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2016年高考英语仿真押题 专题13 完形填空(含解析)

专题 13 完形填空
【记叙文】 A Middle school students today may behave surprisingly.Are you often__1__of them? My daughter (12 years old,7th grade) is on the cross?country team at her middle school.As with any__2__,the cross?country team has its “stars” as well as its less__3__athletes.Ethan , Michael (8th grade) and Kenji (7th grade) are

the__4__runners for the boys.Yesterday was the first track meet of the season,and when she got home,my daughter told me a story that made me__5__. According to my daughter,one of the new 6th graders is a boy named Albert.He is apparently “ a little short and__6__” and has never played any__7__races before.The 6th graders ran last,three laps (圈) around the school.__8__in the race, Albert was dead last.All of the other racers were__9__the race when he was just at the end of his second lap.Albert thought he was__10__near the end.But quickly the poor kid realized that he had another whole lap left to run.He broke down and started__11__. When Ethan,Michael,and Kenji saw Albert in a__12__mood in the middle of the field,they didn’t even__13__.All three of them immediately went out on the field to run Albert’s last lap__14__him.Everyone knew that was__15__the rules in cross country,yet they all remained__16__.Both other teams hung around and waited for Albert to finish.When he managed to__17__the finish line,all three schools cheered for him. After my daughter told me this sweet story I said, “I hope Albert doesn’t__18__the team after this.” She replied, “No!He’ll get better,he just needs some__19__.” And that is why I__20__middle school children. 【解题导语】 这是篇情感故事阅读。作者的女儿参加了学校的体育队,在一次比赛中

该队队员就是违纪也要帮助 Albert 战胜自己,这是人类爱的体现。 1.A.tired C.ashamed D.nervous


解析:选 B。根据前文的 surprisingly 判断是骄傲的,be proud of 以??为骄傲。故 选 B。 2.A.recreation B.competition


解析:选 C。根据下文的 athletes 判断是 sport,故选 C。 3.A.gifted C.ambitious B.committed D.confident

解析:选 A。根据前文的 stars 判断选 A。 4.A.energetic D.lazy B.clumsy

解析:选 C。根据前文的 stars 和 cross?country 和下文的 8th grade 以及 7th grade 说 明这个队伍集合了部分顶尖运动员。故选 C。 5.A.moved C.confused B.relaxed D.embarrassed

解析:选 A。根据下文判断是让我感动的故事。故选 A。 6.A.athletic C.earnest B.outgoing D.stout

解析:选 D。根据前文的 short 应该是“肥胖的”。故选 D。 7.A.ignored C.sponsored B.organized D.approved

解析:选 B。以前从没有参加过有组织的比赛。故选 B。 8.A.Early C.Exactly B.Finally D.Surprisingly

解析:选 A。在比赛的前半段,也是早些时候,故选 A。 9.A.undergoing C.continuing B.enjoying D.finishing

10.A.even C.merely

B.also D.hardly


解析:选 B。根据下文的 near the end 判断选 B。 11.A.rushing C.hesitating B.complaining D.crying

解析:选 D。根据上文 had another whole lap left to run,说明这个孩子感到很失望, 于是哭起来。故选 D。 C.strange B.relaxed D.cheerful

解析:选 A。根据前文的 crying 判断应该是沮丧的心情。故选 A。 C.confirm B.pause D.arrange

解析:选 B。根据前文的 didn’t even 判断没有暂停、休息。故选 B。 14.A.for C.with B.behind D.past

解析:选 C。根据下文应该是他们和 Albert 一起跑完剩下的比赛。故选 C。 15.A.within C.under B.outside


16.A.guilty C.silent



解析:选 C。面对他们自己的“违纪”,大家都是沉默的,故选 C。 17.A.approach C.break B.touch


解析:选 D。cross the finish line 穿过终点线。故选 D。 18.A.join C.quit B.hate D.pick

解析:选 C。根据下文女儿的回答“No”判断是不会放弃这个队伍。故选 C。 C.confidence B.strength D.challenge

解析:选 A。根据前文的 get better 判断他只是需要帮助。故选 A。


20.A.award C.teach

解析:选 B。根据前文作者女儿叙述的感人故事,作者发出自己的感慨, “那就是我为什 么爱中学孩子的原因”。故选 B。 B At just 18 years old , Canberra student Lochie Ferrier has already conducted research in a frontier field — aerospace engineering.Aerospace engineering is the primary__1__of engineering concerned with the science and technology of aircraft and spacecraft. In 2014,he was one of 80 high school students worldwide who__2__a six?week science and engineering program at MIT.During the program,he was__3__by the institute’s scientists , and developed a method to identify inactive satellites.This method , called OASIS , is designed__4__a way to help manage space debris( 碎 片 ) , which__5__operating satellites. “One solution to this problem is a__6__robot that can gather pieces of space debris and store them in orbit, ” he says.“These pieces could be__7__to new satellites later , thus__8__the costs and launch weights of new satellites.” However , __9__satellite identification technology would be needed for this solution,and that’ s what Lochie is working on.“I hope this method would be put into practice in the near future,__10__in the next 10 years, ” he says. Lochie has made the__11__of the Young Innovators category of the Australian Innovation Challenge Awards with his OASIS.This category is open to students aged 21 years or __12__and carries a $ 5,000 prize.If he won,he would use the money to help fund__13__research into OASIS.“My plan for using the money would be to try to use materials which could stand up to the__14__environment of space, ” he says. He is also considering how to__15__the technology to organizations such as NASA and satellite manufacturers. Lochie’s__16__in aerospace engineering was aroused by the big dish antenna(碟 形天线)at NASA’s tracking station near Canberra, which he visited in his early teens.He said his software design and development teacher at Canberra Grammar

