health. To make them eat healthy food , which is full of great significance to their growth, he thought up a brilliant idea--- cartoon meals. His first creation was a sandwich shaped like a space-rocket. It was a huge success, especially to his 4-year-old son, Oscar. With strong motivation, Mark created delicious works of art every day. Oscar finally enjoys those ‘terrible’ vegetables, and eats them regularly. Mark’s creation are not just popular in his own house. He has shared plenty of other similar stories with people. Now, he has gained huge popularity with other parents.

Lesson 5 adult theme allow underline principle division

成年人 主题 允许,准许 在------下面划线,强调 原理,原则,准则 区分,分配

account currency obtain reward absent practical

账目,理由 货币,现金 获得,得到 奖赏,报酬 缺席,不在 实际的,现实的

profession 职业 referee discount

experience 经验,经历 aid

裁判,仲裁人 折扣


Lesson 5

First Kid City 儿童城

Chinese children can experience adult life in a Hangzhou-based theme park. The Kid City allows children to try out different jobs.
The park underlines the principle of labor division. It offers more than 50 professions, including doctors, referees and lawyers. There are hospitals , discount stores and so on. Every kid gets a bank account holding special currency that he can only spend in the city. He could obtain more rewards by working in different places. One job usually takes about half an hour. During work , he can be absent for a little time. The practical experience is good for kids’ future, because it will aid them in learning about the adult life.

Lesson 6 construct refresh guarantee require survive instruction shelter available

构筑,建造,建设 使恢复活力 担保,保证, 需要,要求 生存,幸存 说明,须知,教导 掩蔽,隐蔽处 可利用的,有效的

condition drawback stable typical depend constant operate

条件,情况,环境 缺点,不利条件 稳定的,稳固的 有代表性的 依靠,依赖 经常的,不变的 操作,运转,动手术

Lesson 6 The largest Ice Hotel 最大的冰晶酒店 After re-construction, the largest ice hotel in Lapland reopens. You will sleep on ice beds , enduring the temperature of 0-5°C. You will feel totally refreshed after your sleep. To guarantee your safety, the hotel provides sleeping bags, and you are required to read a survival instruction. There are two ‘warm’ underground rooms, where you can take shelter from the cold. The rooms are only available for travelers who can’t stand the sub-zero conditions. However, there are also drawbacks. The temperature isn’t stable. When the temperature rises, the ice hotel will melt away, it is typically reconstructed every year. And it depends upon constant sub-zero temperatures during construction and operation.

Lesson 7 admire perfect

钦佩,羡慕,欣赏 完美的,极好的

instrument translate

乐器,工具,器械 翻译

local inspire location summary

当地的,地方性的 鼓舞,激励 地方,位置 摘要,概要

origin acknowledg e behalf

起源,来源,由来 对------表感谢 利益,代表

Lesson 7 Birds Make Music Together 人与自然的和谐之曲 We have all admitted birds that fly or perch together in perfect harmony. When Brazilian musician Jarbs Agnelli saw this picture in a local newspaper, he suddenly had an inspiration. He created a song, using the exact same location as the birds were sitting, as musical notes.

Then he created a tune, using musical instruments. To his surprise, it translated into a beautiful melody. Jarbes credits the song composition to the birds and to photographer Paulo, who took the original picture. He says he should acknowledge the help of birds on behalf of all musicians.
In summary we may say that nature is our best teacher.

Lesson 8 mature contrary process prepare drag

充分发育的,成熟的 相反事物,相反的 过程,步骤 准备 拖,拉,拽

rid tasty impress intelligence observe

使摆脱,除去 美味的,可口的 给------ 以深刻印象 智力,理解力 观察,观测

poisonous beat

有毒的,恶毒的 敲打,跳动,打败



Lesson 8 Dolphin Chefs 海豚大餐----巧享乌贼餐

Mature female dolphins don’t just swallow down fish. On the contrary, they go through a process which is similar to how we prepare our food.
For example, when a dolphin finds a cuttlefish, it will drag it to a sandy sea floor. Once there , it is at the mercy of the dolphin. The dolphin will kill it and then knock the poisonous black ink out. The final step is to beat it once more to get rid of the bone and enjoy soft tasty calamari. Scientists have always been impressed by these intelligent animals. A few years ago, scientists observed dolphins removing spines from other fish. What amazing creatures!

Lesson 9

commercial option limit vary wild

商业的,贸易的 选择权,选项 限制,限定 改变,变化,有差异 野生的,荒凉的

ambition risk design handle arrange

野心,雄心 风险,危险 设计,策划 对待,操纵,处理 安排,布置

convince consult

习俗,习惯. The –s 海关, schedule 关税
使确信,使信服 商量,磋商,查阅
response book

反应,响应 预定

Lesson 9

All-pet Airline Hits Skies 宠物航班首次升空

All commercial airlines only allow a limited number of small pets to fly in the cabin. And other pets have no option but to travel as checked bags where temperatures vary wildly. And the process of getting through customs is very slow. One terrible tri p for their pets convinced Binder and Wiesel that the owners needed an all-pet airline. They used their consulting backgrounds and career ambitions to start the first risk-free airline for pets. The last four years have been spent designing their five planes, handling FAA regulations and arranging airport schedules. They are excited by the response. The flights are already booked up for the next two months.

