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1 Food is very important. Everyone needs to __1__ well if he or she wants to have a strong body. Our minds also need a kind of food. This kind of food is __2__. We begin to get knowledge even __3__ we are very young. Small children are __4__ in everything around them. They learn __5__ while they are watching and listening. When they are getting older, they begin to __6__ story books, science books…, anything they like. When they find something new, they love to ask questions and __7__ to find out answers. What is the best __8__ to get knowledge? If we learn by ourselves, we will get __9__ knowledge. If we are __10__ getting answers from others and do not ask why, we will never learn well. When we study in the right way, we will learn more and understand better. 1. A. sleep 2. A. sport 3. A. until B. read C. drink D. eat D. meat D. so D. better D. anything D. write D. wait D. road D. the most D. something

B. exercise C. knowledge B. when C. after C. weak C. nothing C. learn C. refuse C. way C. many C. usually

4. A. interested B. interesting 5. A. everything B. something 6. A. lend 7. A. try 8. A. place 9. A. little 10. A. often 名师点评 B. read B. have B. school B. few B. always

本文说明了知识的重要性,介绍了一个人学习知识的过程以及获取知识的最 佳途径,是一篇可读性较强的文章。 答案简析 1.D。本句承接上文,进一步强调食物的重要性,要有强壮的体魄得吃得好, 故选 eat。 2.C。根据下文,大脑所需要的食物应为 knowledge。 3.B。按常理一个人在小的时候就开始学习了,所以应用 when 引导这里的时间

状语从句。 4. A。 小孩对知识的接受主要依靠于他们对事物产生的兴趣, 词组 be interested in sth 表示“对……感兴趣”,而 interesting 用来形容令人感兴趣的事物,故选择 interested。 5. B。 孩子们在耳听眼观的过程中经常会学到一些东西。 everything 过于绝对化 , nothing、anything 不合文意,应选 something。 6.B。随着年龄的增长,孩子们开始 read 各类书籍而不是 write,learn 在这里搭 配不当。 7.A。孩子们在学习过程中发现问题时,由于求知的欲望,应尽力去解决问题, 故选择 try。 8. C。 本段主要就学习方法展开讨论, 该句应为总括句, 空白处当然应填入 ways。 9.D。与后面的方法比起来,作者认为独立自主的学习为最佳方法,最佳方法 当然应使人获得最多的知识,故选择 the most。 10.B。be always doing sth 意为“总是干某事”。 2 Someone says, “Time is money.” But I think time is __1__ important than money. Why? Because when money is spent, we can get it back. However, when time is it’ll never 3 . That’s 4 we mustn’t waste time. 5 is usually limited. Even a second is very 6__ useful. 2

It goes without saying that the

important. We should make full use of our time to do

But it is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the importance of time. They spent their limited time smoking, drinking and know that wasting time means wasting part of their own __8 In a word, we should save time. We shouldn’t Remember we have no time to 1. A. much 2. A. cost 3. A. return 4. A. what 5. A. money B. less 10 . D. even more D. finished D. bring D. why D. food 9 . __7 . They do not

today’s work for tomorrow.

C. much less C. gone

B. bought B. carry B. that B. time C. take

C. because C. day

6. A. nothing 7. A. reading 8. A. time 9. A. stop 10. A. lose 名师点评

B. something B. writing B. food B. leave B. save

C. anything

D. everything D. working D. life D. give D. take

C. playing C. money C. let C. spend

文章讲述了时间的重要性。金钱用完了可以再来,但时间却是一去不复返。 告诫我们要珍惜时间,不能虚度年华。 答案简析 1.D。该句中多音节形容词 important 的比较级应是 more important ,用 even 来修饰比较级,故选 even more important。 2.C。这里表示时间流逝,故选 gone。 3.A。时间流逝就不会再回来,根据文意应选 return。 4.D。上文解释了我们为什么不能浪费时间,承接上文应用 why。 5.B。时间的流逝悄无声息,故应选 time。 6.B。根据文意可知,我们应珍惜时间,做一些有用的事情,故选 something。 7. C。 该句列举了一些人浪费时间的例子, 四个选项中只有 playing 能和 smoking, drinking 相提并论,故选 playing。 8.D。根据文意,浪费时间就是浪费自己的生命,故选 life。 9.B。leave 意为“留下,剩下”。根据文意,我们不能把今天的事留到明天做, 故选 leave。 10.A。这里表示浪费时间,故选 lose。



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