School__17__him,too.“He taught me valuable project management and skills which I applied to OASIS.” Lochie has been attending Canberra Grammar School and will soon__18__exams for admission to universities.He__19__his time between schoolwork , his

personal__20__projects such as OASIS and the development of apps,rock climbing, and playing classical violin.The teenager is well on his way to realizing his sky ?high ambition. 【解题导语】 本文是教育类小故事阅读。作者叙述了一个喜欢研究太空的小男孩的故

事,这孩子在一步一步地实现他的太空梦。 1.A.principle C.branch B.presentation


解析:选 C。根据空后的 engineering 判断 aerospace engineering 是其分支。故选 C。 2.A.brought in C.set up B.participated in

D.backed up

3.A.guided C.surprised

B.criticized D.changed

解析:选 A。根据前文他还是学生,空后是 by the institute’s scientists,根据题 意应是“指导” 。故选 A。 C.with B.for

解析:选 D。be designed as...被设计为??。故选 D。 5.A.follows C.splits B.threatens


解析:选 B。根据前文,这些空中碎片会给卫星带来“威胁”。故选 B。 6.A.recycling C.creating B.repairing D.launching

解析:选 A。根据前文,制造一个进行回收碎片的机器人。故选 A。 7.A.switched B.transformed




解析:选 C。根据上下文含义,故选 C。 8.A.increasing C.balancing B.reducing D.covering

解析:选 B。根据前文机器人收集碎片,应用在新卫星上,就会减少花费。故选 B。 9.A.optional C.reliable B.temporary D.theoretical

解析:选 C。这种可信赖的卫星辨别技术将会被需要。故选 C。 10.A.imagine C.suppose B.say D.consider

解析:选 B。这是在说未来的事情,应是估计。故选 B。 11.A.plans C.competitions B.finals D.goals

解析:选 B。make the finals of 做出??最后的决定。故选 B。 12.A.under C.more B.beyond D.above

解析:选 A。or under 或在 21 岁以下的。故选 A。 13.A.basic C.academic B.further D.independent

解析:选 B。句意:如果他赢了,他可将这笔钱用于更进一步的研究。故选 B。 14.A.extreme C.dark B.pure



B.forward D.apply

解析:选 C。根据空后的 manufacturers 判断是出售。故选 C。 16.A.influence C.information B.investment D.interest

解析:选 D。Lochie 关于太空的兴趣被碟形天线所激起。故选 D。 17.A.inspired B.served



解析:选 A。学校的老师对他的激励。故选 A。 18.A.join C.hold B.sit D.prepare

解析:选 B。join 加入;sit 坐;hold 容纳;prepare 准备。sit exams 参加考试。故选 B。 19.A.devotes C.separates B.spends D.divides

解析:选 D。根据空后 between 的宾语判断得出答案。故选 D。 20.A.instructive C.technical B.competitive


C True leadership is not just the ability to identify the talent and skill of the polished individuals around you.It involves being able to dig beneath the surface and discover__1__. Once there was a boy who constantly sat and talked in his math class , and seemed__2__in group activities.Most teachers would__3__think of him as a problem student. However,Anna was different.She believed the student was above__4__in other areas so she created a strategy to find out. Anna didn’t__5__the parents.Instead she organized a handful of activities in the class to get more information.In place of calling out for volunteers in class she created a__6__for each Friday:Girls vs.Boys. The first week the class was totally__7__.Everyone wanted to win.Even the boy had his hand up the whole time trying to get a turn.__8__,Anna waited,and waited, and waited.Finally the__9__teacher paired the boy with the most__10__girl student in class. Now the two teams had a__11__score,all the students sat back eager to see the


result.As the teacher placed the question on the board,most of the students began to__12__their heads:this was a question they had never__13__in class. “__14__!” the teacher yelled.Both students started doing it__15__ thinking of how to solve the complex question.Their classmates,full of __16__,exclaimed, “Hurry,hurry,hurry!” The boy finished it just seconds before the girl and spun around with his__17__raised, “I won!” Almost nobody could believe the student they admired failed until Anna__18__the result. This was what Anna tried to get.It turned out that the student wasn’t bad, he was__19__.So we can see that__20__hidden abilities is not always easy but the end results can be magical.Try your hand at this quality of leadership now and report your results. 【解题导语】 本文讲述了一个小男孩上数学课总是讲话,别的老师可能认为他是一个

有问题的学生,但是 Anna 不这样认为,她组织了竞赛,证明了自己的想法,挖掘了小男孩在 数学上的潜能。 1.A.truth C.potential B.treasure D.motivation C.discouraged

B.cautious D.disconnected

解析:选 D。根据前面“who constantly sat and talked in his math class”可知这 个小男孩在数学课上不断的说话,可知好像这个小男孩与集体活动没有联系。故选 D。 3.A.immediately C.abnormally B.appropriately