Lesson 10 affection affair raise opposite breed obvious separate

喜爱,感情 事情,事件 是升高,抚养,饲养 对面的,相反的 养育,繁殖 明显的,显而易见的 使分开,使分离

share aggressive panic violent conflict erupt exist

分享,共同使用 好斗的,有进取心的 恐慌,惊慌 暴力的,猛烈的 抵触,冲突,争论 爆发,喷发 存在,生存

Lesson 10

Gay Penguins Break Up 断臂企鹅,劳燕分飞

Two male penguins, Harry and Pepper, were a couple for 6 years at the San Francisco zoo. They showed great affection for each other and were involved in a love affair. They even hatched an egg and raised the chick like any opposite sex couple.
But all of that changed last breeding seasons. It was obvious that they had separated when Harry moved out of the hole which he had shared with Pepper, and moved in next door with Linda. When Pepper tried to go near Harry, he ran into the aggressive new couple, who were in a state of panic. And violent conflict erupted at last. It is showed that the relation that once existed between him and Harry was over.

Lesson 11 endless seldom misunderstand command tip skip hire place

无止境的 很少,不常 误会, 不理解 命令 给小费 蹦蹦跳跳,跳读 租用,雇佣 放置,安置

charge responsibility permit satisfy vacant consume reserve

费用,价钱,掌管 责任,负责 允许,许可 使---满意,满足 空着的,空缺的 消费,消耗 储备,预定

Lesson 11

Monkey Waiters 猴子服务生

Yat and Fuku are perfect waiters. They patiently listen to the endless chat of customers, and seldom misunderstand their commands. Besides , they don’t need to be tipped with money. A few peanuts will make them skip with joy.
Kaora had the idea of ‘hiring ’ monkey waiters when he saw Yat placed a washing towel on a customer’s table. Yat is now in charge of serving drinks and Fuku has taken over the towel responsibility. However, they are only permitted to work with two hours a day . Kaora is so satisfied with their service that he is willing to ‘hire’ more monkeys to fill the vacant positions. If you want to consume food at this restaurant, you can reserve a table now!

Lesson 12

save transfer urban

解救 转移,移动 都市的,城市的

apparent content official

明显的,表面的 甘愿的,满意的 官员, 高级职员




权威, 当局


无声的, 沉默的

Lesson 12

A Lost Parrot

迷路鹦鹉, 自报家门

When the parrot called Yosuke got lost, he did exactly what he had been taught . One day, the police saved the parrot from a neighbor’s roof. After spending a night the police station, he was transferred to a nearby urban animal hospital while the police searched for clues. He kept silent to the policemen, but told the vet his full home address. Then the police returned the parrot to his owner. The owner was so concerned for his safety that he taught the parrot his name and address everyday. Apparently Yosuke wasn’t content to chat with police officials. It seems that even parrots don’t like the authorities and have no faith in them!

Lesson 13





wave atmosphere upset false

挥手,挥动 大气层,气氛 使烦心 不正确的,假的

source particular powerful evidence

来源,根源 特定的,特别的 强有力的 证据,迹象





Lesson 13

Land on the Moon 月球脚印

After watching old video footage of man landing on the moon, Ralph Rene kept asking himself: “How can the flag be waving when there’s no wind on the atmosphere-free moon?”
The question is always upsetting him until David Persey thinks the pictures are false. David Persey’s astonishing findings are explained by the pictures. He says that the shadows could only have been created with multiple light sources and , in particular, powerful spotlights. But the only light source on the moon is the sun. And such evidence provided by him seems quite reasonable.

Anyhow , we shall never believe what we see without doubt.

Lesson 14

dish technological revolution super base supply

盘,碟 技术的,工艺的 革命,大变革 极好的,超级的 以-------- 为基础 供给,供应

pour mess package pollution persuade

注入,灌入 凌乱, 混乱,困境 包装 污染 说服,劝说

Lesson 14 Can you eat a bowl 可以吃的碗 Are you a person who can’t stand washing the dishes? Now, as a result of a technological revolution, an amazing thing can help you. It is not a super washing machine but a bread bowl. It is invented by a food company based in Birmingham. The company has already supplied bread bowls filled with prawns for customers. Some supermarkets have been selling bread bowls which can be heated in the microwave oven. But if you pour soup into them, you will get a mess. However, the new bread bowls can hold their shapes for eight hours. And there’s no packaging, so it causes little pollution! Is that good enough to persuade you to buy one?

