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unit7So much to do before we travel说课稿1

So much to do before we travel! 说课稿
Ladies and gentlemen, It's really my pleasure to share my teaching idea with you. To make my presentation much clearer, I'd like to divide it

into 4 parts: about the lesson, about the students, about me and about my plan.

Part I. About the lesson
First, let me tell you something about the lesson briefly. It is the listening and speaking part of unit 7, book2. The whole class will last for 45 minutes. This lesson is mainly about travel plans. The topic is closely related with our daily life. Therefore, one function of this lesson is to combine English learning with the daily affair travelling. The other function is to improve Ss' listening and speaking skills.

Part II. About the students
There is no doubt that we make the teaching design according to the specific conditions of the students. So next, I will introduce something about the ss. The lesson is designed for the students majoring in travelling from Grade One . They lack vocabulary, show low interest in English learing. Therefore they feel shy to speak in English. Furthermore, they feel anxious during the classroom activities. But because of their major, the Ss are curious about the topic and want to know more, hard-working and want to learn more. Easy learning tasks are welcome as well as happy classroom atmosphere. Of course, more encouragement and guidance should be offered.

Part III. About me
Anyway, it's time to say something about me. There are totally3 aspects. My aims, difficulties and methods together with aids. Aspect1. My aims I will start from my aims in this lesson. I set the following teaching aims. First. Knowledge aims, during the class, I will help the Ss learn more words, phrases, and sentence patterns. Second, Ability aims, the Ss will be able to understand the listening materials and carry out conversations on the topic. As to the affection aims, I will try to make the Ss realize the importance of a travel plan. And through various activities, I also try to arouse their consciousness of cooperation and competition. Aspect2. My difficulties However, it's always a challenge to fulfill the above aims. Here comes my difficulties. I often ask myself: How to enable the Ss to finish the basic learning task ? How to irritate them to join in the classroom activities? And how to lead them to use what they have learned? Aspect3. My methods& aids

In order to reach the aims and solve the difficulties, task-based teaching method, situational teaching method , and pleasure teaching method will be used in my class. That is to say, I will give the Ss learning tasks as well as the vivid situations and exciting atmosphere. Multi-media technology will help a lot to achieve it. As you know, teaching today is not " a chalk, or a blackboard" any more. The multi-media teaching brings various elements into the classroom, such as pictures, sounds, videos, flash and so on. In my class, I will take full advantage of it to make my class more interesting and colorful.

Part IV. About my plan
The last and also the main part of my presentation is my teaching plan. I will show it for you right now. It includes 3 aspects: teaching procedures, blackboard design and teaching reflection. Aspect1. Teaching procedures Please allow me to focus on the teaching procedures first. It is made up of 4steps: warm-up& lead-in, listening, speaking and homework. Step1 warm-up& lead-in Before the class, I will divide the Ss into 8 groups and declare that there will be a competition through the whole class. The Ss will be encouraged to cooperate with members and earn points for their own groups. To create an active atmosphere, I set a flash game called lucky flower for the Ss to warm up. The multi-media technology makes it possible to change the traditional class into the one which is full of images and sounds. The flash is helpful to give the students a real and vivid situation and involves the Ss easily and quickly. When the game finished, a short discussion will be carried out. The Ss will be asked to choose 3 most important things they need to do for the trip. It's a good chance to lead in to the lesson-----so much to do before we travel! We'd better make a travel plan! A series of questions will be listed: where do we often go for a travel? What to take with us? And what activities do we do? Step2 listening To understand the listening materials better, necessary words and phrases should be prepared. So I design two activities in the pre-listening part. The first activity is called" Best Memory". A competition will be held among groups. A short video will be showed. To be more closed to the topic, the video is made by myself on purpose. With the video, I don't have to carry so many items to the classroom and it is more interesting to see a student act than the others. The students will be interested in this competition. They will try their best to write down the items which Bob has packed. Each word will earn one point. Then the answers will be checked to help the Ss to know more words. So far, the Ss has realized that before the travel we should pack some useful items, but that is not enough. A short brainstorm will be designed here. Pictures of different places for travel will be showed as well as a list of new words such as cash, bathing suit. The Ss will be asked to choose certain things according to different places and tell why. Therefore, the Ss will get to know there are 3 important points in a travel plan: the place to go, the things to take, and the activities to do.

In the while-listening part, I arrange three levels of listening tasks for students. During the first listening, they will gain the general idea of the dialogue. Then I will train their ability of grasping key information by ticking the right items. Finally, I will require the ss to fill in the blanks to get some detailed information. Through the exercise , the ss get more ideas about travel plan. Step 3 speaking In the pre-speaking part, to help the students to get some useful structures, I will give another listening material: a similar dialogue. I will advise them to listen and complete to get the sentence patterns which can be used in the next task. Now, it's turn for the Ss to use what they have learned . Here comes the speaking task: make a new dialogue about one-week travel plan with the help of the hints. Some pairs will be invited to present their dialogues. According to the quality, the group will be given the certain points. Then another activity will be arranged in order to combine what the Ss have learned with their future job. They are required to imagine making a travel poster for the travel agency. And at the very beginning, each of them will be given a sign of heart which is for them to vote the best poster. To some extent, it's quite difficult for them. So an example is necessary. When the Ss finish the posters in groups, they will be asked to put up their works on the wall to earn hearts as many as possible. One heart one point. In the end, I will praise the winner group and the most active students . Step4 homework In my opinion, the homework is a good way for the Ss to consolidate what they have learned and extend the English learning outside the class. As you can see, 2 kinds of homework will be assigned here. Aspect2. Blackboard design At the end of my presentation, I want to show you the blackboard design. I think it helps the ss to grasp the key points of this lesson. Aspect3. Teaching reflection Finally, To evaluate my teaching , I prepare forms to get the feedbacks from the ss. In this way, I can make improvements in my future teaching. And the other reflection is from myself. In a word, I make free use of the textbook by adding extra materials and fulfill my teaching aims by various classroom activities. And the modern teaching facility helps me a lot, especially the multi-media technology. I use colorful pictures to attract the Ss' eyes, an interesting flash to warm up, a video made by myself to have a competition and so on. The ss show great interest and enthusiasm in my class. So much for my presentation. Thank you!


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