解析:选 A。根据前面“there was a boy who constantly sat and talked in his math class,and seemed______in group activities”可知好多老师直接就认为他是一个有问题 的学生。故选 immediately。 4.A.limit C.prejudice B.average D.value

解析:选 B。根据下文“she created a strategy to find out”故推知 Anna 认为这个 学生在其他地方应该不错的,在平均水平之上的。above average 在平均水平之上。符合题意。
-8- C.warn



解析:选 A。根据后面“Instead she organized a handful of activities in the class to get more information.”故前面讲的是 Anna 没有联系家长而是组织了一系列的活动。故 选 contact 意思为“联系”,符合题意。 6.A.dilemma B.debate


解析:选 D 。根据后面“Girls vs.Boys”可知 Anna 每个星期五都组织了竞赛。故选 competition 意思为“竞赛”。 7.A.creative C.enthusiastic B.noisy D.curious

解析:选 C。根据后面“Everyone wanted to win.Even the boy had his hand up the whole time trying to get a turn.”可知刚开始的时候,每个人都非常有激情。故选 enthusiastic 意思为“有激情的”。 8.A.Yet C.Somehow B.Still D.Therefore

解析:选 A。根据“Anna waited,and waited,and waited.”可知前后是转折关系。然 而 Anna 一直等。故选 A 项。 9.A.arbitrary C.ridiculous B.wise D.puzzled

解析: 选 B。 根据下文“This was what Anna tried to get.It turned out that the student wasn’t bad, ”可知这个老师是个伯乐,是个非常有智慧的老师,故选 B 项。 10.A.elegant C.hardworking B.careless D.considerate

解析:选 C。根据后面的“Almost nobody could believe the student they admired failed”可知这个女生是学习非常勤奋的, 受其他学生钦佩的。 故选 hardworking, 意思为“学 习勤奋的”。 11.A.rare C.poor B.close D.different

解析:选 B。根据后面的语境和 all the students sat back eager to see the result,

可知两个队的比分是非常接近的。故选 B 项。 12.A.turn C.shake B.lift D.nod

解析:选 C。根据后面“this was a question they had never______in class”写在黑 板上的题目是非常难的,故很多学生都摇头,故选 C 项。 13.A.raised C.overlooked B.feared D.covered

14.A.Go C.Look

B.Hurry D.Try

解析:选 A。根据常识,老师说的是,比赛开始。故选 A 项。 15.A.skillfully C.casually B.slowly


解析:选 B。根据“thinking of how to solve the complex question”和“Hurry,hurry, hurry”可知都在慢慢地做题目。故选 B 项。 16.A.chaos C.courage B.anxiety D.excitement

解析:选 D。根据后面 exclaimed, “Hurry,hurry,hurry!”可知所有的学生都非常的 激动。故选 D 项。 17.A.arms C.confidence B.hopes D.eyes

解析:选 A。根据后面的“spun around with his______raised, ” 可知这个小男孩举起 他的胳膊。故选 A 项。 18.A.obtained C.confirmed B.analyzed D.adjusted

解析: 选 C。 根据前面“Almost nobody could believe the student they admired failed” 可知直到 Anna 证实这个结果时所有的学生才相信。故选 C 项。 19.A.upset C.tired B.bored D.spoiled

- 10 -

20.A foreseeing C.appreciating

B.assessing D.recognizing

解析:选 D。根据后面“hidden abilities is not always easy but the end results can be magical”我们要识别孩子们的潜能,这些潜能可能不那么容易找到,但是结果可能是神 奇的。故选 D 项。 【夹叙夹议文】 A In a airing of Unsolved Mysteries,there was a young boy who was the victim of the holocaust(大屠杀).He’d been__1__in a work camp for several years and somehow had managed to survive the__2__of his imprisonment. The story was of a boy—now in his sixties—and his quest to find an American soldier who had__3__a kindness to him by__4__some food.It might seem__5__,but to this child,who had seen nothing but__6__and inhumanity for__7__he could remember, it was a__8__that marked a turning point in his life,for he had lost hope.When he was liberated by the American forces,he was dying.He,__9__needed food.As he was staggering along the road ,a young soldier__10__down from his tank and gave him some of his supplies.__11__this one act of generosity , a kind American had aroused the__12__again that there really was some good in the world.And the boy never__13__it.The boy later went to America,raised a family,became successful and worked hard to repay the__14__he had received with his own. Actually there were so many similar acts of generosity that it would be almost impossible to know__15__who the soldier was. We all have a choice:to create more light in the world.As Confucius__16__over 2,500 years ago, “It is better to light one small candle than to__17__the darkness.” As the story above so nicely__18__ , small gestures can often generate huge__19__.If we’re constantly__20__and doing kind acts,we will no doubt bring more joy into the world around us as well as into our own world! 【解题导语】 本文讲的是集中营里的一个小男孩因为受到美国士兵的帮助而得以幸存,
- 11 -

并且因此来到美国,通过自己的努力,最终获得成功,并且寻求报恩的故事。 1.A.stationed C.distributed D.treated B.placed

解析:选 B。 在播出的一次《神秘未解之谜》中,有一位大屠杀的年轻受害者,他被安 置在囚犯劳动营里待了几年。place 有“安置”的意思。 2.A.horror C.relief B.embarrassment D.annoyance