Lesson 15 predict




consequence conduct reality transform magic

结果,后果 引导,带领 现实, 真实性 转变,改变 魔术,魔法

pause attract actual observation indicate

暂停,中止 吸引,引起 实际的,现实的 观察,观察力 指示,观察力

Lesson 15

Piano stairs


Some Swedish designers predicted that people would choose to climb rather than take an escalator if the stairs were more fun so they determined to try, and in consequence they found something quite interesting. The experiment was conducted at a station. The idea soon became a reality. The workers transformed the stairs into a magical piano keyboard. Everybody could make amazing music walking up the stairs . They soon noticed that those who normally headed straight for the escalator, paused for a minute, attracted by the new stairs and then actually climbed them. A two-day observation indicated that there was a sixty-six percent increase in the number of people who used the stairs.

Lesson 16 gravity tend record astronaut

地心引力 益于,倾向于 记录,录制 宇航员

float function treat solid

漂浮,漂流 功能,作用 对待,治疗 固体的,结实的

style fasten

风格 扎牢,扣住




Waste in space


Going to the toilet is easy on Earth. But it is difficult in the gravity-free environment of the space because the waste just tends to float around. It is recorded that the first astronaut had to pee inside his space suit during the flight. Now , the space toilets look similar to the Western style toilets that people use on Earth. When nature calls, astronauts fasten their bodies to the toilet so that they won’t float away. The function of the toilet is to suck away the astronauts’ waste.

There are different ways of treating solid and liquid waste. One astronaut once commented: ‘There is nothing more beautiful than liquid waste at sunset.’

Lesson 17



severe absorb assist serious expense worthwhile

严重的,严厉的 吸收 援助,帮助 严重的,严肃的 消费,支出 值得做的

breakthrough 突破 produce sight quality visual perform

生产,制造,出产 视力 质量,性质,品质 视觉的 表演,做,完成

Lesson 17

Contact lenses for animals 动物也有隐形眼镜

A German company has achieved a breakthrough to produce contact lenses for animals troubled by eye problems. Because animals have short lives, losing sight means losing quality of life for them.
Since 2008, the firm has received calls from three parks with a blind kangaroo, a lion with visual problem and a sea lion that had trouble performing his tricks due to severely unclear vision. Special lenses that absorb UV rays can also be used to assist horses suffering from serious illness. Although the expense of such an operation can run into thousands of pounds, it is extremely worthwhile.

Lesson 18 distance


postpone 推迟,延期

transmit prove agency

传输,传送 证明,证实 代理处,机构

promise unite deliver

答应,允许,承诺 联合,团结 递交, 交付,移交




急迫的, 紧要的

Lesson 18

A pigeon Faster than the Internet 信鸽提速超网速

People are sending emails for its convenience and distance is no longer a problem . However, there is a pigeon that transmits data faster than Internet. A South African IT company proved it. Local news agency reported a pigeon took about one hour to reach the destination after flying 80 kilometers with a data card. Including downloading, the transfer took nearly two hours . However, it would take much more time by using the Internet there. If the company used the web, it might have to postpone the deadline again and again.

Broadband promised to unite the world with super-fast data delivery but in south Africa it is still no faster than a pigeon. People there are in urgent need to benefit more from the Internet.

Lesson 19

evaluate adapt intend service fancy

评估,评价 采用,采纳,收养 意欲,打算 服务 爱好,喜好,想象力

proud prefer exhibit publish abstract

自豪的,骄傲的 更喜欢 展出,陈列 出版,发行 抽象的



Lesson 19 Paintings by a dog


Large quantities of paintings by a dog called Sam were evaluated at high price. When adopting Sam four years ago, Mary, Sam’s owner, intended to train him as a service dog. However, Mary found Sam had a lively fancy and an unmatched gift for painting. She determined to teach Sam to paint . Using his training as a house-help dog, combined with Mary’s art background , Sam became a fully trained artist. Mary is very proud of him. According to Mary , Sam preferred painting outdoors. His works were exhibited in New York galleries and published in many magazines. A woman even bought her dog one of Sam’s abstract paintings as a birthday present.

Lesson 20 international 国际的 draw decade acquire

十年 取得,学的


private regard insist found force

私人的 把----- 看做,当做 坚持,坚持认为 建立,创立

vote document own mass

选举,投票 文件,文献 拥有,所有 众多,群众 包含,包括

力,力量,影响力 include

Lesson 20

Moon owner


The International Moon Treaty, finally drawn up in 1979 and coming into force in 1984, forbids private ownership of land in outer space.
However , a man called Williams regards himself as the “Lunar Ambassador”. He insists that he has sold 300,000 acres of moon land since he founded the company a decade ago. Williams acquired his license to sell lunar land from Dennis Hope. He declared ownership of the moon after finding a small mistake in the UN Outer Space Treaty, which was voted through in 1966 . The document only forbids countries from owning the moon.

The price can be afforded by the masses. So far, 4.25 million people have bought a piece of the moon, including many celebrities.

