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外研社必修四Module 2 Traffic Jam单元学案

Module 2 Traffic Jam
类别 课标定位· 高效导学 课程标准要求掌握的项目 suburban adj.市郊的,效区的 convenient adj.便利的,方便的 display vt.展示,陈列 single adj.单一的;n.单程票 permit vt.允许; n.执照,许可证 return vt.归还;n.偿还,往返票 receipt n.收条,收据 explore vt.探险,探索 fare n.车费,船费,票价 blow vi.吹,吹响(乐器,号角等) air-conditioned adj. 带空调的 horn n.号角,喇叭 limit vt.限制,限定 react vi.反应 destination n.目的地,终点 solution n.解决,解答 impressive adj.给人印象深刻的 mood n.心情,情绪 route n.路线 congestion n.拥塞,堆积 provide vt.提供,装备,规定 registration n.登记,注册 be connected to 与??有关联 switch off 关掉,切断 be/get stuck in 陷入(困境) there is no room for 没有空间?? share…with…与??分享?? no way 没门 in no time 立即,立刻;马上 keep cool 保持冷静,镇定自若 make sure 确保,保证 be famous for 因??而出名 ask for a receipt 索要发票 decide to do sth.决定做某事 get around 四处走动, (消息等)传开 be happy with 对??感到满意/高兴 have a good view of 欣赏?? carry out 执行,贯彻 under construction 在建设中 what’s more 此外,更重要的是 be worth doing sth. 值得做某事 even though/if 即使 have sth. in common 与??有共同点 keep sth. out of 将??置之于外,使不参与 You should check the cab has a business permit, and make sure you ask for a receipt. It’s a good idea to avoid public transport during the rush hour. Buses numbered 1 to 100 are limited to travel within the city center. You have a good view of the rapidly changing city. It’s a good idea to have your destination written in Chinese. You’d better record your own reading after doing some repetition and imitation. There was no way I was going to catch the bus. It’s enough to drive you mad.

重点 单词

重点 短语

功能 交际



Turn right. Don’t go faster than 90 kph.

Section Ⅰ Introduction,Reading and Vocabulary & Function 知识整合· 能力聚焦 考点搜索 1:check 的用法 【例 1】-Julia said she sent you a birthday card yesterday. Have you got it? -Oh, really! I haven’t ________ my mailbox yet. A. examined B. reviewed C. tested D. checked 解析:本题目考查动词词义辨析:examine 侧重于检查以获取信息;test 侧重于测试性能; review 复习;check 侧重核实,核查。check my mailbox 查看邮箱,即对“收到生日卡片” 进行核实。 答案:D 【例 2】-We have booked a room for today and tomorrow. -________, sir. A. I’m sure B. My pleasure C. It’s all right D. I’ll check 解析:本题考查情景交际,在旅馆中服务员与顾客之间的对话,因客人说订了今明两天的房 间,所以服务员只能说,查查看。My pleasure.别客气。(用于回答“感谢某人”的用语)。 It’s all right.没什么,没关系。I’ll check.我来查查看。I’m sure.我有把握,我确信。 答案:D 名师点金:check 的用法 ?check 作动词,意为“检查,核对”; ①check in(在旅馆)登记入住,(在机场)办理登机手续; ②check out 调查,核实;结账离开 ③check over 检查,查看;给??做体检 ?check 作名词,意为“检查,核实”; You must check over your examination paper carefully before handing it in. 你应仔细检查一下试卷然后再交。 The record shows that he checked in at the hotel on Sunday evening and checked out on Monday morning. 据记录,他在星期天晚上登记住进旅馆,星期一早上结帐离开旅馆。 I found her in the office at nine o’clock, and so she could not have checked out at ten minutes to nine. 我在九点钟时看见她在办公室里,所以她不可能在八点五十分时已经离开。 The plumber made a careful check of the pipes. 那装修水管的工人仔细地检查了水管。 He wrote his mother a check, ut the check was bounced. 他开了一张支票给他的母亲,但是支票被退票了。 原文对照:You should check the cab has a business permit, and make sure you ask for a receipt. 考点搜索 3:provide 【例 3】Many Chinese universities __________ scholarships for students in need of financial aid. A. afford B. provide C. supply D. offered 解析:考查动词词义与习惯搭配的辨析:afford to do sth.承担的起??;provide sth. for sb. 向某人提供某物;supply sb. with sth. 向某人提供某物;offer to do sth.主动提出做某事;句 意:许多中国的大学,向那些急需经济援助的学生,提供奖学金。依据语境中的介词 for 判 断,则选项 B 符合题意。

答案:B 名师点金:provide/supply/offer/afford 的用法 ?provide 指有远见,为应付意外、紧急情况等作好充分准备而“供给、提供”; ①provide sb. with sth. ②provide sth.for sb. ③provided that 在??情况或条件下,假若,倘若,除非 He persuaded other people to provide money or to give help. 他说服别人提供钱或给予帮助。 The school provided food for the students. 学校为学生提供伙食。 They provided us with all the books we need. 他们为我们提供所需要的所有书籍。 I will agree to go provided that my expenses are paid.假如为我负担费用,我就同意去。 ?supply 通常指定期“供应”,强调替代或补充所需物品; ①supply sb. with sth. ②supply sth. to sb. The cars will be supplied to people all over the country. 这些汽车将供应给全国各地的人们。 Cows supply us with milk. 母牛供给我们牛奶。 In Britain milk is supplied to each house in bottles. 在英国牛奶是装在瓶子里送往每家每户的。 ?offer 侧重表示“主动、愿意提供(给予)”; ①offer sb. sth. ②offer to do sth. She offered me a cup of tea. 她给我端了杯茶。 He offered to go instead of me. 他主动提出代替我去。 ?afford 作动词,意为“买得起,担负得起”,通常与 can, could, able to 连用; They couldn’t afford $50 for a ticket. 他们拿不出 50 美元买一张票。 We can’t afford that expensive sports car.我们买不起那辆昂贵的跑车。 原文对照:Public transport provides a cheap way to get around in Beijing. 考点搜索 4:view 的用法 【例 4】 From their position on the top of the TV Tower, visitors can have a better ________ of the city. A. scene B. sightseeing C. overlook D. view 解析:考查短语:have a good view of 欣赏??,饱览??。句意:站在电视塔顶上,游客 可以清楚看到整个城市的景色。scene 情景,现场;sightseeing 观光;overlook 忽视,远眺。 答案:D 名师点金:view 的用法 ?view 作名词,意为“观点,意见;视野;风景,景色” ①in one’s view 在某人看来 ②in view of 鉴于,考虑到,由于 ③on view 陈列着,展览着 ④with a view to doing sth. 有做某事的打算或希望 ?view 作动词,意为“查看,观察;(从某方面)考虑” Victory is in view. 胜利在望。