3.A.held on C.focused on

B.agreed on D.passed on

解析:选 D。pass on 传递。那位美国士兵曾经非常善良地给他食物。pass on a kindness 传递善良。 4.A.guaranteeing C.presenting B.offering


解析:选 B。offer 主动提供,这里指的是美国士兵主动给他食物。 5.A.unbelievable C.insignificant B.troublesome D.convenient

解析:选 C。insignificant 无关紧要的。这对于别人可能是无关紧要的,但是对于这位 小男孩却是事关生死的事。 6.A.difficulty C.sympathy B.curiosity D.cruelty

解析:选 D。与 inhumanity(不人道)并列,只能选 D,cruelty(残忍),小男孩在监狱里, 天天见到的只有不人道和残忍,没有任何人间温情。 long as well as good as much as

8.A.wave C.gesture

B.fate D.duty

解析:选 C。gesture 姿势,手势,这里是“标志”,这标志着他生命的一个转折点。
- 12 -

9.A.highly C.hopefully

B.mostly D.badly

解析:选 D。badly 非常。当最后美国士兵把他解救的时候,他就快死了,这时他非常需 要食物。 10.A.moved C.turned B.jumped D.dashed

解析:选 B。一位美国士兵从坦克车上跳下来,把自己的食物分给了他一点。 11.A.Upon C.With B.Besides D.Beyond

解析:选 C。with 由于。就是由于这一慷慨帮助的行为,这位美国士兵又唤醒了这位男 孩的信仰:在世界的某个地方一定会有食物。 12.A.honesty B.loyalty


解析:选 D。参照上题解析。 13.A.forgot C.delivered B.remembered D.reflected

解析:选 A。男孩永远不会忘记这件事。 C.kindness B.mercy

解析:选 C。男孩来到美国后,努力工作去回报自己所受到的善良帮助。 15.A.for example C.for free B.for ever

D.for sure

解析: 选 D。 这样的帮助行为太多了, 以至于不能确切知道是哪位士兵帮助了他。 for sure 确切地。 16.A.made it C.took it B.put it it

17.A.curse C.swear

B.pray D.appreciate

- 13 -

解析:选 A。It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness. 与其诅咒黑暗不如点起一根蜡烛。curse 诅咒。 18.A.declares C.illustrates B.argues D.expands

解析:选 C。illustrate 阐明。上面这个故事很好的阐明了小行为可以激发大感恩。也 就是所谓的“受人点水之恩,当以涌泉相报”。 19.A.congratulations C.belongings B.blessings


解析:选 B。blessing 祝福,感恩。 20.A.looking for C.meeting with B.adapting to D.bringing up

解析:选 A。look for 寻找,发现善良的行为。 B I love roller coasters.If I could ride roller coasters every day for the rest of my life I would die a really__1__man.I will stand in line for 40 minutes just to get on a ride that lasts 30 seconds.Each step that I take brings me closer and closer to my__2__of going on a ride of a lifetime.The__3__has me skipping around like a 4 year old. But during my first ride there,that kind of thrill turned to absolute__4__when I made it to the front.__5__waiting in line,I was now having a second thought.Quietly, I negotiated within myself about my courage to go through with this__6__. From far away it looked__7__but when I was about to get in the driver’s seat I__8__I forgot my license.After some self motivation I finally made the move to__9__my seat. On my way up I could clearly see the ups and downs__10__me.To me they were not only the route but also__11__challenges.Soon the track was full of such__12__tunnels that I could see only what was behind me but not in front. __13__there were people around me with both of their hands in the__14__while I, knowing that things were going to get__15__grasped the handle on my seat.I wouldn’t dare celebrate something that__16__me.
- 14 -

Just like roller coasters,__17__is full of ups and downs,darkness and light, and is unpredictable when we go through various__18__situations.The best thing to do when we meet anything__19__is to lift our hands and__20__whatever we do. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者通过叙述自己坐过山车的经历说明人生也

具有同样的道理。艰难、困惑、挑战等都在人生路上,学会享受这些挑战与刺激。 1.A.old C.brave B.happy D.unusual

解析:选 B。根据前文的 love 和这里的虚拟语气假定实现愿望,那么将会幸福地死去。 故选 B。 2.A.tension C.motivation B.hardship D.opportunity

解析:选 D。我经历的每一次进步都会让我越来越接近终身骑行的机遇。故选 D。 3.A.excitement C.pleasure B.expectation D.anxiety

解析:选 A。根据前文的 each step,接近自己的梦想,此处应是兴奋。故选 A。 4.A.patience C.desire B.anger


5. A.Unless C.After



解析:选 C。waiting 动作发生在 having 动作之前,故选 C。 6.A.competition C.debate B.commitment


解析:选 B。此时作者自己在给自己一份承诺,一份保证。故选 B。 C.normal B.small D.mysterious

8.A.regretted C.pretended

B.realized D.admitted
- 15 -

解析:选 C。根据下文的 forgot my license 判断应是假装。故选 C。 9.A.take C.reserve B.quit D.change

解析:选 A。这时作者在进行一番自我激励后,坐到了自己的座位上。take one’s seat 坐下。故选 A。 10.A.behind C.beside B.beneath