Lesson 21 surround




seem lose

好像,似乎 失去,丢失 ,迷路

debate possess

讨论,辩论 拥有,持有

signal victim

信号 牺牲品,受害者

border basis

边缘,边境,国界 基础,根据

Lesson 21

The Bermuda Triangle 百慕大三角

The Bermuda Triangle is also called Devil’s Triangle, which is surrounded by mysteries. It seems to be extremely dangerous to airplanes and ships . Since 1945, over 1,000 lives have been mysteriously lost in this area without trace--- no signals have been received and no victims have ever been found. The most remarkable loss was a group of six American Navy planes in 1945, which mysteriously disappeared there. A fierce debate on the triangle was going on. Some people said creatures from outer space possessed the area. But scientists were opposed to it. They said only about five real accidents happened within the triangle’s borders and on the basis of science the mysterious stories were mostly false.

Lesson 22

rare period essential amount blow normal

罕见,稀有 时期,一段时间 必要的,本质的 数量,总额 吹,刮风 正常的

expose destroy conclude eager encounter explore

使暴露,揭露 破坏,毁坏 完成,总结 渴望的,热切的 遭遇,偶然遇到 勘探,探测

Lesson 22

Snow Donut


If you have ever seen or heard of a snow donut, it’s because these amazing natural phenomena occur very rarely, only under the most perfect conditions and , last for very brief periods. Snow donuts are essentially snowballs, which are formed when large amounts of snow are blown along the ground by wind. However, unlike normal snowballs, these are in the shape of a donut. For these rare amazing “snowballs”to occur, all the following weather conditions must exist: *The ground must be covered with ice. *The snow must be wet and at a temperature that is close to the melting point of ice. *They must either be formed at a perfect slope, or be exposed to wind that is strong enough to move them, without destroying them. *In conclusion, if you are eager to encounter these snow donuts, you have to explore the right place at the right time.

Lesson 23 happen remote minority shock 发生,碰巧 遥远的,偏僻的 少数,少数民族 使震惊 multiply used association educate 乘,增加 习惯的 联合,联盟,协会 教育,培养

exact phenomeno n

确切的,精确的 现象



Lesson 23

Twins Rule in This Indian Town


If you happen to visit the remote village of Kodhini, a minority area of India, you will be shocked . Because the village of 2,000 residents is full of identical twins, 250 pairs to be exact! Doctors have no idea why so many twins are born in this village , a phenomenon that began about 60 years ago. Over the years , the incidence of twins has multiplied. In fact , there are so many twins that the residents are used to seeing twins. They recently set up a Twin and Kin Association to help educate and support them. Scientists are trying to figure out the reasons for this phenomenon. We hope that the mystery will be solved soon.

Lesson 24 arrest legal liberty fundamental gift outstanding release

逮捕,拘捕 法律的,合法的 自由 根本的,基本的 天赋,才能 杰出的,优秀的 释放,解放

smart enjoy

灵巧的,伶俐的 享有

advantage 优点,优势 effect vital graduate

效果,作用 极其重要的,致命的 毕业

Lesson 24

The power of birth order 出生顺序决定个性命运

Have you ever heard of Roger Clinton, who was arrested for illegal possession of drugs and given liberty recently? You must be surprised that he is the brother of Bill Clinton. Then why is there such a fundamental difference?
Maybe it’s your genes that make you a gifted athlete, and your training that makes you an outstanding actor. A group of researchers once released a study showing that firstborns are generally smarter than their younger brothers or sisters, enjoying on average a three-point IQ advantage over the next eldest. Though three points might not seem like much , the effect could be vital. In many families, the firstborn is to graduate from Harvard and the second-born isn’t.

Lesson 25 mental physical

精神的,脑力的 身体的

complete optimistic

完成,结束 乐观的

defense suggest confirm character

积极的, 肯定的
防御 建议,表明,说明 批准,证实 品格,角色,人物

judge emotion tense negative

审判,断定 情感,情绪,感情 紧张的 消极的,否定的





Lesson 25

Be happy and no illness


Mental attitude may affect your physical health. Being positive through the cold season could be your best defense against getting ill, new study findings suggest. The findings confirm that people with a sunny character are less likely to fall ill. Researchers believe the reasons may be both objective and subjective. For the study, the researchers had 193 healthy adults complete several tests. Those who tended to be optimistic and energetic were judged as having a positive emotional style, while those who were often unhappy and tense had a negative style . The researchers gave them nasal drops containing a cold virus. And they found that happy people were less likely to develop a cold.

Lesson 26

rob criminal explode sacrifice previous earthquak e rate

抢劫 罪犯 使爆炸 牺牲,献身 先前的,原来的 地震,大变动 比率,速度

measure system specific lead recommend insurance

测量 体系,系统,制度 特殊的,具体的 领导,导致,通向 推荐,建议 保险,保险费

Lesson 26

Anger really kills you


Would you get angry if you miss a bus or are robbed by a criminal on your way home? Stop it. Because exploding with anger frequently may sacrifice your life.
Previous students have shown that earthquakes, wars or even the loss of a World Cup Soccer match can increase rates of death.

The US researchers made 62 patients with heart disease think about recent angry experiences and measured their heart rhythms. The result suggests that anger really does influence the heart’s electrical system in very specific ways that can lead to sudden death. So the experts recommend you not to get angry easily unless you have bought life insurance!