There's a fine view of the lake from our hotel window. 从我们旅馆的窗口可以看到湖的美丽风 光。 She tried writing out her views. 她试着把自己的想法写下来。 These people were viewed as their most dangerous rivals. 这些人被视为他们最危险的对手。 In view of the weather, we will cancel the outing. 因天气关系,我们要取消此次郊游。 Some cars are now on view at your showroom. 一些汽车正在你们的陈列室里展出。 He is decorating the house with a view to selling it. 他正在装修这所房子,想把它卖了。 原文对照:You have a good view of the rapidly changing city. 考点搜索 5:convenient 的用法 【例 5】Would it be _____ for you to pick me up at four o’clock and take me to the airport? A. free B. vacant C. handy D. convenient 解析:考查形容词词义辨析:free 免费的,自由的;vacant 空的,空虚的,空缺的;handy 手边的,就近的;convenient 方便的,便利的。句意:你四点钟接我并把我送到机场,方便 吗?本题目中常见固定搭配:It is convenient for/to sb. to do sth.某人做某事是方便的。 答案:D 名师点金:convenient 的用法 ?convenient 作形容词,意为“方便的,便利的”;convenient 常与 for 搭配,主语一般不能 是人。convenient 作表语时,不用人作主语,而是用事物作主语或用 it 来充当形式主语,且 其后的不定式用主动形式。 ①It is convenient for/to sb. to do sth.某人做某事是方便的。 ②It is convenient for/to sb.对某人而言??是方便的 ?convenience 作名词,意为“便利”; Please come whenever it is convenient to you. 方便的时候,请随时来。 ①convenience food 方便食品 ②convenience store 便利店 ③at one’s convenience 在某人方便的时候 It was not convenient for him to come here now. 他现在不便来这儿。 My house is very convenient for the market. 我的房子离市场很近。 原文对照:Trains are fast and convenient, but rush hours can be terrible. 点金测评· 创新训练 【基础巩固 全面训练】 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1. He likes playing basketball, so he wants to become a basketball c 2. I used to go to school by u when I was in Beijing. 3. I bought this coat in a (郊区的) shopping center. 4. The cakes were (陈列) in the window. 5. I paid the bill but he neglected to give me a (收条). 6. She didn't have enough money for the bus f . 7. Don’t l the development of students. 8. A cathedral is an (给人留下深刻印象的) building. 9. Will it be c 10. The teacher m Ⅱ.短语翻译 for you to start work tomorrow? the examination papers. in the future. connected to stuck in 13.share…with… no time 15.make sure 16.ask for a receipt 17.get around 18.have a good view of 19.under construction worth doing sth. 21.与??有共同点 22.关掉,切断 23.没有空间?? 24.没门 25.保持冷静,镇定自若 26.对??感到满意/高兴 27.执行,贯彻 28.此外,更重要的是 29.即使 30.将??置之于外,使不参与 Ⅲ.单项选择

_________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________

31.The exhibition gave those artists a chance to__________ their works. A. display B. dismiss C. disturb D. dispute 32. __________, we'll stay here for another two days. A. Time permits B. Time permitting C. Time permission D. If time permitting 33.There is no__________ to what you can do if you try. A. lack B. need C. limit D. matter 34.My parents provided me__________300 Yuan__________ my study every month. A. with; with B. with; for C. for; for D. for; with 35.Let's go out and have a picnic with your family, when__________. A. you will be convenient B. it will be convenient to you C. you are convenient D. it is convenient to you 36.-Why are you late? -Sorry, the bus I took __________ the mud for half an hour, so I had to walk here. A. had stuck in B. has stuck in C. was stuck in D. has been stuck in 37.-Would you mind if I use your car? -Of course not, but my car broke down. Fortunately, Jed will get the car fixed__________. A. at no time B. in no time C. at a time D. on time 38.It's said that Jay Chou's new album was__________. A. well worth listening to B. very worth listen to C. much worth being listening D. much worth to listen 39.The article suggests that when a person__________ under stress he should be especially careful to have a well balanced diet. A. is B. be C. were D. was

40.The young man failed__________ and lost interest in__________ of his research. A. much times;much B. many times;many C. many times;much D. much time;many 41 .The water was very hot, so she put it near the open window to __________ for a few minutes. A. burst B. warm C. fade D. cool 42. The football player reacted__________ the judge’s decision by withdrawing from the match. A. on B. to C. against D. by 43. -Shall we go to see the new film A World Without Thieves? - __________? Let’s make it tonight. A. Why not B. Why C. Why don’t D. Why so 44.-It’s a good idea. But who is going to __________the plan? -I think Tom and Greg will. A. set aside B. carry out C. take in D. get through 45. The bridge built ten years ago__________ the island __________the mainland. A connects; to B. connecting; with C. is connected; to D. connected; by Ⅳ.选词填空 destination get around permit return in common solution reserve progress 46. I ______ ___ _______ __ my father to lend me his car. 47. We reached our ______ ___,tired and hungry. 48. Twins have a lot_________ _________ with each other. 49. We will the money; and we may need it later. 50. My mother me to buy a CD player. 51. I this book to the library on time. 52. The to this problem is hard to say. 53. The goods will be to Tokyo by air. 54. My brother made great in this term. 55. There was not a person in the house. 【综合应用 提高训练】 Ⅰ.根据汉语意思完成句子 1. They are usually red ,and they ___________________________ (窗玻璃上陈列着每公里的 价格标签) 2. You should check the cab has a business permit, and __________________________________ ( 一定要索取发票) 3. Public transport provides ______________________________________________(廉价周游 北京的方式) 4. However ,there is also a night bus service,__________________________________________ (由编号在 200 到 300 之间的提供的) 5. Minibuses with seats for 12 passengers _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ( 提供了一种 可以代替昂贵的出租汽车和拥挤的大型公交车的替代物) in some area. 6.那本书顶多值 5 元钱。 That book ___________ ___________ 5 Yuan at most. single transport

