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Exercise for Direct Speech and Indirect Speech

Exercise for Direct Speech and Indirect Speech (I)
1. He asked ____ for the violin. A. Did I pay how much C. how much did I pay B. I paid how much D. how much I paid

2. Someon

e is ringing the doorbell. Go and see _____. A. who is he B. who he is C. who is it 3. Can you tell me ____? A. how good is his spoken English B. how well his spoken English is C. how well he speaks English D. how good he can speak English 4. He said that he had bought the jacket____. A. before three days C. three days ago 5. Did you say_____? A. that what he said was true B. that it was true that he said C. what did he say was true D. what he said it was true 6. Please tell me ____ from. A. where do you come B. where you come B. three days before D. last week D. who it is

C. where you will come D. there you come

7. Ask her ____ come with us. A. if she will C. that if she will B. if or not she will D. whether will she

8. The driver said that he ____ pick ____ a passenger at west street. A. will, up B. would, up C. will, out D. would, out

9. He said he ___ in 1993. A. has born B. had been born C. had born D. was born

10. John ___ me he was going to help me with my English. A. explained B. spoke C. told D. said


unit 1 语法讲练

Direct speech Indirect speech 指示代词 this that these those Then that day ...Exercise for Direct Speech and Indirect Speech (I) )1. Tom asked Jack _...


Exercise for Direct Speech and Indirect Speech (I) 单项选择 ( )1. Tom asked Jack ___ . A. why Exercise for Direct Speech and Indirect Speech (...

必修1, unit 1, 语法

Step 2 Lead-in 1) Introduce what is direct speech and indirect speech. ...Now let’s look at the sentences in you book on page 5, exercise 1. ...

Direct Speech and Indirect Speech

Direct Speech and Indirect Speech_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Direct Speech speech and indi... 暂无评价 3页 免费 Exercise for Direct Sp... ...

必修一(Unit2 English around the world the 3rd period)

“ Standard English And Dialects”.After it,there is an exercise for us speech and indirect speech, students will use these sentence patterns ...


四、语法点拨——直接引语与间接引语(Direct speech and Indirect Speech) 1.直接引语与间接引语 当我们引用别人的话时,我们可以用别人的原话,也可以用自己的话...


Present perfect Already, yet, just, ever, never Present perfect: For, since, Word formation Direct speech and indirect speech Indefinite pronoun and adverb...

Direct and Indirect Speech

Grammar: Direct and Indirect Speech(直接引语和间接引语) ( Direct and ...2. It’s hard for me to imagine what I would be doing today if I _...

人教新课标高中英语必修1 Unit 2教案(含六课时)

Warming-Up (Revision) Warm the students up by asking them to go over the direct speech and the indirect speech. Do some exercise: change a statement ...

Direct speech and indirect speech (直接引语和间接引语)

Unit one Direct speech and indirect speech (直接引语和间接引语)一. 基本概念 I 直接引语变为间接引语 1) 、直接引语为陈述句 2) 、直接引语为祈使句 3)...

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