Lesson 27 imagination distinction

想象,想象力 区别,区分,不同

owe anyway

欠 不管如何

analysis rely adapt attitude

分析,解析 依靠,依赖,信赖 改编 态度,看法

advise protect symbol

劝告,建议 保护,保卫 标志,符号,象征

Lesson 27

Favorite Password


Those passwords that show no imagination or distinction are easy to be stolen, a study says. An analysis of 28,000 passwords shows that people often choose easy passwords. According to the study , 16 percent took a first name as a password. Another 14 percent relied on the easiest keyboard combination such as ‘1234’. Four percent chose the word ‘password’ or its adapted form like ‘password1’. Three percent of the passwords expressed attitudes like ‘I don’t care,’ ‘I owe you nothing,’ ‘whatever’, or ‘anyway .’ Someone even used a blank password. The researchers advise that to better protect your privacy , people should choose a password that is longer than eight characters with one capital letter and one symbol.

Lesson 28

digital scare permanent warn damage caution focus

数字的 恐吓,使害怕 永久的 警告 损害,毁坏 小心,谨慎

concept affect arise injure cure introduce

概念,观念 影响,作用 出现,形成 伤害 治疗,医好 介绍,提出 惯例,规则

集中,聚集,使集中 rule

Lesson 28

Early Deafness With MP3 Player MP3 ---- 听力杀手

If you are addicted to listening to rock music on digital audio players, this passage will give you a scare. Millions of youngsters across Europe could suffer permanent hearing loss, EU scientists warned. If you have ringing in the ear, a sign of hearing damage after listening to loud music, be cautious! The scientists’ study , focusing on teenagers’ hearing problem , fiercely attacked the concept of ‘leisure noise’, saying more and more young people were affected with hearing problems arising. So many young people may be unknowingly injuring their hearing, which may never be cured. And the scientists introduced a rule: lower the volume and shorten the time.

Lesson 29









deeply compare

深深地,强烈地 比较,对照

certificate identity

证明,证明书 身份,特性

Lesson 29

Are you a Switched Baby? 你被抱错了吗?

A mother, whose baby had been switched at birth, filed a lawsuit that accuses doctors and nurses of carelessness.
It has been reported that 100,000 to 500,000 newborns are accidently switched at birth every year! On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily, which can hurt mothers and babies deeply . And compared with the average number of switched babies, in some overcrowded cities it could be much higher. Now many police are occupied in investigating similar cases, these faults are found , admitted and corrected within a few days . Now check your birth certificate and find out your real identity if you have wrong parents!

lesson30 contribute potential

捐献,贡献 潜在的,可能的

describe sense

描写,描述 感官,感觉,意识

belong update specialize sort

属于,附属 更新,使现代化 专攻,专门从事 种类,类别

purchase relevant foresee agenda

买,购买 有关的,切题的 预见,预知 议事日程

Lesson 30

Great learning tools --- Swine Flu Toys 猪流感毛绒玩具

A swine flu virus soft toy has gone on sale. It contributes to children’s understanding of the potentially deadly virus.
The toy has been designed to represent a soft version of a swine flu virus . It belongs to the updated creations of US- based doll company , which specializes in producing various sorts of toys shaped like viruses. The company describes its toys as “amusing gifts for anyone with a sense of humor” . Each purchase comes with an information booklet with details of the relevant infection. New swine flu cases are falling , but medical experts foresee that a second wave of the virus will come . So put health on your top agenda and take care of yourself!

Lesson 31 victory defeat announce deserve award champion argue

胜利 击败,战胜 宣告,宣布 应受,该得 奖(品) 优胜者,冠军 争辩,争论

load reputation rough behave commit overlook

担子,大量,许多 名声,声誉 粗糙的,粗鲁的 表现,行为 犯(错误/罪行), 承诺 俯视,忽略,不重视

shortcoming 缺点,短处





Lesson 31 Celebrities without manner 明星也疯狂 Kanye West produced one of the worst moments in VMAs history. It happened after Taylor Swift’s victory in the Best Female Video category for “You Belong With Me ,” which defeated Beyonce’s “single ladies”. West rushed to the stage , taking the microphone from Swift to announce only Beyonce deserved the award. However, Kanye West id not alone . Defending champion Serena Williams argued fiercely with a judge about her previous mistake and refused to apologize. What’s more, she claimed to be innocent.

With loads of money and reputation, famous stars sometimes show rough behaviors , commit serious errors and overlook their own shortcomings . Perhaps they should have manner classes in their spare time!

Lesson 32

hardship add goal avoid security guard fail

苦难,困难 增加,加起来 球门,进球,目标 躲开,避免,逃避 安全,保护 看守员,守卫 失败,不及格

succeed bare attach deed undertake quit

成功 赤裸的,仅有的 系,贴,附加 行为,事迹 承担,承诺 停止,放弃

Lesson 32

Real Spiderman


The famous French Spiderman, Alain Roberts conquered the world’s tallest building after overcoming many difficulties and hardships . Roberts added Malaysia’s Twin Towers to his climbing goals. To avoid security guards he tried to climb before the sun rised. After two previous attempts ended in failure, which made him feel deeply ashamed, Alan Roberts finally succeeded in climbing up the world’s tallest twin towers— the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. The 47- year-old man climbed with his bare hands and without any ropes attached. These deeds earned him the title “Spiderman”. He understood that he wouldn’t quit climbing , so we can expect more miracles from him!