7.他口渴得很,把牛奶一饮而尽。 He was very thirsty and drank his milk___________ ___________ ___________. 8.莎士比亚不仅是个作家,而且是个演员。 Shakespeare was ___________ ___________ a writer ___________ ___________ an actor. 9.他的绘画正在展览会上展出。 His paintings are___________ ___________at the exhibition. 10.这位老太太不允许(别人)在她家里吵闹。 The old lady doesn't ___________ ___________ ___________ in her house. 11.如果这个消息传开了,记者们会整天给我们打电话的。 If this news___________ ___________,we'll have reporters calling us all day. 12.你能不能在你方便时给我来个电话,安排见一次面? Can you telephone me___________ ___________ ___________to arrange a meeting? 13. 如果身上带着钱,你可以买你喜欢的任何东西。 ___________ ___________there is money on you, you can buy whatever you like. 14.他未经许可就进入房间。 He entered the room ___________ ___________. 15. 她的早餐只限于面包和水。 Her breakfast ___________ ___________ ___________bread and water. Ⅱ.单句改错 16.They have found the solution in the traffic problem. 17.I think Mary’s suggestion is worthy to be discussing at the meeting. 18.Designs for the new building are in display in the hall. 19.Father didn’t permit me go out after the supper. 20.The rules of the office don’t permit to smoking. 21.If it is convenient at you, please come to pick me up tomorrow. 22.I can’t use my computer now, for it is under the repair. 23.Have you ever been stuck on a traffic jam? 24.Public transport provides a cheap way to getting around in Beijing. 25. I tried to avoid to meeting him because he always bored me. 26. Books written by Luxun are very worth reading. 27. Knowing that he has passed the exam, he is in good mood all day long. 28. A new cinema is built here. They hope to finish it next month. 29. He was late for the meeting as a result the traffic jam. 30. It’s a good idea to have your destination write in Chinese. Ⅲ.用所给词的适当形式填空 31.He hit upon the_______________(solve) to the problem almost by accident. 32.China is sure to lead the way in_______________ (explore) space. 33.The disabled dancers gave us a most_______________ (impress)performance. 34.The number of private cars running on the street should be_______________ (limit). 35.It's the first time the painting has been_______________(display)to the public. 36.Weather________(permit),we can stand on the top of the hill and see as far as the blue sea. 37.The hotel has a restaurant for the guests_______________(convenient) 38.He put forward a_______________ (construct) proposal. 39.I handed him my plan, but he_______________ (react)to it coldly.

40.The North Sea has been an important centre for oil_______________ (explore). Ⅲ.完形填空 What would life be like without television?Would you spend more time __41_ _, reading, or studying?Well, now it's your chance to turn off your TV and __42_ _!TVTurnoff Week is here. The goal of TVTurnoff Week is to let people leave their TV sets __43_ _ and participate in activities __44__ drawing to biking. The event was founded by TVTurnoff Network, a nonprofit organization which started the event in 1995.In the __45_ _, only a few thousand people took part. Last year more than 7.6 million people participated, __46__ people in every state in America and in more than 12 other countries!This is the 14th year in which __47_ _are asking people to “turn off the TV and turn on __48 __.” According to the TVTurnoff Network, the average __49_ _ in the US spend __50_ _ time in front of the TV (about 1,023 hours per year) than they do in school (about 900 hours per year).Too much TV __51_ _ has made many kids grow fat.__52 __,in 2001's TVTurnoff Week, US Surgeon General David Satcher said, “We are raising the most __53 __ generation of youngsters in American history. This week is about saving lives.” Over the years, studies have shown that watching a lot of TV __54 __ poor eating habits, too little exercise, and violence. Frank Vespe of the TVTurnoff Network said that turning off the TV “is or __55_ _,part of a healthy lifestyle”. “One of the great lessons of __56_ _TVTurnoff Week is the realization that __57_ _ I turn on the TV, I’m deciding not to do something else,” Vespe said. TVTurnoff Week seems to be making a __58__ . Recent US Census(人口普查) data__59_ _ that about 72 percent of kids under 12 have a limit on their TV time. That’s __60_ _ about 63 percent ten years ago. 41.A.drinking 42.A.find out 43.A.away 45.A.end 46.A.besides 47.A.governments 48.A.the light 49.A.grownups 50.A.less 51.A.programmes 52.A.However 53.A.overweight 54.A.leads to 55.A.will be 56.A.organizing 57.A.wherever 59.A.shows B. sleeping B.go out B.event B.except for B.parents B.the radio B.enough B.screen B.On the contrary B.overeaten B.results from B.should be B.taking part in B.every day B.choice B.says C. washing C.look out C.on C.from C.beginning C.including C.organizers C.clerks C.little C.hours C.In fact C.overgrown C.develops C.may be C.participating C.every time C.difference C.reads D. playing outside D.keep out D.beside D.such as D.except D.businessmen D.the Internet D.parents D.more D.watching D.As a result D.overseen D.keeps away D.could be D.asking for D.this time D.sense D.writes

60.A.rising Ⅳ.阅读理解

B.down from

C.up to

D.up from

A Nineyearold Rubin Ali and Azharuddin Ismail took part in the Oscar ceremony on the red carpet where they smiled and repeated their disbelief in what was happening to them. Both of them were living a very different life and apparently loving every minute of it. The two child stars who acted in Slumdog Millionaire (贫民窟的百万富翁),know the Indian slum well. It’s where they've grown up, and it's where they will return at the end of their Hollywood dream trip. To their surprise, the film won the first place. By that time, it was late morning in the children's home city of Mumbai, where their family, friends and many fellow residents of the slum watched the results from Hollywood. “I don't really know what the Oscars are,” Rubin’s mom said. “I'm just glad my daughter looks happy, though she told me she missed Indian food.” The Oscar success of “Slumdog” doesn't show every aspect of their daily lives. The poverty and lack of opportunities are the central themes of the film. “Our children lead a dog's life,” Rubin’s mother said. She pointed out that rubbish was everywhere in the Indian slum and it was impossible for children to go to school. In a few days the two children will be back in Mumbai and back in the slums that are their home. However, according to media reports, Boyle has promised to help the children who he chose from the slums and make them study in a proper school. 61.From the first paragraph, we can know that _____________. A. the two children gave a performance on the red carpet B.the two children are ten years old and study in America C. the two children didn't care about the ceremony at all D. neither of them had thought they would be asked to be present at the ceremony 62.The two children were chosen to act in the film because_____________. A. their life was similar to that in the film B. they learned acting before C. they were good at acting D. they were lovely and clever 63.Where did the reporter interview Rubin’s mother? _____________ A. In America. B. In Australia. C. In India. D. In France. 64.Which of the following is supported by the passage? _____________ A. The two children came from different cities. B. Children in Indian slums don't have opportunities to study. C. The Indian slum doesn't have any furniture but it is very clean. D. The theme of the movie is the braveness of people in slums. 65.What may happen to the two children after they return to India? _____________ A. They will act in other films. B. They will do everything as before. C. They will leave school to learn acting. D. They will go to school and get a good education. B Kids who eat better perform better in school, a new study of Canada's Nova Scotia fifthgraders confirms. Students who ate an adequate amount of fruit, vegetables, protein, fiber and other components of a

