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1.接不定式(不接动名词)作宾语的24个常用动词 afford(买得起;有能力做),agree(同意),arrange(安排),ask(要

demand(要求),determine(决定),expect(期待),fear(害怕),help(帮助), hope(希望),learn(学习),manage(设法),offer(提出),plan(计划), prepare(准备),pretend(假装),promise(许诺),refuse(拒绝),want(想 要),wish(希望)

It is a very important exam so I can’t afford to fail it. 这是非常重要的考试,我不可以失败。 My neighbour offered to help me when I was in trouble. 当我困难时,邻居主动提出帮我忙。

2.接动名词(不接不定式)作宾语的28个常用动词 admit( 承 认 ) , advise( 建 议 ) , allow( 允 许 ) , appreciate( 感 激 ) ,

enjoy(喜欢), escape( 逃避 ),fancy(想象) ,finish( 完成) ,forbid(禁止) , stand( 忍受 ), imagine( 想象 ) , keep( 继续 ) , mention( 提到 ) , mind( 介意 ) , miss( 错过 ) , permit( 允许 ) , practise( 练习 ) , prohibit( 禁止 ) , report( 报 道),risk(冒险),stop(停止),suggest(建议),understand(理解)

I really appreciate working with someone who does such a good job.

—Can I smoke here?
——我可以在这里吸烟吗? —Sorry.We don’t allow smoking here. ——对不起,我们不允许在这里吸烟。

3.接不定式作宾补的33个常用动词 advise(建议),allow(允许),ask(要求),beg(请求),cause(导致),

望),forbid(禁止),force(强迫),get(使;要),help(帮助),intend(打算), invite(邀请),leave(委托),like(喜欢),mean(打算),need(需要), oblige(迫使),order(命令),permit(允许),persuade(说服),prefer(宁 愿),request(要求),remind(提醒),teach(教),tell(告诉),train(训练),


Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself,but her parents did not allow her to do so. 玛丽想独自一人环游世界,但是她父母不允许她这样做。 Visitors are requested not to touch the exhibits. 参观者请勿触摸展品。

catch(碰上;撞上),discover(发现),feel(感觉),find(发现), get(让,使),have(使),hear(听见),keep(使),listen to(听),look at(看), notice(注意到),observe(观察),see(看见),start(使),watch(观察) She observed a man walking in the street.

He had the light burning all night long. 他让灯着了整整一个晚上。

5.主动语态中接动词原形作宾补的11个常用动词 feel( 感觉 ) , have( 使 ) , hear( 听见 ) , let( 让 ) , listen to( 听 ) , look

at( 看 ) , make( 使 ; 让 ) , notice( 注 意 ) , observe( 观 察 ) , see( 看 见 ) ,

To be honest,I didn’t notice them come in.

6. 接不定式或动名词作宾语意思相同的12个动词 like(喜欢),love(喜爱),hate(讨厌),prefer(宁愿),begin(开始),

start(开始),continue(继续),can’t bear(不能忍受),bother(费心),
intend(想要),attempt(试图) Having talked to him for a while I started to like him. 和他聊了一会儿,我开始喜欢他了。 They have already started planning for it.


7.可接双宾语的34个常用单词 (1)双宾语易位时需借助介词to的19个常用动词 award( 授予 ) , bring( 带来 ) , hand( 递 ) , lend( 借 ) , mail( 邮寄 ) , offer( 提 供 ) , owe( 欠 ) , pass( 递 ) , pay( 付 钱 ) , post( 寄 ) , read( 读 ) , return(归还), send(送),sell(卖),show(展示), teach(教),tell(告诉), throw(扔),write(写)

They awarded the first prize to John.

(2)双宾语易位时需借助介词for 的15个常用动词 book( 预订 ) , buy( 购买 ) , choose( 选择 ) , cook( 煮 ) , draw( 画 ) , fetch( 去 取 ) , find( 找 到 ) , fix( 安 装 ) , get( 取 得 , 带 来 ) , make( 做 ) ,

I can’t spare time for a holiday at present. 目前我抽不出时间度假。

8.可用于“动词+sb.+of sth.”的8个常见动词
accuse(控告),cheat(欺骗),cure(治愈),inform(通知),remind(提 醒),rid(摆脱),rob(抢劫),warn(警告) This photo reminds me of my school days. 这张照片使我想起了学生时代。

9.可用于“动词+sb.+for doing sth.”的8个常见动词 blame( 指 责 ) , criticise( 批 评 ) , forgive( 原 谅 ) , excuse( 原 谅 ) , pardon(原谅),punish(惩罚),scold(指责),thank(感谢)

Forgive me for saying so,but I think that’s nonsense.

