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It was one in the morning and the rain fell against the window. My candle was almost burnt out when, by its tiny light, I saw …
-Extracted from “Frankenstein’s Monster”


e 5
Frankenstein’s Monster
Reading and Vocabulary

Read Part One and find the general idea
Brief introduction to the story

Which sentence below can best describe the main idea of Part Two ?
A.The monster was the ugliest thing ever seen in the world. B.Frankenstein regretted having created the monster very much. C.The monster was so ugly and terrifying that Frankenstein regretted having created him.

Feeling anxious, I prepared the equipment that would give life to the thing that lay at my feet.(Para.1, Part 2) I had worked for nearly two years with one aim only, to give life to lifeless body. For this I had not slept. I had destroyed my health. I had wanted it more than anything in the world.(Para.
3,Part 2

Before the creature was finished, Frankenstein hopeful, eager, excited was anxious as well as____________________.

I wish I had not created this creature, I wish I was on the other side of the world. I wish I could disappear. (Para.3, Part 2 ) I wish I had not done this terrible thing. I wish I was dead. (Para.3, Part 2)
So many “ I wish…” have been used to show that regretful, upset, disappointed Frankenstein was _____________________________for her creation.

I dreamt I saw my fiancee walking in the street of our town. She looked well and happy but as I kissed her lips, they became pale, as if she were dead. Her face changed and I thought I held the body of my dead mother in my arms. ( Para.3, Part 2) The dream is mentioned here to describe fearful, terrified, disgusted how___________________________Frankenstein felt after the monster came into being.

The creature, which is large and strong, and is also extremely ugly, terrifies anyone who sees it. (Part 1) However, the monster , who has learnt to speak, is intelligent and has human emotions. (Part 1) How can I describe my emotions when I saw this happen? How can I describe the monster who I had worked so hard to create? I had tried to make it beautiful. Beautiful! He was the ugliest thing l had ever seen! (Para.2, Part 2)

Which word can best describe the monster? A. clever B. talkative(健谈) C. Ugly D. emotional(易激动的)

Describe appearance and feelings
large strong The monster is very_____, _____and also ugly He is the ______thing ugliest extremely____. ever seen in veins the world. You can see the ______beneath his hair skin His ____was teeth yellow_____. black and his _____were white. But these things contrasted horribly with wrinkled skin eyes his _______yellow his yellow______, ____and lips He terrifies black_____. ______everyone who sees him, and horror disgust makes ______and _____ fill my mind.

Describe the girl and your impression
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Vocabulary available
cute smart pretty lovely lively attractive charming graceful sweet intelligent


Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.
— Amerson, America 美色中看,美德感人 (美国· 爱默生)


Brilliant display of beauty in literature is embodied in the vivid illustration of ugliness. — Fu Min, China 丑的淋漓尽致是文学美的绝妙体现(付敏,中国)

He was standing by my bed and watching me. His mouth opened and he made a sound, then seemed to smile. I think he wanted to speak…(p3, part 2) What do you think the monster might have wanted to say when he stood by Frankstein’s bed?

Not monster but master Master’s fault

(魔鬼也是人) (都是主人惹的祸) (我想有个家) (越大越孤单)

Longing for a family
The older, the lonelier



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