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1. 教学目标
1. 语言技能目标: ①Talk about English and its development, different kinds of English. ②Talk about difficulties in language communication. ③Learn to make dialogue using request & command. ④Learn to transfer from Direct Speech into Indirect Speech. ⑤Learn to give opinions and organize ideas by way of brainstorming. 2. 语言知识目标: (1)重点单词、短语: subway, elevator, petrol, gas, official, voyage, conquer, native, come up, apartment, actually, base, at present, gradually, vocabulary, make use of, latter, identity,fluently, frequently, usage, command (2)功能句式: ①English is a language spoken all around the world. ②There are more than 42 countries where the majority of the people speak English. ③The number of people who learn English as a foreign language is more than 750 million. ④In China students learn English at school as a foreign language, except for those in Hong Kong, where many people speak English as a first or a second language. 3. 情感态度目标: 让学生通过阅读获取有关英语语言发展的知识,扩大国际视“,强化文化意识,激发 他们学习英语的热情。


1. To be able to get the main idea from the text. 2. To be able to solve the problem by analyzing.

3. To be able to use the different learning strategies for different reading purposes.





教学过程 Step1 Warming up Let the students look at the following picture, then ask them some questions like these: Which words in the picture are British English or American English? Which country do you think has the most English learners? towel mirror tap toilet bath / bathtub basin handle A bathroom or a toilet? [设计说明] 通过看一个幽默的图片,用学生平时比较熟悉的词汇,引出英 国英语和美国英语的区别,再用贴近学生的话题以及学生很想了解的英语常识 激发学生的兴趣,活跃课堂气氛。 Step2Lead in I play a short video about people from England making voyages to conquer other parts of the world, then ask the students: Why is English the most widely used in so many countries? Why has English changed over time? [设计说明] 兴趣是第一老师,有了对知识的探求兴趣,理解文章只是时间 问题了。本环节通过看视频短片,让学生了解古代英国在海外的殖民拓展以及 英语语言随之传播的历史,激发学生了解为什么世界上说英语的国家最多,导 入本节课的话题。 Step3Fast reading

1. Let the students read the text as quickly as they can, then decide whether the statements are true or false: (1)There is no difference between American English and British English. (2)Written English is the same in both American English and British English. (3)Sometimes people from the two countries do have difficulty in understanding each other. (4)The English language in the world always stay the same as the language used in Britain. [设计说明] 速读是阅读中很重要的一项技能。让学生通过速读课文理清文 章脉络后做一些简单的判断题,引导学生养成快速阅读材料并获取信息的良好 阅读习惯。 2. Show the students some important words and expressions. (1)include 包括,包含 [比较体会] Many students went to see the film, including me. Many students went to see the film, me included. (2)play an important role / part in 扮演重要角色 [比较体会] She played an active part in the local community. He has played all kinds of roles in his life. (3)even if / though 即使,即便 [比较体会] He likes to help us even if he is busy. Even though life was difficult for him, he refused to give up his dreams.

(4)a large number of 许多,大量的 the number of 噎噎的数量 [比较体会] A large number of students are reading the book. The number of student reading books is large. (5)communicate with 和...交流 [观察探究] Do you find it difficult to communicate with your parents? He is a shy boy who can’t communicate with other people very well. (6)be based on 建立在......的基础 上 [观察探究] The book is based on a true story. He based his hopes on the good news we had yesterday. (7)make use of 利用,使用 [观察探究] How are you going to make use of your pocket money? I really don’t know how to make full use of the time. [设计说明] 学生速读课文后会发现一些生疏的单词、短语。上面列举的这 些单词、短语不仅是理解文章的关键,而且是本节课所要学习的重要语言点。 本环节通过比较体会、观察探究等方式让学生掌握这些词汇,从而为下一步细 读文章作好准备。 Step 4 Careful reading 1. Let the students read the passage carefully and then make a time line of the development of English.

2. Let the students read the passage again and fill in the blanks with the words from the text. It is not easy for a Chinese person to speak English as ___ as a ___ English speaker. One reason is that English has a large ___. It also has different usage in different English speaking countries. If you use “flat” instead of “___”, people in America will know you have learned British English. If you use the word “___”instead of “lift”in Britain, people will know you have studied American English. [设计说明] 这篇课文脉络非常清晰,按照时间顺序记述了英语语言的发展 过程,学生很容易通过阅读了解文章大意,找出每段的主题句以及支持主题句 的细节。阅读任务的设计层层递进,一环扣一环,可以使学生更 3. Let the students listen to the text carefully and repeat the sentences. [设计说明] 让学生在听中读,通过跟读句子进一步理解课文。一定要让学 生注意语音语调,细心体会纯正的英语发音。 Step 5 Group work Ask and answer the questions like these: When did five to seven million people speak English? Why did English begin to be spoken in many other countries? Which country may have the largest number of English learners? [设计说明] 以小组为单位就与文章有关的内容进行提问,由小组成员轮流 提问,其他成员进行抢答,优胜者给以适当的加分,鼓励学生积极参与、合作 学习。 Step 6 Practice

Retell the history of English and tell the differences of ancient English and modern English, British English and American English. [设计说明] 通过复述课文,对学过的内容进行巩固和深化,将每个零碎的 点和整体的面在口头上结合起来。这是语言输出的过程,锻炼学生的语言运用 能力。 Step 7Summary Answer questions: Tell us what did you learn from this lesson? Why do you think people all over the world want to learn English? Then give “The road to modern English”.(见附图) [设计说明] 通过提问和总结,进一步强化本课所学的知识,使学生对学过 的知识有一个系统的认识,从而达到本节课的教学目的。 Step 8Homework 1. Go over the text and try to learn all the useful words and expressions in this part by heart. 2. Write a passage about your English learning. [设计说明] 作业的布置是教学设计的重要环节,是对课堂教学的巩固和延 伸,让学生自主复习课堂所学知识,可以有效地巩固学习内容。



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