1.(2011?四川卷?T7).To get a better grade, you should __________the notes again before the test. A. go over B. get over C. turn over D. take

【解析】选A 考查动词短语。句意为:为了考个好分数,考试前你 应该把笔记再复习一遍。go over 复习,温习;get over 克服,摆脱; turn over翻身,翻转;take over接替,接管。故选A.

2.(2011?四川卷? T14)I often
the dictionary or on the Internet. A. look up B. look at

the words I don’t know in

C. look for

D. look into

【解析】选A 考查动词短语。句意为: 我经常在词典里或者网上查 我不认识的单词。look up查询,查找。look at 看。look for 寻找。 look into调查。故选A。

3.(2011?全国卷I? T26)I can I hate it if it’s not clean. A.come up with D. stick to

the house being untidy,but

B.put up with

C.turn to

果不干净的话,我不喜欢。come up with “想出,提出”;put

up with“忍受”;turn to“转向,求助于”;stick to“坚持”。

4.(2011?全国卷I? T34)William found it increasingly difficult

to read,for his eyesight was beginning to
A.disappear B. fall


【解析】选C。考查动词辨析。句意:威廉发现读书越来越难,因 为他的视力正逐渐变弱。disappear“消失”;fall“落下,(数量﹑ 数目) 下降”;fail“(指健康)衰退,变弱,消失”;damage毁坏。

5.(2011?山东卷?T25)They are broadening the bridge to _____ the flow of traffic. A. put off turn on D. work out B. speed up C.

桥以加快交通流量。speed up 加速,加快;put off 延期,推迟;turn on 打开;work out 解决,计算出,制定出,锻炼,结果是。

1.常用短语 (1)base...on...把??建立在??基础上 (2)care about 在乎,计较,介意(常用于否定句和疑问句) (3)cheer up高兴起来,振作起来 (4)carry out 实施,完成

(5)catch up with 赶上
(6)date back to/from 追溯至,始于?? (7)hold back 阻挡,忍住,保留,隐瞒

(8)knock down 撞倒,击倒
(9)lay aside 把??搁置一旁,储存 (10)work out 算出,制定出

2.与不同介词(副词)搭配的动词 break

break away from 脱离
break into 闯入,破门而入 break in 破门而入

break down 坏掉,出故障;垮掉
break out (战争)爆发

break off 打断,中断

break through 逾越,突破;冲破 break up 打碎;(物理)分解;分开;结束;制止

call for 需要;邀请 call in 召集;召来 call on/at号召;访问 call up 召唤,召集;打电话

call off 取消
come come about 发生 come across 偶遇 come true 变为现实 come up with 提出

come to 共计,达到,苏醒 come up 走上前,被提出 come into being 形成 get

get about 四处走动;传开
get away 逃脱,设法离开

get across 传达
get down 下来;记下

get in 收割;到达 get together 聚会

get off 出发;下班 get through 接通;通过

get down to 开始认真干
get along/on with 进展;相处 give give up 放弃 give in屈服

get over 克服

give out 用尽;分发

give away泄露;赠送;颁发

give off 发出

give back 归还,使恢复

go against 违背;对??不利 go after/for 追逐,追求

go ahead 开始,进展,进行 go without 勉强维持;凑合

go in for 爱好,参加,从事
go over 复习;仔细审查 hold hold back 隐瞒;控制(情感) hold up使??耽搁 hold together 团结一致 make

go through 通过;经历
go by 过去,经过

hold out维持;抵抗;硬撑

hold on 坚持;别挂(电话) hold on to 保留,抓住不放

make up for 补偿,弥补
make fun of 取笑

make out 辨认出

make up one’s mind 下定决心

make sense 有道理(意义),讲得通 make good/full use of...充分利用??

make up 编造;组成;构成;补齐;凑足 put

put aside 把??放在一边
put down 扑灭,平息 put off 延期;推诿 put up with 忍受,容忍

put away 把??收好
put forward 提出

put out 扑灭;生产

put up 挂起,张贴;搭起;为某人提供食宿

turn down拒绝;调低 turn out 结果是,证明是 turn in 上交 turn over 移交,交给

turn up 出现;调高 turn on打开

turn off 关掉

turn away 走开

turn to 求助于;翻到


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