解析:选 D。坐过山车经历的是起伏不断的情形,现在在作者面前的就是这种情形。故选 D。 11.A.mental C. technical B.intellectual D.environmental

解析:选 A。根据下文的 challenges 判断应是心理的挑战。故选 A。 12.A.narrow C.long B.dark


解析:选 B。根据下文的看不到前面,只看到后面,应是漆黑一片。故选 B。 13.A.Unluckily C.Nervously B.Oddly D.Disappointingly

解析:选 B。作者周围的人都很反常地两只手在空中抓,说明人们心中的恐惧感。故选 B。 14.A.gloves C.air B.pockets

解析:选 C。与我坐在座位上紧紧抓住把手相比,人们只是在空中乱抓。故选 C。 15.A.vague C.boring B.strange D.tough

解析:选 D。此时作者知道会更残酷,故紧紧抓住扶手。get tough 变得困难、艰苦。故 选 D。 16.A.confused C.annoyed B.astonished D.terrified

解析:选 D。与前文的 dare 对应。故选 D。 C.dream B.entertainment D.ride
- 16 - C.serious

B.unexpected D.general

解析:选 B。与前文的 darkness and light,and is unpredictable 对应,应是不可预 料的。故选 B。 19.A.uncertain C.challenging B.uncomfortable D.exciting

解析:选 C。与前文的 challenge 相对应。故选 C。 20.A.evaluate C.adore B.complete


解析:选 D。此处作者鼓励人们学会享受刺激与挑战。故选 D。 C It’s been so long that I can’t remember the crime,but I’ll never forget the punishment:Dig up the fig tree (无花果) in the backyard and plant it at Mumsy’s place in the country.As I often did when__1__to hard labor in the garden,I suspected this was my parents’ way of__2__me to do their dirty work. It was a Sunday morning.With some tools, I went at the tree, dismantling ( 拆 卸) it branch by branch and limb by limb,__3__all that remained of the once?proud specimen was a sorry?looking stump of a thing. “What did that__4__ever do to you?”my father said, “You left some taproot (主 根),at least.Go and load up the truck.” On any other day before,during the__5__to Mumsy’s,we would have pleasantly__6__school as usual,but I fenced myself off that time. Then,at Mumsy’s,instead of sitting back to watch me work,he__7__me.As my father and I took turns to work, I could feel my anger__8__, making room for the simple satisfaction of working at my father’s side__9__a common goal. “Well, ” my father said when we__10__, “ we’ve done what we can do.” “Do you think there’s any__11__that it can grow up?” I asked.“It’s rich dirt.They say you can__12__toenails in it and grow little kids.” My father answered.I never tried

- 17 -

the toenail trick,but I did__13__as it settled in,took root,and began to prosper.I was amazed and__14__when bowls of figs began to fill the fridge. In a__15__fair world,I don’t deserve the reward.I had__16__the tree for my own complaints.What right did I have to the fruit? Years later,I put this__17__to my father.Watching him slide a bowl of figs from the fridge one morning,I felt a sudden stab of shame for my boyhood__18__.My father took a fig from the__19__and let me think of the fruit as forgiveness.“You, ” he said, “__20__some of that.” 【解题导语】 这是篇哲理散文。作者因为父母让自己移栽无花果而产生怨恨,伤害了

无花果树,却享受了果树的果实,作者因为果树对自己的宽恕而感到羞愧。善待人世间的一 切,感恩万物,才能让我们成长。 1.A.sentenced C.allowed B.punished D.encouraged

解析:选 A。根据前文的 crime 和 punishment 判断是被判辛苦劳作。故选 A。 2.A.inviting C.getting B.having D.helping

解析:选 C。根据前文的 my parents’判断是“父母让我做他们脏活的方法” 。get do sth.让某人做某事,have sth.让某人做某事。故选 C。 3.A.until C.that B.when D.after

4.A.truck C.tree

B.tool D.taproot

解析:选 C。与前文的 tree 相对应,选 C。 C.walk B.flight D.ride

解析:选 D。根据前文的 Mumsy’s place in the country 判断是骑车或坐车,故选 D。 6.A.thought over C.broke into B.talked about

D.gave up

解析:选 B。根据空后的 school 判断应是谈论。故选 B。

- 18 -

7.A.forgave C.entertained

B.tricked D.joined

8. A.disappeared C.approached


解析:选 A 。根据前文的 took turns to work 应是 anger 消失了,也可根据下文的 satisfaction 判断。故选 A。 9.A.through C.toward B.against

解析:选 C。根据下文的 goal 判断应是“朝着”。故选 C。 10.A.argued C.started B.continued D.finished

解析:选 D。根据下文的 we’ve done what we can do 判断应是“完成”。故选 D。 11.A.relationship C.advantage B.value


解析:选 D。根据下文的叙述,应是“机会”。故选 D。 12.A.dig C.remove B.plant D.observe

解析:选 B。根据下文的 grow 判断选 B。 13.A.understand D.feel B.determine

解析:选 C。根据前文的 I never tried the toenail trick 和 but 判断是“我的确看到 它就在指甲里”。故选 C。 14.A.confused C.regretful B.relieved D.disappointed