healthy diet were significantly less likely to fail a test for the reading and writing ability, Dr. Paul J.Veugelers of the University of Alberta found. While a healthy diet is generally assumed to be important for good school performance, there has actually been little research on this topic, Veugelers and his colleagues note. To investigate, they looked at 4,589 fifthgraders participating in the Children's Lifestyle and School Performance Study,875 (19.1 percent) of whom had failed an elementary assessment of one's reading and writing ability. Whether eating habits are healthy is based on several measures of diet quality, including adequacy and variety. The better a student's eating habits were, __________ he or she was to have failed the test, the researchers found, even after they adjusted the data for the effects of parental income and education, school and sex. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, and getting fewer calories from fat were also associated with a lower risk of failing the test. Up to now, Veugelers and his team say, most research on diet and school performance has focused on the importance of eating breakfast, as well as the ill effects of hunger and malnutrition(营养不 良). “This study extends current knowledge in this area by demonstrating the independent importance of overall diet quality to academic performance,” the researchers conclude. “The findings give emphasis to the importance of children's nutrition not only at breakfast but also throughout the day.” 66.List four components of a healthy diet that might reduce the risk of failing a test based on the text.(Please answer within 8 words.) ①_____________________________________________________________________________ ②_____________________________________________________________________________ ③_____________________________________________________________________________ ④_____________________________________________________________________________ 67.What is the main idea of the text?(Please answer within 8 words.) _____________________________________________________________________________ 68.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 4 with proper words.(Please answer within 6 words.) _____________________________________________________________________________ 69.Which sentence in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one ? Diet quality, which is determined by adequacy, variety, etc., is the factor to judge one's eating habits. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 70.Translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 6 into Chinese. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Section Ⅱ Grammar & Writing 考点搜索 1:follow 的用法 【例 1】-I'm sorry, but I don't quite ___________ you. Did you say you wanted to return on September 20th ? -Sorry, I haven't made myself clear. We want to return on October 20. A. allow B. follow C. advance D. permit

解析:考查动词词义辨析:allow 允许;follow 领会,跟从;advance 前进,提前;permit 允 许。句意:—抱歉,我不太明白你的意思。你刚才是说你们要在 9 月 20 日返回吗?—对不 起,是我没有表述清楚。依据句意理解,则选项 B 符合题意。 答案:B 名师点金:follow 的用法 ?follow 作动词,意为“跟随,跟着;紧随??之后;遵守,服从;理解,领会;” ①as follows 如下 ②follow one’s advice 听从某人的建议(劝告) ③in the days/weeks that followed 在此后的几日(星期)里 ④follow one’s example 以某人为榜样 ?following 作形容词,意为“下面的,其次的,接着的” I was sure there was someone following me. 我确信有人跟踪我。 In the weeks that followed the situation was very tense. 其后的几个星期里,局势非常紧张。 I couldn’t follow what Professor Hope was saying. 我不明白霍普教授在说什么。 原文对照:Follow the rules of the road. 考点搜索 2:mean 的用法 【例 2】(2010 江苏) -Do you think their table tennis team will win the first place at the coming Asian Games? -______ .Ours is much stronger than theirs. A. Of course B. It depends C. Don’t mention it D. By no means 解析:本题目考查情景交际:Of course 当然可以;It depends 视情况而定;Don’t mention it 别提了;By no means 绝不,绝对不会。句意:—你认为他们的乒乓球队会在即将到来的亚 运 会上获得冠军吗?—绝对不会,我们的球队比他们的球队要强大得多。依据句意理解,则选 项 D 符合题意。 答案:D 名师点金:mean 的用法 ?mean 作动词,意为“意味,打算” ①mean to do sth. 打算做某事 ②mean doing sth. 意味着做某事 ③What is meant by…? ??是什么意思? ④What do you mean by…? ??是什么意思?你怎么竟然做某事(用于表示对某人做的事情 十分恼火)? ⑤be meant for 为(某人或某目的)而准备的 ?mean 作形容词,意为“吝啬的,小气的;” ?means 作名词,意为“手段,方法” ①by no means 绝不 ②by means of 凭借?? ?meaning 作名词,意为“意义,意图” Her husband is very mean about money. 她的丈夫在金钱上很吝啬。 What does the phrase mean? 这短语是什么意思? To a certain extent, raising wages means increasing purchasing power. 在一定程度上,提高工资意味着增加购买力。 I mean her no harm. 我无意伤害她。

I realized what he meant. 我明白他的意思了。 原文对照:This means that buses get stuck in the traffic jams, too. 点金测评· 创新训练 【基础巩固 全面训练】 Ⅰ.单项选择 1.Please do me a favor-________my friend Mr. Smith to Youth Theater at 7∶30 tonight. A. to invite B. inviting C. invite D. invited 2.________the website of the Fire Department in your city, and you will learn a lot about firefighting. A. Having searched B. To search C. Searching D. Search 3.When you've finished with that book, don’t forget to put it back on the shelf,________? A. do you B. don't you C. will you D. won't you 4. The women carrying babies, come in first,________? A. will you B. will they C. don't they D. don't you 5. ________our earth, or else it will be no longer fit for us to live on. A. Protected B. To protect C. Protecting D. Protect 6.I know we are late, but please let us take the test this time,________? A. don't you B. don't we C. will you D. do we 7.-Can you help me? -Yes.________ your teacher's advice, in my opinion, and everything will be OK. A. Follow B. Following C. To follow D. Followed 8. ________and we'll get everything ready for the taking off. A. Have one more hour B. One more hour C. Given one more hour D. If I have one hour more Ⅱ.完成句子 9.为什么不用公共交通工具呢? _____________ _____________ _____________ public transport? 10.我无论如何也赶不上飞机了。 There was_____________ _____________I was going to catch the place. 11.这足以使你发疯了。 It's enough to_____________ _____________ _____________. 12.保持冷静! _____________ _____________! 13.站在山顶上可以看到全市的好风景。 You can _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ the whole city while standing at the top of the hill. 14.我想马上学习并掌握电脑操作。 I want to learn and grasp computer operating _____________ _____________ _____________. 15.你在离开之前一定要关上电源。 Make sure you _____________ _____________ the electricity before you leave. 16.我们可以乘电车在海滨周围到处逛逛。 We can _____________ _____________ at the seashore by trolleybus. Ⅲ.补全对话

