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2012 高考翻译必看
高考翻译句式及易错词汇总 一、无主句翻译 1. 端午节吃粽子。 2. 外面刮大风。 3. 花瓶里没水了。 4. 众所周知,运动有益于健康。 答案: 1. People eat Zongzi on Dragon boat festival. 2. It is blowing heavily outside. 3. There is no water in the vaze. 4. It is known to all that exercise does good to people’s health. 句式:It + be + 过去分词 + that… 句型 e.g. It is / was known / said / announced / believed / expected / estimated / reported / recognized + that… 二、倒装句型(完全倒装 + 部分倒装) 1. 只有努力才能成功。 (Only) 2. 他一回家就发现他的新电脑被偷了。 (No sooner) 点拨:Hardly / Scarcely / Rarely had sb done sth when sb did sth. 答案:Only by working hard can we succeed. No sooner had he arrived home than he found his new computer had been stolen. 三、使用从句 1. 不管遇到什么困难,你都必须继续下去。 (Whatever) 2. 使我惊讶的是,那天这么多人迟到了。 (what) 3. 哪儿有苦难,哪儿就有红十字会的成员。 (Where) 4. 我们不能确定他是否会成功。 (whether) 5. 他迟到的原因是他起晚了。 (why…that) 6. 我们听说北京申奥成功的消息很激动。 (news) 答案: 1. Whatever difficulties you meet with, you should continue. 2. What surprised me was that so many people were late that day. 3. Where there are sufferings, there are members of the Red Cross. 4. We are not sure whether he will succeed or not. 5. The reason why he was late was that he got up late. 6. We were excited to hear the news that Beijing succeeded in bidding for the Olympic Games of 2008.


四、Until 句型 e.g. 直到下课,他才写好文章。 (not until) 答案:It was not until the end of the class that he finished writing the composition. 点拨:not …until…直到……才…… Not until…在句首时,主句需倒装。 (注:Until 在句首时不倒装) It is / was not until… that… 直到… 才… (注:that 从句不倒装) 五、倍数比较句型 1. A is three times the size (height, length, width…) of B 2. A is three times as big (high, long, wide…) as B 3. A is three times bigger (higher, longer, longer…) than B 4. The size of A is three times that of B. 5. The + 比较级,the + 比较级 6. A is superior / inferior / junior / senior to B. 六、其它常见句型 1. It seems / seemed / appears / appeared / happens / happened that… 好像/似乎……,碰 巧…… 2. There is no sense / point (in) doing sth. 3. There is no telling / denying that…… 4. There is no need to do sth. 5. It is obvious / clear / evident / apparent that …… 6. It is true / certain that…… 7. It goes without saying that...... 8. .… so… that … (状语从句) 句型 Vs …so…as (定语从句) 9. …such… that… (状语从句)句型 Vs …such…as…(定语从句) 10. be (well) worth (doing) sth 11. be worthy of being done 12. be worthy to be done 13. sth is worthwhile. 14. It’s worthwhile to do / doing sth. 15. be used to do sth 16. be / become / get used to (doing) sth 17. be / become / get accustomed to (doing) sth 18. used to do sth 19. Would you like to do…? 20. Would you please do sth…? 你想做某事吗? 21. Why don’t you do…? 你何不做某事? 22. Why do sth…? 为什么要做…? 23. Would you be so kind as to do sth? 24. Would you be kind enough to do sth? 25. What about doing sth…? 26. How about doing sth…? 27. feel like doing sth


28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34.

can’t / couldn’t have done sth could have done sth may / might (not) have done sth must have done sth should (not) have done sth ought (not) to have done sth needn’t have done sth

七. 易错词 1. have 作使役动词句型 have sb. / sth do sth. 让某人/某物做某事 have sb. / sth doing sth 让某人/某物一直处于某种状态;容忍某人做某事 have sb. / sth done 让某人/某物被…… 2. let / make 作使役动词句型 let / make sb. / sth. do sth. 3. send / leave 作使役动词句型 send / leave sb. / sth doing sth 4. but 与 except 句型 have no choice / alternative but / except to do sth do nothing / something / anything but / except do sth. be powerless to do anything but / except do sth. 5. can’t… 用于句中 can’t help doing sth 情不自禁/忍不住做某事 can’t help (to) do sth 不能帮助做某事 can’t help but do sth / can’t but do sth / can’t choose but do sth / can’t do anything but do sth / can do nothing but do / There is nothing to do but do sth. / There is not anything to do but do sth. 别 无选择只好做… can’t wait to do sth. 迫不及待去做某事 6. spend / take / cost 句型 Sb. spend some time / money (in) doing sth. Sb. spend some time / money on sth. Sth cost sb some money / time / one’s life / one job It takes sb some time to do sth.

