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苏北四市 2015—2016 学年度高三第一次质量检测 英语试题
第一部分 听力 (共两节, 满分 20 分) 第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小題;每小题 1 分,

满分 15 分)
请认真阅读下面各题,从 A、 B、 C、 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上 将该项涂黑。苏派名师爱心授课群 264883904 提供 【假期公益授课新概念三和四,高中所有语法】飚记 英语微信公共号:biaojienglish

21.—The Spring Festival is drawing near. I am considering traveling in a small town, especially ___________with an ocean view. —I agree with you; I would appreciate it if you could take me there. A. it B. one C. that D. this 22.While David sometimes has trouble getting along with his parents and even argues with them, their parents love him __________. A. not so much B. not so little C. no more D. no less 23.The two-story building has turned into a tea-house, among __________ previous owners were many well-known actors and actresses. A. whose B. which C. what D. whom 24.The police have already investigated some witnesses and the __________ is that it was just an accident, even among the families. A. conscience B. criterion C. consensus D. contract 25.Watching football games on TV at home is one thing, going to watch them __________ live is quite another. A. perform B. performing C. to perform D. being performed 26. Many Chinese use WeChat for both one-on-one and group communication ______________ international phone calls when traveling overseas. A. in preference to B. in process of C. in reference with D. in search of 27. —The Chinese men's basketball team won the champion in the final of the Asian championship in Changsha on Oct. 3rd, 2015. —Fantastic! It is the 16th time in history that China ___________the honorable award. A. got B. had got C. have got D. has got 28. —What shall we do to make the movie star's visit more successful? —Not much. It is just the hotel to put her up in ___________she is really particular about. A. where B. what C. which D.that 29. —Poor and backward area __________Western China is, many college students are willing to work there after graduation. 一 I can't agree more. More chances of employment are available. A. since B. as C. although D. while 30.Among the biggest problems facing those remote mountainous villages __________the lack of experienced teachers. A. is B. are C