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1.想要某物 2.想要(某人)去做某事 3.满足某人的欲望 4.同情 5.说服某人做某事 6.允许某人做某事 7.陪某人到某地 8.与其说是B 倒不如说是A 9.面部表情 10.觉得尴尬

desire sth. ______________ ______________ desire (sb.) to do sth. ______________ meet

one’s desire feel/ have sympathy for _______________ _______________ persuade sb to do sth allow sb to do sth _______________ accompany sb. to…… _______________
more A than B ________________ ________________ facil expression feel embarrassed _______________

11.把……放在一边,不理会, 取消,驳回,留出 ____________ set aside 12.开始,着手,攻击 ____________ set about 13.启程,出发 _____________ set off 14.考验,实验 ______________ test out 15.更确切地说 _____________ or rather 16.转向,回转 ____________ turn around 17.被……羡慕 _____________ 18.不打扰,不理会.不管, be envied by 别惹,和……单独在一起_____________ 19.对……低语 ____________ leave alone 20.对……有印象 ___________ whisper to be impressed by

prevent …from doing 21.防止……做…… _____________ be pleased with sth. 22. 对……感到高兴…… _____________ 23.保护……免受……的伤害_____________ protect …from … 24.挫败感 ___________ sense of failure 25.爱上某人 ___________ fall in love with 26.认真对待 ____________ take ……seriously 27.给……打电话 ____________ ring up 28.总共,一共 __________ in all

高频短语 test out 1.________________ 试验;考验

ring up 2.________________ 给??打电话
turn around 3.________________ 转向;回转 leave...alone 4.________________ 不管;别惹; 让??一个人待着;和??单独在一起

5. ________________ set aside

将 ?? 放在

一边;为??节省或保留(钱或时间) in all 6.________________ 一共;总计 7.________________ 一定做?? be bound to

search for 8.________________ 寻找

...with... 9 .compare ________________

把 ??

or rather 10.________________ 更确切地说
11.________________ 对??低声 whisper to... 说 fall in love with...

12.________________ 爱上??

1. desire n. 渴望;欲望;渴求 vt. 希望得到; 想要 (1) a desire for sth. a desire to do sth. 对某物的渴望 做某事的渴望/愿望

a desire that-clause [(should+)动词原形] 渴望??

(2)desire to do sth. desire sb. to do sth. desire that-clause

渴望做某事 希望某人做某事 [(should+)动词原形] 希望??

2. favour n. 喜爱;恩惠 vt. 喜爱,偏袒

(1) in favour of
in sb.’s favour


(2) ask a favour of sb.


do sb. a favour/ do a favour for sb.

do sb. the favour to do sth. / do sb. a favour by doing sth.


3. accompany vt. 陪伴; 伴奏;附有;配有 accompany sb. =keep sb. company accompany sb. to some place accompany sb. at/on sth. accompany (sth. )with/by sth. 陪伴某人 陪伴/陪同某人到某地 用某物为某人伴奏 与??同时存在或同时发生


4. affair n. 事务;事情;暧昧关系
①Premier Wen Jiabao often deals with many affairs at home and abroad every day. 温家宝总理每天要处理许多国内外事务。 【辨析】理解下列区别并选词填空






指“小事件”或“政党事件”和“政治事 变”。


指“重大影响的事件”或体育比赛的赛事。 指“事情;问题”, 常常需要考虑和处理的

matter business

事情。 指公事、商业事务、职责或需要处理的事情, 往往强调任务、职务等指派的工作。

accident ②He was badly hurt in a traffic ________. ③A strange ________ incident happened in the ceremony.

events of 2010 was that the 16th Asian ④One of the chief ______
Games were held in Guangzhou, China. matter with the machine? ⑤What’s the _______ business ⑥He is away on ________. affairs of state. ⑦The minister is busy with important ______

4. sympathy n.同情(心);同情;(感情上的)支持
feel / have sympathy for sb 同情某人 in sympathy with同情;赞成;和……一致 win sympathy of博得……的同情

① I have much sympathy for you.

② I’m in sympathy with his unhappy life.

5. set aside将……放在一边;节省或保留(时间、金钱) set down写下;记下 set off开始动身(for a place) set up创立;建立;搭起

set out出发;着手做某事(to do sth)
set about doing 着手做;开始做……

6. leave...alone


和??单独在一起 归纳拓展

leave behind 遗留;把??抛在后面;超过
leave aside 搁置一边 leave for... 动身到?? leave out 省略;遗漏 leave over 留下;剩下

归纳拓展 leave behind 遗留;把??抛在后面;超过 leave aside 搁置一边 leave for... 动身到?? leave out 省略;遗漏 leave over 留下;剩下



7.declare vt.宣布,宣告;表明;宣称
表明态度 归纳拓展


以接名词或that从句。 (1)declare sth.宣布某事 declare that...宣布??;宣称?? (2)declare sb./sth.(to be)+adj./n.宣布某人/某物?? declare for/against...公开表示支持/反对 declare oneself发表意见,表明态度 declare war on/against...(对??)宣战

declare off取消

指正式地“公开;发表;宣布”,侧重 announce “预告”人们所关心或感兴趣的事情, 尤指新闻之类的消息。 指正式地、明确地向公众“宣布;宣告; declare 声明”,侧重“当众”发表,多用于宣 战、议和、宣判等。

1.more A than B 与其说B倒不如说A

His name was Tony and he seemed more like a human than a machine _________________________________ (不像一台机器,更像人的样子).

there stood As she turned around,___________ (站在那儿)Gladys Claffern.


have women falling in love with

1)have sth.done 中过去分词作宾语补足语,表示 被动的含义,有时也可以用get sth.done来替换, 该结构的意思是“使某事被做”。有时可翻译为“ 请人做某事”。 2)have sth.让某人干某事

(3)have sb./sth.doing让某人一直做某事(某事 处于某种状态)。用于否定句时,have 表示“ 容忍、容许”之意。 (4)have do/to be done有事要做,have 表示“拥有”。

(2010· 高考山东卷)I have a lot of readings________before the end of this term. A.completing complete C.completed D.being completed

4. 强调句的用法:
(1)It was/is+被强调部分+that...构成强调句的陈述


is/was.”或“No,it isn’t/wasn’t.”

(3) 强 调 句 的 特 殊 疑 问 句 式 是 : 特 殊 疑 问 词 + is/was+it+that...。 (4)强调“not...until”引导的时间状语时,要用“It is/was not until...that...”结构,that后面的句子 要用肯定式,且须用陈述句语序。

3.(2012· 西安五大名校一模)I really don’t know __________ I put my wallet after I paid the bill. A.where was it was where that C.where it was that D.where was it that


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