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when is your birthday教学设计

人教新目标七年级上册 Unit 8 When is your birthday?Section A(1a-2e)教学设计 杞梓里中心学校 张丽玲
Teaching Goals 1. Knowledge Objects (1) Function:Learn to talk about birthdays and dates. (2) Key Vocabulary: whe

n,month ,January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December and the ordinal numbers. (3) Target Language:-- When is your birthday? -- My birthday is in/on .... 2. Ability Objects (1) Students can read and refer to the twelve months and the ordinal numbers. (2)Students know how to talk about birthdays and dates.

(3)Students can read the dialogues in the text and make new dialogues using the sentence structures. 3.Moral Objects To know about parents’birthdays first,then love and respect them.

Teaching Key Points 1.Key vocabulary:

when,month,January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August,Septem ber,October,November,December and ordinal numbers. 2、Target languages: --When is your birthday? --My birthday is in/ on....

Teaching Difficult Points 1.Students know how to read and write the dates. 2.Students can make new dialogues using the sentence structures.

Teaching Methods Singing,pair-work,task-based activities and little games.

Teaching Aids Multimedia equipment and some cards.

Teaching Design Step 1.Lead in 1. Sing the birthday song together for the student who has birthday today(Know about it before class). 2. Ask the birthday person and another student to point out their birthdays on the calendar.Then ask them if they can say their birthdays

in English.If they can’t,we’ll learn them today. Step 2.Learn 12 months in a year 1.1a Listen to a month song first to know there are 12 months in a year,then listen to the recording and repeat.We can use the speech test to check students’pronunciation.Play the month song again,this time they should sing with it. 2.Hand out the cards with months to some students.Say a month in Chinese and the one who holds the right card should stand up saying “Bingo!”and say the month in English correctly. 3.Learn about the abbreviations of months.Use some festivals to practice the expressions of months. 4.1b. Listen and number the conversations.They should pay attention to the months. Check answers.Read the conversations with your partner. Step 3.Learn ordinal numbers 1. Show the ordinal numbers from 1st-12th.Invite students to put the month behind the numbers according to their order in the year. 2. 2a.Listen and repeat.Then play the PPT to help students find the rules of changing cardinal numbers into ordinal number.Teach them to use a doggerel to remember the rules. 3.A student say a cardinal number,another one say the corresponding

ordinal number quickly. Step 4.Talk about birthdays and dates 1.2b&2c.Listen and finish the exercises.Check answers. 2.Talk about the birthdays with partners with the structure“--When is your birthday?--My birthday is in/on...”.Invite several groups to present their conversations. 3.Do you know your parents’ birthdays? Talk about their birthdays if you know. If you don’t, you should find out after class.Read a short poem to express our love to parents. Step 5.Practice 1.2e. Look through the conversation quickly ,then answer the questions and complete the chart.Role-play it. 2.More exercises about the dates.(Talk about some famous people’s birthdays.) Step 6.Summary and homework 1. Ask students to summarize what we learn today. 2. Make a survey about your family’s birthdays.

Blackboard-writing Design Unit 8 When is your birthday? Section A(1a-2e) --When is your birthday? --My birthday is in/on....

本节课为第八单元的第一课时,所以重点是传授新知。学生们在小学学习期 间就对日期表达法、 基数词、 序数词有所接触和了解, 但并没有系统地学习归纳。 所以通过本课学习,希望学生能系统掌握这些知识。课堂上,我利用了畅言交互 式系统的一些功能,还有一些激发学生兴趣的小游戏,来使课堂氛围更浓厚,学 生也更有参与的积极性。教学内容紧密结合学生的生活,能尽量做到学以致用。 但是,巩固练习偏少,一些基础薄弱的学生可能没法一下掌握,所以在今后的教 学中要多注意练习的质和量。


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