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选修6第二单元reading 翻译


? There are various reasons why people write poetry. 人们写诗有着各种各样的理由。 Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way that will give the reader a strong impression. 有些诗是为了叙事,或者说是描述某件事并给读 者以强烈的印象。 Others try to convey certain emotions. 而有些诗则是为了传达某种感情。 Poets use many different forms of poetry to express themselves. 诗人用许多不同风格的诗来表达自己。 In this text, however, we will look at a few of the simpler forms. 本文只谈了几种格式比较简单的诗。

? Some of the first poetry a young child learns in English is nursery rhymes. 孩子们最早学习的英文诗是童谣。 These rhymes like the one on the right (A) are still a common type of children's poetry. 像右边的这首童谣(A)至今仍然是常见的。 The language is concrete but imaginative, and they delight small children because they rhyme, have strong rhythm and a lot of repetition. 童谣的语言具体但富有想象力,这使得小孩子 们快乐,因为它们押韵,节奏感强,并较多重 复。

? The poems may not make sense and even seem contradictory, but they are easy to learn and recite. 童谣可能没有意义,甚至有的看来自相矛 盾,但是它们容易学,也容易背诵。 By playing with the words in nursery rhymes, children learn about language. 通过童谣中的文字游戏,孩子们学习了语 言。

? (A) Hush, little baby, don't say a word,小宝宝,别说话, Papa's going to buy you a mockingbird.爸爸给你买个 小嘲鸟。 If that mockingbird won't sing,小嘲鸟,不会唱, Papa's going to buy you a diamond ring.爸爸给你买个 钻石戒。 If that diamond ring turns to brass,钻石戒,变成铜, Papa's going to buy you a looking-glass.爸爸给你买个 小镜子。 If that looking-glass gets broke,小镜子,打破了, Papa's going to buy you a billy-goat.爸爸给你买个小山 羊。 If that billy-goat runs away,小山羊,跑掉了。 Papa's going to buy you another today.爸爸今天再去 给你买一只。

? One of the simplest kinds of poems are those like B and C that list things. 像(B)和(C)这样的列举事物的清单诗是诗 歌中最简单的一种。 List poems have a flexible line length and repeated phrases which give both a pattern and a rhythm to the poem. 清单诗的诗句比较灵活,而且有重复的短语, 这就形成了这种诗的模式和节奏。 Some rhyme (like B) while others do not (like C). 有些清单诗押韵(如B),但有一些没有(如 C)。

? (B) I saw a fish- pond all on fire我看到鱼塘在燃烧 I saw a fish-pond all on fire,我看到鱼塘在燃烧, I saw a house bow to a squire,我看到房子向地主 哈腰, I saw a person twelve-feet high,我看到人12尺高, I saw a cottage in the sky,我看到小屋在天郊。 I saw a balloon made of lead,我看到气球用铅做, I saw a coffin drop down dead,我看到棺材把死人 抛。 I saw two sparrows run a race,我看到两只麻雀在 赛跑,

? I saw two horses making lace,我看到两匹马儿 绣花包。 I saw a girl just like a cat,我看到姑娘像只猫, I saw a kitten wear a hat,我看到小猫带花帽。 I saw a man who saw these too,我看到有人在一 旁瞄, And said though strange they all were true.虽奇 怪,但也把实情报。

? (C) Our first football match我们的第一场球赛 We would have won ...我们本来会得冠军…… if Jack had scored that goal,如果杰克踢进了那个球, if we'd had just a few more minutes,如果我们还有 几分钟, if we had trained harder,如果我们训练的更严格, if Ben had passed the ball to Joe,如果本把球传给 了乔, if we'd had thousands of fans screaming,如果有大 批球迷助威,

? if I hadn't taken my eye off the ball,如果我死死 盯住球, if we hadn't stayed up so late the night before,如 果我们头晚不熬夜, if we hadn't taken it easy,如果我们没有放松警惕, if we hadn't run out of energy.如果我们没有精疲 力竭, We would have won ...我们本来是会的冠军的 …… if we'd been better!如果我们能干的更好!

? Another simple form of poem that students can easily write is the cinquain, a poem made up of five lines. 另外一种学生容易写的简体诗是由五行组成的, 叫做五行诗。 With these, students can convey a strong picture in just a few words. 用五行诗,学生可以用少量的词语传递一幅动 人的画面。 Look at the examples (D and E) on the top of the next page. 请看下一页上端的D和E两个例子。

? (D) Brother兄弟 Beautiful, athletic爱美,又爱运动 Teasing, shouting, laughing爱闹,爱叫,又 爱笑 Friend and enemy too是我的朋友 Mine也是我的敌人

? (E) Summer夏天 Sleepy, salty困乏,咸涩 Drying, drooping, dreading干涸,枯萎,恐怖 Week in, week out周而复始 Endless永无止境

? Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that is made up of 17 syllables. 俳句诗(Haiku)是一种日本诗,由17个音节组 成。 It is not a traditional form of English poetry, but is very popular with English writers. 它不属于英诗的传统形式,但是在用英语写作 的人们中间,这种诗也是很流行的。

? It is easy to write and, like the cinquain , can give a clear picture and create a special feeling using the minimum of words. 它容易写,而且像五行诗一样,它可以用 最少的词语呈现出一幅清晰的画面,表达 出一种特殊的感情。 The two haiku poems (F and G) above are translations from the Japanese. 下面两首俳句诗(右边的F和G)就是从日 文翻译过来的。

? (F) A fallen blossom落下的花朵 Is coming back to the branch.回到了树枝上。 Look, a butterfly!瞧啊,是只蝴蝶! ( by Moritake)(作者:Moritake) ? (G) Snow having melted,雪儿融化了, The whole village is brimful整个村庄充满着 Of happy children.欢乐的儿童。 (by Issa)(作者:Issa)

? Did you know that English speakers also enjoy other forms of Asian poetry - Tang poems from China in particular? 你知道吗?说英语的人也喜欢其他类型的亚洲 诗,尤其是中国的唐诗, A lot of Tang poetry has been translated into English. 许多唐诗已经被翻译成英文了。 This Tang poem (H) is a translation from the Chinese. 下面这首唐诗(H)就是从中文翻译过来的。

? (H) Where she awaits her husband望夫石 On and on the river flows.望夫处,江悠悠。 Never looking back, Transformed into stone.化为 石,不回头。 Day by day upon the mountain top, wind and rain revolve.山头日日风复雨, Should the traveller return, this stone would utter speech.行人归来石应语。 (by Wang Jian)王健

? With so many different forms of poetry to choose from, students may eventually want to write poems of their own. 有了这么多可供选择的诗歌类型,学生们 最终也许想自己作诗了。 It is easier than you might think and certainly worth a try! 写诗比你想象的要容易,绝对值得一试。



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