A. Keep cool C. It can be a good idea E. If I get there in time

B. There is no way I can catch it D. Go down the first turning on the left F.A taxi is worth using G. How long will it take me

A: My goodness! My train is 5 o’clock, but now it’s already half past four. ___17___. B: ____18__! You can take a taxi right away. A: ____19____? B: Just fifteen minutes. We are not too far from the station. A: ____20____. B: Sure! ___21____ when we are hurried A: OK, I’ll go. Bye! B: Bye! Good luck. Ⅳ.用介、副词填空 22.I've been abroad three times this year. I get ________ quite a lot. 23.I spoke slowly, but my meaning didn't get ________. 24.It's time that you got down ________some reading, or the other students will leave you behind. 25.He got ________ his business as quickly as he could. 26.I can't get________ of the habit of waking at six in the morning. 27.His first speech as president made a strong impression ________his audience. 28.After a five day trip, we arrived ________ our destination. 29.Our new offices are still ________ construction. 30.He will come ________ time even if it rains. 【综合应用 提高训练】 Ⅰ.选词填空 instruction follow information narrow permission simple sign relax switch mood

1. You can't take photographs here without ____. 2. Please read the ____on the bottle before using medicine. 3. The ____says "No parking". 4. Be sure to ____off the light when you leave the classroom. 5. We should enjoy music to make ourselves ____. 6. The street is too ____for a truck. 7. I am not in the ____to argue. 8. The book contains much useful ____. 9. This is a very ____question. 10. The teacher asked students to ____him to read the new words. Ⅱ.句型转换 11.His suggestion is worth considering. ①→His suggestion is worthy of _ _. ②→His suggestion is worthy _ _ ③→It is worthwhile ____________ ____________ his suggestion.


12.Use your head and you’ll find a way. →____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________,you’ll find a way. 13. Work hard at your lessons or you’ll fail in the exam.

→____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ at your lessons, you’ll fail in the exam. 14.He had to provide food and clothes for his family. →He had to ____________ his family ____________ food and clothes. 15.He suggested that the experiment be made under low temperature. →He ____________ ____________ ____________ that the experiment be made under low temperature. Ⅲ.书面表达 为了丰富中学生的暑假生活,成都市某中学号召学生走出家门,了解家乡。假设你是李平, 请向 《中学生英文报》 投稿, 讲述你响应学校号召在暑假所做的事情和感受。 词数 100 左右。 开头已给出,不计入总词数。 ?暑假所做的事情: ①参观千年历史的道家名胜—青羊宫,唐代著名诗人杜甫在成都的居住地—杜甫草堂。 ②参观大熊猫繁殖研究基地,看到了温和、可爱的大熊猫并拍照。 ③欣赏茶艺表演,观看著名的川剧,品尝成都名小吃。 ?体会感受:开阔了视野;学到了书本上没有的知识;更加了解家乡,热爱家乡。 ?参考词汇: 道家: Taoist; 杜甫草堂: Dufu's Thatched Cottage; 大熊猫繁殖研究基地: Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding。 In order to enrich students' summer holiday, our school has called on us to learn more about our hometown by visiting the places of interest. I think I've benefited a lot in this summer holiday. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Section Ⅲ Cultural Corner 知识整合· 能力聚焦 考点搜索 1:mind 的用法 【例 1】-Sorry, I made a mistake again. -______. Practice more and you’ll succeed. A. Never mind B. Certainly not C. Not at all D. Don’t mention it 解析:考查情景交际的辨析:Never mind 没关系(常用来安慰对方);Certainly not 当然不; Not at all 别客气,没什么(表示礼貌地答谢或同意);Don’t mention it 别放在心上,别客气 (对别人道谢的答语);句意:—很抱歉,我又犯错误了。—没关系。多练习,你会成功的。 依据句意理解,则选项 A 符合题意。 答案:A 名师点金:mind 的用法 ?mind 作动词,意为“介意,反对” ①mind <doing> sth.介意(做)某事 ②mind your own business 管你自己的事,别管闲事 ③mind your manners/languages 注意你的举止(语言) ?mind 作名词,意为“头脑,思维” ①have … in mind 心里想?? ②keep…in mind 记住?? ③make up one’s mind <to do sth.> 下定决心(来做某事) ④take one’s mind off sth.不再想某件(烦心)的事 ⑤change one’s mind 改变主意 ⑥out of sight, out of mind 眼不见,心不烦 ⑦Never mind.不要紧,没关系。(般用于“对方表示担忧或很遗憾”的回答用语,告诉某人不 要担心某事) ⑧Never you mind.不关你的事。 -I’m afraid I’ve broken the chair. 恐怕我把椅子弄坏了。 -Never mind, I can easily get it fixed. 没关系,我可以轻而易举地把它修好。 -What’s that you were saying to your father? 你刚才和爸爸说什么了? -Never you mind. 不关你的事。 Do you mind if I put my bag here? 我把袋子放在这儿你不介意吧? Would you mind switching the television to channel 8? 请把电视转到八频道好吗? She wouldn't mind taking care of our children. 她不会介意照料我们的孩子的。 If you don't mind I'll open the window. 如果你不介意,我就开窗。 原文对照:Los Angeles, which was built with the motor car in mind, and is famous for its six-lane highways, is now the USA’s most congested city. 考点搜索 2:keep 的用法

