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Let’s enjoy a beautiful poem!
Who am I
I am an angel I am a dream I am love I am a need I am intelligence I am strength I am hope I am a wish I am a wonder I am a myth I am a mount

ain I am the sea I am beautiful I am me I am a youth

Guessing game
I am a machine, which you can use to type your homework, draw pictures, play games, watch movies, listen to music, communicate with your friends, gather information… Who am I ? A computer

1. Learn some words and expressions. 2. Know about the development of the computer. 3. Develop the students’ reading skills.

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calculate analytical simplify technological revolution

v. 计算 adj. 分析的 vt. 简化 adj. 科技的 n. 革命

universal mathematical personal artificial intelligence anyhow

adj. 宇宙的 adj. 数学的 adj.个人的 adj. 人造的 n. 智力 adv. 无论如何

? ? ? ? ? ?

solve transistor totally network explore human race

? ? ? ? ? ?

v. 解决,解答 n. 晶体 adv. 完全地 n. 网络 v. 探索,探测 人类

Reading – I

Fast reading (2ms)

Read fast and answer the following questions: 1.Who is the speaker? 2.What do you think the text is about?

1.Who is the speaker ?
It is a computer. 2.What do you think the text is about? The history / development of computers.

Reading – II Careful reading (5ms)

Fill in the blanks with information from the reading :

According to the time

Try to read the following phrases: calculating machine 计算器 analytical machine 分析机
universal machine 通用计算器 artificial intelligence 人工智能

technological revolution 技术革命
mathematical problems 数学问题

1642:_________________________________________ The computer began as a calculating machine 1822:The analytical machine was made by Charles Babbage. 1936:_________________________________________ Alan Turing wrote a book about how computers could be made to work as a universal machine. ______________________________________________ The computer had grown as large as a room. 1940s:_________________________________________ 1960s _____: The first family of computers was connected to each other. Computers were used in offices and homes. 1970s:_________________________________________ Now: Computers connect people all over the world together.

Reading – III Detailed reading(P19)(8ms) Paragraph1 Topic sentence
Over time I have been changed quite a lot.

These changes only … as my memory improved.

Since the 1970s many new applications …for me.

Support- calculating tubes machine transistors ing analytical machine chips details

communications finance trade robots universal machine network mobile phones PC World Wide medical operations Web laptop space robots

The summary about the text
I began as a calculating_______ in 1642 _______ machine in France. In 1822 I was built as an Analytical Machine Then in 1936 Alan Turing _____ _________. wrote a book and built a universal machine _______ ______. went by As time___ ___, I was made ______ but my smaller memory got larger and larger In the 1960s ______ _____. they gave me a family connected by__ ______. a network Now people call it the Internet. I was used in offices homes ______ and ______ in the 1970s. Since my birth I have truly been built to serve the human race.

Find the similar sentences in the passage: 1. After about two hundred years, Charles Babbage made me as an analytical machine It took nearly two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage. 2. As time goes by, I becomes cleverer and cleverer, and I can remember anything I have been told. Over time my memory has developed so much that, like an elephant, I never forget anything I have been told.

Anyhow, my goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality. I am now truly filled with happiness that I am a devoted friend and helper of the human race. 不管怎样,我的目标是给人类提供高质量的生 活。现在我充满了幸福感,因为我是人类忠实 的朋友和助手。

? What can computers be used for? ? I think that … ? In my opinion … ? I believe that … ? What’s your reason? ? Why do you think so?

? ? ? ? ? ?

typing homework drawing pictures playing games communicating with our friends gathering information for our lessons buying the things we like, eg books and clothes ? listening to music ? watching movies

Computers have great power.

They make our lives more colorful and more convenient. BUT
Don’t forget that computers are modern tools which can’t take the place of real people.

Never ignore the people beside you or even far away.

You deserve to get it!

Find out the language points in the passage.



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