解析:选 B。与前文的 amazed 和作者前面干的活可知应是“如释重负”。故选 B。 15.A.perfectly C.mostly B.partly


解析:选 A。根据空后的 fair 判断,故选 A。

- 19 -

16.A.forgotten C.helped



解析:选 B。根据前文作者对无花果树的发泄,应是“伤害”了树。故选 B。 17.A.task C.question B.answer D.strategy

18.A.misery C.sorrow



解析: 选 D。 根据前文的 shame 和作者对无花果树做的事, 应是为自己的粗暴无礼而羞愧。 故选 D。 19.A.fridge B.bowl D.desk

解析:选 B。与前文的 bowl 对应。故选 B。 20.A.deserve C.protect B.receive D.suspect

解析:选 A。根据前文的 think of the fruit as forgiveness 判断是树饶恕了作者,作 者应该得到那种结果。故选 A。 【说明文和议论文】 A Why do young adult children become independent so much later than they did in 1970,when the average age of independent living was 21? Why have reduced class sizes and increased per?pupil expenditures ( 花 销 )not__1__higher academic achievement levels? Why is the mental health of today’s kids so poor when__2__with that of children in the 1960s and before? Why do today’s__3__become defensive when told by teachers that their children have misbehaved in school? The answer in two words : parental__4__ . Those two words best summarize the__5__between “old” child raising and new,post?1960s parenting.Then,the overall philosophy was that parents were not to be__6__involved with their kids.They were available__7__crisis,but they stood a(n)__8__distance from their kids and allowed

- 20 -

them to experience the benefits of the trial?and?error process.It was the child’ s__9__ , back then , to keep his or her parents from getting involved.That was__10__children learned to be responsible and determined. Today’s parents help their kids with almost everything.These are parents who are__11__when it comes to an understanding of their purpose in their kids’ lives.Their involvement leads them to personalize everything that happens to their kids; __12__, the defensiveness.But given that schools and mental health professionals have been pushing parent involvement for nearly four decades , the confusion and defensiveness are__13__. University researchers analyzed three decades of data relating to parent participation in children’s academics.Their conclusions__14__what I’ve been saying since the 1980s:parental help with homework__15__a child’s academic achievement and is not reflected on standardized tests. Parents who manage a child’s social life interfere with the__16__of good social skills.Parents who manage a child’s after?school activities grow kids who don’t know how to__17__their own free time.Parents who get involved in their

kids’__18__with peers grow kids who don’t know how to avoid much less trouble. These kids have anxieties and fears of all sorts and don ’ t want to leave their__19__.And their parents,when the time comes,don’t know how to__20__being parents.You can imagine what will become of their future. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇关于家庭教育的文章。作者主要论证了当今一些父母教育方

式的弊端,父母的过分介入不利于孩子的成长。 1.A.counted on C.touched on D.taken in B.resulted in

解析:选 B。根据句意判断, “为什么班级规模的缩减和每个学生个人消费的增加没有导 致更高的学业成功水平”。故选 B。 2.A.associated C.compared B.linked D.matched

- 21 -

故选 C。 3.A.parents B.adolescents D.youths


解析:选 A。根据空后的 their children 可知,应是父母亲。故选 A。 4.A.assistance C.involvement D.preference

解析:选 C。与下文的 involved 对应。故选 C。 5.A.differences C.choices B.similarities


解析:选 A。“这两个单词最好的总结了旧的孩子抚养和新的、60 后的父母赡养之间的 不同。”故选 A。 6.A.slightly C.highly B.passively


解析:选 C。be highly involved with 高度参与。故选 C。 case of view of spite of fear of

8.A.equal C.long D.short

解析:选 B。a safe distance 安全的距离。故选 B。 9.A.fault C.job B.turn D.attitude

解析:选 C。“让父母们别卷进来,是孩子的工作(职责)”。故选 C。 10.A.when C.why D.what

解析:选 B。空后的表语从句中缺少方式状语,故选 B。 11.A.confused C.amazed B.disappointed


解析:选 A。“这些就是那些当谈及他们在孩子生活中的目的时迷惑不解的父母们。”故

- 22 -

选 A。 12.A.however C.yet B.still


解析:选 D 。空后的 defensiveness 就是解释前文的 personalize everything that happens to their kids。故选 D。 13.A.unreasonable C.understandable B.changeable D.avoidable

解析:选 C。与该句的状语部分 given...相对应,应是“可理解的”。故选 C。 14.A.confirmed C.realized B.convinced D.reflected

解析:选 A。此处作者用这个大学的研究分析来支持自己的观点,故选 A。 15.A.decides C.helps B.lowers


解析:选 B。根据前文作者反对父母对孩子照顾过多,父母对孩子的照顾降低了孩子学业 上的成就。故选 B。 16.A.appearance C.establishment B.performance D.development

17.A.value C.fill


解析:选 C。根据句意:管理孩子课外生活的父母养大的孩子不知道如何充实自己的自由 时间。故选 C。 18.A.communication C.cooperation B.conflicts D.competitions