【例 2】 (2010 上海)Lucy has a great sense of humor and always keeps her colleagues ______ with her stories. A. amused B. amusing C. to amuse D. to be amused 解析:考查非谓语动词作宾语补足语。keep +名词/代词+宾语补足语。amused 觉得好笑的; amusing 逗人笑的。句意:露西具有极强的幽默感,总是讲故事让她的同事感到愉快高兴。 依据句意理解,在选项 A 符合题意。 答案:A 名师点金:keep 的用法 ?keep 作动词,意为“保存,保留;保管;保持,维持;” ?keep 的常见短语汇总: ①keep…from… 阻止??的发生(=prevent/stop…from…) ②keep <on> doing sth. 继续做某事,反复做某事 ③keep one’s promise 履行诺言 ④keep a secret 保守秘密 ⑤keep quiet 安静,小声点 ⑥keep away <from>远离?? ⑦keep up 使不掉下来,使不下降;继续;不落后 ⑧keep out of 不卷入,避开 ⑨keep an eye out for 留心,注意,警惕 ⑩keep down 控制,抑制 I kept it all the time to remind me of you. 我一直保存着它,以此唤起我对你的记忆。 Please keep the watch for me while I go swimming. 我去游泳,请代我保管这表。 We keep food in a refrigerator. 我们把食物存放在冰箱里。 Those toys kept the children amused. 那些玩具使孩子们玩得很开心。 She kept the child quiet. 她让孩子别作声。 Everyone must keep the law. 每个人都必须守法。 Robbie couldn't keep the child from yelling. 罗比没法使孩子不大叫大嚷。 Please keep quiet. 请保持安静。 Will this food keep in hot weather? 这种食品在热天能经久不坏吗? The child kept asking me questions. 这孩子老是问我问题。 原文对照:This would keep even more cars out of central London, and the roads would be nearly empty. 点金测评· 创新训练 【基础巩固 全面训练】 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1. He was (控告) with stealing. 2. He (忍受) many difficulties before he became a football star. 3. The highway was (堵塞) with trucks. 4. The house has a beautiful (位置) on a hill. 5. The (队伍) at the ticket window extended all the way to the street corner. 6. The (登记) of students for the examinations will begin on Thursday morning. 7. We can't (支付得起)to pay such a price. 8. The room was almost (空的).

Ⅱ.单项选择 9. This machine ____________. It hasn’t worked for years. A. didn’t work B. wasn’t working C. doesn’t work D. isn’t working 10. Many people coming from all over the country arrived at the same____________, a small village, to attend a live meeting. A. direction B. game C. destination D. time 11. The speech by the mayor of Shanghai before the final EXPO 2010 is strongly impressed ____________ my memory. A. to B. over C. by D. on 12. In January, 2004, the United States successfully launched “Spirit”, a Mars Exploration Rover, ____________ a new milestone in the history of mankind. A. it marked B. marking C. marked D. to mark 13. In the Great Depression, the American government couldn’t find good solutions____________ the unemployment problem. A. of B. to C. on D. about 14.- ____________ sweep the classroom yesterday? -I was playing tennis with my friend. A. Why not B. Why didn't C. Why don't D. Why didn't you 15. She knows that as a secretary she must be pleasant and helpful no matter how busy she is or what kind of ____________ she may be in. A. mood B. mind C. form D. thought 16. -Can I help you, madam? -Yes, I bought this air conditioner here yesterday, but it____________ now. A. didn’t work B. won’t work C. can’t work D. doesn’t work Ⅲ.用所给动词的正确形式填空 17. Don't____________ (stick) your head out of the train window. 18. It never____________ (occur) to me that he might be in trouble 19. Her friendship with David____________ (develop) slowly. 20. The council are trying to decide where to____________ (situate) the new hospital 21. The highway was____________ (congest) with cars. 22. Waldo went to the city hall to____________ register) the birth of his son. 23. The boss asked the drivers to____________ (transport) this goods to the countryside. 24. The machine is not____________ (operate) properly. 【综合应用 提高训练】 Ⅰ.根据汉语提示完成句子 1.你应该早起,这样才不会赶上交通阻塞。 You should get up early, so that you won't _________ _________ _________ the traffic jam. 2.那个老头被怀疑与犯罪事件有关。 That old man was suspected to_________ _________ _________ the crime. 3.我横穿马路以便避免见到他。 I_________ the street to _________ _________ him. 4.有火灾的时候请立刻关闭电源。 Please_________ _________the electricity _________ _________ _________ when there is a

fire. 5.当你购物时,务必索要发票。 When doing shopping, _________ _________you _________ _________ _________ _________. 6. 孩子们的作品在墙上展出来了。 The children’s works_________ _________ on the wall. 7. 你应该给他一个机会准许他解释迟到的原因。 You should give him a chance and _________ _________ _________ _________ why he is late. 8.我们的家长努力工作,尽量为我们提供一个良好的学习环境。 Our parents work hard and try to ______ __ ________ _________ a good learning environment. Ⅱ.选词填空 charge increase get stuck reduce suffer popular survey afford even though point

9. Do you still ______ __ from headaches? 10. This shop often only one US dollars a dozen for large eggs. 11. The bus ______ __ ______ __ in the heavy snow. 12. She is now a film star. 13. He ______ __ out the best beaches on the map. 14. Almost 60% of those ______ __ said they supported the President's decision. 15. He is trying to______ __ expenses because of bad situation. 16. He will come on time______ __ ______ __it rains. 17. I cannot______ __ to buy a car. 18. Travel______ __ our knowledge of the world. Ⅳ.短文改错 One day in the restaurant where I worked, I am serving a table of four and each person had ordered the different kind of fish. Three plate were already on the table when the man closest to me pointing to one plate and asked me the name of the fish on it. Before I could answer him, he continued to ask me the name of the fish on another one plate. I was about to answer him while I noticed that the last plate on my tray began to fall. They fell noisily to the floor seconds late, spreading its contents on the carpet. Everyone stared me and I stood there with a red face. Ⅴ.对话填空 (Travel Agent-T; Paul-P) 19._____________________ 20. _____________________ 21. _____________________ 22. _____________________ 23. _____________________ 24. _____________________ 25. _____________________ 26. _____________________ 27. _____________________ 28. _____________________

T: Good afternoon, how can I help you? P: Hi, I want to b_______29________a room and some tickets for the summer holiday. T: Where are you going? P: Sydney. T: And how many people will be going? P: Four. Two a_______30________and two children. T: W_______31________would you like to go? P: Anytime after 12th July, but b_______32________ 20thJuly. Can you tell me the p________33_______ of the cheapest flight?