Lesson 33 praise fit invite fair promote revolution crash

赞扬,表扬 健康的,合适的 邀请 集市,展览会 提升,晋升,促进 革命,变革,转数 碰撞,倒下,坠落

support note overweight reject favor balance encourage

支持,赞助 注意,记录 超重的,过胖的 抛弃,拒绝 恩惠,帮助,喜爱 使平衡,保持平衡 鼓励

Lesson 33 Michelle Obama’s Health Campaign 米歇尔-奥巴马的健康运动 America’s First Lady , Michelle Obama, is often praised for her healthy lifestyle and fit figure. Recently she invited a group of school children to the White House for a Healthy Kids Fair to promote children ‘s health. She managed to spin a hula hoop for 142 revolutions before it crashed to the ground. Mrs. Obama is also a supporter of healthy eating . Nothing that one in three American children is overweight, she called on parents to improve their children’s diets. She urged children to reject junk food and desserts in favor of healthy foods and balanced diet. She also encouraged exercise.

Lesson 34





candidate 候选人,(求职)申请











Lesson 34

Britain’s Super Girl 英国超女--- 苏珊大妈

No matter how old you are , I am sure you are familiar with the Chinese “super girls”. But do you know British “super girls”? Susan Boyle is a candidate of the TV program “Britain’s Got Talent” and a volunteer church worker. She has seized a good chance to shock the world with her touching performance of I Dreamed a Dream . She was nicknamed the “hairy angel” for her untidy appearance. But she has got a makeover despite suggestions by host Amanda Holden that she should remain the same until the end of show. Now Susan Boyle has been spotted wearing a stylish black leather jacket and what appeared to be a Burberry scarf.

Lesson 35 spread




resemble shoot elect income

像,类似 射击,发射,射中 选举,推选 收入,所得

approach 靠近,接近
greet fortune profit

问候,向------致敬 命运,好运 利润,盈余

Lesson 35 Obama Look-alike


Obama’s popularity has really spread around the world. Everything from streets, hotels are being named after him. Anas, an Indonesian photographer, who from some angles bears a striking resemblance to the new US president, shot to fame after Obama was elected. He is now earning income as Obama’s double. Anas told an interesting incident about him. When he was in the airport, a man approached him and greeted , “How do you do? Mr. Obama?” Anas was very surprised . “I never thought I would be star. It’s very fortunate.” Anas said. Maybe sometimes resemblance to famous people is a good thing, because it is profitable!

Lesson 36 technical classic reach shake congratulate directly

技术的,工艺 的 经典的 到达,伸出 震动,握手 祝贺 直接地

purpose access appreciate mild beyond treasure

目的,意图 进入,通路,入口 欣赏,,感激 温和的,温柔的 超出,越过 珍爱,重视,储藏





Lesson 36

A Different Mona Lisa


Thanks to a technical progress, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s classic works is now able to answer questions in Chinese. What’s more , the visitors can reach out to shake her hands . Maybe we should congratulate art lovers because they have the chance to talk with her directly now. The exhibition cost the sponsor about 50 million RMB. The sponsor said he wouldn’t regret spending so much money, because his purpose was to let the public have a new access to art and appreciate it in a new way. What would Mona Lisa say about her mild and mysterious smile? Is it beyond your imagination? So treasure this precious chance and don’t hesitate to talk with her now!

Lesson 37 economy frequent position count institute civilization compulsory fluent

经济 经常的,频繁的 位置,职位,地位 计算,数 (研究)所,院,学 院 文明,文化 义务的,强制的 流利的

tough confuse aspect complex digest native confident

棘手的 使混乱,混淆 方面,样子,外观 复杂的 消化,领会 本地人,本国人 有信心的,自信的

Lesson 37 Which Is harder to learn , Chinese or English? 学英语难, 难于学汉语 With the development of our economy and more frequent contacts with foreign friends, the position of Chinese in the world has been improved . Recently, countless Confucius Institutes have been founded to promote Chinese language and civilization. Chinese has become a compulsory subject in some foreign schools . However , learning Chinese and becoming fluent in it is a rather tough task. At first, almost every foreigner is confused about one aspect of the language--- pin yin. Besides , the writing system is complex and hard to digest.

So you see, learning English is not as hard as learning Chinese for non-native speakers. Are you feeling more confident to learn English now?

Lesson 38 attend dozen pretend

出席,参加 一打,12个 假装,伪称

link moral circle

连接,联系 道德的 圆圈,社交圈

bargain advance extra

讨价还价 前进,进展 额外的,额外的费用

remind rent

结婚,与---- 结婚
提醒,使---- 想起 出租,租用

Lesson 38

Rent a friend


In Japan , several agencies have been offered actors to attend weddings or even funerals . And now around 10 companies send out dozens of actors to pretend to be friends or family members. The minimum charge is 100 RMB. Customers can’t bargain and must book in advance. Other services such giving a speech cost extra.