解析:选 B。此处指孩子和同龄人之间的冲突。故选 B。 19.A.home D.profession

解析:选 A。这些孩子有焦虑和各种各样的恐惧,并且不想离开家,因为他们害怕遇到挫 折。故选 A。

- 23 -

20.A.start C.consider

B.ignore D.stop

解析:选 D。父母们也不知道如何停止做父母,做回自己。故选 D。 B William Wordsworth wrote that “the human mind is capable of excitement without the application of violent stimulants(刺激)”.And it appears that simply reading those words proves his__1__. Researchers at the University of Liverpool found the works of Shakespeare and Wordsworth and__2__had a beneficial effect on the mind.It can__3__the reader’s attention and trigger moments of self?reflection. Using scanners,they__4__the brain activity of volunteers as they read pieces of classical English literature both in their__5__form and in a modern translation. And,according to the Sunday Telegraph,the experiment showed the more__6__prose and poetry__7__far more electrical activity in the brain than the easier versions. The research also found poetry,__8__,increased activity in the right part of the brain,an area__9__with “autobiographical(自传式的) memory”,which helped the reader to__10__on their own experiences.The academics said this meant the__11__were more useful than self?help books. The brain__12__of 30 volunteers were watched in the first part of the research as they read Shakespeare in different__13__. In one example,volunteers read a line from King Lear, “A father and a gracious aged man:him have you madded”,before reading the__14__:“A father and a gracious aged man:him you have enraged”.Shakespeare’s use of “mad” as a(n)__15__caused a higher level of brain activity than the straightforward prose. The next stage of the research was looking at the__16__to which poetry could affect__17__and provide therapeutic(治疗的)benefit.Volunteers’ brains were scanned while reading four lines by Wordsworth , and four “ translated ” lines were also provided. The first version caused more brain activity,__18__not only the left part of the brain connected with language , but also the right part that relates to
- 24 -

autobiographical memory and emotion. “Poetry is not just a__19__of style.It is also about deep versions of experience that__20__the emotional to the cognitive(认知的), ” said Prof Davis,who will present the findings at the North of England education conference in Sheffield this week. 【解题导语】 文章主要介绍了戴维斯教授的新发现:阅读经典能锻炼大脑。 1.A.attitude C.mind B.point


解析:选 B。“要说明这一点,看上去似乎单是读一下这句话就够了”。故选 B。 2.A.the like C.the likely B.the way D.the kind

解析:选 A。“莎士比亚和华兹华斯以及其他类似作家的作品对思维具有裨益,能够吸引 读者的注意力”。根据前文的 Shakespeare and Wordsworth 应推断是类似的人。故选 A。 3.A.break C.catch B.focus D.fix

解析:选 C。catch one’s attention 吸引住某人的注意力。故选 C。 4.A.examined C.interrupted B.monitored D.controlled

解析:选 B。“研究员们使用扫描仪,监测志愿者们阅读经典英国文学作品时的大脑活 动”。故选 B。 5.A.original C.conventional B.traditional D.ancient

6.A.attractive C.challenging

B.beneficial D.emotional

解析:选 C。“根据《星期日电讯报》的报道,这个实验还表明:比起那些平淡的版本, 更具有挑战性的散文和诗作能使脑电活动活跃得多。”故选 C。 7.A.set off C.take off B.put off off

解析:选 A。根据空后的 more electrical activity 判断应填“引发”。故选 A。

- 25 -

8.A.for example particular

B.on occasion contrast

解析:选 C。“研究也发现,诗作尤其能够增加人右脑的活动,??”故选 C。 9.A.concerned C.fixed B.mixed


解析:选 A。“??而右脑和‘自传式记忆’有关,能够让读者根据读到的内容回想到他 们自己的经历”。be concerned with 与??相关。故选 A。 10.A.reflect C.depend B.agree


解析:选 A。“??而右脑和‘自传式记忆’有关,能够让读者根据读到的内容回想到他 们自己的经历”。reflect on 回想。故选 A。 11.A.average C.academic B.modem D.classic

解析:选 D。“学者说这就意味着经典作品比励志图书更有用。”故选 D。 12.A.records C.responses B.recalls D.receptions

解析:选 C。根据前文应是大脑的反应。故选 C。 13.A.moods C.forms B.manners D.types

14.A.shorter C.better



解析:选 B。根据前后两句话的比较应是“更简单的”。故选 B。 15.A.adjective C.adverb D.verb B.noun

解析:选 D。根据前文的 madded 应是将 mad 用成了动词。故选 D。 16.A.amount C.extension D.scale

解析:选 B。根据前文的 stage 判断应是“程度”。“第二个阶段是研究诗作可以影响心

- 26 -

理状态到什么程度,给健康带来多少益处。”故选 B。 17.A.philosophy C.psychology B.biology


解析:选 C。“第二个阶段是研究诗作可以影响心理状态到什么程度,给健康带来多少益 处。”故选 C。 18.A.waking up C.taking up B.raising up D.making up

解析:选 A。考查动词短语辨析。A.waking up 醒来; B.raising up 升起;C.taking up 拿起;开始; D.making up 编造。 B.mark

19.A.matter C.manner


20.A.cater C.prefer

B.add D.refer

解析:选 B。“诗歌是一种深层次的经验,这种经验是在认知经验的基础上加上情感经验 而形成的, ”戴维斯教授如是说。故选 B。 C Most shoplifters ( 商 店 扒 手 ) agree that the January sales offer wonderful opportunities for the hard?working thief.__1__the shops so crowded and the staff so busy,it does not require any extraordinary talent to help you to take one or two little things and escape__2__.It is known,in the business,as “hoisting” . But the hoisting game is not__3__it used to be.Even at the height of the sales, shoplifters today never know__4__they are being watched by one of those evil little balls that hang from the ceilings of so many department stores above the most desirable goods. As if that was not trouble enough for them,they can now be filmed__5__and obliged to attend a showing of their performance in court. Selfridges was the first big London store to install closed?circuit videotape equipment to watch its sales floors.In October last year the store won its first