T: Sure, can I ask if your children are over two years old? P: Yes, they are. T: In that c________34_______, for the flight they will be charged at children’s rates and for the hotel there won’t be any charge. It l________35_______ on 15th July and returns on 29th July on Virgin Atlantic. This is the cheapest flight a_______36________. P: Fine. Do you have a c_______37________ of the journey plan that I can take away with me? T: Sure. I hope to hear from you soon. P: Thanks. I’ll think about it tonight and ring you in the m_______38________ tomorrow. T: Thanks. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Module 2 Traffic Jam
Section Ⅰ Introduction, Reading and Vocabulary & Function 点金测评·创新训练 【基础巩固 全面训练】 Ⅰ.单词拼写 2.underground 3.suburban 4.displayed 5.receipt 6.fare 7.limit 8.impressive 9.convenient 10.marked Ⅱ.短语翻译 11.与??有关联 12.陷入(困境) 13.与??分享?? 14.立即,立刻;马上 15.确保,保证 16.索要发票 17.四处走动,(消息等)传开 18.欣赏??,饱览?? 19.在建设中 20.值得做某事 21.have sth. in common 22.switch off 23.there is no room for way 25.keep cool happy with

27.carry out 28.what’s more 29.even though/if 30.keep sth. out of Ⅲ.单项选择 31.A display 展示,符合题意。dismiss 打发走;disturb 打扰,妨碍;dispute 争论,争吵。 32.B time permitting 为独立主格结构,等于 if time permits。句意:如果时间允许的话,我 们再在这里呆上两天。 33.C 句意:如果你努力,成就无可限量。limit 限度,限量,符合题意。 34.B provide sb. with sth.为固定搭配,意为“给某人提供某物”;for 意为“为了”,在此表示 目的。 35. D It is convenient for sb. to do sth.为固定搭配,意为“对某人来讲做某事是方便的”。A、 C 两项的错误在于其主语不能是人;B 项时态不合适。 36.C be stuck in“被困住”,为固定搭配。根据上下文语境,用一般过去时,若选 D 应改为 had been stuck in。 37.B 句意:—你介意我用你的汽车吗?—当然不介意,但我的车坏了,幸运的是,杰德很 快就会修好。in no time“马上;一会儿”,符合题意。at no time 任何时候都不;at a time 每次; on time 按时。 38.A worth 为形容词,常用 well 修饰,表示“十分值得”。worth 后接 形式作宾语时, 用主动形式表被动意义。 39.A 句意:这篇文章建议,一个人在压力之下尤其要注意自己的饮食要均衡。suggest“建 议”后的从句要用虚拟语气,而虚拟语气已在题干中出现,需填入的动词是从句中又套入的 时间状语从句的谓语,应当用陈述语气,且由句意可知用一般现在时。 40.C time 作“次数”讲时,为可数名词;research 作“研究”讲时,为不可数名词,只能 用修饰不可数名词的 much 来修饰,因此本题正确选项为 C 项。 41.D cool 作动词,把??弄凉。 42.A react against 反对,起反作用,此句意思为“反抗”;react on/upon 对??产生影响,反 过来影响;react to 对??作出反应,对??有效。 43.A 回答别人的建议,用 why not 表示赞成。 44.B carry out a plan 执行某乡计划; set aside 把??置于一旁; take in 接受, 吸收; get through 通过。 45.A connect sth to sth 表示“把??和??连接起来”。 Ⅳ.选词填空 around 51.return 47.destination 52.solution common 53.transported 49.reserve 54.progress 50.permitted 55.single

【综合应用 提高训练】 Ⅰ.根据汉语意思完成句子 1.display the price per kilometer on the window 2.make sure you ask for a receipt 3.a cheap way to get around in Beijing. 4.provided by buses with a number in the 200s. 5.offer an alternative to expensive taxis and crowded public transport worth no time. 8. not only; but also 9.on display 10.permit making noises 11.gets around your convenience 13. Provided that 14. without permission 15. was limited to Ⅱ.单句改错→to 17.discussing→discussed→on 19.在 me 后加 to 20.去掉 to→to/for 22.去掉 the 23.on→in 24.getting→get 25. 去掉第二个 to 26. very→well 27. good 前加 a 28. is 后加 being 29. result 后加 of 30. write→written Ⅲ.用所给词的适当形式填空 31. solution 32. exploring 33. impressive 34. limited 35. displayed 36. permitting 37. convenience 38. constructive 39. reacted 40. exploration Ⅳ.完形填空 41.D 从文章大意可知是希望人们有健康的生活方式,参加一些活动 ( 第二段 ) ,因此选 playing outside 最合适。 42.A 考查动词短语辨析。上文提出了一个问题,所以用 find out 发现,找到(答案),其他 选项均不符合文意。 43.B 考查词组搭配。 关掉。 44.C 考查介词搭配。由后文的 to 可知这里只能填 from。 45.C 这两句话说的是参与这个活动的人数的变化,因此这里是“起初,一开始”,用 in the

beginning。 46.C 考查词义辨析。 这句话是对前一句话的补充说明, 根据“people in every state in America and in more than 12 other countries”可知是对所有参与者的一个说明, 所以用 including“包括”。 47.C 进一步陈述组织者的目的。 48.C 组织者的目的就是希望人们有健康的生活方式, 所以用 turn on life“点亮生活”, 生动、 形象地阐明了中心。 49.B 根据空后的 in school 可知是针对学生来说的,因此用 kids。 50.D 根据上下文提供的数据可知,大多数孩子与在学校时相比,看电视的时间更多。 51.D 这里表示“看电视过多”。 52.D 考查上下文推理。上下文之间是因果关系,as a result“结果,因此”。 53.A 考查上下文推理。根据上文的 grow fat 可推知,这里应该是 overweight“超重的”。 overeaten“吃得过多”是导致肥胖的一个方面;overgrown“成长过快的”;overseen“监督”,都 不符合文意。 54.A 考查上下文推理。从逻辑上看首先可排除 result from“由于”;keep away“不接触”。再 根据后面的“too little exercise,and violence”,从搭配上排除 develops。 55.B 根据中心思想,Vespe 认为从道理上说这样做“应该是”健康生活的一部分。 56.B 从下文来看 Vespe 是作为一个电视观众,即本次活动的参与者来谈自己的体会,而不 是一个组织者,因此用 taking part in。participate 后面要加 in。 57.C 考查 every time 引导的时间状语从句。主句为现在进行时,因此用 every time 每次, 最合适。而 every day 后面要加 when;this time 这次,不符合文意。 58.C 考查固定搭配。make a difference 产生影响。 59.A 考查名词与动词搭配。 下文不是列举 data(数据)具体是多少, 所以不能用 says 或 reads, 应该用 shows(显示、说明)。 60.D 根据上下文考查词义。此处是在 63 percent 的基础上的上升,因此用 up from。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 61. D 细节理解题。根据第一段“...and repeated their disbelief in what was happening to them.” 可知,他们没有想到会参加奥斯卡的颁奖典礼。 62. A 细节理解题。根据第二段“It's where they've grown up...”可知,两个孩子本来就生活在 贫民窟,对印度贫民窟的生活非常熟悉,所以导演选中他们出演此片。 63.C 细节理解题。 根据第三段“By that time, it was late morning in the children's home city of Mumbai, where their family, friends and many fellow residents of the slum watched the results from Hollywood.”可知,当时 Rubin 的妈妈是在印度接受采访。 64.B 细节理解题。根据第六段“ was impossible for children to go to school.”可知,生活在 贫民窟的孩子没有机会去读书。 65.D 推理判断题。根据最后一段“Boyle has promised to help the children who he chose from the slums and make them study in a proper school.”可知, Boyle 答应帮助他们找个合适的学校, 他们将有机会接受良好的教育。 66.①fruit ②vegetables ③protein ④fiber 67.Healthy diet means better school performance. 68. the less likely 69.Whether eating habits are healthy is based on several measures of diet quality, including adequacy and variety. 70.研究人员得出结论:“该研究展示了总体饮食质量对孩子学习成绩的独有重要性,是对 这一领域现有研究成果的进一步拓展。”

