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M7U1 Ⅰ.单词拼写
1. One of the d____________ of the plan is that it costs too much. 2. ____________(最后) I decided to take this opportunity. 3. He found that little TV extremely ____________ (

便携的). 4. Finally, do not expect miracles from d____________ television. 5. Fruit and vegetables must be cool from field heat before they are put into ___________(储藏). 6. This pair of trousers is too t____________ for me. 7. The two machines work on the same ____________ (原理). 8. This play is an a____________ of a novel. 9. In the course of ____________(进化), some birds have lost the power of flight. 10. He used an electronic e____________ to measure and record the eye movements. 11. I bought some new locks as an additional i____________ against burglary. 12. They applied for ____________(专利) on their inventions. 13. After r____________ the news to the Internet, the girl hurried home.

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14. It is only ____________(浅薄的) people who judge people by appearance. 15. Creation is never ____________(仅仅) repetition. 16. They have s____________ income and marriage. 17. I come from Ireland, which is supposed to be quite a r____________ country. 18. She was wearing a very ____________(优雅的) hat at the party. 19. Throw those empty bottles into the ____________ (垃圾箱). 20. He made some very ____________(合理的) criticisms.

1. These young people are full of energy. They act ______________. (立刻,没有迟疑) 2. The old watch needs ______________ every day. (上发条) 3. I first met Jim two years ago and ______________ him ever since. (与某人保持联系) 4. No one ______________ his ability in the field. (对……怀疑) 5. Many retired people can still ______________ society with their rich experience. (做贡献) 6. There is a new music hall near here ______________. (正在建设中) 7. The activity is said to ______________ teenagers. (对……有益) 8. He ______________________(为了……牺牲了自己) protecting his motherland. 9. ______________________(尽管他知道这个坏消息), he pretended not to have heard of it. 10. In addition to dessert, they served fruit ______________________(额外). 11. It is not easy to ______________________(改掉) bad habits. 12. Under no circumstances ______________________ (你应该借给他) any more. 13. ______________________(他一贯的作风) to be late.

1. I didn’t realize she was a famous film star until she took off her sunglasses. →It was ______________________ that I ______________ she was a famous film star. (倒装) →______________________ she was a famous film star. (强调) 2. An exam will be held tomorrow, so I couldn’t go to the cinema tonight. __________________________________________________________________(with 复合句) 3. He was against this plan. (同义句转换) He _____ ______ ______ this plan./He _____ _____ this plan./ He ______ this plan.

1. drawbacks 2. Eventually 3. portable 4. digital 5.. storage 6. tight 7. principle 8. adaptation 9. evolution 10. device 12.patents 13. relaying 14. shallow 15. merely 16. stable 17. religious 18. elegant 19. dustbin 20. valid 1. without delay 2. winding up 3. have kept in touch with 4. is skeptical of/about 5. contribute to 6. under construction 7. be of benefit to 8. sacrificed himself for 9. While he knew the bad news 10. for good measure 11. get rid of 12. should you lend him 13. It is typical of him 1. not until she took off her sunglasses; realized; Not until she took off her sunglasses did I realize 2. With an exam to be held tomorrow, I couldn’t go to the cinema tonight. 3. was opposed to/objected to/opposed



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