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江苏省牛津版M10 U3 Reading1

Unit 3 Protecting ourselves

Reading 1

the number of people living with HIV worldwide
the number of people catching the virus daily the number of children who have lost their parents to Aids the number of Aids patients in China

> 30 million
about 7,000) >15 million

about 105,000

According to the numbers, we know that Aids serious/severe is a _____________problem around the world.

Task 1 Get the main idea of each paragraph.

Para 1 Para 2 Para 3 Para 4 Para 5

story the ______of Ajani definition Aids the _______of the _______ ways Aids is spread
global/worldwide Aids—a __________problem

China Aids in______ internationalhelp to China the__________ an organization _________ called UNAIDS

Para 6
Para 7 Para 8

severity/gravity the __________of the situation
__________to the problem solutions

Para 9

Main idea
definition This article is about the ________of the Aids and the ways ______Aids can be spread. measures It also mentions the ________taken to fight Aids.


Task 2 Questions for better understanding.

Para 1
1.What has happened to Ajani’s parents? Both his father and mother have died of Aids

We should have _______for Ajani and take measures to help people like him.

Paras 2-3
2.What causes Aids? A virus called HIV. 3. How does Aids affect the body? When someone has Aids, the person loses ability to fight other illnesses. Eventually, the body’s immune system becomes so weak that the person becomes very ill from usually mild sicknesses. 4. What are the three ways Aids is spread ? unprotected sex, blood and from a mother to her child

Ask and answer
Can Aids be spread in the following ways ?

Can Aids be spread through ___________ ?

Can Aids be spread through ___________ ?

Can Aids be spread through ___________ ?

Can Aids be spread through ___________ ?

Can Aids be spread through ___________ ?

Can Aids be spread through ___________ ?

Para 4
5.The structure of Paragraph 4

Topic sentence: Aids has become a problem all over the world. _____________________________ Supporting sentences: 30 million..,>4 million children…, >15million children _____________________________ Concluding sentence: Something must be done to stop this disease. _______________________________

Paras 5-7
6. What has been done in China to stop Aids? The government has opened labs to monitor the disease and ir also started providing free drugs for Aids patients. 7. What is the international help in China? up-to-date technology and international attention, Aids education and medicine programmes 8. What does UNAIDS do for people? HIV testing and HIV Ids medical care, teaches how to prevent Aids, sets up treatment centers

Para 8
9.How many people will die of Aids between 2000 and 2020?

Over 68 million

Para 9
10.According to Ajani, what is the key to stopping the disease in the future? The education as well as medical treatment


end However, Ajani’s luck is not the _____of the story, as many Aids patients are still waiting for our help.


1.Find out the answers according to the text.

Find out the answers according to the text.

1.What’s the purpose of introducing Ajani in the first paragraph? A. To introduce the topic of Aids B. To introduce the situation in Africa C. To make us aware of the severity of Aids D. To catch readers’ attention and keep them interested in reading the text.

Find out the answers according to the text.

? 2. Which of the following statements is true? A. Ajani and his sister lost their mother to Aids three years ago. B. To Aids patients, even common illness like the flu can be quite severe. C. People are aware that Aids and HIV are an international problem. D. The number of children who have lost both parents to Aids is expected to decline.

Find out the answers according to the text.

3. The author uses a lot of numbers in the
passage for the purpose of ___. A. making his statements more persuasively B. telling us the situation is not so serious C. informing us of the most common way of spreading HIV and Aids D. letting us know what an important role the UN is playing

2. Review what you have learned about Aids.

the definition of Aids

the ways Aids is spread

the gravity of the situation

measures to stop Aids

Let’s start giving.

Finish our poster about Aids for the Red


Write down what you know about Aids and call on people to care for Aids patients.

your slogan

the ways the definition

the situation

the measures



? We are the world ? We are the children ? We are the ones who make a brighter day ? So let’s start giving

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