The emergence of such industry is linked to economic, social and moral changes in Japan. Increasingly , many Japanese are too busy for a normal social life and have a very small circle of friends. When they marry, however, they have to find enough guests.
Does this remind you of stories about renting a boyfriend or girlfriend to go home at Spring Festival?

lesson39 respect relative calm down refuse comfort liberate replace

尊重,尊敬 亲戚,亲属 使镇静 淹死,淹没 拒绝

amuse organize entertainment punctual guide

消遣,娱乐 组织,安排 娱乐,消遣 准时,守时 引导,为--- 引路 精神,心灵,灵魂 典礼,仪式 减轻,解除

安逸,舒适,安慰 spirit 解放,使获自由 取代,替代
ceremony relief

Lesson 39

Eastern Halloween


In Eastern cultures celebrations of the dead usually seek to respect Dead relatives. However, the Hungry Ghost Festival seeks to calm down the hungry ghost. They died by accidents, by drowning or hanging and they have been refused to enter heaven. They become angry because they are forced to settle in hell without food or comfort. When liberated , they search for souls to replace them. To keep the angry spirits amused, people organize street operas and other forms of public entertainment punctually. People living along rivers float lanterns to guide spirits away from their homes. These ceremonies give a sense of relief to the spirits. Thus they are willing to stay in hell peacefully.

Lesson 40 right ban

权利 禁止,取缔 遗弃,抛弃 恨,讨厌 怀疑,猜想 带来,引起 传,递,通过

belief prejudice

信念,信仰,信任 偏见 希望 影响 敲,打,击 不幸,

desert hate

hope influence

suspect bring

knock misfortune


Lesson 40 Black Cat --- Bad Luck or Good Luck


November 17 has long been named as “Black Cat Day” by an animal rights group to ban the deserting or killing of black cats. Why do people hate black cats? Because black cats are suspected of being the symbol of witches. People believe black cats can bring bad luck if they pass their windows.
Though the belief is a prejudice against black cats, some fishermen’s wives would keep black cats at home, in the hope that they would be able to use their influence to protect their husbands at sea . Similarly , in the US, people believe that by knocking on anything made from wood, they can call upon good spirits for protection against misfortune.

Lesson 41
believe involve negotiate

认为,相信 使卷入,牵涉,涉及 商谈,谈判,协商

expert request connect

专家,能手 请求,要求 连接,联系

question offend scold aware

询问,质疑 触怒,冒犯 责骂,斥责 意识到的,知道的

traditional sensitive abuse

传统的,惯例的 敏感的,灵敏的 滥用,辱骂

Lesson 41 Unspoken rules of cell phone manners 手机礼仪潜规则

Most Americans believe impolite mobile phone manners involve sending messages and making phone calls in others’ presence. Sending messages during a negotiation is also strictly prohibited. But most people questioned in an online poll said they would not be offended if their friends answered phone calls during their talks. And they wouldn’t scold anyone who was shouting on the phones. “Etiquette is a question of awareness,” said an etiquette expert.
Fifty-five percent thought business requested people to stay connected, so their meals might be interrupted by phone calls. More than half said that they tended to send an electronic greeting card, instead of a traditional one. But people were sensitive about technology abuse during religious activities.

impolite express opinion splendid term scenery adjust suffer

无礼的,粗鲁的 表达,表示 看法,见解 辉煌的,极好的 术语,条款,项 风景,景色

tension nationality accustom bill partly concentrate

拉近,紧张,压力 国籍,民族 使-----习惯 账单 部分地 集中(注意力) 美德,德行

调整,调节,适应 virtue 受苦,患病

Lesson42 The most self-centered tourists


The French tourists are always seen as impolite. “They speak no English when they are abroad ,” one waitress expressed her opinion.

“The French are lucky enough to have a country which is splendid in the terms of scenery and culture,” one French tourist said, because when they are abroad they can’t adjust themselves to local climate and may suffer from tension.”
French tourists are also accused of spending less than other nationalities when abroad. They are not accustomed to leaving large tips because in France the tips are added to restaurant bills. But they are praised for their proper dressing, which can partly be seen as a comfort.

So we’d better concentrate on our manners and pay attention to our public virtue!

majority catch bite desire enthusiastic refer extreme

大多数 染上(疾病) 咬,叮 愿望,心愿 热心的,热情的 提到, 提及 极度的,极端的

pain harmful swell annoy settle wander

疼痛,苦痛 有害的,致伤的 膨胀,增大,隆 起 骚扰,打搅,惹 恼 安家,定居,解 决 漫游,漫步

Lesson 43 China Bug


My husband has spent the majority of his working life in China since he caught the “China Bug” during his first visit in 1999.
If someone gets bitten by a certain bug, they develop a strong desire and become enthusiastic about something. “Bugs” originally refer to a kind of small insects. Bug bites may not be extremely painful or harmful, but they cause swollen painful spots and tend to be itchy or annoying. Perhaps it is from this sense that the word “bug” gets its metaphorical meaning. People who develop the travel bug, for instance , can’t settle in one place and have to wander around the world. So what kind of bug have you developed?

