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Unit1 笔试部分(共 80 分) I. 语音与词汇。(10 分) A)从 A、B、C、D 中找出与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的选项。(5 分) 1. ever A. chess B. serious C. make D. pretty 2. sun A. ruler B. student C. junk D. unit 3. song A. police B. come C. post D. hot 4. gate A. bank B. want C. grade D. class 5. thin A. milk B. fight C. ice D. kind B) 根据句意及首字母提示,完成下列单词的拼写。(5 分) 1. He writes to his father t__________a month. 2. Everyone likes to surf on the I__________. 3. Mr Smith t__________many Chinese books into English every year. 4. Eating j__________food is bad for your health. 5. Do you find the d__________between the twins? II. 单项选择。(10 分) 1. Is your bike broken? Let__________you. A. me to help B. I help C. me help D. I to help 2. Although they feel tired,__________they still go on working. A. and B. but C. / D. so 3. The woman can't__________his son in the park. A. read B. watch C. look D. find 4. Li Lei works in England. He comes to China__________. A. three time a year B. three times a year C. three times year D. three time year 5. His grandmother is well because she often __________. A. exercises B. smokes C. sleeps D. sings 6. -__________do they play football? -Every day. A. How soon B. How much C. How many D. How often 7. His mother wants him__________at home today. A. stays B. stayed C. to stay D. staying 8. Here__________the results__________the student activity survey. A. is; with B. are; of


C. is; of D. are; with 9.__________homework, we do their homework on Sunday. A. As for B. As to C. As of D. As from 10. These days Mrs Li looks__________healthy. A. nice B. pretty C. heavy D. cool III. 英汉互译。(5 分) 根据汉语意思完成下列各句,每空一词。 1. 做眼保健操对你的眼睛有好处。 Doing eye exercises__________ __________ __________your eyes. 2. 我们尽量准时到达那里。 We __________ __________ get there on time. 3. --你们通常进行什么运动? --我们打篮球。 -__________ __________do you usually play? -We play basketball. 4. 散步有助于保持身体健康。 Walking helps to keep __________ __________ __________. 5. 我们每天通常从早饭开始。 We usually__________ the day __________breakfast. IV. 句型转换。(5 分) 按要求改写下列各句, 每空一词。 1. My sister is ill. I must take care of her at home.(改为同义句) My sister is ill. I must__________ __________ her at home. 2. Lin Tao often helps me with my Chinese. (对划线部分提问) __________ __________does Lin Tao help you with your Chinese? 3. Tom goes to bed at ten in the evening. (改为否定句) Tom __________ ________ to bed at ten in the evening. 4. They always see a film on Saturdays. (改为同义句) They always _______ _______ ________ _________ on Saturdays. 5. I sleep nine hours every night. (对划线部分提问) __________ __________ __________do you sleep every night? V. 完形填空。(10 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出能填入空白 处的最佳选项。 What do the people usually do on weekends? Some people like to (1)__________at home, but others like to go out for a walk or play football. Mr Smith (2)__________hard in a factory during (在期间) the (3)__________. On the weekends, he usually (4)__________the same thing. On Saturday he washes his

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car and on (5)__________he goes with his family to a village(村庄) by car. His uncle and aunt (6)__________a farm there. It isn't a big one, but there is always (7)__________to do on the farm. The children help with the animals and give them some (8)__________. Mr and Mrs Smith help in the field. At the end of the day, they are all (9) and Mr Smith's aunt (10)__________them a big meal. l. A. play B. stay C. be D. so 2. A. works B. does C. makes D. studies 3. A. day B. year C. week D. month 4. A. does B. do C. make D. has 5. A. Sunday B. Saturday C. Thursday D. Friday 6. A. have B. has C. bring D. find 7. A. much B. many C. any D. most 8. A. food B. rice C. cakes D. fruit 9. A. hungry B. angry C. full D. happy 10. A. give B. puts C. makes D. does VI. 书面表达。(20 分) 根据要求及提示,以 My Sunday 为题写一篇短文。 提示:1. 星期天早上七点半起床; 2. 中午和妈妈一起去动物园; 3. 中午短暂休息以后去买东 Unit2


