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江苏省江阴市成化高级中学高中英语《Unit1 School Life》Task教案 牛津译林版必修1

课题: M1U1


【教学目标】 enhance integrated skills of listening and speaking; introduce some knowledge of making a programme; challenge students to solve a re

al-life problem by completing tasks; promote students’ cooperation and creativity. 【教学重点】 Let students practise their language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing 【教学难点】How to solve a practical problem in their daily life and how to write a notice about a school activity 【教 具】Multi-media projector 【教学过程】 Step 1 Lead-in Lead in by inquiring about students’ future career. Introduce a new exciting job ( Event Planning) to students. In this way the topic of “programme” is presented. 设计说明: 每个学生都有自己的梦想,通过这一熟悉的话题,自然 地导入本课主题。从学生将来的工作谈起,也是一个容易引起学生 兴趣、产生共鸣的话题。然后,教师通过列举一个新兴职业的三个 主要特点(an interesting field, go to interesting places, meet interesting people),抓住学生的好奇感,引领学生进入本课的重 点内容。 Step 2 Understand what a programme is Help students find out what a programme is and what the basic elements of a programme are. 1. The definition of a programme. 2. The basic elements of a programme. 3. The way to write down a date or a day. 设计说明: 帮助学生理解本课主题内容,了解什么是“programme”, 以及“programme” 构成的主要基本要素。用图片的方式帮助他们 清晰了解“participants”, “event/activity”和“venue”, 介 绍日期和星期的表达方法,并适当训练他们对时间和日期的听力反 应, 为即将进行的听力练习作准备。 Step 3 Listening practice Ask students to listen to the recording and finish the two timetables on page 12 and 13. 设计说明: 完成课本的两个听力练习,训练学生学会听取所需信息, 学生的听力 能力在此环节受到集中训练。第一个听力练习让学生根 据完成的表格,给出顾先生所要参加的三个活动的具体信息。第二 个 听力练习较长,教师把它分成 8 个报告,鼓励学生听清楚哪一个 的完整信息,主动来完成任务。这样帮助学生降低难度,保护他们 回答问题的积极性,并帮助他们树立自信心。 【二次备课】


Step 4 Make a timetable (group work) At this point, students will work in groups of four or five to help Sun to finish his job. Sun is chairman of students’ union. He needs to make a timetable for the activities to be done next week by using what has been learned in Step 2 1. Ask students to read and understand what sun is going to be involved in next week. 2. Get them to work in groups and offer help if they meet with some translation problems. 3. Have students show their final wor k and make comments on it. 设计说明: 用刚才所学知识,帮助学生会主席孙强制作一张时间表, 这是学以致用的关键一步。 Step 5 Hold a competition Students work in groups to design a programme for targeted participants (students, teachers or parents). The group whose programme will be popular with most of the students is to win the game. ( The teacher also can have a vote here in order to s timulate their enthusiasm for the job.) 1. Work in groups and design a programme 2. Let students present their design and decide which group will be the winner. (While comparing their work, the teacher should make sure they haven’t leave out any one of the basic elements in their programmes.) 设计说明: 让学生展开竞赛, 以小组为单位, 设计一个 “programme” , 最受欢迎者胜出。教师把参与的人限定为学生、家长和教师,使得 学生能把关注的焦点集中在同一点上,不至于设计的范围太漫无边 际。这一步,不仅再次温习巩固“programme”的几个基本要素,还 锻炼了学生的创新能力和合作精神。 Step 6 Language points 1. He has recently returned from his studies in China. 他最 近刚从中国学习回来。(p9) recently adv. 最 近: Have you seen Anne recently? 2. David was one of the most helpful students that we ever had. (p9 ) 大卫是我们这儿最愿意助人为乐的学生之一。 that 引导定语从句,若在 one of 前加 the only,则定语从句修 饰 one,从句的谓语动词需用单数。 ①She is one of the few girls who have passed the examination. ②Mr. Herre is the only on e of the foreign experts who works in the company. 3. Upon finishing his studies,he started travelling in China. ( p9 ) 一完成学业,他就开始在中国旅行。

Upon finishing?=As soon as he finished?,upon 也可换成 on,意为“一??就??”。 On reaching the city,he called up Lester. 4. The paintings that David donated to the school are being displayed in the assembly hall. ( p9 ) 大卫捐给学校的图画 正在会厅展出。 are being displayed 是被动语态的进行时,表示正在发生的被动 动作 The meeting is being held in the hall and you can go to attend it. 5. Besides,I might be reading books in your father’s bookcase instead. (p11) 另外,我也许在你父亲的书橱里读书。 Besides adv. in addition , also: I don’t like those shoes;besides,they’re too expensive. prep. as well as ; in additi on to: Besides good looks,she has a kind heart. 6. I prefer one that has big desks. ( p11 ) 我喜欢有大课桌 的(阅览室)。 prefer vt. 宁愿 更喜欢: prefer sth. prefer sth. to sth. prefer doing/to do sth. prefer doing?to doing? prefer sb. to do sth. prefer to do?rather than do?=prefer doing? to doing?) 7. She will be reading newspapers and magazines instead of doi ng her homework. (p11 ) 她要读报刊杂志而不是写作业。 will be doing 是将来进行时,表示将来某个时候在做的事,也可 表示按计划安排将来要执行的动作。 Will you be seeing the new play this time tomo rrow evening? 8. Dates in a programme are usually presented in a short form to save space. (p12 ) 计划表中的日期通常以缩写形式出现以节 省版面。 present vt. n. adj. space 空间,空白(多为不可数,有时与不定冠词连用); room 空 间、地方;只作不可数名词 9. When comparing,you must read all the information carefully before you make any decisions ( p14 )作比较时,你必须先认 真阅读所有信息然后再做出决定。 when comparing = when you compare, when 引起的时间状语从 句可以省略为一个短语。表主动时用 -ing 形式,表被动时用 -ed 形式 When shopping in the supermarket , she had her wallet stolen.(=when she was shopping) compare v. 比较 Compare this one with that,you’ll see the difference.

Compared with man y people,she was indeed luck. 【作业布置】




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