Lesson 44
fiction common expand gather trade view participate

小说,虚构 平常的,共同的 膨胀,张开,扩大 聚集,采集 贸易 看,考虑 参加,参与

battle characteristic tiny craze trend direct

与------作战 特征,特色 很少的,微小的 狂热,大流行 趋势,时尚 指挥,指导

Lesson 44



Cosplay is short for costume play. Characters are often drawn from video games , science fiction, and less commonly, Japanese television shows. However , cosplay has been expanded to mean simply wearing a costume.
Cosplayers will gather at public events such as video game trade shows. They gather to view the costumes of others and participate in competitions. They can wear typical suits and masks to change into whoever they want to be and battle with their enemies. Their costumes show all the characteristics of the cartoon art, such as the oversized eyes and tiny mouths. Nowadays , it has become popular in China and the craze for cosplay is the latest trend because it directs the fashion.

Lesson 45 wrap embarrass leftover feed consider widely finance

包裹,包装 使窘迫,使困扰 残余 喂养,饲养 考虑,认为 宽阔的,范围大的 财政,财务

bitter circumstance shrink face decline ruin

苦的,严酷的 情况,形势,环境 起皱,收缩 面对,对抗 下降,衰落 使毁灭、使破坏

Lesson 45

Going to the dogs


Have you ever taken food from a restaurant? Waiters wrap it up into little boxes and those boxes are called “doggy bags”, which sounds embarrassing. Why? Maybe because people said they wanted to take the leftover food to feed their dogs. Since the food wasn’t considered suitable for people.
Another idiom, “going to the dogs” is widely used by Americans. If a person is going to the dogs , he is either suffering financial trouble or some other bitter circumstances. If we say , traditional newspapers are going to the dogs , it means the market of traditional print media is shrinking , some even facing bankruptcy. In short, if something is going to the dogs, it is in serious decline, becoming weak and getting ruined.

Lesson 46 shorten observation enclose boundary lawn stick side

弄短,变短 观察,观察力 围绕 分界线,边界 草坪,草地 伸出,黏住 边,旁边

reflect envy general long bored chance seek

反映,反射,体现 嫉妒,羡慕 大体的,总的 渴望 厌烦的 机会,机遇 试图,探寻

Lesson 46

Greener Grass


The phrase that the grass is always greener is shortened from an old saying. It means a better life is elsewhere than where you are. It comes from an observation of animals enclosed by fence, which mark the boundary on the lawn. These animals will stick their heads out to eat the grass on the other side of fences. From humans, this idiom is a perfect reflection on our envy of others. We find our life imperfect in general. We long for the greener grass on the other side. Job-hoppers are those who soon get bored of their present jobs and begin looking for the next “greener” chances. They are often described as “greener grass” seekers.

Lesson 47 pleasant effort appeal decorate attempt attractive vain

令人愉快的,舒适的 努力, 艰难的尝试 呼吁, 有吸引力 装饰,修饰 努力,尝试 有吸引力的 徒劳的

mention fight attack reform finish delay immediately

说起,提到 对抗,打架 攻击,袭击 改革,改良,制造 完成,结束 推迟,拖延,延误 立即的

Lesson 47

Lipstick on a pig


Have you ever tried to “dress up” an unpleasant-looking thing with best efforts just to make it appealing? For example, that ugly concrete yard is still ugly , even though you’ve decorated it with plants . This attempt to make something ugly look more attractive in vain is a typical example of “lipstick on a pig”.

The US president Mr. Obama mentioned this old phrase when he fought with John McCain for the presidential election. He used it to attack John McCain for his surface reforms. If you are required to finish your homework without delay, but you don’t want to do it immediately , you may say: ”The homework is not helpful to my learning. It is like putting lipstick on a pig. ”

Lesson 48

ancient represent

古代的,古老的 代表

statue mark

地位,身份 标记,记号,分数

register consist trust recognize

登记,注册 包含,组成,构成 信任,信托 认出,认可,承认

challenge ahead target attain

挑战(性) 在前,向前 靶子,目标 达到,完成,获得

Lesson 48

Interesting stories about excellent logos

Nike Nike’s logo looks like a wing . Actually , in the ancient Greek mythology, Nike is the name of the goddess of victory, and the wingshaped logo represents the wing of her. Toyota The current Toyota mark, which was revised several times and registered in 1989, consists of three ovals. The logo represents a relationship of mutual trust between the customer and Toyota. Mercedes Benz The Mercedes Benz logo has become one of the world’s most recognized bands that symbolizes status and personality. It looks like a three-pointed star which stands for the land, the sky and the sea. Adidas The Adidas logo represents elegance and a mark of the leading sportswear in the world. The shape of three stripes represents mountains pointing towards challenges ahead and targets that can be attained.



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