西;笔试部分(共 80 分) I. 语音与词汇。(20 分) A)判断下列每组单词划线部分有几种读音。(10 分) A. 一种读音 B. 两种读音 C. 三种读音 D. 四种读音 1. heal great idea bread 2. nobody honey police joke 3. night light life pine 4. section relax test stress 5. matter wash award bad B) 根据句意和首字母提示,完成下列单词拼写。(10 分) 1. We walk with our l________. 2. Yesterday I had a bad c________, so I didn't go to school. 3. There is much w________in the river. 4. She was very t________, and soon she fell asleep in bed. 5. He is very t________, please give him a cup of tea. II. 单项选择。(10 分) 1. -________ -I have a headache. A. What's the matter, Judy? B. Where are you, Judy? C. Who are you? D. What are you doing, Judy? 2. He________stay at home and look after his mother yesterday. A. needed to B. must C. have to D. has to 3. I think walking is________our health. A. good at B. bad at C. well in D. good for 4. We should not eat________junk food. A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too 5. -How is the young man? -________ A. He is twelve. B. He's much better. C. He is a doctor. D. He's Allan. 6. It's important to eat a________diet. A. balanced B. balance C. balancing D. balances 7. He often has sports. ________, football, basketball and ping-pong. A. For an example B. For example C. For the example D. For a example 8. You should not eat________24 hours. A. something in B. nothing for C. anything for D. everything at 9. -My mother is ill. -________ A. Don't worry. B. No hurry. C. I'm sorry to hear that. D. OK.

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10. -I feel stressed out. I have so much work to do every day. -You'd better not work too hard. It's good for you to take some________, I think. A. health B. exercise C. lesson D. work III. 完成对话。(10 分) A)从对话后的方框中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。 A: We are going to play basketball. (1)________ B: I'd like to, but I can't. A: (2)________ B: I have to see Xiao Fang in the hospital. A: What's the matter with her? (3)________ B: (4)________ A: (5)________ B: I'm afraid I can't. A. Her head hurts and she doesn't want to eat. B. Would you like to go with us? C. Anything serious? D. Are you coming later? E. What do you have to do? IV. 动词填空。(10 分) 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. Li Ying________(be) born in 1986. 2. Listen!Our English teacher________(speak) at the meeting. 3. We'll go to the park if it________(not rain) tomorrow. 4. Half an hour later, she________(meet) her husband outside the park gate. 5. You may________(go) there a little earlier next time. 6. Don't________(disturb) others when you are in the room. 7. You'd better________(not play) football in the street. 8. The Smiths wanted________(live) in China. 9. The young man________(help) Granny to clean the house last Sunday. 10. My sister________(write) a letter yesterday. V. 完形填空。(10 分) What is the best way to study? This is a very important question. Some Chinese students often__1__very hard for long hours. It is a__2__habit, but it is not a better way to study. An efficient(讲效率的) student must__3__enough sleep, enough food and enough rest. Every week you __4__to go out for a walk or visit some friends or some nice places. It's good__5__your study. When you return to your studies, you'll find yourself__6__than before and you'll learn more. Maybe we can__7__that learning English is __8__taking Chinese medicine. We don't mean that it's bitter (苦的). We mean that like Chinese medicine, the efficiency of your study__9__ slowly but surely. __10__slowly but surely every day and effects will come just like Chinese medicine. 1. A. play B. study C. sleep D. think 2. A. best B. better C. good D. bad 3. A. have B. do C. want D. make 4. A. want B. hope C. need D. wish 5. A. in B. for C. to D. at 6. A. weaker B. stronger C. fatter D. thinner 7. A. say B. guess C. talk D. know 8. A. about B. on C. at D. like


9. A. returns B. comes C. gives D. gets 10. A. Sleep B. Know C. Learn D. Play VI. 阅读理解。(20 分) There is an old English saying. It tells us that we must go to bed early and get up early in the morning. Then we shall be healthy. We shall also be rich and clever. This is true. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy. Children of young age should have ten hours' sleep every night. Children who do not have enough sleep cannot do their work well and they may not be healthy. The body also needs exercise. Walking, running, jumping and playing games are all exercise. Exercise keeps the body strong. Exercise also helps the blood to move around inside the body. It is very important. Our blood moves to all parts of our body. The head also needs blood. Exercise helps us to think better. 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。 1. If we want to be healthy, we must________. A. eat more B. sleep more C. play more D. go to bed early and get up early 2. Children of young age should have ______ hours' sleep every day. A. ten B. nine C. eleven D. twelve 3. If children don't have enough sleep, they will not________. A. work well B. be clever and healthy C. eat well D. A and B 4. The body also needs________. A. sports B. running C. exercise D. playing 5. Does exercise help us to think better? A. Yes, it does. B. No, it doesn't. C. No, it does. D. Yes, it deosn't. 4. 下午和朋友一起去踢足球; 5. 擅长阅读,晚上看《西行漫记》 (Red Star Over China)。 要求:1. 条理清楚,语句通顺,语法正确,书写规范; 2. 提示内容全部体现在文章中;