Section Ⅱ Grammar & Writing 点金测评·创新训练 【基础巩固 全面训练】 Ⅰ.单项选择 1. C 句意:请帮我个忙—邀请我的朋友史密斯先生今晚 7 点半到青年剧院。破折号后面的 句子是 do me a favor 的内容,故用祈使句。 2.D 句意:到网上去浏览一下你所在城市的消防机构,你会学到很多消防方面的知识。本 句考查“祈使句+and+陈述句”结构,所以句首用动词原形。 3.C 句意:当你读完了那本书,别忘了把它放回书架上,好吗?此题考查祈使句的反意疑 问句的构成。当祈使句的逻辑主语是 you 时,其反意疑问句应该用“will you”或“won't you”, 但当祈使句是否定式时,其反意疑问句只用“will you”。 4.A 句意:抱小孩的女士们,请先进来,好吗?本题考查祈使句的反意疑问句,且前面的 句子为肯定形式,故用 will/won't you?本题中的祈使句带着主语,加大了本题难度。 5.D 考查特殊句式。此句是“祈使句+and/or/or else+简单句”句型,相当于:If we don't protect our earth, it will be no longer fit for us to live on. 6.C 考查反意疑问句。这是以 let us 开头的祈使句,故反意疑问句用 will you。 7.A 本题考查“祈使句+and/or+陈述句”句式,因此本题答案应为 A 项。本题祈使句后加 了 in my opinion 这一插入语,加大了该题难度。 8.B 句意:再有一个小时,我们将把起飞的一切东西准备好。名词短语相当于一个祈使句, 表条件,符合句式:祈使句/名词短语 + and/or + 陈述句。 Ⅱ.完成句子 9. Why not use 10. no way 11. drive you mad 12. Keep cool! 13. have a good view of 14. in no time 15. switch off 16.get around Ⅲ.补全对话 17.B 18.A Ⅳ.用介、副词填空 22.around 27. on 23.across 28. at 19.G 20.C 21.F 26.out 30. on

24. to 25.through 29. under

【综合应用 提高训练】 Ⅰ.选词填空 1.permission 2.instructions 3.sign 4.switch 5.relax 6.narrow

7.mood 8.information 9.simple 10.follow Ⅱ.句型转换 11.①being considered/consideration 12.If you use your head 13.If you don’t work hard 14.provide ; with 15. made a suggestion Ⅲ.书面表达

②to be considered


In order to enrich students' summer holiday, our school has called on us to learn more about our hometown by visiting the places of interest. I think I've benefited a lot in this summer holiday. I visited Qing yang Palace, a Taoist temple with a history of more than 1,000 years, and Dufu's Thatched Cottage, which is the original residential house of Dufu, one of the most famous poets during China's Tang Dynasty. I also paid a visit to Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding where I saw the lovely tender pandas and took pictures with them. The most interesting part of my holiday was that I went to some big tea houses enjoying traditional Chinese art of tea performances. I also watched Sichuan opera and had a good taste of Sichuan famous snacks. I do think the visits have really broadened my view and I've learned what cannot be learned from my textbooks. What’s more, I have a better understanding of my hometown, so I will love it more in the future. Section Ⅲ Cultural Corner 点金测评·创新训练 【基础巩固 全面训练】 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.charged 2.suffer 3.congested 4.situation 5.queue 6.registration 7.afford 8.empty Ⅱ.单项选择 9.C 根据第二句可知,这机器多年不转了。由此判断前一句是说机器目前的状况,应用一 般现在时。 10.C 根据句意,“很多人都从全国各地来到同一个村庄”,这里村庄表示目的地。 11.D impress sth. on sb. memory.某事深深留在记忆中。 12.B marking 是分词作结果状语,表示”标志着”。

13. B solution 后加介词 to, 表示“解决??的方法”。 本句表示“在大萧条时期,美国政府找 不到解决失业问题的办法”。 14.D 选项 B、C 错误,因为句子缺主语;选项 A 错,因为“Why not(+动词原形)”这一结 构通常不用于过去(即不与过去时间连用)。 15.A be in a…mood 处于??心情/情绪下。 16.D 虽然是昨天买的空调,但现在到商店的目的是告诉售货员,它出了毛病,现在不能工 作了,要用一般现在时。 Ⅲ.用所给动词的正确形式填空 17.stick 21.congested 18.occurred 22.register 19.developed 23.transport 20.situate 24.operating

【综合应用 提高训练】 Ⅰ.根据汉语提示完成句子 1. get stuck in 2. be connected with 3. crossed; avoid meeting 4.switch / turn off; in no time 5. make sure; ask for a receipt 6.were displayed 7. permit him to explain 8. provide us with Ⅱ.选词填空 9.suffer 14. surveyed Ⅲ.短文改错→was 20.the→a 21.plate→plates 22.pointing→pointed 23.√ 24.去掉 one 25.while→when 26.They→It 27.late→later 28.stared 后加 at Ⅳ.对话填空 30. adults 35.leaves 31.When 36.available 32.before 37.copy 33.price 38.morning 10.charges 15.reduce 11.get stuck 16.even though 12.popular 17.afford 13.pointed 18.increases



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