1. 对…责责 2. 致力于 3. 赶上…的发展

常考固定搭配和固定词组 4. sb.被认为是… 5. sth.可供大家使用 6. …远远不令人满意


7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

集中精力于 为…向…道歉 打发空闲时间 改掉坏习惯 …正在形成 不知所措 …受到越来越多人的欢迎

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

发生了很大的变化 助他一臂之力 伸出援助之手 胜任这项工作 顿时忍不住大哭起来 正好看到 别无他法,只能…

答案: 1. blame for 2. devote oneself to 3. keep up with the development of 4. regarded as 5. be available to 6. … is far from satisfactory 7. focus one’s attention on 8. apologize to sb.for sth. 9. deal with spare time. 10. get rid of one’s bad habits

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

be coming into existence be at a loss. sth. is becoming more and more popular Great changes have taken place in… lend sb. a hand be ready to help anyone be able to do this job couldn’t help doing happen to do nothing but do

模考试题精选词组练习 1. 提前预定be reserved in advance 2. 向sb.确保旅行安全(assure) assure sb of the safety of traveling 3. 向顾客保证质量 assure customers of quality 4. 因灾害频发because of frequent disasters 5. 我将不胜感激I would appreciate it very much if you could… 6. 给我答复 reply to me 7. 缺乏工作经验 lack of working / work experience 8. 期望过高 too high expectations 9. 不切合实际的期望unrealistic expectations 10. 对得起父母的期望 live up to my parents’ expectations 11. 与期望相反的是Contrary to expectations, 12. 那些偏远山城已通车those remote mountain / mountainous cities are accessible to cars 13. 付出的努力the efforts made 14. 不可估量beyond measure 15. 让…感到无比自豪 make … feel very proud /full of pride

16. 不经历风雨,怎能见彩虹。How can you achieve success without experiencing difficulties? 17. 有关部门做出决定 The related department/The department concerned 18. …是无法描述的beyond description / words 19. 无法估量 The efforts made was beyond measure. 20. 伸手拿不到 beyond my reach. 21. 中国的传统习俗a traditional Chinese custom/a traditional custom in China 22. 欢度春节Celebrating the Spring Festival is a traditional custom in China. 23. 春节的来源和习俗the origin and customs of the Spring Festival 24. 面带微笑wear a smile/with a smile on her face 25. 眼里噙满了泪水with tears in her eyes 26. 环境友好型理念 the concept of being environmentally friendly 27. 胜任do … well / successfully; be qualified for… 28. 从事工作 take up the job 29. 一部新发行的电影a newly released film 30. 去除烦恼 get rid of /to be free from worries. 精选翻译句子练习 1. 中国各大城市都在采取不同的措施解决交通拥堵问题。(take) Different measures are being taken to solve the problem of heavy traffic in the big cities in China. 2. 父母经常面对这样的选择: 要么做他们认为有利于孩子发展的事情, 要么对其放任自流。 (either) Parents often face the choice that either they do what they feel is good for the development of the child or they just let him be. 3. 学习语法规则是需要的,但是对学生来说更重要的是提高运用英语进行交际的能力。 (Though) Though learning grammar rules is needed / Though it’s necessary to learn grammar rules, what is more important for students is to improve / develop their ability to communicate (with other people) in English. 4. 异常的气候表明我们的生存环境正日益恶化,这提醒我们要行动起来,保护我们赖以生 存的地球。 (which) The abnormal/ unusual climate shows/indicates/ suggests that our living environment is getting

worse and worse/ is becoming increasingly worse/ is increasingly worsening, which warns / reminds us to take action to protect the earth we are living on. 5. 应鼓励学生在小组讨论中自由地表达自己的想法,因为思维的过程远比正确的答案重 要。(encourage) Students should be encouraged to express themselves / their (own) ideas freely in (the) group discussion, for the process of thinking is far more important than the right answer. 6. 我国到处都是高楼大厦,其发展速度真是惊人。 (spring up / incredible) High-rise apartment buildings have sprung up everywhere in China at an incredible rate / speed. 7. 我校同学每逢节假日都到周边社区去当志愿者/义工。 (make it a rule) The students in my school make it a rule to work as volunteers in the nearby neighbourhood in holidays. 8. 因为有多种娱乐形式可供选择,电影院没有以前那样受观众欢迎了。(popular) Because there are many forms of entertainment (for people) to choose from, the cinema is not so/as popular with audience as before. 9. 电脑已触及到每个人的日常生活,难怪有人说当今世界不懂电脑,就寸步难行。 (no wonder) The computer has touched on everyone’s daily life. No wonder someone says that you can do nothing without the knowledge of computer / its knowledge. 10. 你不会等很长时间意味着过不了多久下一班车就来了。 (before) That you won’t wait for long means that it won’t be long before the next bus arrives.




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