Unit2 参考答案: 参考答案:
录音原文及参考答案:(划线部分为参考答案) I. 1. ear year 2. I eye 3. day stay 4. nose know 5. live life 1-5 DSDDD II. 1. Tom is very thirsty. 2. Ann is tired. 3. Peter does exercise outside. 4. I am hungry. 5. He has a cold. 1-5 CEADB

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III. M: We are going to play football. Would you like to go with us? W: I'm afraid I can't. M: Why? W: I have to see Han Mei in the hospital. M: What's the matter with her? Isn't she feeling well? W: She has a sore throat. M: I'm sorry to hear that. Tell her to have a good rest. W: I will. IV. Jim was often ill. He wanted to be healthy very much. But he didn't know what to do. Mr Hu, a doctor, told him how to stay healthy. "First you must look after yourself. For example, taking a walk after supper, doing eye exercises, eating much vegetables and so on. All of them are good for your health. Remember! Don't do anything bad for your health. For example, watching TV too much, reading in bed, eating too much, going to bed late and so on. Any of them is bad for your health." After that he always did as Mr Hu told him. He is very healthy now. 1-5 FFFTT 笔试部分 I. A)1. D 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. C B)1. legs 2. cold 3. water 4. tired 5. thirsty II. 1. A 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. B for example 是固定用法。8. C 9. C 10. B III. 1. B 2. E 3. C 4. A 5. D IV. 1. was 2. is speaking 3. doesn't rain 4. met 5. go 6. disturb 7. not play 8. to live 9. helped 10. wrote V. 1. B 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. D 9. B 10. C VI. 1. D 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. A


IV. Sam often gets up at six thirty on Sundays. Twenty-five minutes later, he has breakfast with his father, his mother and his sister. Then he leaves his home and goes out to do some reading. At about eleven o'clock he gets back home and helps his mother do some housework. Sometimes he helps his sister with her homework. He has lunch at twelve o'clock. In the afternoon he often plays basketball or football with his friends. He gets home at five fifty. Forty minutes later, he has supper. In the evening, he does his homework. He watches TV twice a week. Sometimes he plays with his sister. At about ten o'clock he goes to bed. Key:1. He gets up at six thirty. 2. He has breakfast at six fifty-five. 3. There are four people in Sam's family. 4. He often plays football or basketball with his friends. 5. He watches TV twice a week. 笔试部分 I. A) 1. A 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. A B) 1. twice 2. Internet 3. translates 4. junk 5. differences II. 1. C 2. C 此题的汉语意思为:尽管他们感到很疲惫,但是他们仍然继续工作。但做英语题时在有 althoug 的前题下,后面不用 but。 3. D 4. B 5. A 6. D 7. C want sb. to do sth. 要某人做......,希望某人做......。 8. B 9. A 10. B III. 1. is good for 2. try to 3. What sports 4. in good health 5. start, with IV. 1. look after 2. How often 3. doesn't go 4. go to the movies 5. How many hours V. 1-5 BACAA 6-10 AAAAC VI. 书面表达参考范文: My Sunday Today is Sunday. I get up at half past seven. At noon I go to the zoo with my mother. After a short rest, we go shopping in the market. In the afternoon, I go to the playground to play football with my friends. We have a good time there. After supper, I stay at home to do some reading. I read a book. Its name is Red Star Over China.

Unit1 参考答案: 参考答案:
II. 1. There is some milk in the bottle. 2. Can you translate this sentence into Chinese? 3. He knows the result of the football game. 4. They can find the difference between this picture and that picture. 5. What's her favorite program? III. 1. M: What's your favorite exercise? W: I like to play basketball. 2. M: How often does he eat vegetables? W: Always. 3. M: What does Lily do on weekends? W: She often goes to the movies. 4. M: How often does your brother watch TV? W: Twice a week. 5. M: Do they like fruit? W: Yes, they do. Key:1-5 DCABE

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