- 27 -

court__6__for shoplifting using an evidence of a videotape clearly showing a couple__7__dresses.It was an important test case which__8__other stores to install similar equipment. When the balls, called sputniks ,first make a(n)__9__in shops , it was widely believed that their only function was to__10__shoplifters.Their__11__ridiculous appearances,the curious holes and red lights going on and off,certainly make the theory believable. It did not take long , __12__ , for serious shoplifters to start showing suitable__13__. Soon after the equipment was__14__at Selfridges, store detective Brian Chadwick was sitting in the control room watching a woman__15__putting bottles of perfume into her bag. “As she turned to go, ” Chadwick__16__, “she suddenly looked up at the ‘sputnik’ and stopped.She could not__17__have seen that the camera was trained on her because it is completely hidden,but she__18__have had a feeling that I was looking at her.” “ For a moment she paused , but then she__19__to counter and started putting everything__20__.When she had finished,she opened her bag towards the camera to show it was empty and hurried out of the store.” 【解题导语】 这是篇说明文。文章主要阐述了商店安装的新设备可以有效地防治扒手, 尽管开始他们不注意,但是最终会被捉住并将东西放回。 1.A.As C.For B.With D.Since

解析:选 B。根据空后的 so crowded 和 so busy 判断,它们是它们前面名词的补足语, 可以断定这是 with 复合结构作状语,故选 B。 2.A.noticed C.unnoticed B.noticing D.unnoticing

解析:选 C。此处是过去分词作状语,根据前文是小偷,应该是 unnoticed。故选 C。 C.which B.that D.what

- 28 -


B.that D.why

解析: 选 A。 空后是 know 的宾语从句, 根据句意: 他们从不知道他们是否正在被监视??。 故选 A。 rest work attention shock

解析:选 C。根据前文的 be filmed,应该表示“在偷东西”时被录像。故选 C。 B.theft D.conversation


解析:选 A。根据前文的 court“法庭”和下文的 case 判断选 A。 7.A.trying C.stealing B.wearing D.packaging

解析:选 C。根据前文的 shoplifting 判断是“正在偷东西的一对夫妇”。故选 C。 8.A.stopped C.encouraged B.kept D.called

解析:选 C。根据前文的 closed?circuit videotape equipment 和商店的胜诉判断是“鼓 励”其他商店也安装这种设备。故选 C。 9.A.difference C.appearance B.influence D.function

解析:选 C。make an appearance in 在??出现,根据本段第二句中的 appearances 判 断。故选 C。 10.A.attack C.excite B.calm


解析:选 D。根据下文对该设备的描述,应该是“吓唬”扒手。故选 D。 11.A.somehow C.anyhow B.somewhat


解析:选 B。根据空后的 ridiculous 判断选 B。 12.A.however C.therefore B.thus D.anyway

解析:选 A。根据前后文的关系,应填“然而”。故选 A。
- 29 -

13.A.respect C.fright


D.courage operation trouble case advance

解析:选 A。根据下文的 store detective Brian Chadwick was sitting 应是设备正在 运行中。故选 A。 15.A.publicly C.quickly B.bravely D.secretly

解析:选 D。根据前文的 detective 判断应是这位妇女正在“秘密地”将香水放入自己的 包内。故选 D。 16.A.replied C.recalled B.repeated D.requested

解析:选 C。根据前文判断这是叙述过去的事情,应是“回想”。故选 C。 17.A.possibly C.pleasantly B.politely D.patiently

解析:选 A。根据后文的 completely hidden 判断应是“不可能”。故选 A。 18.A.could C.should B.would D.must

解析:选 A。情态动词 could 表示可能性,她“能够”感觉到我在看她。故选 A。 19.A.came C.returned B.left D.rushed

解析:选 A。根据前文 paused,和 but then 以及下文的 started putting everything 判断应是来到柜台边,故选 A。 C.up


- 30 -


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2016年高考英语仿真押题 专题10 并列句和状语从句(含解析)

2016年高考英语仿真押题 专题10 并列句和状语从句(含解析)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。专题 10 并列句和状语从句 1.An anti-corruption campaign has continued___...

专题02 代词和介词(仿真押题)-2017年高考英语命题猜想...

专题02 代词和介词(仿真押题)-2017年高考英语命题猜想与仿真押题 Word版含解析_高考_高中教育_教育专区。1.—Which driver was to blame? —Why, ___! It wa...

专题13 环境保护(仿真押题)-2017年高考地理命题猜想与...

专题13 环境保护(仿真押题)-2017年高考地理命题猜想与仿真押题(解析版) - 1.2016 年 2 月 23 日新华社报道,中国首都北京正在研究打造“5 条宽度 500 米以上...

2016年高考物理命题猜想与仿真押题——专题13 电学实验...

2016年高考物理命题猜想与仿真押题——专题13 电学实验(仿真押题)(解析版) Word版含解析 - 1.(1)为了测量电阻,现取一只已经完成机械调零的多用电表,如图甲所示...

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